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J.League Fantasy creator Kurasawa on suggestions to improve Fantasy Premier League by FPL General and his fantasy philosophy.

Hello to all of you and especially to FPL General!

I have just read your article on how to improve FPL and have decided to share my thoughts as I have a lot to say about it.

But first, let me introduce myself. I go by the nickname Kurasawa and I run my own fantasy games with unique rules thanks to a platform Foontasy and writing detailed previews such as this. Currently, I do only J.League Fantasy (open this introduction article in the new tab to read it later). I stopped playing FPL one year and a half ago because I got tired of elements of randomness in traditional fantasy games.

How is J.League Fantasy different from FPL? Look at the picture below:

As you can see, your mental health is threatened less.

With the introduction over, let me start commenting on the suggestions, in order of least to most disagreement.

On Re-Adjusting the Gameweek Deadlines

I think the best route to take is to make the deadline coincide with the first kick-off.

There’ll never be a perfect solution

I think I have one. Since not everyone wants to check line-ups an hour before the deadline (especially those in Western Hemisphere), FPL should consider launching two different modes of the game. The first one with the deadline at kick-off with such chips available as post-deadline transfer. And the second one with a deadline of 2-3 hours before kick-off for those who just want to make transfers and don’t follow the games live. You’re welcome.


On Higher Prices

Top of my list of requests would be higher player prices. Make it much harder for us to fill our squads with picks from the top teams.

I think doing just that won’t help much. The problem is deeper. Prices don’t change fast enough. Miguel Almirón and Kaoru Mitoma have 15+ goals and assists each and their price didn’t even rise over 6.0. If FPL had a Foontasy price change system, they would be priced 8.0-9.0 (Haaland, for comparison, would be 16.5, and you would think twice about owning him).

How does that price change system work? To express it shortly, prices change based on player performances rather than managers making transfers (glad I don’t check potential price changes every evening anymore). The player price can change by 1.0 in four GWs.

You may wonder: with price changes so fast, aren’t budgets also becoming bigger making it easier to pick top players? Yes, they are. To stop this, every six gameweeks, I do dekulakization called ‘budget reset’, where a manager can make changes only if his new squad fits the budget equal to the initial one at the start of the game. Not a delicate solution, I know, but for me it’s when it gets interesting.

By the way, switching from a transfer-based to a performance-based price change system could allow such features as cancelling your transfers.


On FPL Chips

I don’t like them. Why? Because you know when you are going to use them: double gameweeks. I don’t like them too. Why? Because your range of choice is significantly narrowed, making you pick a player with 2 matches. On Foontasy, rather than summarizing points from two games, only one with the highest score is counted. But I digress from the main topic. For me, the ideal chip is the one where you don’t know when you will use it. This criteria is met by two Foontasy chips: post-deadline transfers and free-hit transfers (where you can loan in a player for just one gameweek). You could use them on average every three GWs.

To add another argument, FPL-esque chips are as much guesswork as picking a captain and bench.


On Making Captaincy Exciting

Captaincy delenda est (must be destroyed). I hate this part of the game the most. In some cases it makes you root against your own player just because you didn’t captain him. Also, if the optimal strategy is picking the obvious choice, then there’s no point in it. If you want to pick a differential captain, most likely you will fail, and those managers who didn’t fail are viewed as luckers in your eyes. I don’t like choosing between a 50% chance of return and 40%, that’s also why there’s no ‘pick the bench’ option on Foontasy.

Also, captaincy could mess up a game even with Foontasy price change system. If you can clone any player, why not clone the highest-priced one?

Other Things That Grind My Gears

Bonus points system and detailed scoring: A long time ago when Stat Revolution started, I wanted players to be awarded for such things as key passes, last-man tackles and clearance off the line. But when some games started to do it, I realised that it makes Fantasy even more difficult and even more random. Choosing between the one who simply contributes some goals and the other who makes a lot of event actions for me is an unnecessary headache. Also, this kind of scoring makes it harder to find a good differential, because the underlying stats are already translated to points. So I’m rooting for BPS delenda est too. I don’t like detailed scoring so many midfielders are not given one point for a cleansheet on Foontasy. Those who already play there may wonder: “But didn’t you start giving one point for defenders for every six clearances?“. OK, OK, you got me here. I did that to get managers to pick centre-backs more often than full-backs.

One free transfer between gameweeks: You make your only FT, it goes wrong, and you have to use another FT to sell him, but you also want to sell other players. Your unlucky choices delay your wished transfers or sacrifice points for them. You are literally getting penalised. To reduce this element of luck, I recommend giving 2 FT, but no more. If you give 3, managers will make more short-term picks therefore game becomes more random.


Well, that’s all! If you folks don’t want to take a break from fantasy, why not hop into J.League Fantasy?

But didn’t it start 15 GWs ago?

Not a problem! You can compare yourself with others by average points per gameweek!

Go to that introduction tab you’ve opened earlier (if you haven’t, I give you one more chance). Create your team before the deadline on Saturday 3rd June 6:00 AM BST, the kick-off of the first match between 1st-placed Vissel Kobe and vice-champions Kawasaki Frontale.

Also, by following the game’s Twitter account, playing will be funnier and easier.

The end.

You can find Fantasy Premier League (FPL) resources for the 22/23 season here.

Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 34

We are down to the final matchday in the Bundesliga where we take a look at the best players to consider in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 34.



1Sebastian HallerBVBvs M0514.8MHaller is peaking at the right time with five goals and two assists in the last four. And I am happy to ride his form for the final game.
2Serge GnabryFCB@KOE17.6MIt is a must-win game for Bayern like Dortmund but I think on a personal level, there is a lot to play for Gnabry and Sane. Both are facing a possible transfer in the summer and might want to end the season on a good note especially Sane since Gnabry already has five goals in his last four.
3Donyell MalenBVBvs M0514MJust over the past three matchdays, BVB have scored an average of 4.6 goals per game and accumulated 15.26 xG in total. The next best team is Bayern with 8.72 xG so I am putting my faith in Dortmund to score lots of goals again.
4Timo WernerRBLvs S0416.2MSplit bitween him and Olmo as the latter had 24 points in the reverse fixture but Werner has an impressive record against Schalke with six goals and six assists in the last nine Bundesliga games against them.
5Leroy SanéFCB@KOE17.9M
6Dani OlmoRBLvs S0413.5M
7Moussa DiabyB04@BOC16.8MOne of the best fixtures this week but Alonso being hideous about which players might rotate does not help.
8Serhou GuirassyVFBvs TSG9.4M
9Sheraldo BeckerFCUvs SVW13.2MFavorite differential this week after Werner. Feels like one of those rare games where Union might score a decent amount of goals as SVW are missing both Pieper and Weiser.
10Marcus ThuramBMGvs FCA13.8M



1Christopher NkunkuRBLvs S0417.8MNkunku is only two goals away from matching Füllkrug for the Torjägerkanone and has the highest odds to score this week along with Haller but he does have a weird record against Schalke. In his four Bundesliga games against Schalke, he has never scored against them but does have seven assists. There isn't a better time for him to score his first goal against them.
2Jude BellinghamBVBvs M0517.4MDouble-digit scores in his last four games and too good to pass up.
3Dominik SzoboszlaiRBLvs S0417.8MHoping for it but not expecting Nkunku to give him one of his penalties. Love him this week either way.
4Julian BrandtBVBvs M0516.5M
5Patrick WimmerWOBvs BSC12.2MSince Hertha have nothing to play for, they might just field one of the worst starting XIs ever seen in the league. They are down to their fourth-choice center-backs - an 18 and a 19-year-old who might get their debuts and their second-choice full-backs. This could get ugly so I want a Wolfsburg attacker and Wimmer is first choice since he will be playing up top.
6Florian WirtzB04@BOC14.4M
7Jonas HofmannBMGvs FCA17.8M
8Joshua KimmichFCB@KOE19.8M
9Vincenzo GrifoSCF@SGE18M
10Lars StindlBMGvs FCA11.8MFarewell game and him scoring would be picture perfect. Should be on penalties too.



1Jeremie FrimpongB04@BOC13.1MReplace with Guerreiro if he starts.
2João CanceloFCB@KOE14.4M
3Benjamin HenrichsRBLvs S0410.8MA bit skeptical about the cleansheet but Schalke have only scored once in their last four Bundesliga games against Leipzig.
4Borna SosaVFBvs TSG13.6M
5Noussair MazraouiFCB@KOE10.4MPossible early sub risk?
6Christopher TrimmelFCUvs SVW9.3MA small chance that Juranovic might start over him.
7David RaumRBLvs S0412.9M
8Sebastian BornauwWOBvs BSC8MIt is a shame that Otavio is out and Wolfsburg don't have better defenders in the game because this could be a great match to increase your rank.
9Ramy BensebainiBMGvs FCA12.8M
10Christian GünterSCF@SGE14.6M



1Gregor KobelBVBvs BMG11.2MDortmund have kept a cleansheet in two of their last three home games and Mainz will be a bit shorthanded in attack this week as Ajorque is suspended.
2Koen CasteelsWOBvs BSC11.7M
3Frederik RønnowFCUvs SVW7.2MBest cleansheet odds this week at 46%.
4Janis BlaswichS04vs S043.3MKeep an eye on whether Nyland starts over him.
5Yann SommerFCB@KOE8.5M

Value Rankings


1Julian RyersonDEFBVBvs M056.3M
2Jan OlschowskyGKPBMGvs FCA1.1MOmlin is a doubt.
3Tomas KoubekGKPFCA@BMG1.9MAveraging 8.3 points in his last three games.
4Jakub KamińskiMIDWOBvs BSC9.2M
5Amine AdliFWDB04@BOC9.3M
6Chris FührichMIDVFBvs TSG8MA goal and two assists off the bench last week.
7Felix NmechaMIDWOBvs BSC4.6M
8Rodrigo ZalazarMIDS04@RBL5.8MSchalke have been disappointing to say the least over the past few games but Zalazar has been the only bright spot. He has double-digit scores and an assist in each of his last three matches.
9Mitchel BakkerDEFB04@BOC10M
10Kenneth SchmidtDEFSCF@SGE1.1MProbably the cheapest non-Hertha starting defender this week.

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 32

With just three matchdays left in the season, which are the best players that could help you improve your rank? We take a look in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 32.



1Serge GnabryFCBvs S0417.5MFour double-digit scores in a row in his last four starts and has also scored in his last three home games against Schalke including a hattrick in the last one.
2Timo WernerRBLvs SVW14.7MPacks as much of a scoring punch as Gnabry as Werder Bremen might be down to their third-choice center-back in this game and will also save you some money as he is on sale.
3Kingsley ComanFCBvs S0414.6MBayern have scored 2, 4, 8 and 5 goals in their last four games against Schalke so it is not a bad idea to go all in on Bayern this week especially when you consider how bad they have been without Fährmann and Jenz who will both be out this week. They have conceded the most goals in the last six games with 14 (tied with Hertha).
4Karim AdeyemiBVBvs BMG12.7MLooked more dangerous than Malen lately and BVB's attack has been playing like City (14 goals in last 4) so I am expecting plenty of goals again.
5Mergim BerishaFCA@BOC10.1MA reminder that Berisha has nine goals and four assists from 21 games this season and that Bochum have conceded 47 shots in just their last two matches.
6Moussa DiabyB04@VFB16.7M
7Ludovic AjorqueM05@SGE10.3MAjorque might seem out of place but Frankfurt are not doing any better defensively compared to Schalke and Hertha with the most goals conceded in the league in the last three matches with eight (tied with Bochum). Over the past six games, they have conceded 13.
8Serhou GuirassyVFBvs B049.1MThe odds are already in Stuttgart's favour but possible rotation like Alonso claims pushes Guirassy's goal-scoring odds even further.
9Andrej KramarićTSG@WOB14.9M
10Davie SelkeKOEvs BSC5.4MI slate him a lot but he has actually done well for himself over the past few games. That being said, there are still far better forwards this week to waste a spot on him and I would rather have a Koln midfielder than a forward from the early game.



1Christopher NkunkuRBLvs SVW17.4MNkunku has never scored in his three games against Werder Bremen but I would rather not bet against him.
2Julian BrandtBVBvs BMG16.1M
3Jude BellinghamBVBvs BMG15.8MI still think Brandt has a higher ceiling but doubling him up with Bellingham isn't a bad idea considering he has scores of 21, 11 and 12 in his last three and is also on sale.
4Dominic SzoboszlaiRBLvs SVW17.4MFree 8-pointer and if you are in luck you will get 15 points.
5Joshua KimmichFCBvs S0419.7M
6Florian KainzKOEvs BSC11.1MHertha finally won a game and they weren't too bad but I am still optimistic about a Koln win so Kainz could be a good differential.
7Linton MainaKOEvs BSC4.9M
8Jonas HofmannBMG@BVB17.5MDestroyed Dortmund in the reverse fixture with a goal and two assists but he is a completely different player away from home averaging 6.4 points away and 12.7 at home, so I am skipping him this week.
9Patrick WimmerWOBvs TSG12.2M
10Vincenzo GrifoSCF@FCU17.9M



1João CanceloFCBvs S0414.4M
2Benjamin HenrichsSVWvs SVW10.8MAveraging 11.6 points in his last five games.
3Noussair MazraouiFCBvs S0410.6MCheaper than Cancelo and also has more points in the last three games.
4Jonas HectorKOEvs BSC11.6MSix games in a row now with at least eight points but barely has 1% ownership in the top 100. A safe option from the early game.
5Josip JuranovicFCUvs SCF8.5MThis game has 0-0 written all over it.
6Jeremie FrimpongB04@VFB14.4MDoubtful for this week so keep an eye out.
7Borna SosaVFBvs B0413.7M
8Jérôme RoussillonFCUvs SCF6.7M
9Aarón MartínM05@SGE7.9MEintracht Frankfurt have Kolo Muani in their team but have still managed only five goals in their last six games which is the least in that period in the league.
10Christian GünterSCF@FCU14.6M



This table has been made by Leo (8th OR) who wanted to share his input on the keepers this week.

1Gregor KobelBVBvs BMG11.1MThe Dortmund keeper picked up 18 points in his last two home games.

Keepers that faced Gladbach this season have recorded an average of ~6.5 points per game, making them the 2nd best team to face.
2Frederik RønnowFCUvs SCF7.5MWhile Freiburg isn't a good fixture, no keeper averages more points than Ronnøw in home games who also managed to pick up three double digits scores in his last six games.
3Yann SommerFCBvs S048.6MSurprisingly a good pick this week.

Facing Schalke at home results in an average of ~6.7 points being earned by the goalkeeper, and the last three goalkeepers that have faced them picked up eight points on average. CS also quite likely.
4Koen CasteelsWOBvs TSG11.7MHaving picked up 20 points in his last two home games, Casteels is facing a Hoffneheim team that is taking a lot of low xG shots on targets in away matches, making it one of the more enjoyable fixtures for any goalkeeper.
5Alexander SchwolowS04@FCB4.2MWhile Schalke are expected to concede quite a few goals, playing away in Munich is the best fixture for any goalkeeper (7.6 points per game)
While being associated with a risk, only one of the last nine goalkeepers traveling to munich came back with less than five points.

Value Rankings


1Janis BlaswichGKPRBLvs SVW3.3M
2Jan OlschowskyGKPBMG@BVB1MThe highest scoring keeper in the reverse week with 13 points.
3Ellyes SkhiriMIDKOEvs BSC9.9MJust a hunch that it will be one of those random weeks where he hauls big.
4Amine AdliFWDB04@VFB9.3MProbably more nailed than Diaby this week.
5Mitchel BakkerDEFB04@VFB9.1M
6Josha VagnomanDEFVFBvs B044.6M
7Kevin StögerMIDBOCvs FCA8M
8Julian RyersonDEFBVBvs BMG6.2M
9Felix NmechaMIDWOBvs TSG4.5M
10Florian NiederlechnerFWDBSC@KOE7.1MPotential cleansheet buster.

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J.League Fantasy — GW12 Preview

J.League Fantasy expert Kurasawa shares the best player picks, expected lineups, odds, and more for gameweek 12.

J.League Fantasy — a game where you can transfer in a forward for a defender after the deadline, and not only that! Create a team now and beat the rest by scoring more points per gameweek on average!

GW12 is the first double gameweek of the season with Sagan Tosu playing twice. But points from 2 games aren’t summarized in J.League Fantasy. Instead, the footballer will get points only from the match in which he scored the most points. Below are fixtures of GW12 with match-win probabilities. Note that Shonan Bellmare is on the bye.


Current schedule:

Speaking of pick advice, I could give you only one as I didn’t find another valuable pick. You could try your luck getting Rikuto Hirose (Kashima Antlers, DEF, ¥5.25M) or Daiju Sasaki (MID, Vissel Kobe, ¥5.00M) in your team, but I don’t think they are 100% nailed.

Kota Takai (Kawasaki Frontale, DEF, ¥5.25M) – before the season, the 18-year-old centre-back probably didn’t expect to be a regular. But 4 CBs ahead of him (one of which was recalled from his loan spell at J2 club) got injured and he was given a chance that he didn’t waste. 3 of the CBs are now back fit but Kota is still a starter. The Japanese word “Takai” (高い) means “high; expensive”, which speaks of his pick value rather than price.

J.League Expected XIs Gameweek 12

You can check injuries, suspensions, and disappearances in this list.



14:00 JST Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo v FC Tokyo

19:00 JST Nagoya Grampus v Gamba Osaka


13:00 JST Sanfrecce Hiroshima v Avispa Fukuoka

Super sub Douglas Vieira is suspended for this game after breaking a corner flag during a goal celebration.

Opta marked Yuya Yamagishi’s sub out as an ‘injury’. But it doesn’t seem serious, because there isn’t any talk about it on Twitter and news outlets.

14:00 JST Albirex Niigata v Kashiwa Reysol

14:00 JST Cerezo Osaka v Kashima Antlers

14:00 JST Vissel Kobe v Yokohama FC

14:00 JST Yokohama F. Marinos v Kyoto Sanga

Right winger Yan got his first league start of the season on Wednesday and scored 2 goals. If manager Kevin Muscat sends him back to the bench, he has no heart.

15:00 JST Kawasaki Frontale v Sagan Tosu


19:30 JST Urawa Red Diamonds v Sagan Tosu

Urawa Reds play the 2nd leg of the Asian Champions League final against Al-Hilal on Saturday (1st leg ended 1-1). Irrespective of the result, I don’t think coach Maciej Skorza would start the usual “Nishikawa; Sakai, Scholz, Hoibraten, Akimoto; Ito, Iwao; Okubo, Koizumi, Sekine; Koroki” eleven. Who’ll be given a rest, I don’t even want to guess.


完 (The end)

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings Matchday 31

It is an important matchday for teams on both ends of the table, especially those at the bottom with a six-pointer as Stuttgart take on Hertha. But which team will come out on top and which are the best players to consider? We take a look in our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 31.



1Serge GnabryFCB@SVW17.2MAjorque is angling for the top spot with his form but Schalke were better than expected last week and if I had to pick a forward who could outscore him in MD31 it would probably be Gnabry. He is playing up top, has led Bayern for shots in each of his last three starts while scoring 16, 10 and 10 points. Not to forget that he also loves playing against his old teams and had a hattrick in the reverse fixture.
2Ludovic AjorqueM05vs S0410.3MThe top two forwards are most likely a lock for me this week.
3Moussa DiabyB04vs KOE14.8M
4Kingsley ComanFCB@SVW14.6M
5Donyell MalenBVBvs WOB13.8MSlightly skeptical about Malen because Wolfsburg have been great defensively but then again Dortmund have the most in-form attack so I might just roll with Malen and see how it goes. The star flexibility is a plus as he plays last.
6Dani OlmoRBL@SCF13.2M1G+3A in the midweek Pokal game against Freiburg just a few days ago. Werner also has a tendency to ghost against tough teams.
7Serhou GuirassyVFB@BSC8.9MAnything less than three points would be unacceptable for both teams so Guirassy is an interesting punt. I can see plenty of goals in this game.
8Randal Kolo MuaniSGE@TSG15M
9Alasanne PleaBMGvs BOC12.5MIt is hard to believe that it has been over half a season since he last scored but if he has to again, it would probably be in this game.
10Andrej KramarićTSGvs SGE14.7MMassively overlooked because most popular forwards have a good game but I think Hoffenheim could get a win here. Eintracht Frankfurt haven't won any of their last 10 Bundesliga games and only Hertha (16) and Schalke (13) have conceded more goals than them (12) over the last six matches.



1Christopher NkunkuRBL@SCF17.3MI prefer Nkunku's consistency over Hofmann's ceiling this week.
2Jonas HofmannBMGvs BOC17.1MEverything is pointing towards a Hofmann haul but I am not too sure about it anymore.
3Florian WirtzB04vs KOE14.1M
4Dominic SzoboszlaiRBL@SCF15.5MScored two goals in the Pokal game and is also available on sale. One of my nailed on transfers for this week.
5Joshua KimmichFCB@SVW19.6M
6Jude BellinghamBVBvs WOB17.1M
7Lars StindlBMGvs BOC11.8MThis either ends 4-0 for Borussia or 0-2. There is no in between.
8Anton StachM05vs S0411MHe is a bit inconsistent but fully expecting him to spam shots against Schalke.
9Christoph BaumgartnerTSGvs SGE14.8M
10Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs RBL18M



1João CanceloFCB@SVW14.4M
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs KOE14.6M
3Josip JuranovicFCU@FCA8.5MAugsburg have scored in each of their last eight Bundesliga games but I think the run ends here. Also worth keeping in mind that Augsburg and Hertha have conceded the most goals from set-pieces this season with 17 each.
4Raphael GuerreiroBVBvs WOB14.5MSlightly doubtful so keep an eye on whether he starts or not.
5Ramy BensebainiBMGvs BOC12.5M
6Borna SosaVFB@BSC13.6MLess optimistic about the cleansheet as Dino is out but he did have seven keypasses in the last game and I am expecting this game to be a goal fest.
7Jérôme RoussillonFCU@FCA6.8M
8Benjamin HenrichsSVW@SCF10.5M
9Noussair MazraouiFCB@SVW10.3M
10Anthony CaciM05vs S046.8MVery high cleansheet odds (40%) but I doubt that Schalke go goalless when staring relegation in the face.



1Frederik RønnowFCU@FCA7.6M
2Lukas HradeckyB04vs KOE11.2MIf I had to pick a keeper with star flexibility this week.
3Fabian BredlowVFB@BSC1M
4Jonas OmlinBMGvs BOC7.4MDoubtful.
5Mark FlekkenSCFvs RBL12.3MFlekken is like the Szoboszlai of keepers. 18, 9, 8, 9 in the last four and consistently gets above seven points even without a cleansheet.

Value Rankings


1Mitchel BakkerDEFB04vs KOE10.1M
2Janis BlaswichGKPRBL@SCF3.1M
3Kevin BehrensFWDFCU@FCA5.9M
4Josha VagnomanDEFVFB@BSC4.2M
5Jan OlschowskyGKPBMGvs BOC1MCould replace Omlin if he is out.
6Kevin StögerMIDBOC@BMG8.1M
7Felix NmechaMIDWOB@BVB4.6MA no-brainer if you need a midfielder under 5M.
8Dodi LukebakioFWDBSCvs VFB9.3MThings haven't gone in Hertha's favour this season but Mavropanos being out and Zagadou starting is a small win for them.
9Marius BülterFWDS04@M055.7MAn alternative would be Zalazar if you want a Schalke midfielder.
10Christopher LenzDEFSGE@TSG7.4M

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 30

Only five matchdays remain in Bundesliga Fantasy but favourable standalone fixtures and the return of Christopher Nkunku makes planning easier for our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 30.



1Donyell MalenBVB@BOC13.7MIt took until matchday 21 for Malen to score his first goal but just in the last five matchdays, he has six goals and three assists. Best Dortmund player right now form-wise and I can see most teams in the top 100 bringing him in for this week.
2Randal Kolo MuaniSGEvs FCA15.1M
3Marvin DuckschSVW@S049.7MFreiburg scored over two goals for the first time across all competitions after 14 games since January in the 4-0 win against Schalke last week and also had 26 shots against them. Ducksch being so high feels reactionary but Füllkrug is predicted to be out again and I can't imagine Schalke's defence improving anytime soon with the injuries that they have.
4Kingsley ComanFCBvs BSC14.3MFour games in a row without a win for Tuchel. They can only slip so much further, right? There isn't a better game for Bayern to bounce back than Hertha.
5Karim AdeyemiBVB@BOC12.1M
6Timo WernerRBLvs TSG15.9MIt is either go big or go home for Werner and this feels like one of those games. A differential worth considering if you aren't too confident on Bayern's forwards.
7Thomas MüllerFCBvs BSC16.5MHe wasn't as impressive in the last game but considering that he has returned in each of his last five games against Hertha who have shipped nine goals in their last two matches against Schalke and Werder Bremen. So I think I will hold him.
8Ludovic AjorqueM05@WOB10.3MWolfsburg have better odds to win but I don't think it will be as easy against Mainz who haven't lost in 10 games. Not a high ceiling game but Ajorque but he still feels like a safe pick.
9Michael GregoritschSCF@KOE11.1M
10Moussa DiabyB04@FCU16.4MThese are the league's two best defences over the last six games, so I will just skip him this week.



1Julian BrandtBVB@BOC15.8M
2Christopher NkunkuRBLvs TSG17.3MShould finally get his first start in a while and Szoboszlai is suspended so he can have most of the shots to himself. Also the best midfielder from the main Saturday slot.
3Jonas HofmannBMG@VFB17.2M
4Jude BellinghamBVB@BOC16.8MSeriously considering doubling up on him and Brandt from the early game.
5Vincenzo GrifoSCF@KOE17.8M
6Joshua KimmichFCBvs BSC19.2M
7Florian WirtzB04@FCU13.9MLeverkusen did win the reverse fixture 5-0 and although I am a bit skeptical, I think he is still one of the better options this week.
8Dejan LjubičićKOEvs SCF7.6M
9Daichi KamadaSGEvs FCA12.1MKamada has no goal involvements since MD18 so it is only time till he gets a return. Ultra-differential for those who dare.
10Lars StindlBMG@VFB11.8M



1Raphael GuerreiroBVB@BOC13MGuerreiro now tops the assists charts with 12 assists and is highly involved in the attack even at left-back.
2João CanceloFCBvs BSC14M
3Mitchell WeiserSVW@S045.4M
4Noussair MazraouiFCBvs BSC9.1MHad four key passes off the bench for Bayern last week and is also on sale.
5Josip JuranovicFCUvs B048.4M
6Christian GünterSCF@KOE14.4MKoln have only scored one goal in their last four home games so a cleansheet isn't out of the equation.
7Jeremie FrimpongB04vs FCU14.6M
8Jonas HectorKOEvs SCF10.2MConsidering that he is churning out 7+ points on a regular basis (last 9/11 games), he is barely popular when he should be a must-have.
9David RaumRBLvs TSG13.1M
10Silvan WidmerM05@WOB10M



1Mark FlekkenSCF@KOE11.9M
2Frederik RønnowFCUvs B047.6M
3Jonas OmlinBMG@VFB7.5MNot ruling a cleansheet out this week.
4Gregor KobelBVB@BOC11M
5Jiri PavlenkaSVW@S045.4M

Value Rankings


1Julian RyersonDEFBVB@BOC6M
2Tomas KoubekGKPFCA@SGE1.7M
3Janis BlaswichGKPRBLvs TSG2.9M
4Josha VagnomanDEFVFBvs BMG4.3M
5Serhou GuirassyFWDVFBvs BMG8.9M
6Maximilian PhilippFWDSVW@S045.6M
7Jae-Sung LeeMIDM05@WOB8M
8Luca NetzDEFBMG@VFB4.4M
9Felix NmechaMIDWOBvs M054.5M
10Fabian BredlowGKPVFBvs BMG1M

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