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Let’s Play J.League Fantasy

With less than two weeks left before the start of J.League Fantasy, tipster Kurasawa shares his beginner’s guide on how to get started with the game on Foontasy.

On February 17th, Friday begins the new season of Japanese top-flight football, known as J.League. Kawasaki Frontale will try to reclaim the title they had for two years before it was taken away from them by Yokohama F. Marinos. Iniesta and his Vissel Kobe are going to bounce back from last season’s 13th-place finish. Ashito Aoi will try to make his mark with Tokyo Esperion (oh, sorry, that’s from a manga).

Follow all the action of the upcoming season, by playing J.League Fantasy on our platform called Foontasy!

How J1 League Fantasy on Foontasy Works

It will take long to explain all the differences from traditional fantasy games, so let’s start with a short comparison with FPL in the table below.

FPLJ.League Fantasy
You can transfer in a forward for a defender
You aren't hurt by poor captain and bench choices
You can loan a player for a gameweek✅ (limited)
You can make a transfer after deadline✅ (limited)
You get additional transfers if matches get postponed
You don’t have to check possible price changes every day
Very poor result in DGW doesn’t ruin your season


Squad Selection

This is how the “Create Team” page looks. You have a budget of 107 units to choose 15 players.

Usually, in Fantasy games you need to pick two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders, and three forwards (2–5–5–3). But in our game you can choose from these:

Wide choice, isn’t it?

Let me set up a team of Japanese players with kanji 野 (plain, field, pronounced as “no”) in their surname. It’s a 1–5–8–1 formation.

“Wait a minute, how to choose the captain and set the bench?”

There is no captain or bench on J.League Fantasy! All your players are eligible for points!

“How points are given then?”

11 players will get the points. Which ones?

  • The ones who received a yellow/red card or missed a penalty.
  • And then the ones who scored the most points.

Now you won’t be angry when your player hauled but you didn’t make him a captain like most of your opponents. And you won’t be angry when a player you benched returns.

Post Deadline

In traditional fantasy games, you can’t make changes after the deadline. Your player is not starting? Suffer. But not in our J.League Fantasy game! We have mini-chips, using which you can:

  • Make a transfer after the deadline (post-deadline transfer).
  • Loan a player for a gameweek before and after the deadline (free-hit transfer and free-hit post-deadline transfer).

But there’s a limited number of times you can do this. Post-deadline transfers, free-hit transfers, and free-hit post-deadline transfers form a shared bank of 12 mini-chips during the season.

BUT! After the deadline, during GW1 you’ll have an unlimited amount of post-deadline and free-hit post-deadline transfers!

AND ALSO! When GW1 ends, you’ll have an unlimited amount of free transfers again before the GW2 deadline! After that only two free transfers between gameweeks. If you want to change the whole team again, there’s a Wildcard chip for you, which can be used one time only.


How Else Does Foontasy Differ From Traditional Fantasy Games?

  • Very dynamic prices. A player’s price in J.League Fantasy can change by one unit in just four gameweeks! Price formation depends on the player’s tempo of scoring points, not on managers making transfers. So you don’t have to check every day which players’ prices will change. They’ll be changed right after the end of the gameweek.
  • Scoring. Goalkeepers earn one point for every TWO saves, not three. Defenders earn one point per six clearances (to make center-backs more attractive). Midfielders get six points for goals and four for assists, but no points for a cleansheet.
  • Postponements. For every two postponed matches, you’ll be given one free transfer and +1 to your bank of mini-chips.
  • Double gameweeks. In GWs where a team plays two matches, the “Points from match one + Points from match one = Points from double GW” formula will not work. Instead, a player will get points only from the match in which he scored the most points.
  • Budget reset. Every six gameweeks (before GW7, GW13, GW19, GW25, and GW31) your budget will be reset at an initial sum of 107 units. And if your squad costs more than 107, then you have to cheapen your squad to fit the budget, or else you will not be able to make changes in your gameweek squad. It’s not against the rules to leave your team with an above-limit budget by not making transfers.


Lazy League

For those who don’t want to make transfers every gameweek all season, a special tournament called “Lazy League” was created. To participate, you need to make no more than 22 transfers + mini-chips (the countdown starts after GW2, and Wildcard is allowed).

Well, that’s all!

CREATE TEAM | Full rules | Twitter

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 19

Matchday 19 of Bundesliga Fantasy is here and we take a look at the best picks including budget busters in our player rankings for the week.



1Marcus ThuramBMGvs S0413.7MBorussia winning their first away game of the season and in convincing fashion with a scoreline of 1-4 against Hoffenheim was just the sign I needed to see before they face Schalke.
2Randal Kolo MuaniSGEvs BSC13.5MIf he could score seven goals and assist another 10 without a wing-back who could cross well, how many more will he score with one that actually can (Philip Max).
3Alassane PléaBMGvs S0412.3M
4Niclas FüllkrugSVW@VFB8.5MStuttgart are inept at defending set-pieces and crosses in general, haven't kept a cleansheet since August and might play their second defence against the top scorer in the league whose 8/13 or 61% goals have come from headers or penalties. I think I am close to connecting the dots here.
5Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingFCB@WOB6.2MSame as Kolo Muani but with Cancelo instead of Max.
6Andrej KramarićTSG@BOC13.9M
7Leroy SanéFCB@WOB14.9MBayern is Wolfsburg's boogie team and Sane is available on sale but I still don't think this game will be easy for the Bayern attackers.
8Moussa DiabyB04@FCA14.4MHe is putting up good numbers (shots and key passes) and it is only time till he scores again. Augsburg just happens to be his favourite team against whom he has scored the most goals in the Bundesliga with five goals in six games but he is yet to score away against them.
9Andre SilvaRBL@KOE13.9M
10Sébastien HallerBVBvs SCF13.5MFreiburg is not an easy opponent and I am still worried about his minutes.



1Jonas HofmannBMGvs S0416.1MHe has scores of 28, 22 and 13 in his last five matches and somehow I have missed all of these hauls while owning him in his blanks. Surely the same thing doesn't happen this week?
2Jesper LindstrømSGEvs BSC13.4M
3Christoph BaumgartnerTSG@BOC14.1MPerfect game to bounce back for Hoffenheim.
4Dominik SzoboszlaiRBL@KOE15.1M
5Florian WirtzB04@FCA12.8M
6Jude BellinghamBVBvs SCF15.1MWith Reus being a doubt again, I still think Bellingham is the best BVB midfielder to roll with this week.
7Daichi KamadaSGEvs BSC11.9MHertha have conceded 10 goals in the three games since the restart which is more than any other team in the league and tied with Werder Bremen. So even though he is out of form, I am giving Kamada an outside chance to score this week.
8Joshua KimmichFCB@WOB18.2MWolfsburg have been Bayern's punching bag for the last eight years or so but this is probably the best Wolfsburg side we have seen in that period.
9Vincenzo GrifoSCF@BVB15.9M
10Gil DiasVFBvs SVW5MLooked impressive in the limited minutes he got against Paderborn and might cause problems on the wings against Werder Bremen who are missing Weiser.



1Christopher TrimmelFCUvs M059.7MAlways a worry that he gets benched but Trimmel has been well rested for this game.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04@FCA13.2M
3João CanceloFCB@WOB13MThe best defender in FPL makes the jump to Bundesliga Fantasy. I am still not convinced he is the best defender for this week but I am getting him anyways.
4Philip MaxSGEvs BSC9MBefore Frimpong, Raum, Angeliño and Guerreiro, there was Philip Max. Think of him as Cancelo but without the hype. If he could get 12 assists and put up double-digit scores almost every week while conceding a ton of goals for Augsburg, he can do much better at Frankfurt.

Note: Still not confirmed to start this week.
5Ramy BensebainiBMGvs S0412.6M
6David RaumRBL@KOE12.7M
7Alphonso DaviesFCB@WOB17.1MEven if I don't have much faith in Bayern's defence, I will keep him anyways as he plays Bochum next week. Unless Max is somehow confirmed to start.

Update: He is now predicted to start as a center-back this week.
9Julian RyersonBVBvs SCF6.1M
10Konstantinos MavropanosVFBvs SVW12.1MDino has a great floor and I think his headers could really test Werder Bremen from set-pieces. Just need him to score in the opposition goal this time and not his own.



1Frederik RønnowFCUvs M056.5MUnion were leaking goals towards the end of the break but have seemed to have found their rhythm again conceding only two goals since the restart.
2Lukáš HrádeckýB04vs BOC10.1MOne for star flexibility.
3Kevin TrappSGEvs BSC8.7M
4Jonas OmlinBMGvs S047MAvailable on sale.
5Janis BlaswichBVB@S043.1M

Value Rankings


1Serhou GuirassyFWDVFBvs SVW9.1MStuttgart's go-to goal-scorer and has been pretty much their only hope of winning games and getting points.
2Ralf FährmannGKPS04@BMG1.4MThe cheapest new starting goalkeeper in the game.
3Danilho DoekhiDEFFCUvs M056.2MMost of the focus has been on Union wing-backs but Doekhi has four goals in his last six games.
4Joe ScallyDEFBMGvs S046M
5Philip HofmannFWDBOCvs TSG5.5MHoffenheim have the better team on paper here but their defence is far from good.
6Marvin DuckschFWDSVW@VFB8.2M
7Amine AdliFWDB04@FCA8.9M
8Kevin BehrensFWDFCUvs M054.9M
9Janik HabererMIDFCUvs M056.8MThe closest thing that Union have to Isco in midfield.
10Florian KainzMIDKOEvs RBL10.2M

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 17

The first matchday of the year has just ended, but matchday 17 offers a quick turnaround as the Englische Woche begins in just a few hours. But who are the best picks for this week? We take a look in our player rankings.



1Jamal MusialaFCBvs KOE15.1MFC Köln might've ended a seven game winless streak and thrashed Werder Bremen 7-1 in the process but I am still not convinced that they can stop Bayern from scoring three goals at least with Hübers also out. If historical data is something to go by, Bayern have averaged 3.6 goals per game in their last six Bundesliga games against The Billy Goats.

Update: Musiala and Gnabry are not predicted to start any more.
2Marcus ThuramBMG@FCA13.6MHigh floor, high ceiling pick.
3Serge GnabryFCBvs KOE15.9MNot sure how Paris Fashion Week could possibly affect his performance but watch out for the club possibly taking disciplinary action. FC Köln just happens to be Gnabry's most favourite team to play against in his entire career with 11 goals in just nine matches (the most against any team) and I can't see how Bayern will keep him out of the action.
4Amine AdliB04vs BOC8.8M
5Andre SilvaRBL@S0412.2MThe best forward with a standalone fixture this week (unless Werner starts).
6Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingFCBvs KOE6MChoupo-Moting is peaking right now and is the most in-form Bayern forward with seven goals and two assists in seven games. A good option if you want to double up on Bayern forwards.
7Moussa DiabyB04vs BOC14.3M
8Jonas WindWOB@BSC10.7MThat last game proved that Wolfsburg's form isn't a fluke and I am happy to ride the form with games against Hertha, Werder Bremen and Schalke in the next four matchdays.
9Randal Kolo MuaniSGE@SCF13M
10Sheraldo BeckerFCU@SVW11.4MBecker only has one goal in his last nine games but with both Union wing-backs breathing fire on the wings (two assists and nine key passes in total last game), it is only time till he scores again. Might also be on penalties now.



1Dominik SzoboszlaiRBL@S0414.6MNo need to think twice before adding him to your team. He plays Schalke in the early fixture so you can star him and has an unreal seven assists in his last seven games.
2Florian WirtzB04vs BOC12.5MNot in the Ligainsider predicted lineup and unless that changes, I will probably skip the Leverkusen midfield entirely.

Update: Wirtz is now in the Ligainsider predicted lineup.
3Jonas HofmannBMG@FCA15.8MDid not return in the last game but looked sharp with five key passes. Hopefully, one of those chances ends up in the net with Thuram back.
4Christoph BaumgartnerTSGvs VFB13.8MPredicted to play OOP as a striker where he has three returns in the last three games.
5Jesper LindstrømSGE@SCF13.5M
6Julian BrandtBVB@M0514.1MWe are down to the third-choice BVB midfield now with Reus injured and Bellingham suspended but Brandt isn't half-bad with scores of 18, 12 and 11 in his last three. Still, I am staying away because I have trauma from Bo Svensson's team ruining fantasy scores especially at home.
7Yannick GerhardtWOB@BSC6.7MReplace with Wimmer if he is fully fit.
8Joshua KimmichFCBvs KOE17.9M
9Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs SGE15.9MAgain a big doubt this week.
10Giovanni ReynaBVB@M0511.5M



1Jeremie FrimpongB04vs BOC12.8MBochum are on a good run but still have the worst away record in the league after Schalke with only one win from eight games, most goals conceded away (22) and least goals scored away (5) after Schalke (4).
2Alphonso DaviesFCBvs KOE16.6M
3Marcel HalstenbergRBL@S048.4MReplace with Raum if he starts.
4AngeliñoTSGvs VFB12.5M
5Christopher TrimmelFCU@SVW9.4MBoth the Union wingbacks are bound to be replaced at some time with Rousillon and Juranovic arriving but they are still hard to ignore against leaky teams that struggle to defend from the wings.
6Julian RyersonBVB@M055.7MBetting on him to outscore Guerreiro in the long run.
7Mitchell WeiserSVWvs FCU4.8M
8Micky van de VenWOB@BSC4.5M
9Ramy BensebainiBMG@FCA12.8MBorussia's defence looked shaky to say the least against Leverkusen and the fact that they are yet to win an away game this season does not reassure me much.
10Christopher LenzSGE@SCF7.4MStill 50/50 between him and Buta but he is in my team instantly if he nails down the left wing-back slot where he was one of the best defenders in fantasy.



1Janis BlaswichBVB@S043.1MSchalke showed some venom against Frankfurt but Leipzig were able to hold back Bayern to just two shots on target last week. Blaswich is great for flexibility and is also cheap.
3Koen CasteelsWOB@BSC11.3MWolfsburg have kept a cleansheet in their last 4/5 games.
2Yann SommerFCBvs KOE9.2MNot the best debut against Leipzig but hoping that Koln keeps him more busy.
4Rafał GikiewiczFCAvs BMG6.7MGikiewicz reminds me a lot of Fabianski right now. A goalkeeper playing for a bad defence but saves a ton of shots almost every game.
5Lukáš HrádeckýB04vs BOC10.1M

Value Rankings


1Mitchel BakkerDEFB04vs BOC9.6MBakker has always been overlooked because of Frimpong but Alonso said in his presser that he wants to see more of him in the box which is exciting.
2Ihlas BebouFWDTSGvs VFB9.6M
3Finn DahmenGKPM05vs BVB2.4MAnother cheap keeper with a standalone fixture.
4Niko GießelmannDEFFCU@SVW8.2M
5Niclas FüllkrugFWDSVWvs FCU8M
6Aymen BarkokMIDM05vs BVB3.2MLooked dangerous against Stuttgart and could be a great budget option if he gets consistent minutes.
7Mergim BerishaFWDFCAvs BMG8.9M
8Kevin BehrensFWDFCU@SVW4MWill get the same service as Becker.
9Philip HofmannFWDBOC@B045.6MPotential cleansheet buster.
10Robert AndrichMIDB04vs BOC9.6MAndrich doesn't score often but when he does, it is usually against teams like Bochum.

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Liga BPI: Most Underrated XI of the Season So Far

The Liga BPI or the Campeonato Nacional Feminino is at the halfway mark, but which are the most underrated players that deserve more recognition? Liga BPI enthusiast Joe Murphy shares his thoughts.

We are now at the halfway mark for the 2022/23 Liga BPI season, and it has been fun to watch so far. For this article, I wanted to create a team of players that have had a great season but have gone under the radar. So they are like my hipster picks. To do this, I am going to exclude players from the top 4 teams (Benfica, Braga, Famalicão and Sporting). I will also exclude players such as Telma or Beatriz Cameirão, as we knew about their talent before the season started. All the stats I use are from ZeroZero and RealFEVR.



Goalkeeper – Ana Rita Oliveira

Ouriense are having a great season, and they are currently unbeaten in the league if you remove their games against the top 4 teams. In these games, they have only conceded four goals, and at the heart of this amazing defensive record is Ana Rita Oliveira. The 24-year-old has proven herself to be one of the best goalkeepers in the league by making match-winning saves. This has led to her winning numerous player of the matches awards. She has also made the most saves in the league, with 65 saves in eleven matches.


Right Back – Inês Queiroga

Probably one of the hardest positions to find, but the Valadares Gaia right-wing back got my vote. It seems that every time I watch one of their games, the majority of their attacks come down their right side. Queiroga overlapping have been a big factor in these attacks, as it seems that Valadares do struggle in the final third with the ball. Although she hasn’t registered a single assist this season, you can’t take away how good her crosses into the box have been. If it were down to better finishing, she would be competing for the most assists out of any player in the league.


Centre Back – Opal Curless/ Zoe Hudson

I spent ages deciding which Valadares Gaia centre back to go with, so I decided to go with both of them. It was too harsh to include one over the other, as they both have been impressive this season. Although they haven’t kept a clean sheet this season so far, their overall defensive performances have been solid. They are both great at one on one defending by forcing their opponents to make a mistake, and then they step in to win the ball. Curless and Hudson are also both comfortable on the ball, which is a rarity for some of these smaller teams in the league. So yes, I may be cheating by picking two, but it is impossible to separate them.


Centre Back- Ana Assucena

For me, Assucena is one of the best centre-backs in the league and is one of the players that should be called up to the national team. Assucena likes to control the ball in defensive areas where most defenders just kick it out of play. She can carry the ball from these defensive areas and start counterattacks for Damaiense. This ability has also seen her play in midfield for a couple of games, with the most notable game being against Sporting. At the start of the season, I picked her out for being a goal threat as she had an impressive record in the second division, and this has carried on to this season. Assucena has three goals to her name and will likely add to this tally in the second half of the season.


Left Back – Madalena Marau

The Länk Vilaverdense full-back has stepped up massively this season and is always a joy to watch. Marau likes to join with the attacks by pushing up high on the left flank. Her whipped crosses are a huge attacking option for Vilaverdense, as they always seem to cause a problem for her opponents. From these crosses, she has two assists to her name and four goals which is great for a left-back. Marau defensive side of her game is just as good, and just like Assuecena, she should be in contention with a national team call-up.



Centre Midfielder – Cristiana Vieira

Vieira has to be one of the most versatile players in the league. She has played all over the midfield this season, but her best position is as a number 8. She is a very energetic player that likes to cover every blade of grass on the position. Vieira also finds some great positions in and around the penalty, making her a problem for opposition defenders. Despite being one of the league’s most booked players, this doesn’t take away from how good she is at intercepting the play. These aggressive interceptions are vital for Länk Vilaverdense.


Centre Midfielder – Ariadna Cerezuela

Torreense newbie Cerezuela started off the season playing in the midfield before being asked to play further forward to cover their attacking issues. Despite only being 22 years old and new to Portuguese football, she is the captain of this Torreense squad. Before her injury, she was the only one stepping up for Torreense and often bailing them out of difficult situations. Her injury did have an impact on the team’s results, but luckily she should be back for their next game.


Centre Midfielder – Jéssica Pastilha

The Ouriense captain plays in a number 8 role of a midfield three. Pastilha isn’t the type to get the ball from a deep position and carry the ball forward to help her take the pressure off her defence. Instead, she joins in with the press and will always try to win the ball quickly as possible. On the ball, Pastilha very rarely gives the ball away as she knows that her Ouriense team will have less possession in all games than their opponents. She makes quick and smart passes to help gain some momentum for her team. This is the reason why Pastilha makes this squad because, in every game, she is always at least an 8/10.


Right Wing – Huỳnh Như

Another member of the Länk Vilaverdense squad who has gone under the radar. Although Như’s favoured position isn’t on the right of a front three, I still had to include her in this team. She is the only Vietnamese women’s player playing for a European team, and she has given her home country something to be proud about. She was eased into first-team action by making late appearances off the bench, but in her first start, she bagged a brace. Since this game, Như has played every game with full confidence. She is never afraid to have a shoot or take on a player. Như is one of the smallest players in the league, yet she challenges for every header. For these reasons is why Như is one of my favourite players in the league, as she likes to battle for every lost ball.


Left Wing – Summer Green

Summer Green is arguably the best signing of the Liga BPI summer transfer window. Although her position in this team is left-wing she has played all down the left side this season. Out of possession, she drops back into a left wing-back role to add another body for Damaiense’s defense. In possession, she moves into more of a left-wing/forward role and is a big attacking threat. Green has scored four goals and has eight assists to her name in the league, making her the Damaiense player with the most goal contributions.


Striker – Olivia Kearse-Thomas

At the start of the season, I was worried for Albergaria as I didn’t know which one of their players would consistently score their goals. Kearse-Thomas joined them from Damaiense over the summer and has proven to be a consistent goalscorer. She has four goals in nine matches which is a great goal-to-game ratio for any striker. Although she hasn’t got an assist so far, her underlying stats suggest she is close to getting one. Kearse-Thomas has made 11 key passes so far, and from the chances I have seen, she has been unlucky not to get an assist. I also want to give a shoutout to the two Albergaria wingers, Carolina Ferreira and Érica Gomes, as both of these could have easily made this list too.


Thanks all for reading, and I hope you liked my choices. Let’s see if these players have a successful end to the Liga BPI season. If there were any you disagreed with or someone I forgot to include, please do tell me.

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Sarcastic FPL – The team from GW21 to GW22

Current team & Analysis






















Player Position Price Why keep? Why sell? Alternatives
Ward GK 4.1 Cheap as a lemon when it comes to playing goalkeepers. Sweet as a lemon too. Leicester has been in a horrendous state defensively in the post world cup era. Even Iversen is not sitting comfortably on your bench watching you play Ward as the main goalkeeper.
Ederson GK 5.4 Well, here is a bitter-sweet choice. The sweet part: avoiding the Pep roulette (which has been in peak performance this season, goddammit). If they re-discover their form, they have great future fixtures for clean sheets. The bitter part: one clean sheet in the past 6 game weeks. They are as leaking defensively as it’s your own personal data to the Google ads system. The silver lining: Ederson gives you 2 more points than Cancelo. Pope, Ramsdale, Sanchez or Raya.
White DEF 4.7 Well, wasn’t he having fun on your bench after the Spurs game? Or after Newcastle’s? Arsenal’s defense can keep a clean sheet against any team this season, so why not book a nice and comfy spot for the double gameweek 23? A bit too many rhetorical questions in this paragraph, am I right? Not a World Cup minutes or bonus points magnet. You can’t be perfect, Benjamin! Maybe Gabriel after he passes the yellow card hunger games.
Trippier DEF 6.0 He’s our system reference for dead teams, bots, and “What if, after I buy him, he gets injured for the rest of the season?” skeptics. Under 32% of them. Stop trippin’ boy and start trippier. Don’t be silly
Shaw DEF 5.2 From Mourinho laughing with his buddies about Shaw’s defensive abilities to being an essential part of Utd’s row of clean sheets and great performances is a sublime redemption arc. Furthermore, Utd might have a double gw22 – playing Leeds and Crystal Palace. If Shaw will still play in the central position, keep a close look at Dalot’s attacking stats when he will be back. And on his hamstring too. But not that close, you creep. Dalot
Castagne DEF 4.6 I really tried to find a reason, but I will just drop a short paragraph from some history book: “Once every full moon, the Count was rising from his coffin, drank a Red Bull, and started creating mayhem everywhere he was going. Scoring Castagne’s crosses or running behind the defenders, he was looking for spilled blood and then putting it in his post-game bloody mary. You could never be ready for Count Vardyla’s rage”. Without Maddison, Leicester is not able to keep control of the possession → teams can press and get in good attacking positions easier → sun’s rays block again Ward’s vision → say goodbye to Castagne’s clean sheet for me. In addition, one of the worst series of future fixtures. Estupinan, Mee or Botman
Patterson DEF It’s your last position from your bench, I assume you have bigger fires to put out. Oh, you don’t? You’re in the top 1K and you’ve been rolling your FTs for the past 10 game weeks? Sure, go ahead, and switch him for Bueno. Injured and playing in a Lampard’s tactical system …cheap low blow Bueno
Kevin De Bruyne MID 12.5 When he is not taking random road trips during training sessions, he is a pivotal part of the midfielder, a bit more protected in the Pep roulette than other attacking options. He can go back in form based on the next fixtures. A double game week with City, a love story that usually ends with a punch in your face. Having KDB from the start of the season feels a bit like the “Game of Thrones” development. A masterstroke in the first part of the season, amazing returns and paired with Kal Erling, nothing could go wrong, right? Well, as the book’s material stopped, also the post-world-cup episodes became more and more disappointing. Maybe that budget can be used better to improve our midfield options. Bruno or Mahrez
Rashford MID 7.1 Great fixtures, possibly a double, is in-form, has great self-confidence in his abilities, the main offensive output for a great team. Odegaard, Saka or Rodrigo
Martinelli MID 6.8 Before the start of the game, Arteta takes a 3-faced coin (they exist, just trust the process), and flips it. That’s how it’s decided whose performance will be the best between Martinelli, Odegaard, and Saka. You for sure have the value stored in Martinelli and you can double on Arsenal’s midfield for the double game week 23 without transferring him out. The legend says that when the 3-faced coin will drop with Gabi’s smile, you will regret shipping him out. With the transfer of Trossard and Emile Smith-Row’s return, he will start sharing some minutes with his lovely peers from the bench. Furthermore, his output stats are inferior to the impact that Odegaard and Salah have, therefore a transition to one of them might be for the best. Odegaard or Rodrigo
Almiron MID 5.9 Newcastle has great fixtures ahead and for his budget, getting a return once every two games is still great. We might witness a drop in form as he has new guests at the “big chances conversion” table in Isak and Saint-Maximin. Furthermore, he was always outperforming his run-of-the-mill stats, so maybe the Paraguayan magic is starting to dissipate. March, Mitoma or Bailey
Andreas Pereira MID 4.6 If Nokia phone would be a player, that would be our great “first bench option” Andreas. He is playing offensively great within an attacking Fulham. He might become the first penalty taker if Mitrovic keeps shooting blindfolded. In the current landscape, there are so many cheap alternatives to Andreas and you could switch to a 3-5-2 with Kane and Haaland leading the line and win your mini-league as fast as I can say “pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis”. March, Mitoma or Bailey
Haaland FWD 12.2 He might be a robot and score from any chance. He might be a robot with a 5% battery warning. Short answer: none / Long answer: Welbeck
Kane FWD 11.7 The second-best premium after Haaland. He is consistent in getting attacking returns and now with the return of Kulusevski, the creativity in the final third has been improved and he has fewer responsibilities in the build-up and more in the finishing. Great fixtures looking ahead, out of the yellow cards tension. Good low-priced alternatives in Toney, Nketiah or Wilson. Also, with the return of UCL in February and Richarlison being a spoilt brat, the packed schedule might have an impact on his performance. Toney
Havertz FWD 7.8 I always like to target weak defenses, and playing against Liverpool and West Ham in his next couple of fixtures looks really tasty. He might not have such a high ceiling with Chelsea’s poor stats, but he might be a consistent 6-pointer. Let’s see Potter’s new system and how the new signings will be integrated. What offensive responsibilities and final third positions will be assigned to Felix, Mudryk, and all the other 100+ mil. transfers done by Boehly in order to be competitive for the UEL places. A bit crowdy for a team scoring as much as Haaland. Keep 3-4-3: Toney, Mbeumo, Wilson, Isak or Nketiah. Go 3-5-2: Ferguson


Future Strategy

In the next articles, we will discuss:

  • Hidden gems & punts for the next 5 game weeks.
  • Transfer ideas for the team – who to SELL, BUY, KEEP and AVOID.
  • We will discuss performances from the gw 21.
  • We will create together a Free Hit team for gw 22.
  • I can’t fully enjoy sunbathing in January, is global warming really a thing or just a political hoax?

Sarcastically yours!


Bundesliga Fantasy: Player Rankings for Matchday 16

Bundesliga Fantasy is finally back after a short hiatus, but which are the best players for matchday 16? We take a look in our player rankings.



1Randal Kolo MuaniSGEvs S0412.7MSchalke showed some signs of improvement before the break but the losses against Werder Bremen and second-division Nurnberg in friendlies this month suggests otherwise. Muani has double-digit returns in his last 6/7 games and I expect him to add another one against Schalke.
2Jamal MusialaFCB@RBL15.2M
3Niclas FüllkrugSVW@KOE7.8MKoln have conceded the most goals over the last six Bundesliga games (14), have made no signings to improve their defence and Baumgart has kindly leaked the starting XI ahead of the game so Bremen can prepare accordingly. This can only go one way.
4Alassane PléaBMGvs B0412.2MThuram is a doubt but Pléa is just as good.
5Youssoufa MoukokoBVBvs FCA9.3M
6Serge GnabryFCB@RBL15.7MGnabry had a World Cup to forget but was the most in-form player in the league before the tournament with six goals and two assists in six matches and I think he is one differential that could do well against Leipzig who have struggled to defend their wings.
7Moussa DiabyB04@BMG14.2MI like Diaby and the derby match against Borussia is usually high-scoring but I would be wary of how unpredictable the Foals are at home.
8Christopher Antwi-AdjeiBOCvs BSC3.3MBochum won their last two games and Antwi-Adjei was the star in both matches. They will be confident of securing three points against a mix-match Hertha team with new faces and I can see him spamming lots of shots.
9Karim OnisiwoM05@VFB10.9MStenzel will be starting for Stuttgart? Need I say more?
10Sheraldo BeckerFCUvs TSG11.2MUnion are out of form but are still unbeaten at home.



1Jesper LindstrømSGEvs S0413.1M
2Daichi KamadaSGEvs S0412MTwo midfielders against Schalke is lower risk and not the other way around.
3Jude BellinghamBVBvs FCA14.7MWith Reus possibly out, he could play in a more attacking role where he has thrived. Might also be on penalties. One yellow card away from suspension.
4Jonas HofmannBMGvs B0415.7M
5Florian KainzKOEvs SVW10.1MBaumgart knows that his defence won't win him games if they are to survive so attacking is the only option he has. Kainz is the team's leading goal-scorer with five goals and four assists so the team will be heavily relying on him for any sort of goal threat.
6Dominik SzoboszlaiRBLvs FCB14.5MYes, Bayern are good but Leipzig isn't the team with an unbeaten home record without a reason. There might be a few goals for both sides in this game and he is a decent differential for the week before Schalke in MD17.
7Christoph BaumgartnerTSG@FCU13.8M
8Vincenzo GrifoSCF@WOB16MSo safe it is almost boring but with the budget everyone has right now, he isn't a bad shout for a fifth midfielder even though he has tricky fixtures.
9Florian WirtzB04@BMG11.3MFirst game in over a year so he is wait and watch for me till he faces Bochum in MD17.
10Joshua KimmichFCB@RBL18MNot the best way to spend 18M but the other midfield options aren't any better.



1Mitchell WeiserSVW@KOE5MNot expecting a cleansheet but no one buys Weiser for it anyways. One yellow card away from suspension.
2Raphael GuerreiroBVBvs FCA12.1MThe form of the Dortmund full-backs is so bad that Dortmund considers replacing them as a priority but looking at MD16 only, they have a great chance to keep a cleansheet against Augsburg without Berisha and Guerreiro does have a goal and an assist in his last two home games against them.
3Evan NdickaSGEvs S0410.2MFrankfurt haven't kept a cleansheet in their last seven Bundesliga games but if there is one team that they can keep a cleansheet against it is Schalke. Ndicka will also be a big threat from headers.
4Alphonso DaviesFCB@RBL16.6M
5Jeremie FrimpongB04@BMG12.7MPotential to be involved in a goal or two.
6Aarón MartínM05@VFB8.4MJust a hunch that Mainz full-backs could do well in this game.
7Paulo OtávioWOBvs SCF8.4MWolfsburg, surprisingly, have conceded the least goals over the last six matches (5, same as Bayern) and are on an eight game unbeaten streak. Not essential against Freiburg but you will want to have him next week against Hertha.
8Ramy BensebainiBMGvs B0413M
9Christopher TrimmelFCUvs TSG8.1MThe departure of Ryerson means his spot in the starting XI should be fixed and he is also available for a 0.9M discount right now.
10Christian GünterSCF@WOB14.2M



1Yann SommerFCB@RBL9.3MFully expecting Szoboszlai and Olmo to keep him busy on his debut.
2Kevin TrappSGEvs S048.4M
3Gregor KobelBVBvs FCA10.4M
4Alexander SchwolowS04@SGE5.5MAveraging four saves a game in his last four games and rotates perfectly with Sommer over the next nine matchdays.
5Jiri PavlenkaSVW@KOE5.6M

Value Rankings


1Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingFWDFCB@RBL5.8MJust a small recap of his pre-World Cup performance. He was averaging 12.6 points per game in his last six games with six goals and two assists in that period.
2Marvin DuckschFWDSVW@KOE8MFeels like just the right game for him to spam a lot.
3Janis BlaswichGKPRBLvs FCB3.3MStill the cheapest nailed starting keeper in the game.
4Lars StindlMIDBMGvs B0410.7MBreaking my rule of including sub-10M players in this list since the team values are so high. Stindl is predicted to play OOP as a striker against Leverkusen.
5Finn DahmenGKPM05@VFB2.5MCould sneak a start this week.
6Hrvoje SmolčićDEFSGEvs S044MThe cheapest Eintracht Frankfurt defender.
7Felix NmechaMIDWOBvs SCF3.7MWolfsburg owe most of their good form to this talent who is having a breakout season so he is one to watch.
8Danilo SoaresDEFBOCvs BSC6MSwap with Mittelstädt if you think Hertha will win.
9Jonas WindFWDWOBvs SCF10.3M
10Lukas KüblerDEFSCF@WOB6M8.2M cheaper than Günter and available for a discount.
BonusLinton MainaMIDKOEvs SVW4.5M

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