Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 25

Less than 10 matchdays remain in Bundesliga Fantasy and with all still to play for, we take a look at the best players to consider in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 25.



1Thomas MüllerFCB@B0415.9MThere is no clear-cut top forward this week but Bayern almost always top the charts for shots so they are always a good bet to score plenty of goals. Müller in particular, has been great against Bayer Leverkusen over the past few years with three goals, seven assists and just one blank in his last eight games against them.
2Niclas FüllkrugSVW@BMG9.5MBoth teams are out of form but I would still back Füllkrug to score in the early game rather than any Borussia forward.
3Andre SilvaRBL@BOC14.3MForsberg and Werner are both in better form but Silva was the only one rested in the mid-week game.
4Sadio ManéFCB@B0417.3M
5Mergim BerishaFCAvs S0410.5MI wish I could rank him higher but despite Schalke conceding two goals to Dortmund, I think they will make it tough for Berisha to score.
6Emil ForsbergRBL@BOC11.8MMost in-form Leipzig player with a goal in each of his last four games and an assist but he is every Bundesliga Fantasy manager's bane because he tends to flop when everyone gets him.
7Marcus ThuramBMGvs SVW13.9M
8Marius BülterS04@FCA5MHas three goals and and an assist in his last three games like Forsberg but is as inconsistent as him.
9Randal Kolo MuaniSGE@FCU14.4MAgain a quick reminder that he has blanked in two games in a row only once this season but has a limited ceiling against the league's best home defence which has only conceded eight goals in 11 games.
10Michael GregoritschSCF@M0510.7M



1Dominik SzoboszlaiRBL@BOC16MHe blanked in the reverse fixture which Leipzig won 4-0 but with Nkunku out, I am hoping for a different result this time.
2Jonas HofmannBMGvs SVW16.6MSince it is a home game, I am actually expecting Borussia to turn up this time with goals for both sides hopefully.
3Marco ReusBVBvs KOE15.8M
4Rodrigo ZalazarS04@FCA4.9MMy favourite Schalke pick for this week.
5Christoph BaumgartnerTSGvs BSC12.9MNo one thought it was possible but Hoffenheim are finally at the bottom of the table. This is the easiest fixture they have for the rest of the season so it is do or die in this game and I am willing to punt on Baumgartner.
6Lars StindlBMGvs SVW11.6MIf only I had an extra transfer this week.
7Jae-Sung LeeM05vs SCF7.9M
8Yannick GerhardtWOB@VFB7.2MWolfsburg have a different midfielder scoring every week but my money is still on Gerhardt.
9Vincenzo GrifoSCF@M0515.2MHe had zero shots and a single key pass against the worst team in the league, looked dejected after they got knocked out of the Europa and plays against one of the best teams at defending set-pieces in the league. That is three strikes for me.
10Florian WirtzB04vs FCB13.3MToo crazy to expect Leverkusen to score against their fierce rivals?



1Raphaël GuerreiroBVBvs KOE13.4MGuerreiro is peaking right now with scores of 17+ in each of his last four games and is predicted to start in midfield again. Koln have only scored in one of their last seven games, so I can't see how this ends well for them.
2Alphonso DaviesFCB@B0418.6M
3Josko GvardiolRBL@BOC11.5MI would've preferred Henrichs but only Orban and Gvardiol seem nailed for this game.
4Borna SosaVFBvs WOB13.7MProbably the most overlooked player right now. His scores in his last four games - 9, 16, 20 and 9. He only has a cleansheet in one of them.
5Mitchell WeiserSVW@BMG4.9M
6Paulo OtávioWOB@VFB8.8M
7Christian GünterSCF@M0514.2M
8Christopher TrimmelFCUvs SGE9.4MI am expecting both teams to keep it tight in this game so not expecting too many points from Trimmel.
9Marvin PlattenhardtBSC@TSG5.8MHoffenheim last won a Bundesliga match in October and their last draw was almost two months ago so I won't be surprised if Hertha beats them.
10IagoFCAvs S047M



1Gregor KobelBVBvs KOE11.2MStill slightly doubtful.
2Janis BlaswichRBL@BOC3.3M
3Rafał GikiewiczFCA@FCB7.3M
4Ralf FährmannS04@FCA2.6M
5Frederik RønnowFCUvs SGE6.9M

Value Rankings


1Julian RyersonDEFBVBvs KOE6MNailed now that Guerreiro might play in midfield.
2Marvin DuckschFWDSVW@BMG8.1MAvailable on sale this week and worth a punt if you expect Werder Bremen to cause an upset.
3Fabian BredlowGKPVFBvs WOB1.1M
4Anthony CaciDEFM05vs SCF6.8M
5Omar MarmoushFWDWOB@VFB7.8M
6Marco RichterMIDBSC@TSG8.7MRichter has more goals than both the Hertha forwards (Niederlechner and Ngankam) combined this season. He is in decent form too and gets at least six points in almost every game.
7Robert SkovFWDTSGvs BSC7.9M
8Silas Katompa MvumpaFWDVFBvs WOB10.6M
9Kilian FischerDEFWOB@VFB2.3M
10Luca NetzDEFBMGvs SVW4.1M

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J.League Fantasy: Injuries, Suspensions and Disappearances

J.League Fantasy expert Kurasawa shares the list of players that are doubtful or out in the J.League every gameweek.

This page will give you the latest info on unavailable players in the Japanese top flight.

In Japan situation with injury updates leaves much to be desired. Unlike Europe, where managers at pre-match press conferences present team news, Japanese teams are very secretive about it. You are rarely in the know that a player suddenly got injured before the game. Only after the end of the game without him club can post an injury report, but don’t expect they will do it fast. Sometimes it can take a couple of months for a club to shed light on a player’s status. That’s why you see the word “Disappearance” in the headline.

In terms of suspensions, a player misses one game, if he accumulates four warnings (yellow cards). But two yellows in one game are not counted as a warning. For a better understanding, see the picture below.

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J.League Fantasy Injury and Suspension List

Last updated: March 17

TeamPlayerName in JapanesePosSituationInfo
Albirex NiigataYuto Horigome堀米悠斗LBSlightly doubtful (Soleus muscle injury) 🟠4/3 - 2 weeks (return in mid-March) 17/3 - pictured in training
Albirex NiigataKazuhiko Chiba千葉和彦CBInjury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3
Avispa FukuokaMasashi Kamekawa亀川諒史LWB? 🟠25/2 - missed GW2
Avispa FukuokaKazuya Konno紺野和也RWDoubtful 🟠4/3 - missed GW3 15/3 - back in full training
Avispa FukuokaYosuke Ideguchi井手口陽介CMAnkle injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 14/3 - 3 months (return in mid-June)
Cerezo OsakaHiroshi Kiyotake清武弘嗣CAM/LWHamstring injury 🔴13/2 - timescale unknown, going to take long
Gamba OsakaKwon Kyung-wonクォン・ギョンウォンCBDoubtful 🟠28/2 - didn't train. Linked to a move to a Chinese club 13/3 - called up to South Korea NT
Gamba OsakaIssam Jebaliイッサム・ジェバリSTInjury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3
Gamba OsakaTakashi Usami宇佐美貴史CM/STThigh Injury 🔴12/3 - injured in GW4 17/3 - will miss GW6 but should be fine after international break
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoKazuki Fukai深井一希CDMACL Injury 🔴18/9/22 -
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoYoshiaki Komai駒井善成CMACL Injury 🔴8/10/22 - 1/3 - return in April
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoLucas Fernandesルーカス・フェルナンデスRWB/LWBDoubtful 🟠18/2 - missed GW1 1/3 - pictured in training
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoTakanori Sugeno菅野孝憲GKCalf injury 🔴25/2 - missed GW2 15/3 - still at partial training
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoRyota Aoki青木亮太LW? 🟠4/3 - subbed off at HT
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoKim Gun-heeキム・ゴンヒST? 🟠12/3 - missed GW4
Kashima AntlersGen Shoji昌子源CBAvailable 🟢9/1 - 6 weeks 2/3 - back in full training 12/3 - back in starting XI
Kashima AntlersKwon Sun-taeクォン・スンテGKCalf injury 🔴9/3 - 2 months (return in mid-May)
Kashima AntlersKaishu Sano佐野海舟CDMSuspended 🔴Return in GW6
Kashima AntlersKei Chinen知念慶ST/LWAvailable 🟢12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 17/3 - pictured in training
Kashiwa ReysolDouglasドウグラスFW? 🟠29/10/22 - missed GW33
Kashiwa ReysolDiegoジエゴCB/LBThigh injury 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 9/3 - underwent operation, so he is not going to be back soon
Kashiwa ReysolKota Yamada山田康太CM/CAMAvailable 🟢4/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 12/3 - back on the bench
Kawasaki FrontaleLeandro Damiãoレアンドロ・ダミアンSTAnkle ligament injury 🔴28/12/22 - 10 weeks (return by mid-March) 5/3 - pictured in partial training 14/3 - still in partial training
Kawasaki FrontaleYu Kobayashi小林悠ST5th proximal phalanx fracture 🔴15/1 - 8-10 weeks (return by mid to late March) 3/3 - back in partial training 14/3 - back in full training
Kawasaki FrontaleKyohei Noborizato登里享平LBSoleus muscle tear 🔴18/2 - injured on 11 Feb, 4 weeks left (return by mid-April) 14/3 - back in full training
Kawasaki FrontaleShintaro Kurumaya車屋紳太郎CBHamstring injury 🔴17/2 - injured in GW1 22/2 - recovery by early April
Kawasaki FrontaleJesielジェジエウCBLateral meniscus tear 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - returned to Brazil to receive treatment
Kawasaki FrontaleKazuya Yamamura山村和也CBInjury 🔴11/3 - injured in GW4. Unlikely to play in GW5 given that club recalled their young CB from loan at J2 team
Kawasaki FrontaleRyota Oshima大島僚太CMInjury? 🟠11/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta
Kyoto SangaTaiki Hirato平戸太貴LW? 🟠18/2 - missed GW1
Kyoto SangaKazunari Ichimi一美和成STInjury 🔴25/2 - injured in GW2
Kyoto SangaYuta Toyokawa豊川雄太RW/ST? 🟠4/3 - missed GW3
Nagoya Grampus EightTakuya Uchida内田宅哉CMUnavailable 🔴Ineligible to face his parent club FC Tokyo in GW5
Sagan TosuHwang Seok-hoファン・ソッコCBFifth metatarsal fracture 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 27/2 - injured in training in 16th Feb, recovery timescale unrevealed
Sagan TosuShinya Nakano中野伸哉CB/LBAvailable 🟢21/2 - withdrawn from Japan U-20 squad 12/3 - back on the bench
Sagan TosuJun Nishikawa西川潤RWAvailable 🟢Back after being ineligible to play against parent club Cerezo Osaka
Sagan TosuMasahiro Okamoto岡本昌弘GK? 🟠2nd-choice GK of 2022 season is yet to make matchday squad in 2023
Sagan TosuYoichi Naganuma長沼洋一LWB/RWBSuspended 🔴Return in GW6
Sanfrecce Hiroshima-----
Shonan BellmareAkimi Barada茨田陽生CDMInjury? 🟠5/11/22 - injured in GW34
Shonan BellmareYuki Ohashi大橋祐紀STHamstring injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 13/3 - 10 weeks (return in late May)
Shonan BellmareKoki Tachi舘幸希CB? 🟠12/3 - missed GW4
Tokyo FCKuryu Matsuki松木玖生CMInternational Duty 🔴Called up for U-20 Asian Cup taking place in Uzbekistan from 1st to 20th March 15/3 - eliminated from Iraq in semi-final
Tokyo FCShuto Abe安部柊斗CMBiceps femoris muscle strain 🔴26/2 - missed GW2 27/2 - injured in GW1, 8 weeks to recover (return in late April)
Tokyo FCRyoma Watanabe渡邊凌磨RWWounded kidney9/3 - 4 weeks (return in mid-April)
Tokyo FCHotaka Nakamura中村帆高RBInjury? 🟠12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta
Tokyo FCKashifu Bangunagandeバングーナガンデ佳史扶LBAvailable 🟢12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 15/3 - called up to Japan NT and pictured in training
Urawa Red DiamondsToshiki Takahashi髙橋利樹STInjury 🔴8/3 - stretchered off in J.League Cup 14/3 - training individually
Urawa Red DiamondsKai Shibato柴戸海CDMInjury 🔴8/3 - stretchered off in J.League Cup 14/3 - training individually
Vissel KobeSergi Samperセルジ・サンペールDMDoubtful (ACL Injury) 🟠16/3/22 - injured in Asian CL 27/3/22 - 8 months 4/2 - "I don't think he'll make it to GW1" 28/2 - pictured in training 14/3 - "could return in March"
Vissel KobeAndres Iniestaアンドレス・イニエスタCAMDoubtful 🟠20/2 - not yet joined group training 24/2 - flew to Spain for family reasons. Expected to be back in early March 14/3 - back in Japan and fully training
Vissel KobeThulerトゥーレルCBDoubtful 🟠18/2 - missed GW1 2/1 - pictured in training
Vissel KobeRyuho Kikuchi菊池流帆CBACL Injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - 8 months (return in November)
Vissel KobeNanasei Iino飯野七聖RBInjury 🔴8/3 - injured in J.League Cup
Vissel KobeJean Patricジェアン・パトリッキLW/RW? 🟠11/3 - missed GW4
Yokohama FCSvend Brodersenスベンド・ブローダーセンGKConcussion 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 1/3 - pictured in training 14/3 - training individually (return after international break?)
Yokohama FCGabrielガブリエウCBACL Injury 🔴25/2 - injured in GW2 4/3 - likely out for season
Yokohama FCTomoki Kondo近藤友喜RW/RWBHamstring Injury 🔴25/2 - stretchered off in GW2
Yokohama FCHirotaka Mita三田啓貴CMDoubtful 🟠14/3 - training individually
Yokohama F. MarinosRyuta Koike小池龍太RBKneecap dislocation 🔴24/1 - 6-8 weeks (return in March) 14/3 - back in full training
Yokohama F. MarinosObi Powell Obinnaオビ・パウエル・オビンナGK? 🟠3/3 - missed GW3
Yokohama F. MarinosKatsuya Nagato永戸勝也LBAvailable 🟢Back after GW4 suspension
Yokohama F. MarinosKen Matsubara松原健RBAvailable 🟢12/3 - missed GW4 due to illness

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 24

It is derby week in the Bundesliga with many local rivals facing each other and we take a look at the impact it has in fantasy in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 24.



1Sadio ManéFCBvs FCA15.9MMüller is a doubt, Musiala might play limited minutes or deeper while Mané is well rested. Seems like a good week to punt on him and he is on sale too.
2Randal Kolo MuaniSGEvs VFB14.3MAs reliable as Kolo Muani is, Stuttgart's defence has tightened up over the last few games and I think Bayern are just likely to score more goals so their attackers have a higher ceiling.
3Jamal MusialaFCBvs FCA15.9MMore likely than not that Gravenberch slots in for Goretzka so Musiala isn't a very big risk.
4Ludovic AjorqueM05@BSC8.8MAjorque right now reminds me of Füllkrug at the start of the season. Cheap, overlooked and consistent. He has three double digit scores in the last four games including an 11-pointer in the last game without a return. Mainz are on a four game winning run so he could be a good differential.
5Michael GregoritschSCFvs TSG10.6MBest forward with a standalone fixture this week.
6Niclas FüllkrugSVWvs B049.2MThis matchup has generally been low-scoring over the past few years but with Alonso being adament that he doesn't need to rotate much after playing his full strength XI in the Europa League, I think we might see some goals in this game.
7Moussa DiabyB04@SVW15M
8Sébastien HallerBVB@S0413.7M
9Andre SilvaRBLvs BMG14.1M
10Sheraldo BeckerFCU@WOB12MUnion already beat Wolfsburg 2-1 in the Pokal just over a month ago, so they have a good idea what it takes to beat them. That being said, Becker's inconsistency is keeping me away from this one.



1Florian KainzKOEvs BOC9.5MThe best standalone fixture this week + on sale.
2Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs TSG16.9MHoffenheim is the most out of form team in the league having lost each of their last six games and not winning a game since October but they are also one of the worst teams at defending set-pieces.
3Jude BellinghamBVB@S0416MBellingham was at his fantasy-best when Reus was out and Brandt hadn't hit form. This is one of the biggest derbies in the world and there is incentive for both teams to win the game so expecting it to be open even though Schalke have conceded only once in their last six Bundesliga games.
4Florian WirtzB04@SVW13.4M
5Dominik SzoboszlaiRBLvs BMG15.8M
6Jonas HofmannBMG@RBL16.7MI have ranked him low but I will probably hold him considering his record against top 6 teams. Still expecting a Leipzig win.
7Joshua KimmichFCBvs FCA18.3MBetter fantasy-wise when Goretzka isn't playing but hasn't hit a double-digit score since MD14, so I am not sure he is worth the price.
8Jae-Sung LeeM05@BSC7.9M
9Linton MainaKOEvs BOC4.6MPredicted to play OOP up top.
10Yannick GerhardtWOBvs FCU7.3MInvolved in Wolfsburg's last 3/4 goals.



1João CanceloFCBvs FCA13.1MIn this week's Nagelsmann roulette, Cancelo is predicted to start and Davies is predicted to be benched.
2Jonas HectorKOEvs BOC11MHector is someone worth looking at regardless of the fixture. He is averaging 10.2 points over the last five games and has played against teams like Union, Wolfsburg, Eintracht Frankfurt and Leipzig in that period. Worth noting that Bochum haven't scored even once in their last three games.
3Raphaël GuerreiroBVB@S0413MIf you can't help but get him every time he is predicted to start, I don't blame you. He has scores of 18, 17 and 28 in just his last three matches with four assists. Also great for star flexibility this week.
4Jeremie FrimpongB04@SVW13.8M
5Christian GünterSCFvs TSG14.1MFeels like a straightforward cleansheet considering Hoffenheim haven't scored in three games but always worried that this might be the game they bounce back in.
6Borna SosaVFB@SGE12.2MSosa's attacking potential > Frankfurt defenders with higher cleansheet odds.
7David RaumRBLvs BMG13M
8Danny da CostaM05@BSC5.7M
9Mitchell WeiserSVWvs B045M
10Niko GießelmannFCU@WOB8.2M



1Rafał GikiewiczFCA@FCB7.3MCeiling game for the league's second best keeper at saving shots.
2Marvin SchwäbeKOEvs BOC6.3MDecent cleansheet potential and plays first.
3Mark FlekkenSCFvs TSG10.4MIf you need a keeper who plays on Sunday.
4Robin ZentnerM05@BSC6.6M
5Yann SommerFCBvs FCA8.9M

Value Rankings


1Josip StanišićDEFFCBvs FCA3.8M
2Alexander MeyerGKPBVB@S041.1MShould hold his spot for another week.
3Julian RyersonDEFBVB@S046M
4Fabian BredlowGKPVFB@SGE1.3M
5Lukas KüblerDEFSCFvs TSG6.7M
6Ralf FährmannGKPS04vs BVB2.4M
7Philip HofmannFWDBOC@KOE5.8MPotential cleansheet buster.
8Tom BischofMIDTSG@SCF1MMight play in an attacking role?
9Tobias SippelGKPBMG@RBL1.1MAnother cheap starting keeper.
10Davie SelkeFWDKOEvs BOC4.7MAlmost sure that he won't score but worth a mention.

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My Strategy For FPL Gameweek 26-29 Including Wildcard, Bench Boost and Free Hit

FPL enthusiast Bornob shares his wildcard and chip strategies for gameweek 26 to gameweek 29.

FPL Gameweek 26 Wildcard Team

  • 3x Brentford (Raya+Henry+Toney)
  • 3x Brighton (Mac Alister+Estupinan+March)
  • 3x Arsenal (Gabriel+Saka+Odegaard)
  • 2x Newcastle (Trippier+Botman)
  • Rashford
  • Watkins
  • Haaland
  • Ward

This is the actual GW26 WC team

Triple Brentford and Brighton set you up nicely for future weeks, it allows you to keep all the season keepers and will allow you to have a great week and fly past all those not using WC. These 15 players give you 6x doublers in 27, 10x players in 28, and 14x doublers in 29 for a bench boost (of course using free transfers from 27-29). Will probably be 13 doublers in 29 actually, keeping Haaland and Saka as the single gameweek players.

Bench boost of Ward, Saka, Haaland, and Henry (6 fixtures).

Free hit will then be played in either GW32 or GW34 depending on FA cup progression.

Best Brentford Picks on FPL Wildcard

Who should be picked from Mee v Pinnock v Henry?

Let’s look at the xGI/90 numbers since the restart:

  • Henry – 0.18
  • Pinnock – 0.13
  • Mee – 0.08

Surprisingly, the data suggests that Mee’s attacking threat has been massively overhyped in comparison to the other Brentford defenders.

Considering Pinnock + Henry are basically just as nailed as Mee is, I don’t see any reason to pay £0.5-0.6m extra for him. Pinnock is better on the BPS than Henry, however, Henry has the additional attacking threat. This makes it a very close call between the two.

However, Henry’s ability to be shifted out to LWB when Frank switches to a back 3 during the tougher games, offers an additional element of attacking potential. This has historically been common during tougher games. Hence, I would slightly favor Henry over Pinnock.


🥇 Henry (£4.5m)
🥈 Pinnock (£4.4m)
🥉 Mee (£5.0m)


🦁 Watkins v Toney 🐝

xGI/90 since the restart:

  • Toney – 0.76
  • Watkins – 0.54

Not only does Toney have the better underlying stats, but he’s also been slightly underperforming his xGI/90 (-0.04), which is a sign that his current form is sustainable. On the other hand, Watkins has massively overperformed his xGI/90 (+0.35) in the same time frame.

This could be a sign that Watkins’ returns will soon slow down, as he is typically the type of player to underperform rather than overperform his xGI. Owning both is definitely an option by bringing in Watkins for GW28 (potentially for Haaland/Kane) It is worth noting that Watkins will have two extra fixtures over Haaland over GW28-29. There is also an opportunity to move Toney back to Haaland in GW30.

Summary: Toney>Watkins

Note: Toney’s hearing will be in April, so it’s highly likely we can get through DGW29 before a potential ban is given.

🦁 Watkins (£7.3) v Kane (£11.7m) 🐓

Stats per appearance since the restart:

  • xG – 0.4 v 0.4
  • xGI – 0.5 v 0.5
  • Pen area touches – 4.8 v 4.9
  • Shots in the box – 2.2 v 2.5
  • Big chances – 0.8 v 0.6

Watkins has an extra fixture over Kane in DGW29 and a better BGW28 fixture. The main benefit of going for Watkins over Kane is that it allows us to keep Haaland and not worry about selling in GW28 and buying him straight back again in GW30.

Keeper – Raya

My reasoning for Raya ahead of Sanchez is that Raya makes more saves and I really like Estupinan. I know you get an extra fixture with Sanchez, still prefer Raya.

Saves Per 90 Season:

  • Sanchez: 2.14
  • Raya: 4.35

Saves Per 90 Post World Cup:

  • Sanchez: 1.75
  • Raya: 4.50

Raya and Estupinan have a significantly higher ceiling than Sanchez + Brentford defenders for me. I’m not saying they 100% outscore them, but on paper, it’s a better pairing, IMO. Because then you only get five doublers in GW27 unless you bench boost (and I prefer BB in 29).

Best Brighton Picks on FPL Wildcard

Pick from MacAllister v Mitoma v March.

xGI/90 of the Brighton midfielders since the restart:

  • March – 0.67
  • MacAllister – 0.61
  • Mitoma – 0.39

Despite the hype around Mitoma, I’d much prefer MacAllister + March as my Brighton attacking duo. Alongside Estupinan

Best Newcastle Picks on FPL Wildcard

Schar v Botman v Burn

Looking at xGI/90 since the restart, Schar is by far the standout option:

  • Schar – 0.32
  • Burn – 0.11
  • Botman – 0.08

Now, is Schär worth the £0.6m premium over Botman or Burn? In isolation, I’d say he definitely is. However…

If the second Newcastle defender you select (+ Trippier) will be your 4th/5th defender, you may be better off opting for Botman. Chances are, you will need that extra cash down the line. I’d avoid Burn as he could be rotated with Targett, who is back from injury.


🥇 Schar (£5.1m)
🥈 Botman (£4.5m)
🥉 Burn (£4.5m)

Best Arsenal Picks on FPL Wildcard

Now comes the triple Arsenal. One is obviously Saka. Who would be possibly the next two?


Gabriel v Zinchenko v White v Saliba

Let’s first take a look at the xGI/90 stats, since the restart:

  • Zinchenko – 0.21
  • White – 0.12
  • Gabriel – 0.11
  • Saliba – 0.06

We can rule out Saliba. He is the most expensive, has the worst attacking threat and is a yellow card magnet. Whilst Zinchenko looks to have the highest upside with an impressive 0.21 xGI/90, there is a notable rotation risk with Tierney.

Arsenal have a tough Europa League tie against Sporting, so the fixtures will be coming thick and fast. This is where Gabriel’s nailedness is important. We know for sure he will start every game, unlike Zinchenko and White, especially at this stage of the season. This is why I’d slightly prefer Gabriel over Zinchenko. White is also a fine pick if you need to save £0.5m.


🥇 Gabriel (£5.2m)
🥈 Zinchenko (£5.1m)
🥉 White (£4.7m)
4️⃣ Saliba (£5.3m)



The third pick from the Gunners and an attacking one from the fox Maddison?

Odegaard v Martinelli v Maddison

xGI/90 since the restart:

  • Martinelli – 0.60
  • Maddison – 0.53
  • Odegaard – 0.49

Despite Martinelli having the best numbers when filtering only appearances over 45 minutes, there is a major rotation risk present. With Jesus due back very soon, we probably won’t see Trossard + Martinelli in the same lineup.

And with the Europa league and the fixtures coming quick, I wouldn’t be confident of Martinelli’s xMins going forward. Many are planning to sell Odegaard to strengthen their BB29 teams. However, is it a better option to select Maddison instead and save yourself a transfer?

Upcoming fixtures:

  • Maddison – sou, bench, bre, cry+AVL.
  • Odegaard – BOU, bench, CRY, LEE.

It really does depend on how much you value Odegaard’s BOU and CRY home fixtures over Maddison’s sou and bre away fixtures. For me, the safer option is to start with Odegaard, but there’s not much in it.


🥇 Odegaard (£7.0m)
🥈 Maddison (£8.1m)
🥉 Martinelli (£6.5m)


This is how I plan to get through GW 26-28 then go for Bench boost in 29 and probably free hit after 31 realizing the situation of the FA Cup schedule.

The plans I am exacting are pretty similar to FPL expert @FPL Raptor (Ross), @FPLOLYMPIAN, and @FPLEwork27. They all shared outstanding thoughts which I kind of overlooked even tho I had already played my WC.

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 23

The title race is heating up in the Bundesliga, but so is the fight for a spot in Europe and a place in the Bundesliga for next season. With many potential six pointers this week, we take a look at the teams to target and players to consider in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 23.



1Thomas MüllerFCB@VFB15.8MChoupo-Moting has gone from being a backup with barely any minutes to the first casualty when the manager needs to make subs before an important game so I think Müller is more safer here.

He is in better form with two goals and three assists in his last five Bundesliga matches and Stuttgart is one of his favourite teams to play against as he has four goals and six assists in his last 11 games against them with just one blank away from home.
2Randal Kolo MuaniSGE@WOB14.1MA quick reminder that Kolo Muani has blanked in two games in a row just once this season.
3Jamal MusialaFCB@VFB15.9MSlowly picking up form with Kimmich+Goretzka back in midfield but feels like an early sub risk with the PSG game coming up.
4Karim OnisiwoM05vs TSG11.6MMainz are on a three-game unbeaten streak and convincingly thrashed Borussia at home so I can't see how they won't do it against vs the most out of form team in the league. Just not sure I want to spend a transfer on him with so many popular players predicted to not start this week.

Update: He is a doubt for this week according to Ligainsider.
5Michael GregoritschSCF@BMG10.7M
6Niclas FüllkrugSVW@FCA9MLikely holding him this week if Weiser returns.
7Andrej KramarićTSG@M0514.1MHoffenheim have their backs on the wall and it is sooner rather than later that they win. Although Onisiwo is better on paper, I am leaning towards Kramarić. If they don't win against Mainz, they definitely have to win at home against Hertha next week.
8Sardar AzmounB04vs BSC10.3M
9Mergim BerishaFCAvs FCA10.1M
10Marcus ThuramBMGvs SCF13.8M



1Jonas HofmannBMGvs SCF16.6MAs streaky as he has been, I am willing to hold my recency bias back and get burned again by starring him at home to Freiburg. He is averaging 13.8 points at home and over 20 points in 60% of the games against top 6 teams.
2Vincenzo GrifoSCF@BMG16.9MWas close to securing top four spot if Borussia actually had their four first-choice keepers out this week. Sippel isn't too bad and there is a chance that Omlin comes back. Still expecting a good game for Grifo.
3Christopher NkunkuRBL@BVB17.7MNkunku is basically Hofmann but without the inconsistency. Despite being out for a while, he is still second for goals scored with 12 and even though he blanked in the reverse fixture which Leipzig actually won 3-0, I think he is too good to leave out. Especially if Dortmund have second-choice full-backs playing.
4Florian WirtzB04vs BSC13.1MPretty much the only Leverkusen attacker worth considering.
5Marco ReusBVBvs RBL15.5MThis a game between two teams who are tied for having the second best attack as well as the second best defence in the league. So it could go either way but I still prefer Nkunku.
6Jae-Sung LeeM05vs TSG7.8MThe midfield options aren't as great as the forward options so Lee is probably worth a punt after three consecutive double-digit scores in a row of 17, 10 and 19.
7Rodrigo ZalazarS04@BOC4.6MSchalke have finally learnt how to score and Zalazar looked like the most dangerous player for them in the last game. He always had the talent but Schalke now managing to retain a good amount of possession in games certainly helps. So it isn't surprising that he is averaging over 10 points a game in the last three games since he returned from injury.
8Leon GoretzkaFCB@VFB15.4M
9Christoph BaumgartnerTSG@M0514.3MKramarić is the one getting more shots and key passes but Baumgartner is the most active player for the team in attack so if they win, I can't see how he won't do well either.
10Jesper LindstrømSGE@WOB13.8M



1Alphonso DaviesFCB@VFB18MIf you have Davies or plan to get him in, make sure to drop a small prayer hoping that he crosses 70 minutes this week.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs BSC13.8M
3Josip JuranovićFCUvs KOE7.7MWith Gießelmann and Roussillon both being a doubt, Trimmel could still sneak a start in.
4Moritz JenzS04@BOC3.5MBochum have scored a grand total of zero goals over the past three games while Schalke have conceded just once in their last four. Jenz is boring but is still probably the best Schalke defender from a fantasy perspective.
5Anthony JungSVW@FCA2.5MOn set-pieces if Weiser remains out?
6Christian GünterSCF@BMG12.7M
7Mitchel BakkerB04vs BSC9.6M
8Philip MaxSGE@WOB9.1M
9Danny da CostaM05vs TSG5,6M
10Paulo OtávioWOBvs SGE8.7MIf you are predicting Wolfsburg to win.



1Yann SommerFCB@VFB8.9MOne for star flexibility.
2Ralf FährmannS04@BOC2.1M
3Frederik RønnowFCUvs KOE6.6M
4Rafał GikiewiczFCAvs SVW7.1MSaves + cleansheet potential.
5Jiri PavlenkaSVW@FCA5.9MSaving a ton of shots and averaging 8.4 points over the last four games.

Value Rankings


1Henning MatricianiDEFS04@BOC1MA defender from the most in-form defence in the league for just 1M is the biggest bargain you will find this week.
2Tobias SippelGKPBMGvs SCF1MWell positioned to face a lot of shots this week.
3Josip StanišićDEFFCB@VFB3.7MSome predict Pavard to start over him so be careful.
4Ludovic AjorqueFWDM05vs TSG8.5MHas returned in each of his last two home games.
5Marvin DuckschFWDSVW@FCA8.7M
6Julian RyersonDEFBVBvs RBL6.1MStill a small chance that Guerreiro could start.
7Kevin BehrensFWDFCUvs KOE5.2M
8Philip HofmannFWDBOCvs S045.9M
9Makoto HasebeDEFSGE@WOB1.3M
10Arne EngelsMIDFCAvs SVW1.6M
BonusFabian BredlowGKPVFBvs FCB1.3M

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Serie A Fantasy: Best Player Picks for Gameweek 25

Which are the best players to consider in gameweek 25 of Serie A Fantasy? Tipster Bornob shares his thoughts.

Undoubtedly, Serie A is now quite a competitive league. And this season, it gets more exciting with the battle of the top 6 as Napoli are far away from Milan and Inter. But the UCL & UEL, and UECL league spot battles are quite fantastic to watch as there is Milan, Inter, Roma Lazio, and Atalanta. On the other hand, Torino, Juventus, Spezia, and Udinese are the ones who surprised us with an amazing turnaround.

As table Topper Napoli meets tonight against Lazio, it would be a huge battle to watch. Napoli uses a 4-3-3 attacking formation. And their attacking Duo is obviously the easy pick. Here are my picks for gameweek 25:

Serie A Fantasy Forward Picks Gameweek 25

Victor Osimhen (C)

💰 Price: €8.4M

🟦 Club: Napoli

A premium forward who is in devastating form. Yes, Lazio has been very good at defending, but you can always rely on this Nigerian.

M’Bala Nzola (VC)

💰 Price: €5.0M

🟡 Club: Spezia

The most prolific striker of this season is back again, as he is the most decent performer for Spezia. He scored 14 points in GW24 since coming back in Round 23. He will face a bottom team Verona who has been really frustrating this season.

Lautaro Martinez

💰 Price: €10.8M

🔵 Club: Inter Milan

Inter will welcome Lecce on their home turf San Siro, and I am quite sure after those unlucky shots on target that didn’t go in, Lautaro will find his way back to the goal.

Serie A Fantasy Midfield Picks Gameweek 25

Paolo Dybala

💰 Price: €10.0M

🐺 Club: Roma

A premium midfielder and one of the most creative midfielders of Mourinho’s Roma at that. He is back from a minor injury and played outstandingly well in the Europa League round of 16 qualifiers. He will face Juventus at home, and although Juventus’ defence is solid, you can’t be too sure because they conceded two goals against city rivals Torino.

Ademola Lookman

💰 Price: €5.6M

⬛ Club: Atalanta

A low-price performing midfielder you really wanna pick now for GW25 is obviously Lookman. Looking at his recent performance, he is predicted to be back on the score sheet after a bad performance against Milan.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

💰 Price: €7.0M

🟦 Club: Napoli

The rising star of Georgia is my third pick for this week as they face Lazio at home.

Serie A Fantasy Defender Picks Gameweek 25

Roger Ibañez

💰 Price: €5.4M

🐺 Club: Roma

One of the most consistent performers in Mourinho’s Roma defence, who is so crucial from the set-pieces.

Theo Hernandez

💰 Price: €7.4M

🔴 Club: AC Milan

The best-attacking defender in Serie A is my most favourite to pick. They will be facing Fiorentina, who are gonna be in big trouble as Pioli is giving him more freedom with a new formation and tactical changes using him as a wing-back.

Carlos Augusto

💰 Price: €4.4M

⚪ Club: AC Monza

One of the best point scorers at such a cheap price, and he is back from injury. I transferred him in for Baschirotto. He will face another team Empoli which is fighting in the relegation zone.


💰 Price: €5.2M

⚫ Club: Juventus

The captain of Turin’s old lady never disappoints me with how much he scores. He is really a good leader and playing his best season at Juventus. But he will face Roma away from Turin, which is a tough game.



Ivan Provedel

💰 Price: €4.6M

🦅 Club: Lazio

Provedel is one of the best reasons why Lazio are keeping a clean sheet and battling for the top 4. This young guy made some outstanding saves. I will look up to him tonight.


Stefan Posch (Bologna, €4.4M)
Marten Hjulmund (Lecce, €4.2M)
Rafael Leão (AC Milan, €10M)

You can find additional Serie A Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.