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The creator of the website, he is proud of the fact that he was 35th at his peak in Bundesliga Fantasy last season despite tumbling to 119th in the last 4 weeks.

Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 7

With the final matchday left before we get unlimited transfers, we look at the best players, including differentials to consider in Bundesliga Fantasy for matchday 7.



1Jamal MusialaFCB@FCA13MWith the form he is in this season (six goals and three assists from six starts), you will want a piece of him as long as he starts.
2Leroy SanéFCB@FCA14.9MOver the last three games for Bayern, Mane has been outshot and has fewer key passes than every other forward that started with him (except for Muller having one key pass less against Inter). His form is on the decline meanwhile Sané has been putting on a show in the UCL with goals against Inter and Barcelona. This isn't a bad week to hoard on Bayern players and if I had to select another Bayern forward, Sané would be the second name on my list.
3Sheraldo BeckerFCUvs WOB10.5MSlowly solidifying himself as the best forward at Union Berlin.
4Patrik SchickB04vs SVW15.7MSo, Leverkusen managed to beat Mainz away with nine men, then lost to Freiburg and Brugge, drew against Hertha but managed to beat Atlético Madrid?

This team is wildly unpredicted but I'm keeping faith in Schick as an elite forward against Werder Bremen, but if you want to head to safer pastures this week, I won't blame you.
5Anthony ModesteBVBvs S0412.2MHe has been failing to even hit the target lately but has a good chance to turn his form around against Schalke and should get plenty of chances to do so.
6Randal Kolo MuaniSGE@VFB11.2MFun fact: Kolo Muani has been involved in 6/11 Frankfurt goals this season. That is 54%.
7Karim OnisiwoM05vs BSC9.8MIf you are in the mood for gambling.
8Michael GregoritschSCF@TSG8.3MEarly sub risk?
9Niclas FüllkrugSVW@B046.2MCould score if the same Leverkusen side that drew 2-2 against Hertha turns up.
10Serhou GuirassyVFBvs SGE8.3M



1Florian KainzKOE@BOC9.1MHe might've blanked last week, but I will look the other way because he plays Bochum. Also, you might want to go Koln heavy if you want star flexbility this week.
2Marco ReusBVBvs S0415.3MThis is the best version of Marco Reus we have seen in a while and most importantly, he has also been injury-free so far.
3Christopher NkunkuRBL@BMG16M
4Vincenzo GrifoSCF@TSG14.6MPlays last so he offers star flexibility in a week with the lack of it. Worth noting, however, that Hoffenheim have quietly sneaked up to fourth and have won their last 4/5 games.
5Joshua KimmichFCB@FCA16.6MLess involved than I would've hoped since Goretzka has been starting but few viable midfielders have a better matchup than him against the team that has conceded the most shots after Bochum.
6Dejan LjubičićKOE@BOC7.7MIt might come as a surprise to some but the top-scorer but Koln so far is Ljubičić with four goals and not Kainz with two. He is averaging 0.55 goals every 90 minutes.
7Giovanni ReynaBVBvs S0411.7MWith just one week left before unlimited transfers, Reyna might not be the worst punt.
8Daichi KamadaSGE@VFB10.8M
9Dominik SzoboszlaiRBL@BMG12.1MSzoboszlai is going to be a real star under Rose so I wouldn't hesitate to pick him up if you need a differential. Sommer is pretty much the only thing coming between Borussia conceding 3-4 goals.
10Jonas HofmannBMGvs RBL14.6M



1Alphonso DaviesFCB@FCA16MThe team that has conceded the least goals goes up against the team that has scored the least goals. I can see this match go only one way.
2Raphael GuerreiroBVBvs S0412.4MGuerreiro hasn't been at his goal-scoring or goal-creating best but Schalke is the team he has the most goal involvements against in his career with four goals and three assists in nine games. Five of those returns have come in his last three Bundesliga games against them and although this Schalke team is much better than the one that got relegated, he had 12 and 20 points in his last two games against the Blues. Not bad for a full-back.
3Noussair MazraouiFCB@FCA10.7MThe best cleansheet odds this week by far. He isn't Pavard but has always been seen as more attacking than him.
4Jonas HectorKOE@BOC10.2M
5Christopher TrimmelFCUvs WOB9.8MShould be nailed and is also in good form with scores of 15 and 17 in his last two games.
6Aarón MartínM05vs BSC8.1MBest defender from the early fixture.
7David RaumRBL@BMG12.5M
8Jeremie FrimpongB04vs SVW11.2MExpected to play on the right-wing again and is the biggest boom or bust pick this week.
9Christian GünterSCF@TSG13.2M
10Nico SchlotterbeckBVBvs S0412.3M



1Manuel RiemannBOCvs KOE9MThere are rumours of him being dropped but it is hard to believe because the Bochum defence would be so much worse without him. Even more so if they decide to play three of their worst defenders this week.
2Yann SommerBMGvs RBL9.8MHis performance against Bayern wasn't a fluke. He has an unreal 89.7% save percentage this season.
3Frederik RønnowFCUvs WOB6MWolfsburg have only scored one away goal this season.
4Mark FlekkenSCF@TSG11MIf you need a keeper with a standalone fixture.
5Alexander MeyerBVBvs S042.3M

Value Rankings


1Jordan SiebatcheuFWDFCUvs WOB7.7MHe might still be on penalties?
2Oliver ChristensenGKPBSC@M054.2M
3Stefan TiggesFWDKOE@BOC3.8MPredicted to play up top with Thielmann who is a good budget pick, too.
4Anton StachMIDM05vs BSC9.5MIf you are picking a Mainz midfielder, it is either Stach or Fulgini and Stach isn't half bad.
5Jeong Woo-yeongMIDSCF@TSG7.1M
6Niko GießelmannDEFFCUvs WOB7.1MDon't be surprised if Ryerson starts over him.
7Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCF@TSG3.8M
8Paulo OtávioDEFWOB@FCU7MIn the highly unlikely event that Wolfsburg somehow keep a cleansheet.
9Mitchel WeiserDEFSVW@B043.9M
10Marius WolfMIDBVBvs S046.2M

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 6

After an intense but draining set of midweek games, we try to navigate through all the possible rotations in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 6.



1Serge GnabryFCBvs VFB14MGnabry might be the lowest-scoring Bayern forward in fantasy so far, but he always deserves mention when he plays teams prone to conceding lots of shots and have weak wing-backs defensive such as Stuttgart. His recent record isn't that bad either, with five goals and three assists in just his last three games against the Swabians.
2Jamal MusialaFCBvs VFB12.7MBayern might rotate heavily in this game, especially their attackers, but I am more confident than not that both Gnabry and Musiala start.
3Niclas FüllkrugSVWvs FCA6.1MOne of the only viable options amongst forwards with standalone fixtures.
3Patrik SchickB04@BSC15.4MFantasy managers aren't really spoilt for choice this week, making an out-of-form Schick look like one of the best options this week.
5Sheraldo BeckerFCU@KOE10.3MJoint top scorer and should be the focal point of the attack if Siebatcheu is out. I wish I could rank him higher, but he did play 90 minutes in the midweek game, and with how good defensively Koln have been this season, I don't think his ceiling is that high.
6Michael GregoritschSCFvs BMG8M
7Marcus ThuramBMG@SCF11.3MI'd like to think that he is less likely to score than Gregoritsch, but Thuram could outscore him even if he scores solely because of the number of shots he generates. Thuram is averaging four shots per game which is only behind Sané (4.4) and tied with Mané.
8Lukas NmechaWOB@SGE11.6MEintracht Frankfurt conceded three goals against Werder Bremen, then kept a cleansheet against Leipzig and ended up conceding three goals in the last 25 minutes against Sporting CP. Which Frankfurt will turn up this time? With the team possibly playing the same defence except for the injured Lenz for their third game in a week, Wolfsburg should fancy their chances in this game, and Nmecha could be a good differential.
9Karim OnisiwoM05@TSG9.8M
10Simon ZollerBOC@S045.2MIn a do-or-die/win-or-get-sacked game for Thomas Reis, there will be a lot of impetus on Bochum to score goals.



1Joshua KimmichFCBvs VFB16.5MKimmich had five shots compared to Mane's one despite playing as a midfielder, and even though Goretzka will eat into his returns, with a game against Stuttgart he is still one of the safer picks in midfield.
2Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs BMG14.4MMust-have if you want star flexibility and Borussia will be missing both first-choice center backs Itakura and Elvedi so Grifo could be trouble from set-pieces.
3Christopher NkunkuRBLvs BVB16.1MNew manager bounce? Dortmund has been Leipzig's boogie team historically but Leipzig did the double over them last season scoring three goals and assisting another three against them in both games.
4Daichi KamadaSGEvs WOB10.8MKamada has scored or assisted in each Bundesliga game this season and if Kolo Muani is rested, the team will rely on him to score goals again vs a Wolfsburg side that conceded four goals against a young and inexperienced Koln attack.
5Marco ReusBVB@RBL15.4M
6Ritsu DoanSCFvs BMG8.7M
7Florian KainzKOEvs FCU9.1MDeserves a mention based on form, but it is worth noting that Union haven't conceded more than a single goal in a match this season even against Bayern.
8Kevin StögerBOC@S046MWas most likely given less points in the last game and I am willing to give him another shot against Schalke.
9Leon GoretzkaFCBvs VFB13.6M
10Dominik SzoboszlaiRBLvs BVB11.7MMight be on limited minutes and Dortmund have been solid defensively so probably not worth the gamble.



1Alphonso DaviesFCBvs VFB15.6MPavard has been putting on his best Philip Lahm impression this season but as much as I love him, he seems like a big risk this week with Nagelsmann hinting at rotation. Also worth mentioning that Kicker has both Pavard and Davies benched.
2Mitchel WeiserSVWvs FCA3.8MI tried to pass both his assists at the end of extra time as fluke but now it doesn't seem like it after he got his third assist in six games last week. Augsburg haven't scored in each of their last two games, plus he plays early, so it almost seems like a no-brainer this week.
3Jonas HectorKOEvs FCU10.3MBoring but safe with a high floor.
4Christian GünterSCFvs BMG13.1M
5Julian RyersonFCU@KOE5.4MA match against the team that has conceded the least goals at home (1) and the team that has conceded the least goals away (1)? I wouldn't rule a 0-0 out with both teams being tired after their midweek games.
6Aarón MartínM05@TSG8.4MBo Svensson doesn't just deserve credit for making Mainz a team that went from being relegation contenders to a team that is capable of competing for an European spot but also for fixing their away form in just a few months time.

Only Furth had a worse record away from home last season (4 points, 49 goals conceded) than Mainz (11 points, 34 goals conceded) but as it stands, Mainz have the best away record in the league with Freiburg. Both teams have won each of their three away games while only conceding two goals.
7Raphael GuerreiroBVB@RBL12.6MGuerreiro Bit of a reach for offensive output, but I don't hate the play.
8Jeremie FrimpongB04@BSC11.3MFrimpong has led the club for key passes in every game since he was moved to the wing. Seaone is in a similar situation as Reis after losing to Club Brugge, so I am hoping they go all out in this game. That being said, he always seems to flop once everyone starts buying him.

Update: Most predicted lineups now say that he will play as a right-back and not as a winger.
9Marvin PlattenhardtBSCvs B047MOne for those who believe Hertha can cause an upset.
10AngeliñoTSGvs M0512.3M



1Manuel RiemannBOC@S048.9MRiemann has been among the top five goalkeepers for shots saved in every single matchday this season.
2Mark FlekkenSCFvs BMG10.8MGot an individual fixture for two weeks in a row.
3Jiri PavlenkaSVWvs FCA5M
4Alexander SchwolowS04vs S046.1M
5Florian MüllerVFB@FCB6.9MBayern is the worst fixture possible to keep a cleansheet but despite conceding plenty of goals against them last season, Müller had six and seven shots saved in each game for an average of 6.5 points per game.

Value Rankings


1Alexander MeyerGKPBVB@RBL2.5MThe cheapest starting keeper in the game right now and should hold his spot for the next 2-3 weeks.
2Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCFvs BMG3.7MI prefer Josip Stanišić more this week for the price *if* he starts.
3Marvin DuckschFWDSVWvs FCA6.7MShoots more than Füllkrug and just needs to find the back of the net, not aim for the stands.
4Anthony JungDEFSVWvs FCA3M
5Jeong Woo-yeongMIDSCFvs BMG7.1M
6Marius BülterFWDS04vs BOC4.3MMight not play up top but is on penalties.
7Dodi LukebakioFWDBSCvs B047.7M
8Gerrit HoltmannFWDBOC@S048.1MAlternate attacking option from Bochum
9Romano SchmidMIDSVWvs FCA4.9MThe only midfielder from Werder Bremen, if any, worth considering.
10Florian DietzFWDKOEvs FCU1.4M

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How to Win UCL Fantasy: Tips from 21/22 Champion Daniel Turon

UCL Fantasy 22/23 season is just a few hours away, and we have 21/22 champion Daniel Turon to share his tips with us for the upcoming tournament.

First off, congratulations on becoming the champion! So when did you feel like you were going to win it all? Did you have any nerves?

Daniel: Thank you so much! I never really felt like I had it in the bag until the final whistle honestly. And in terms of nerves, they were actually through the roof for that reason. The worst (besides the final) would have been the second leg of the Manchester City vs. Atlético Madrid match, where it felt like City would concede every two minutes. I had three City defenders and still cannot believe they pulled through that game.

Did you have a strategy in the way you played last season? Did the teams of your close opponents have any effect?

Daniel: I did take into consideration the other teams in the final match, with each team I made, I was comparing hypothetically what the runner-ups could pick and what they’d need to catch me. This probably just resulted in me ‘overthinking and creating stupid tactics’ in the words of Pep Guardiola. But I was able to pull through in the end!

Which accounts, podcasts, websites, etc, do you follow, if any, or use for UCL Fantasy?

Daniel: I read most of the articles by ‘Never Manage Alone,’ who I’ve now had the lucky opportunity to write for. Besides that, the only fantasy content I got was just by frequenting the FantasyCL subreddit.

What are your top 5 tips for UCL Fantasy managers?

Daniel: Follow your gut and analysis over others. You’ll be way less upset if you’re wrong.

Plan your transfers for the next weeks. Like, create actual hypothetical drafts to make sure your wildcard + transfer plans will make sense.

Don’t underestimate ball recoveries. They add up and really give the edge to managers who take them seriously. Use an actual stats database such as to compare players.

What would be your advice for new players

Daniel: Have fun, pick players you have a really good feeling about, even if others may not. My brother (new to UCL Fantasy) posted about Haaland at 4.5M a couple of years back and was told he’s not a great pick. Still, if you want to play seriously, immerse yourself in fantasy content. Visit the subreddit, read articles, watch content creators, whatever. You want to hear about all the viable picks people are taking, and then do your own analysis and make it your own squad.

Who was your MVP in UCL Fantasy last year?

Daniel: My MVP was most certainly Benzema. In the first leg of the quarter-finals, with the absence of Sane, I dropped from 7th to ~50. So, as a differential, I captained Benzema in the second leg, while nearly EVERYONE chose Lewandowski. Of course, Benzema scored a hatty that game and Lewandowski blanked. From then on, I swore to back Benzema always, and to this day, I still refuse to take him out.

Which position is the best to invest players in – forward, midfield, or defence?

Daniel: This year, I want four premium forwards. There are just so many options that it feels like it is a must to put down big money there.

Do you prefer defenders with attacking potential or those who are good at ball recoveries?

Daniel: It really depends on the price. I find some attacking defender options for the budget very tempting (Rensch, Tavares, Mendes). But I never have been too attracted to the premium dollar defenders. Really my priority is just the cheapest guys who have clean sheet odds. Then I’ll filter those by who has something extra—either ball recoveries in the top 15 percentile or some goal involvement probability.

Do you believe in going template or having certain differentials in your team every week? If so, how many?

Daniel: I have never taken much consideration of popularity in picks. Even with only template picks, there’s enough of them around that your team will end up different enough with transfers and everything. Just pick who you think will do well. Then if you end up close to the top of the leaderboard or your mini-league in the final stretch, now you can start thinking about differentials. My favorite differentials are generally captain swaps rather than new players (Benzema over Lewandowski).

Do you generally prefer a combination of big hitters + enablers or a spreading of funds? Along those lines, are there any players you think are notably undervalued? (@JP__Football)

Daniel: My strategy in the group stage last year was to first load up on as many good value low budget picks as possible, then just grab a bunch of premiums. I’ve gone even harder on that strategy this year. Maybe too far…. we will see, but I certainly do have many premiums. 4/5…. should be interesting and fun.

Two picks that are must-haves for the first MD or group stage, in your opinion (@BigBallzz_Pod)

Daniel: For the group stage in general, I’d say in his current form, I respect those who are brave enough not to pick Haaland. I am not. Lewandowski is also very enticing if you can afford to transfer him out after MD1.

Could you share the chip strategy that you have in mind for now? (@alboteanu_cata)

Daniel: I usually build my chip strategy around the fixture with the most enticing limitless. And then figure out how to use the wildcard from there. So I am planning on using limitless for GW3, and wildcard for GW4. Although I know, many won’t prefer that because then you aren’t taking advantage of the mirrored fixtures for MD3-MD4.

What matchdays should the wildcards be used?

Daniel: There are many strategies to make this work. There’s no one answer. Although all the strategies I have seen and liked used the WC at MD4 at the latest. Another very nice strategy is to make a free hit team for MD1, wildcard on MD2, and keep that team all the way to MD6, taking advantage of both mirrored fixtures. And then use the limitless MD6 and pick teams less likely to rotate. This is far better structured for transfers than mine. But doesn’t have as big mismatches in fixtures for the limitless.

Your teams to target for the start of the tournament?

Daniel: Haifa and Plzen’s opponents. Manchester City is also very strong, and with Haaland as a high-scoring threat against any team IMO.

The player that you think is being overlooked the most and why?

Daniel: Haaland. Only 47% have him…. on a real note, I don’t have any completely unheard-of picks. I’ve got a couple of 1%, though. Rensch is a 4.5M defender for Ajax with a couple of goal involvements already. Many may be scared away by Liverpool on MD2. But Liverpool’s scoring threat hasn’t looked amazing this season, besides the one obvious game.

Do you have a first draft that you could share with us?

Daniel: Unfortunately, I don’t want to share my actual draft for two reasons. First, I don’t want anyone who wants a free team that should be pretty good on paper to copy me. And for those that are serious players, I don’t want you to get too caught up in choosing a similar team to mine because there are sooo many viable teams that are just as good or maybe better that look completely different. Just enjoy making your own team, and read about tips for players to scout, but don’t start with drafting a team similar to a more experienced player.

That said, I am happy to give my thoughts on any player picks, and can be found on Reddit. Either in the FantasyCL subreddit or by PM’ing me on u/all_u_can_eat_soup.

A big thank you to the champion again for letting us interview him. We wish him all the best as he looks to defend his title next season!

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 4

After a weekend full of unexpected results that saw all the top four clubs except Bayern Munich lose, we are back with our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 4 with a heavy focus on teams with matches against relegation contenders.



1Sheraldo BeckerFCU@S049.9MMost people will go for Siebatcheu considering his reputation as the Swiss league top-scorer but Becker not only has more goal involvements, he also has a higher xG and more key passes per game. While Siebatcheu is more reliant on goals for points, Becker's all-round game and ability to rack up points for passes to shots against the team that has conceded the most shots gives him the edge for me.
2Sadio ManéFCBvs BMG16.7MWhile Borussia might be Bayern's boogie team, it is mainly Hutter who had a knack for beating Bayern and I expect them to dominate this game.
3Jordan SiebatcheuFCU@S047.5MNot far behind Becker and is also a good shout if you want to double up but Union face Bayern right after Schalke, the most contrasting set of fixtures in the space of two matchdays.
4Michael GregoritschSCFvs BOC7.7MBochum have already conceded four goals more than the team that has conceded the second-most and it has only been three games. And it might not improve anytime soon with a center-back pairing that makes even Schalke's backline from their last season in the Bundesliga look good.
5Andrej KramarićTSGvs FCA13.5MIf you ask anyone which is the most surprising team so far, they would probably say Mainz or Union Berlin. But for me it is Hoffenheim. They put up a strong fight with 10 men against Borussia, sparked a massive comeback from 0-2 down to beat Bochum and end their 11-game winless streak in the Bundesliga then comfortably beat Bayer Leverkusen on MD3.

The main reason for this resurgence is Kramarić who is slowly finding his old form with a goal and two assists. If statistics are anything to go by, Augsburg are his favourite team to play against as he has the most goal involvements against them (4 goals, 8 assists in 12 games) than any other team in the Bundesliga.
6Timo WernerRBLvs WOB14.1MLeipzig have come close but are winless so far and will be desperate to get their first win in the next game. Werner is only owned by 5% of managers and could be a great differential in a game that could see high shot volumes and goals against a team that is fourth for shots conceded and almost lost to Schalke if it wasn't for Terrode missing two penalties in a row.
7Karim OnisiwoM05vs B049.8MTalking about surprises, Onisiwo is currently the leading top-scorer in the league with three goals alongside Musiala and Mané. If Leverkusen continue playing like they have so far, I can't see how he doesn't add another goal to his name considering how dominant Mainz are at home.
8Kingsley ComanFCBvs BMG14.2MMusiala is still a doubt because of match fitness. So if you don't already have him, it isn't worth risking a spot. Gnabry is the next best pick from Bayern and he isn't predicted to start either but Coman and Sane will likely be subbed early.
9Marvin DuckschSVWvs SGE6.3MHe might've blanked in the last two games but it is hard to overlook Werder Bremen considering they have scored at least two goals in each game so far.
10Patrik SchickB04@M0515.1MLooked much better and would've scored last week if it wasn't for Azmoun clearing his goal off the line but he is still a hard pass for me.



1Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs BOC13.8MAn early fixture against the team that has conceded the most goals (12) including the most goals from set-pieces (4)? This is Grifo territory.
2Christopher NkunkuRBLvs WOB15.8MNkunku is still averaging 14 points a game even though Leipzig haven't won yet. So I am not too worried about him.
3Joshua KimmichFCBvs BMG16.2MKimmich has a goal, two assists, leads the league in key passes per game with four, has the most points in Bundesliga Fantasy so far (46) and is also averaging 2.3 shots per game. Not bad for a defensive midfielder.
4Ritsu DoanSCFvs BOC8.4M50/50 between him and Sallai this week. Doan is the safer pick but Sallai tends to do well against bottom teams.
5Marco ReusBVB@BSC14.8MThis might be a controversial opinion but I expect Hertha's defence to improve after a certain player who has an error that led to a goal, penalty conceded and red card in just his last two games got suspended. It is worth noting, however, that Reus is a slight doubt for the game and it just so happens to be that Hertha is one of the teams he has the worst record in the Bundesliga against with just a goal and an assist in 10 games against the Berliners since 2014.
6Daichi KamadaSGE@SVW10.3MIronically, while Werder Bremen have scored at least two goals in each of their three games, they have also conceded two goals in every game. Kamada has scored in each of his two games so far (2/3 Frankfurt goals) and seems like the only player capable of scoring at the club right now. So he is their best bet against a Werder Bremen defence that might even be missing Freidl and Weiser this time.
7Christoph BaumgartnerTSGvs FCA11.5M
8Anton StachM05vs B049.5MNot many managers will take the punt on Mainz beating Leverkusen but I will still keep Stach in my team as a differential.
9Kevin StögerBOC@SCF5.7MStöger has lost every game so far but is still doing pretty well for himself so far with a goal, assist and an average of 1.7 shots, 3.3 key passes, and 10 points per game. He might be the btech Kimmich but for sub-6M he offers amazing value.
10Florian KainzKOE@SGE8.7MDoes not have the worst fixture but the fact that he played 67 minutes in the midweek game and faces Frankfurt less than three days later worries me.



1Christian GünterSCFvs BOC12.9MGünter is one of four players that have a double-digit haul in each game so far. The other players being Kimmich, Pavard and surprisingly... Ryerson.
2Jonas HectorKOEvs VFB9.9MHe has scored of 13 and 9 in his last two games without a return thanks to the amount of duels that he wins. Hector is also well rested for the standalone match against Stuttgart where he got a good chance at a cleansheet.
3Christopher TrimmelFCU@S049.1MThe next best thing if Ryerson is benched.
4Benjamin PavardFCBvs BMG11.6M
5Raphael GuerreiroBVB@BSC12.5M
6David RaumRBLvs WOB12.2MWolfsburg couldn't even score against Schalke at home.
7AngeliñoTSGvs FCA12.2MWhile he was forgotten by most because he signed for Hoffenheim, he is slowly making noise with 6 and 7 points in the last two games just for bonus.
8Aarón MartínM05vs B048.2MI was surprised to see that he even took a penalty in the last game but I assume he won't be anymore. Despite the miss, he managed to outscore all the Mainz defenders except Hack.
9Borna SosaVFB@KOE11.8MKöln will again be without Uth and their Modeste replacement in this match who they are still searching for. Stuttgart have an outside chance for a cleansheet against an inexperienced attack with an average age of just 23.6 but most importantly, Sosa plays Schalke next week.
10Paulo OtavioWOB@RBL7.2MHe returned after almost a year but is still as good as he was when he left, with 10 points just for bonus and he finished as the joint highest-scoring defender for MD3 with 15 points. It is worth noting though that it was against Schalke of all teams.



1Mark FlekkenSCFvs BOC10.4M
2Yann SommerBMG@FCB9.1MSommer against the best team in the league might sound suicidal but he tends to channel his inner Lev Yashin every time he faces Bayern.
3Alexander SchwolowS04vs FCU6.6MYep, I have ranked a player that is more likely to concede over his opponent who is more likely to keep a cleansheet because of the points system. I don't make the rules.
4Frederik RønnowFCU@S046M
5Manuel RiemannBOC@SCF8.3MMight be easy to overlook him after the last game but he still saved six shots and is tied for the most shots saved so far (19) with Schwolow.

Value Rankings


1Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCFvs BOC3.6MAlmost as good as Günter and costs 3x less.
2Niko GießelmannDEFFCU@S047.3MMight split minutes with Ryerson.
3Janis BlaswichGKPRBLvs WOB3.6MGot a -1 on his debut but Wolfsburg is an easier opponent.
4Youssoufa MoukokoFWDBVB@BSC9.1MDortmund are 17th out of the 18 Bundesliga teams for accurate crosses so that almost single-handedly puts Modeste out of the equation as it was his bread and butter at Köln.
5Luca PellegriniDEFSGE@SGE8..2MHe is no Kostić but he had 10 points in his debut game without a return, thanks to eight bonus points for shots and duels won.
6Robert SkovFWDTSGvs FCA7MSkov is a reverse OOP player who is listed as a forward but plays as a wing-back. Still, he leads Hoffenheim for shots per game (2.7) and is second for key passes per game (1.7). Augsburg might be missing as many as eight first team players so he is worth a shout as an ultra-differential.
7Dodi LukebakioFWDBSCvs BVB7.5M
8Kostas StafylidisDEFBOC@SCF4.2MRemember the budget defender who had an assist, three shots and two key passes for 16 points on the first matchday then dipped? He is back from injury this week.
9Jeremie FrimpongDEFB04@M0510.8MPredicted to play on the wings again but if you are still keeping him then you are a lot more optimistic than I am.
10Mathias OlesenMIDKOEvs SGE1MThe cheapest player expected to start this week.

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 3

Matchday 2 of Fantasy Bundesliga was a repeat of the same difficult week last season but with lots of excellent fixtures to choose from, we have better hopes from our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 3.



1Jamal MusialaFCB@BOC12.8MBochum have looked like the worst defence in the league so far while Musiala has looked like the best player in the Bundesliga with three goals in just two games. No further analysis required.

Note: Musiala is out for this week.
2Alassane PléaBMGvs BSC11.5MEven though logic says Thuram might be better because he plays more centrally and gets into better positions, I still think Pléa is more indispensable to the attack and should outscore him in the long run.
3Marcus ThuramBMGvs BSC10.7M
4Sadio ManéFCB@BOC16.3MHe has looked rusty so far and has the lowest points from Bayern's frontline but it is only time until he fires and has a big game.
5Anthony ModesteBVBvs SVW12MA bit of a gamble considering he might split minutes with Moukoko but probably a good one because Dortmund have scored in each of their last 20 Bundesliga games against Werder Bremen. An average of 3.6 goals in the last five matches between these two sides.
6Lukas NmechaWOBvs S0411.3MI'm inclined to rank Wolfsburg forwards lower because they have failed to fire so far but the team looked excellent against Bayern, especially the attack and there is no way I can see Schalke keeping a cleansheet against them.
7Moussa DiabyB04vs TSG13.3MDon't be fooled by Hoffenheim's win against Bochum. They were less than impressive in that match which ended their 10-game winless run in the Bundesliga since March. Bayer Leverkusen are a good bet for goals this week and Diaby is a more safer pick until Schick finds his shooting boots.
8Michael GregoritschSCF@VFB7.7MProbably the most overlooked forward right now. At 28, he is finally showing the same potential that he did as a 23 year old in the 17/18 season with 13 goals and two assists in 32 matches. With a stellar supporting cast of Grifo, Günter and Doan, he is is likely to have plenty of goals this season. A good differential with games against bottom of the table teams such as Stuttgart and then Bochum in the early fixture next week.
9Timo WernerRBL@FCU14.1MAnother decent shout for a differential but Union have shown that they will be a difficult team to score against this year.
10Saša KalajdžićVFBvs SCF12.2MSaša+Sosa is back.



1Marco ReusBVBvs SVW14.5MPretty much every premium midfielder has a good game this week but Reus has the best game if you discount Wolfsburg's midfield which does not have much potential in fantasy. Also worth noting that he has scored the most goals in his career against Werder Bremen (15G, 8A in 21 games) including a return in each of his last six Bundesliga games against them since 2017.
2Joshua KimmichFCB@BOC15.8MKimmich has a goal and assist and is averaging 2.5 shots and 4 key passes per game. Would you still go without him expecting Bayern to dominate almost every game?
3Jonas HofmannBMGvs BSC14.3MYet to hit top gear but still the best midfielder from the early game.
4Vincenzo GrifoSCF@VFB13.5M50/50 between him and Doan but I think his set-pieces could be decisive against Stuttgart.
5Christopher NkunkuRBL@FCU15.7M
6Max ArnoldWOBvs S0411.1MAlways worth a shout against teams that sit back and concede lots of shots and Schalke have conceded the most of them.
7Anton StachM05@FCA9.3M
8Jude BellinghamBVBvs SVW12.3MBellingham has proven to be a solid floor option with scores of 7 and 11 but I am not sure it justifies the price tag. If I had to pick a game where I could see him get a return, however, it would probably be this one.
9Florian KainzKOE@SGE8.6MI was slow to trust him at the start, but after two big outings, he can't be ignored. I do have some slight concerns about him being subbed early because he played 76 minutes in the midweek Europe game.
10Jesper LindstrømSGEvs KOE11M



1Raphael GuerreiroBVBvs SVW12.4MGuerreiro has looked a bit more like his old self under Terzic which is why I am optimistic about him this week against a Werder Bremen attack that has been outperforming its xG with two goals against Stuttgart at home from just five shots in total.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs TSG11MThis might be too high but he might play as on the right-wing against Hoffenheim so I am willing to take the chance on him.
3Christian GünterSCF@VFB12.5M
4Benjamin PavardFCB@BOC11.6MLigainsider says he could be rotated but he was far more attacking than Davies in the last match with two shots and four key passes. 3.8M cheaper too.
5Ramy BensebainiBMGvs BSC11.3MNot that I am expecting a cleansheet from Borussia (which they haven't kept in their last five Bundesliga games) but you might want to think twice about bringing a defender in from the team considering they play Bayern next week.
6Aarón MartínM05@FCA8.1M
7Paulo OtavioWOBvs S046.8MIf you have played Bundesliga Fantasy before you will recognize this name. One of the best floor players because of the hefty amount of duels he wins.
8David RaumRBL@FCU12M
9Jonas HectorKOE@SGE9.6MHector has scores of 9 and 17 in his first two games without a cleansheet. He got an outside chance for a cleansheet this week but more importantly plays Stuttgart and Wolfsburg next where he has a better chance.
10Borna SosaVFBvs SCF11.9M



1Manuel RiemannBOC@TSG8.4MRiemann is at his fantasy best when he is being bombarded with shots.
2Mark FlekkenSCF@VFB10.1M
3Alexander SchwolowS04@WOB6.3MSchwolow has saved the most shots so far with 13 and even though Wolfsburg have the least shots in the league so far, I am sure it will be different against Schalke.
4Gregor KobelBVBvs SVW10.4M
5Yann SommerBMGvs BSC8.8M

Value Rankings


1Omar MarmoushFWDWOBvs S047M
2Karim OnisiwoFWDM05@FCA9.5M
3Janis BlaswichGKPRBL@FCU3.8MA new one week keeper punt but it didn't end well for the last one (Lunev).
4Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCF@VFB3.3M
5Florian DietzFWDKOE@SGE1.5MThe best enabler on the game by far with scores of 11 and 10.
7Joe ScallyDEFBMGvs BSC7M
7Jordan PefokFWDFCUvs RBL7.5M
8Maximilian MittelstädtDEFBSC@BMG5.8MIf you fancy a Hertha win.
9Rodrigo ZalazarMIDS04@WOB5MThe most dangerous Schalke player and worth a shout at 5M.
10Marius WolfMIDBVBvs SVW6M

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 2

After a thrilling first matchday of the Bundesliga season, we are back with our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 2.



1Sadio ManéFCBvs WOB16.3MBayern is Wolfsburg's biggest boogie team, and are unbeaten against them in their last 25 home games. Add to that the fact that there have been at least four goals in each game between these two sides since 2019 (mostly from Bayern) and this match is a good bet for lots of goals and points.
2Alassane PléaBMG@S0411.4MPléa and Nkunku were the only two players to be in the top five for shots as well as key passes on MD1 and looked more influential than Hofmann. The last game proved that Schalke are still the team to target and Pléa should be among the goals again.
3Patrick SchickB04vs FCA15.1MHe was missing his shooting boots against Dortmund but almost every shot seemed to go in for Freiburg against Augsburg so I am a bit more confident now.
4Jamal MusialaFCBvs WOB12.4MHe was second in xG for the week after Mané but some would argue that he was the most dangerous player. With Bayern having three standalone fixtures in a row against teams such as Wolfsburg, Bochum and Borussia that they are expected to thrash, doubling up on Bayern's attack seems like a low risk, high reward strategy.
5Marvin DuckschSVWvs VFB6.3MHe was the main creator, set-piece specialist, and arguably goal threat, all at once in the first match. Werder Bremen showed that they are here to fight in the first game whereas Stuttgart let opponents Leipzig dictate the terms with 68% possession and 28 shots conceded which was almost as bad as Schalke but with 11 men. Expecting this game to be a shot fest again and Ducksch could be a great differential at 6.3M.
6Marcus ThuramBMG@S0410.3MPléa might've outscored him in the last game but Thuram is still the main force in the box.
7Anthony ModesteBVB@SCF11.9MConsidering the price after his move to Dortmund, Modeste seems like a bargain and the early game against Freiburg comes at a good time considering that he only has more goals in the Bundesliga against Wolfsburg (12 games, 8 goals, 3 assist) than the Breisgau Brazilians (10 games, 7 goals, 1assist). There is still a bit of uncertainty around him considering he only got a few days to settle in and Freiburg's defence looked solid on the opening weekend which is why he isn't ranked higher.
8Moussa DiabyB04vs FCA13.1MLeverkusen struggled to finish their chances and looked less than impressive but it is hard to overlook Diaby against Augsburg when he has scored in every home game against them including a hattrick the last time out.
9Theoson SiebatcheuFCU@M057.4M
10Andrej KramarićFCBvs BOC11.3MAn "ultra-differential" considering he is owned by just 2% managers but it is hard to expect much considering Hoffenheim only had two shots against Borussia although they were down to 10 men for most of the game. Bochum's backline looks like a stopgap defence and it is hard to not see them concede even if Hoffenheim are atrocious.



1Christopher NkunkuRBLvs KOE15.4MScored a goal ✅
Led the league in shots ✅
Led the league in key passes ✅

The MVP hype is very real.
2Jonas HofmannBMG@S0414.1M
3Joshua KimmichFCBvs WOB15.4MIf you expect Bayern to score 3+ goals, there is a good chance that Kimmich will be involved.
4Marco ReusBVB@SCF14.4MReus is central to almost every Dortmund move in attack but the fact that he hasn't scored or assisted against Freiburg since three years puts me a bit off. That being said, the record is meant to be broken eventually.
6Jesper LindstrømSGE@BSC11MThis game won't be straightforward for Frankfurt but now that Kostić is gone, Lindstrøm has massive shoes to fill and will be even more important to the team in attack.
6Florian NeuhausBMG@S0411.3MI don't think much of central or deep-lying midfielders fantasy-wise but I can make an exception against Schalke.
7Dani OlmoRBLvs KOE12.4MHow do I know this game is broken? It rewards Olmo more with bonus points for wasting half of the team's chances than it does actual goal-scorers.

Note: He is a forward now not a mid.
8Anton StachM05vs FCU9.3MAs if Stach wasn't already good enough, he is now playing a lot more advanced than he did last season. This is an early call if you want to hop early on a future template player who is owned by just 4% managers.
9Kevin StögerBOC@TSG5.4MCall it a fluke or a wonder goal it won't change the fact that Stöger might be the most important player in attack for Bochum this season. He is similar to Stach with a high floor and might also score or assist occasionally.
10Ritsu DoanSCFvs BVB8.3MFreiburg have won each of their last two home games against BVB but even Leverkusen's overpowered attack failed to score against them so it might be slim picking here.



1Jeremie FrimpongB04vs FCA11.1MPlenty of attacking potential and one of the week's best clean sheet chances.
2Alphonso DaviesFCBvs WOB15.1MBayern have kept a cleansheet against Wolfsburg in the last 3/4 home games. Davies had 0 involvement in the attack against SGE but I would like to think that getting him over Pavard should still pay off over the next three matchdays. Unless you can do better things with the 4.1M saved.
3Ramy BensebainiBMG@S0411.2MWhile I am never confident about Borussia keeping a cleansheet even against Schalke, him scoring another goal this week would be perfect.
4David RaumRBLvs KOE12.1MA hot take but unless he gets a goal involvement I think Henrich will have better scores playing OOP from midfield.
5Thomas MeunierBVB@SCF8.2MPretty similar to Guerreiro right now and won't require an extra transfer if he ever moves to Manchester City (keyword: ever).
6Christopher LenzSGE@BSC7MKostić is gone and Lenz should be in charge of spamming crosses in the box until Pellegrini arrives.
7Julian RyersonFCU@M055MIn just 60 minutes, he had four shots and finished on 14 points without a return. Imagine how destructive he could be if he gets more game time but for now he will be splitting minutes with Niko.
8Aarón MartínM05vs FCU8.1MWidmer is a doubt but Martín is not a bad second choice to have.
9Christian GünterSCFvs BVB12.3M
10AngeliñoTSGvs BOC11.9M



1Andrey LunevB04vs FCA3.9MA good one-week punt but don't expect him to hold the spot beyond that.
2Manuel RiemannBOC@TSG8MDecent cleansheet + saves potential.
3Florian MüllerVFB@SVW7.3MWerder Bremen are going to bombard his goal in this game so he could repeat last week's haul.
4Yann SommerBMG@S048.9M
5Mark FlekkenSCFvs BVB10.2MFlekken has always been one for the big games.

Value Rankings


1Mitchel BakkerDEFB04vs FCA9MIf you watched Augsburg last week, I would be surprised if that snooze-fest didn't make you fall asleep.
2Joe ScallyDEFBMG@S047.1M
3Alexander SchwolowGKPS04vs BMG6.1MIf the first game of the season is anything to go by, Schwolow will be a very busy man in goal this season.
4Oliver ChristensenGKPBSCvs SGE3.9M
5Karim OnisiwoFWDM05vs FCU9.4MBurkardt was the one that drew most of the attention last season but Onisiwo looks much more sharper now and could thrive as a lone striker.
6Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCFvs BVB3.4M
7Mitchell WeiserDEFSVWvs VFB2.9MWeiser pressed forward more than Fullkrug in the last game and it is only time till he is rewarded for it.
8Leonardo BittencourtMIDSVWvs VFB5.2M
9Tiago TomásFWDVFB@SVW7.9M
10Jan ThielmannMIDKOE@RBL7.4MKoln are hell bent on turning him into a striker by playing him up top but thankfully the developers haven't noticed it yet.

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