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League of Ireland Fantasy Football – An Introduction

League of Ireland fan and tipster Kyle Kane shares a short overview of the LOI Fantasy game, how to play, the scoring system, rules and more!

An introduction to Fantasy Football in the LOI

On the 5th of March 2022, the first ever Fantasy Football game for the League of Ireland was announced, a move that greatly pleased fans.

The LOI (short for League of Ireland) is split into two divisions for people who may not know.
SSE Airtricity Premier Division, the top tier.
SSE Airtricity First Division, the second tier.
The Premier Division is only included in the game.
There are ten teams in each Division; these are the Premier Division ones – Cork City FC, UCD AFC, Sligo Rovers FC, Shelbourne FC, St Patricks Athletic FC, Bohemians FC, Derry City FC, Dundalk FC, Drogheda United and current champions Shamrock Rovers FC.

The race for the top spot runs as follows:

1st – Champions, UEFA Champions League 1st Round Qualifiers. 2nd and 3rd – UEFA Europa Conference League 1st Round Qualifiers.
If in the event that the cup winners are in the top three, the fourth-placed team will receive the Conference League spot.

Relegation works as follows:

10th – Relegated. 9th – Playoff against Winners of First Division Playoff. If you lose, you go down. If you win, you stay up, and the FD team stays down.

Each team plays each other four times, twice home and away. The season runs from February to November.

Enough explaining, and now to move on to the Fantasy talks.

How to Play League of Ireland Fantasy

Go onto Google and search for LOI Fantasy Football. You will be given a budget of 100K to select your squad of 15.

Can I pick players in any position and club?

You must have the following in your squad,

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

You can only have three players from one club at any time.

When can I change my team around?

Each game week, you have been given deadlines to complete your transfers and switches. This includes:

  • Making transfers
  • Making subs
  • Selecting a captain
  • Choose a one-off, weekly option to optimise your scoring potential

What competitions can I take part in?

There are leagues, cups and a predictions league that you can take part in. Make your own league or participate in the Overall League, where everybody who plays the game is automatically added in.

LOI Fantasy Scoring System


Sub appearance | 1
Subbed off | 2
Full match | 3

Team Result 

Drew | 1
Win | 2

Clean Sheet

Goalkeeper | 5
Defender | 4


Yellow | -1
Second Yellow | -2
Straight Red | -3


Goalkeeper | 5
Defender | 5
Midfielder | 4
Forward | 3


Goalkeeper | 10
Defender | 6
Midfielder | 5
Forward | 4

OG Points

Own Goal | -2


Penalty Save | 5
Penalty Miss | -3


LOI Fantasy Chips

You have a triple captain and full squad counts, which you can only use once a season. (This may vary and possibly change during the offseason.)

If this article hasn’t put you in the mood for some fantasy football next year, then I don’t know what will. Create your LOI Fantasy team now by clicking here!

Kyle Kane.

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