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A-League Fantasy Primer For Fantasy Tipsters

Welcome to your new favourite Fantasy game: Official A-League Fantasy for the Isuzu A-League in Australia. In this article, I will aim to provide an overview of what the Fantasy A-League game is all about. Just a reminder, before we begin, we are heading into Round 7, so the season and League are well and truly underway.


  • Your first task is to select a squad of 15 players who will carry your hopes for season 2022-23. Remember, you MUST select a squad of 15 players before the beginning of the next upcoming round in order to be entered into the competition and score points.
  • You’ll not score any points if your team is incomplete, and you’ll not be entered in the public and private league games. Your team will be removed from leagues if it’s incomplete at the start of the upcoming round.
  • All players are available for selection to all participants.
  • Note that some teams may have ‘byes’ or not play for various reasons in some rounds – you’ll not score points in that particular round from those players. Other teams will be scheduled to play twice – you’ll receive points from ALL of their performances in any given round.
  • Your team will comprise a starting line-up of 11 players and a bench of 4 players. Once you’ve entered your team, you’ll be able to make transfers (trades), and substitutions and set your preferred starting formation.


  • Every player from each of the 12 teams is available for selection. The only selection restrictions are:a) Your $4,000,000 salary cap; and
    b) You’ll select the exact number of players required in each position from the FOURposition groups, which are:2 x Goalkeepers
    5 x Defenders
    5 x Midfielders
    3 x Forwards
  • These restrictions are automatically enforced. You’ll just need to ensure you’ve selected and entered a complete squad.


  • You can create or join and be a part of up to 10 private or public mini-leagues with your single team entry, where you’ll compete ‘head-to-head’ against friends and relatives or a small group of other participants in the competition.
  • On joining Official A-League Men Fantasy (unless you followed an invitation), you’ll automatically be added to a Public League. You can then create or join additional Private Leagues (where you can compete against friends) or enter more Public Leagues.
  • Your league will have its own “fixture,” where your team is matched up against other teams in that league each round. You’ll score a WIN and 3 points if you get a higher fantasy score than the team you “play” against (or 1 point for a draw). Your league ladder ranks your team based on your win/loss record as well as fantasy points difference or total fantasy points scored by each team.
  • Joining a new PUBLIC LEAGUE will automatically add you to a new Public League that will be auto-filled to form a head-to-head league of 12 teams. You cannot invite others to join Public Leagues.
  • If you create a PRIVATE LEAGUE, you’ll be able to invite others to this league (via the League screen). As ‘Administrator,’ you’ll also have the ability to REMOVE teams from your league until your league is finalised.
  • Click on the CHAT icon to open the Activity Feed. You’ll be able to chat and communicate with your league competitors live and direct. You can chat with your league competitors from any screen.


  • 12-TEAM LEAGUES (Private & all Public):
    – Begin in Round 2;
    – All teams play each other once, Rds 2-23.
    – Set your league size – from 6 to 20 teams;
    – Set your league’s starting round.
    – Pick the format of your own final – Top 4, Top 6, or Top 8.
    – Percentage of team total points for secondary league ranking.
  • All leagues will play a three-round Finals Series over Rounds 24-26 (irrespective of whether it is a Top 4, 6, or 8 format) to find the overall league premiers. In some instances, and dependant on league size, the bottom half of the league may also play a minor Finals Series.
  • Depending on any custom league settings, or if joining the game in a later round, your team may produce an UNEVEN draw, where some teams may play against each other once, others twice, etc. – or not play some teams at all).

I’ve taken the liberty of creating a League for you to join as well: The Fantasy Tipsters League is open to join also. Please take a look around and join at:

Join in the A-League banter!

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