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Best Picks and Tipster Draft for AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Matchday 3

AFC Asia Cup Fantasy is back for matchday 3 and tipster Bornob shares his player picks and draft for the upcoming matchday.

Hello AFC Fantasy managers! You might look for some differential for match day 3, starting with the match of Lebanon Vs Tajikistan and Qatar Vs China on 22nd January 2024.


First of all, Qatar has qualified congratulations to Qatar fans and Qatar AFC fantasy managers, Qatar might rotate their Lineup resting key players like Moez Ali, Afif, and Meshal. But it can also happen they put a strong team because It’s against China. Japan will go full-on attack with Tomi starting on defence as they were missing him.

The plan is to take a hit and Bring on a Lebanon defender who might keep CS possibly as they face Tajikistan, and buy three Japan attackers the obvious picks are Minamino and Kubo and another one is their captain and leader of attack Junya Ito. I admire him a lot despite the fact he was not effective in the last two matches.


Jordan: You bet both their attacker will have an outstanding haul Against Bahrain. They outplayed South Korea, and surely it’s worth taking up two forwards who are Yazan Naimat And Mousa Tamari.


South Korea: Hwang benched Son and plays deeper Only viable valuable Lively option is Kang in Lee who might havoc on the Malaysian defence.


Saudi Arabia: Saud Abdul Hamid has been on my team for ages. But I am bringing up a last match day Captain option. It is Al-Hilal and Asia’s best attacker Saleem Al Dawsari.


Australia: They are favourites to win against the heroic Uzbekistan who is showing potential for the future big thing. Obviously, most manager owns Metcalfe but I am bringing Jackson Irvin who can be still changed to Uzbekistan Forward playing midfielder O’Runov as Aussie will go for a rotation in attack and despite their confirmed place in R-16 they might want to be Group Champions like Qatar so it can happen that they might not rotate.

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AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Guide (Best Picks + Booster Strategy)

AFC Asian Cup Fantasy 2023 is about to begin and FPL Karhumies shares his picks on the best player picks including budget picks and booster strategy to help you get started.

AFC Asian Cup Introduction

The AFC Asian Cup is the primary association football competition contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), determining the continental champion of Asia. It is the second oldest continental football championship in the world after Copa América. The winning team becomes the champion of Asia and until 2015 qualified for the FIFA Confederations Cup. Since the Summer Olympic Games and the European Football Championship were also scheduled in the same year as the Asian Cup, the AFC decided to move their championship to a less crowded cycle. After 2004, the tournament was next held in 2007, when it was co-hosted by four countries in Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Thereafter, it has been held every four years.

The Asian Cup has generally been dominated by a small number of top teams. Initially, successful teams included South Korea (twice) and Iran (three times). Since 1984, Japan (four times) and Saudi Arabia (three times) have been the most successful teams, together winning seven of the last ten finals. The other teams that have achieved success are Qatar (2019 current champions), Australia (2015), Iraq (2007) and Kuwait (1980). Israel won in 1964 but was later expelled and has since joined UEFA.

Australia joined the Asian Confederation in 2007 and hosted the Asian Cup finals in 2015, winning the competition in the final against South Korea. The 2019 tournament was expanded from 16 teams to 24 teams, with the qualifying process doubling as part of the qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The hosts Qatar, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Iran they are all seem strong while it can be added that Uzbekistan is one to watch out for. Anyways below are my player picks.

AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Budget Picks


  • 4M – Filip Nguyen (Vietnam)
  • 4.5M – Nawaf Al Aqidi (Saudi Arabia), Joe Gouci (Australia, if Ryan is out), and Ernando Ari (Indonesia)
  • 5.0M – Zion Suzuki (Japan)


  • 4.0M – None
  • 4.5M – Lucas Mendes (Qatar), Cameron Burgess (Australia, Bos, Miller & Jones rotate), Rustamjon Ashurmatov (Uzbekistan), Lee Ki-je (South Korea, OOP mid), Awn Al Saluli and Hassan Tambakti (Saudi Arabia), Kholmurod Nazarov (Tajikistan), Vas Nunez (Hong Kong), Hussein Ali Haider (Iraq), Mohamed Adel (Bahrain), and Aizar Akmatov (Kyrgyz Republic)


Midfielders – Reverse OOP
  • 4.5M – Merchas Doski (Iraq, left-back), Camilo Saldana (Palestine, left-back), and Yue Tze Nam (Hong Kong, right-back)
  • 5M – Mus’ab Al Battat (Palestine, right-back)
  • 5.5M – Zayed Sultan (UAE, right-back)


Forwards – Reverse OOP
  • 4.5M – Hazaa Ali (Bahrain, center-back/right-back)


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Mid-range Midfield Picks

  • 6.0M – Faisal Al Ghamdi (Saudi Arabia), and Endo/Morita (Japan, defensive midfielders with heavy rotation risk)
  • 6.5M – Connor Metcalfe (Australia), Ali Jasim (Iraq), Abbosbek Fayzullaev (Uzbekistan), and Liu Binbin (China)
  • 7.0M – Mostafa Meshaal (Qatar)
  • 7.5M – Oston O’runov and Otabek Shukurov (Uzbekistan)


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Premium Midfield Picks

  • 8.5M – Kang-In Lee (South Korea) and Ibraheem Bayesh (Iraq)
  • 9.0M – Takumi Minamino (Japan) and Salem Al Dawsari (Saudi Arabia)


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Premium Midfield Picks

  • 5.5M – Homam Ahmed (Qatar), Saud Abdulhamid (Saudi Arabia), and Ehsan Hajisafi (Iran, rotation risk)
  • 6.0M – Ramin Rezaein (Iran)
  • 6.5M – Harry Souttar (Australia, good but very expensive)


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Mid-range and Premium Forward Picks


  • MD1-3 – Cho Gue-Sung/South Korea/9.5M
  • MD1-2 – Jalolidin Masharipov/Uzbekistan/8.5M, Igor Sergeyev/Uzbekistan/9M, and Mitch Duke/Australia/10.5M


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Matchday 1 Differential Picks

  • 7.0M – Joel Kojo (Kyrgyz Republic) vs Thailand
  • 7.5M – Daizen Maeda (Japan) vs Vietnam and Mousa Tamari (Jordan) vs Malaysia
  • 8.0M – Keito Nakamura and Ayase Ueda (Japan) vs Vietnam
  • 8.5M – Takuma Asano and Junya Ito (Japan) vs Vietnam and Jzan Al Naimat (Jordan) vs Malaysia

Matchday 2-3 – Saleh Al Shehri/Saudi Arabia/9.5M


Possible Captain rotation for MD1-3:

  • C1: 🇶🇦
  • C2: 🇦🇺or🇺🇿
  • C3: 🇯🇵
  • C4: 🇰🇷
  • C5: 🇸🇦

MD1 and MD2 – 🇮🇷 v 🇯🇵 for C3

MD3 – 🇮🇷 v 🇦🇺 v 🇺🇿 for C2

MD3 – 🇰🇷 v 🇸🇦 for C4

MD3 – No C5 at all

Asian Cup Fantasy Premium, “Sub-premium” and Team Composition

  • Premium = 10.5-12.5M
  • “Sub-premium” = 8.5-10.0M

Premium list length is similar to AFCON (6 FWD + 1 MID). But since Mitoma 10.5M is injured, there are no premium mids in the game. I repeat: all premiums are forwards!

With manual sub-rule + a terrible cheap mid pool, especially compared to AFCON Fantasy = we will struggle to get three premiums into the team. So we’ll pick two players out of the premium forwards list for captaincy. Group stage transfers will probably focus on rotating premium forwards.

Sub-premium forwards: I count 35x 8.5-10.0M forwards. We are going to ignore almost all of them because the forwards slots are so valuable to use for the premiums forwards. The third forward slot is open for grabs. Some of these are wingers who should be midfielders in my opinion.


Some third forward options:

  • Saleh Al Shehri/Saudi Arabia/9.5M
  • Hee-Chan Hwang/South Korea/10M
  • Cho Gue-Sung/South Korea/9.5M
  • Junya Ito/Japan/8.5M
  • Ayase Ueda/Japan/8M vs. Daizen Maeda/Japan/7.5M

If Son plays as a winger, whoever plays as CF for Korea is a good pick)Whoever is JPN CF will cook MD1. But is it Ueda or Maeda? J.Ito = winger but higher xMins. There is budget pressure to pick a cheap-ish 3rd fwd (if such a thing exists in Asian Cup Fantasy), as in 8M or below, to afford upgrades in mid & defense. Preferably a player on penalties facing poor defenses in the group stage. So it’s “talisman” versus JPN punt 3rd fwd IMO.


AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Sub-premium Midfield Picks


There are a few, but nowhere as many as forwards. So even in the subpremium category, the mid pool has been robbed into forwards.

  • Salem Al Dawsari/Saudi Arabia/9M is heavily picked. Best C5 choice?
  • Kang-In Lee/South Korea/8.5M plays for a good team and is nailed.
  • Takumi Minamino/Japan/9M is great if he starts.

Once we’ve picked three very expensive forwards (probably 2xpremium + 1x”sub-premium”) and one “sub-premium” mid, we will struggle to fill the other four midfield slots with any decent players. We will probably have 1-2x 4.5M fodder mids on the bench just to afford 2-3x 6.5-7.5M mids.

The game’s scoring and mid-pricing both encourage picking premium defenders over “sub-premium” mids. No MVP or bonus points, mids only get 1p for CS while defenders get 4p. So for a 4.5M mid, we are looking for reverse OOP LB/RB who could get +1 CS point. 5.0-5.5 mids are just as bad.


For reference:



  • 6x premium: 2x fwd + 4x mid
  • 10x sub-premium: 4x fwd + 6x mid

No manual subs so a cheap bench is okay.


AFC Fantasy

  • 7x premium: 6x fwd + 1x mid (injured)
  • 51x sub-premium: 35x fwd + 16x mid

Manual subs so we would like an expensive bench if possible.

AFC Asia Cup Fantasy Booster Strategy


We have two boosters available – Triple Captain and Bench Boost.

BB: Our bench is going to be full of 4.5M mid-fodder in the group stage due to high mid-player pricing. Therefore, using BB in the top 16 after we get a +5M team budget seems optimal to me.

TC: We want to use this in the group stage. MD3 is not optimal because good teams that are qualified for playoffs can rotate their players to avoid injury. So either MD1 or MD2.

As far as I understand, rotating captaincy works as usual when the TC chip is active. So we want at least three good C options for the TC chip in MD1/MD2. Preferably even 4-5 options.

  • Day 1: 🇶🇦Almoez Ali – MD2 v🇹🇯 better than MD1 v🇱🇧
  • Day 2: 🇺🇿/🇦🇺 – they play 🇮🇳/🇸🇾 MD1/MD2 = even
  • Day 3: 🇮🇷Taremi, 🇯🇵, 🇦🇪Mabkhout all same day
  • Day 4: 🇰🇷 MD1 v 🇧🇭 & MD2 v 🇯🇴 both favorable
  • Day 5: 🇸🇦 Salem/Al-Shawri – MD2 v🇰🇬 better than MD1 v🇴🇲

-> TC2 preferred if you have players from Bahrain or Saudi Arabia.


Ali Mabkhout (UAE) has a better fixture MD1 vs Hong Kong than MD2 vs Lebanon. Japan also have a better fixture on MD1 vs Vietnam than MD2 vs Iraq. so C3 in MD2 could be Mehdi Taremi (Iran).

Even though TC2 in MD2 seems slightly better based on Qatar and Saudi fixtures overall, if you think that JPN will absolutely cook Vietnam in MD1, TC1 can still score more than TC2 if you pick the right Japan player for captaincy.


The Shortlist of Best Players for TC1/TC2


Day 1

🥇🇶🇦12.0 FWD Ali Almoez

🥈🇶🇦5.5 DEF Homam

🥉🇶🇦11.0 FWD Afif


Day 2

🥇🇺🇿starting forward

🥈🇦🇺10.0 FWD Duke

🥉🇦🇺6.5 DEF Souttar


Day 3

🥇Any 🇯🇵 mid/fwd

🥈🇮🇷11.5 FWD Taremi

🥉🇮🇷6.0 DEF Rezaeian


The Shortlist of Best Players for TC1/TC2


Day 4

🥇🇰🇷12.0 FWD Son

🥈🇰🇷9.5 FWD Cho

🥉MD1: 🇯🇴8.5FWD Yazan Al Naimat & 🇯🇴7.5FWD Tamari v 🇲🇾

Honourable mention: 🇰🇷4.5 DEF Lee Ki-Je


Day 5

🥇MD2: 🇸🇦9.5FWD Al Shekri v 🇰🇬

🥈MD1: 🇰🇬7.0 FWD Kojo v 🇹🇭

🥉MD2: 🇸🇦5.5 DEF Abdulhamid v 🇰🇬

Honourable mention: 🇸🇦9.0 MID Salem


Thanks to all of you for reading. Best wishes to all of you who are playing Asia Cup Fantasy – @karhumies.

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Fantasy Premier League: GW1 Stats by Opta

Who led the Premier League in stats such as xG, xA, shots, big chances created and more for GW1? FPL Mayor takes a look at the Opta stats.


1.3 – Maupay
1.2 – Jackson
1.1 – De Cordova-Reid
1.0 – Isak
0.9 – Edouard, Wilson
0.8 – Groß, Diaz
0.7 – Haaland, Tonali
0.6 – Cunha, Disasi, Eze, Solanke, Cash, Soucek, Awoniyi
0.5 – Foden, Ferguson, Welbeck, Varane, Rodri, Doucoure, Mbeumo, Mpanzu, Watkins, Romero, Pedro



1.4 – Estupiñán
1.0 – Onana
0.9 – Doucoure
0.8 – Maddison, Barnes
0.7 – James, Mitoma, Gordon
0.6 – Chilwell, Elanga, Eze, Bowen, Groß, Wan-Bissaka
0.5 – Neto, Henry, Colwill, Ayew, Diaby, Kovačić.



8 – Eze
7 – Edouard
6 – Bowen
5 – Cunha
4 – Brooks, Welbeck, Jackson, Pedro, Douglas Luiz, Iwobi, Maupay, Diaz, Morris, Rodri, Haaland, Garnacho, Rashford, Wilson, Hwang.


Shots on Target

4 – Wilson
3 – Rodri, Maupay, Rice, Edouard, Isak
2 – Saka, Brooks, Solanke, Mbeumo, Wissa, Estupiñán, Pedro, March, Andersen, Jackson, Iwobi, Keane, Morris, Haaland, Tonali, Diaby, Neto, Fábio Silva.


Shots in the Box

7 – Edouard
5 – Eze
4 – Pedro, Jackson, Maupay, Diaz, Morris, Haaland, Bowen, Rashford
3 – Solanke, Nketiah, Mbeumo, Welbeck, Wissa, Álvarez, Rodri, Antony, Isak, Wilson, De Cordova-Reid, Hwang, Neto, Cunha, Diaby, Fábio Silva, Paquetá.


Big Chances Created

2 – James, Onana, Gordon, Barnes, Estupiñán
1 – 29 players


Touches in the Opposition Box

12 – Solanke, Rashford
10 – Mitoma, Edouard, Pedro
8 – Groß, Eze, Morris, Isak, Hwang, Dawson
7 – Saka, Nketiah, Welbeck, Richarlison, Jackson, Son, Bowen, Fornals, Neto


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Serie A Fantasy: Player Picks and Team Review for Gameweek 1

Serie A Fantasy is back and tipster Bornob Munna shares his top player picks and his the teams to consider for gameweek 1.

Serie A will be starting this year with a bang with many new significant signings for the big teams. Also, there are lots of cheap price assets newly added. Here are my suggestions for this season:



One from Maignan (Milan), Provedel (Lazio), Yann Sommer (Inter) and Musso (Atalanta). Plus, one from either Monza or Bologna is perfect for the season.



Atalanta: Toloi, Zappacosta, Meahle And a new signing from the Bundesliga – Bakker – might be an option.

Lazio: If they sign Pellegrini, Romagnoli (all tho many managers who are picking other premium defenders won’t need him if they already have Provedel), and Maurisic.

Milan: Theo Hernandez (one of the best premium defenders in the game and a great captain and vice-captain option), Tomori and Thiaw.

Inter: Di Marco, Bastoni, Acerbi and Dumfries might all be options but they will be rested some time so it is best to pick Darmian as he is nailed as either a wing-back or RCB. Inzagi has never benched him.

Roma: Ndicka (new signing but I am not going to pick him right away and wait for him to adapt to the league first), Smalling (premium plus a must-have as Ibañez left the Serie A), Spinazzola(sometimes he is on a different level in terms of giving return points). Others will be on rotation such as Zeki Celik, Ramus Kristensen and Karsdrop.

Napoli: Captain De Lorenzo (premium) and Mario Rui (an essential asset that has mostly been overlooked by others).

Juventus: Danilo (premium), Alex Sandro (cheap price),  Bremer (premium but not in consideration), Kostic, Samuel Junior, Weah (plays wing-back or going to play wing-back but you will find him in midfield). Kostic was one of the best picks last season after Danilo! Rugani and others maybe not that much of attacking or considerable.

Fiorentina: Newly joined Parisi with Igor left and Mexican Martinez & Nikola of Serbia are the most influential players in defence I think for this year.


Milan: Bennacer is injured, Ante Rebic is gone and CDK is probably leaving on loan to Atalanta. With Pulisic, Samuel, Romero, RLC, TR and Musah newly added to upgrade the midfield, an option has to be on your radar. But I think the best option is going to be Pulisic & Nigerian Samuel Chukwueze. Not counting Rade Crunic, Adli and Saelemaekers as good options but TR can prove good as he is cheaper than Samuel & Pulisic.

Inter: Henrik, Calhanouglu, Barella trio has competition now since Frattesi joined and Sensi returned from loan while Cuadrado is also an option after he joined from rival Juventus. Asslani & Lazao might get chances when UCL is on. But for now, Barella, Hakan and Frattesi seem like the best picks.

Roma: Dybala and Pellegrini are both injured so the only option worth considering is Cristante while Portuguese Renato Sanchez might join fellow Portuguese man Mourinho’s side.

Napoli: Premium Kvaratskhelia (12M) is not my pick as it unbalances the team very much. Lozano, Politano, newly joined Gaetano, and Cajuste will be in Rotation while Demme, Lbotka and Anguissa are defensive and not considered much as worthy midfield assets in Serie A Fantasy.

Fiorentina: In Fiorentina, there are loads of midfield options to consider like Barak, Bonaventura and Nico Gonzalez. Amrabat is linked to a transfer abroad and Castrovilli will share responsibility in attack. The other midfielders are Duncan, Rolando, Ikone, Berkalo, and Arthur. New signing Gino Infantino with Moroccan Sabiri might come on mostly as substitutes.

Lazio: SMS is gone, Luis Alberto might also be out so Lazio will be dependent on Japanese Kamada (8M). Isaksen might get the right-wing spot ahead of old Lazio man Felipe Anderson (8.6M) and Pedro might mostly get minutes as a sub unless Immobile is injured to play as a forward and if Lazio brings a striker he might not even be considered. The most dangerous man should be Left winger Zaccagni (8.0M). On the other hand, Vecino, Cataldi, Antonio, Akpro, and Bašić are all not in demand for attacking returns like Alberto, Anderson, Zaccagni Isaksen, and Kamada except Matteo Cancellieri as Sarri must start him as a forward.

Atalanta: Koopmeiners is probably not fit with Boga and Cambiaghi out in addition to Miranchuk being back from loan. Things are going to be interesting unless CDK joins them. He probably will be on my radar. The most picked is obviously Lookman but De Roon should also be considered while Pasalic is better if he plays behind Lookman. Vorlicky, Adopo and Ederson are not in my interest for Serie A Fantasy.

Lecce: Another team with loads of options midfield. But this team has to be targeted for their budget assets like FDF, and Banda. Mid-price range Strefezza can be another good option and there are other cheap options too like Maleh, Oudin, Pontus, Blin, Joan, Pablo & Ramadani etc.

Torino: A midfield full of mid-range and budget midfielders. There are Ilic, Verdi, Ricci, Vlasic, and Radjonic as mid-range options. On the other hand, there is Linetty, Tameze, Seck, Kone, Brian, and Gineitis for budget-conscious Serie A Fantasy managers. But my Radar would be on Radjonic & Vlasic.


Lazio: With captain Immobile in his final years, he is not the best option to pick but many managers and Lazio fans still love him.

Milan: AC Milan wants a striker to reduce the burden on Giroud. But till now Giroud and Colombo are options and Okafor might be a super sub but not nailed.

Inter: Captain Lautaro Martinez is a prolific striker with Frenchman Marcus Thuram (7M) might be on the radar but I sold him from my first draft because still now sure who might Inter brought to get competition as Correa is likely living and if Balougan joins, it will interesting but confusing for Serie A Fantasy managers.

Napoli: Premium forward Nigerian Lion Victor Osimhen is in devastating form and is locked in my team as the first option for striker. Simione and Raspadori were benched last season mostly coming on from the bench. Now here is the thing if Lozano leaves, I want Raspadori to take the right-wing spot. I prefer his talent and also our Bangladeshi Rossoneri big brothers who consider him to be like Thomas Muller.

Roma: Tammy is injured so Mourinho wants to bring in a striker. Don’t know who it will be but for the first few GWs, he will be the starter with Belotti as Dybala and Pellegrini are also injured. Just gonna watch him and might bring him later on.

Atalanta: Sold Højlund for big money and brought Scamacca and Toure shows that Gasperini wants to offload Muriel also Zapata and bring them back to UCL and the top 4. If CDK joins Atalanta With Lookman, Pasalic, Scamacca and Toure, Atalanta might have one of the most lethal attacks in the leagues. For now, Lookman and Scamacca are on my team and locked in for the first GW.

Genoa: The new fantasy favourite of this season is here, the Argentina-born Italian striker Matteo Retegui. In the Copa Italia against Modena, he scored two goals. He is in my team for now.

Fiorentina: End of Arthur Cabral, but last season’s best budget pick forward Mbae Nzola joins the party with Jovic. Don’t know how Nzola will fit in if Nico Gonzalez is gone.

Empoli: Caputo is their main man of attack at 7M but I am not going to take him as in my opinion, there are lots of good options at a lower price.

Bologna: Arnautovic (has an issue with the club and might leave) so the only option is Lapadula.

Torino: Dia & Sanabria are the two favourites from the previous season.


Thanks for reading the article. Will get back with the Team of Round-1 for my SERIE A fantasy. Follow us on Social Media @TipstersFantasy, you can follow me on Twitter @RamboMunna in Facebook @BornobMunna.

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Serie A Fantasy: Tipster Team for Gameweek 31

Tipster Bornob shares his picks and transfers for gameweek 31 of Serie A Fantasy.

Serie A Fantasy Gameweek 31 Team

I took two hits in Serie A Fantasy this week:

  • Rasmus Out Cabral in
  • Frattesi out Barella in
  • Ibanez out Dimarco in

It’s getting really crazy for me. Two GWs, no up-to-the-mark points.🤣🐸

AC Milan will face Lecce at San Siro so my two star picks Theo+Leao are back. Inter Milan will be going away to Empoli to fight back for a UCL spot, and my eyes are on Barella & Di Marco who played outstandingly in both legs of the UCL quarters finals.

I might take another hit to get Pellegrini in for Lauriente. It has to be Pellegrini in because after the injury to Dybala, he took the responsibility for scoring goals and creating creative chances which might’ve caught everybody’s eye.

Lazio face Torino at home and it’s 80% expected that Provedel will keep a cleansheet. While his teammate Zaccagni might fire up again.

All my three forwards will be playing in the away game. The only problem is if Osimhen is fit enough mentally and is Napoli fit capable of coming back strongly to keep the title hope alive after years.

If I am not wrong, I think it might be shocking if Di Marco doesn’t start. I would bring Monza defensive asset, Carlos Augusto.

That’s all for now. Follow me on Twitter @RamboMunna at Facebook @Bornob Munna. I will be waiting for your valuable comment and shares.

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Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 32: Differential Picks

Need some differentials to boost your rank? Tipster Bornob shares the best differentials to consider in gameweek 32 of FPL.

I know that many FPL managers are now thinking like me, to use their free hit chip on gameweek 34 rather than going for it now. But for those who are going to use it in 32, here are my differential picks below:


Andrew Robertson

🔴 Club: Liverpool

💰 Price: £6.8M

🚀 Ownership: 6.5%

• Up against Forest, who are ranked 19th for xG since the restart.

• Ranked 3rd among defenders for xGI (last 6 matches).

• Very high competition in attack – Nunez, Jota, Gakpo, Diaz, and Firmino fighting for two spots – Robertson’s place is more secure.


James Maddison

🦊 Club: Leicester City

💰 Price: £8.1M

🚀 Ownership: 8.3%

• Generated 0.72 xGI in a tough fixture away to City – along with one big chance missed.

• Playing very advanced in the support striker role, just behind Vardy.

• Wolves ranked 14th for xGC since the restart.

Jarrod Bowen

⚒️ Club: West Ham United

💰 Price: £8.0M

🚀 Ownership: 3.7%

• Do not be deceived by Bournemouth’s good form – they are ranked 20th for xGC since the restart.

• BOU have conceded the most chances down Bowen’s flank this season.

• Minutes more secure than Benrahma, and often plays 90 minutes.

• On set piece duties.


Andreas Pereira

⚫️ Club: Fulham FC

💰 Price: £4.3M

🚀 Ownership: 14.2%

• Up against Leeds who rank 18th for xGC since the restart.

• More goal-hungry in Mitrovic’s absence – 14 shots in the last three games.

• An impressive 0.49 xGI in the last six games.

Gabriel Jesus

🟥 Club: Arsenal

💰 Price: £8.1M

🚀 Ownership: 30.5%

• Four goals in the last three starts.

• Averaging a ridiculous 1.22 xGI per start since returning from injury.

• Arsenal will look to bounce back after dropping points in two consecutive games – triple Arsenal attack provides a unique option on FH with very high upside.


Eberechi Eze and Micheal Olise

🦅 Club: Crystal Palace FC

💰 Price: £5.5M each

🚀 Ownership: 6.7% and 3.6%

Since Roy Hodgson has joined Palace, Eze, and Olise have had more points than their previous last 10 GW. Eze played 90 minutes in all three Premier League matches under him. His xG rate has risen up high which is 0.38 and 0.64 and 0.21 from 0.0 of previous GWs. xGI is 0.73 and 0.23, and the creative rate is 42.8 and 34.6 while the threat rate is 41.0 and 23.0 against Leeds and Leicester city in the previous GWs.

Olise is in a more devastating form while partnering with Eze. He has been the team’s most creative winger on the pitch and has xG of 0.05, 0.010, and 0.20 against Southampton, Leeds, and Leicester City. While if you look at his xGA, it is 0.13, 0.90, and 0.17. Though he looks inconsistent he has the class and responsibility to take the game away from opponents through his creativity which is 13.3, 83.5, and 46.8 in his last three GW.

Both Olise Eze only have to play Spurs in the future which is a big threat but they will face West Ham, Wolves, and Nottingham Forrest too. So taking up both rather than Arsenal’s midfield is an excellent option for me. Olise is also on set-piece duties.

Alex Moreno

🟣 Club: Aston Villa

💰 Price: £4.5M

🚀 Ownership: 2.7%

Five cleansheets in the last seven games for Villa. Moreno is playing more minutes now and has more responsibility on his shoulder as Cash is still out so he is the best differential pick from Villa’s defence if you want one. Since Villa played Arsenal At home, Villa has conceded only two goals, which shows how their defence is providing them. Moreno had 0.71 xA and 0.71 xGI against Newcastle at home.


Emi Martinez

🟣 Club: Aston Villa

💰 Price: £5M

🚀 Ownership: 7.2%

All though everybody is picking Raya, Steele, or Alisson, here’s a great differential pick in my opinion. If you look at his number of points since the disaster performance at home against Arsenal, it goes like this:

  • 9 vs Eve.
  • 7 vs CRY.
  • 3 vs WHU.
  • 11 vs CHE.
  • 3 vs LEI.
  • 9 vs NFO.
  • 6 vs NEW.

In the last seven games, he has made 25 saves. All though he has to play Spurs Liverpool and United in the future you can rely on Dibbu. But he would be a backup for your team rather than the first choice.


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