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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 22

Just 13 matchdays remain in the Bundesliga Fantasy season and we take a look at the best player picks including differentials that will give your team a boost in the final stretch of the season in our player rankings for matchday 22.



1Harry KaneFCB@BOC20.2MBayern's recent form definitely raises questions but if anything, they tend to play better after embarassing losses. And this is the one week where you would want to hoard Bayern players as they have scored an average of 5.2 goals in their last five Bundesliga games against Bochum including three 7-0 wins.
2Leroy SanéFCB@BOC19.4MThe ceiling here is too high to not punt on two Bayern forwards.
3Deniz UndavVFB@SVD12.1MSeems like he is nailed to start while Guirassy is doubtful.
4Lois OpendaRBLvs BMG16.5M
5Niclas FüllkrugBVB@WOB17MFive goals and two assists in his last four games while Wolfsburg haven't won in five games. Good for a sneaky punt.
6Thomas MüllerFCB@BOC13.7MThree Bayern forwards if you are feeling adventurous but I would still like to have some Stuttgart or Leipzig attacking cover personally.
7Patrick SchickB04@FCH11.5MShould be on penalties with Palacios out which gives him a slight boost against the team that has conceded the most penalties so far.
8Andrej KramarićTSGvs FCU15M
9Ermedin DemirovićFCA@M0512.4MHe has quietly returned in four games in a row but I think Mainz' defence is a lot better than people think even if their form suggests otherwise.
10Marvin Ducksch SVW@KOE12.8M



1Florian WirtzB04@FCH19.1M
2Xavi SimonsRBLvs BMG18.1M
3Jamal MusialaFCB@BOC17.4M
4Chris FührichVFB@SVD12.5M
5Joshua KimmichFCB@BOC16.1MOnly worth picking up if you believe that Bayern will score at least four goals in a game. This feels like one of those games.
6Julian BrandtBVB@WOB18.2M
7Jonas HofmannB04@FCH17.1MOn sale if you have an extra midfield spot left for a premium player.
8Dani OlmoRBLvs BMG13.9MWas the first name out of my midfield until I noticed that Borussia is the worst team in the league when it comes to conceding shots. Now I am giving it a thought but I still prefer some of the other midfielders on this list above him this week.
9Vincenzo GrifoSCFvs SGE17.5M
10Jan-Niklas BesteFCHvs B049.9MMassive home game player but the Leverkusen defence is a brick wall that hasn't been breached in the last three games.



1Álex GrimaldoB04@FCH16.4MA lock for star for the rest of the season pretty much.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04@FCH19MHis attacking potential is always there but Leverkusen have also kept a cleansheet in their last 5/6 Bundesliga games if you needed another reason to double up.
3Raphael GuerreiroFCB@BOC14.3M
4David RaumRBLvs BMG13.5M
5Maximilian MittelstädtVFB@SVD7.8MA hard decision to rank him over Maatsen in the top 5 since both are equally good but I am giving him a slight edge because Darmstadt are significantly worse than Wolfsburg and haven't scored in their last three games while having only one shot on target in two of them.
6Ian MaatsenBVB@WOB11.1M
7Noussair MazraouiFCB@BOC12.2M
8Mitchell WeiserSVW@KOE11MThe only player I would consider from the early game but the options in defence are really good this week to pick him over someone else.
9Benjamin HenrichsRBLvs BMG13.4M
10Pascal StenzelVFB@SVD4.4MBudget Stuttgart option that rarely starts but when he does he has a weird knack for big scores against bottom teams (MD1 - 25 vs BOC, MD5 - 18 vs SVD and 18 against Mainz last week).



1Lukas HradeckyB04@FCH12.4M
2Fabian BredlowVFB@SVD4.1MShould be the Stuttgart #1 for a week or two.
3Manuel RiemannBOCvs FCB7.9MMakes the most saves when he plays the best teams so might be worth a punt on the bench.
4Michael ZettererSVW@KOE2M
5Kevin MüllerFCHvs B046.7M

Value Rankings


1Josip StanišićDEFB04@FCH7.2MTriple Leverkusen defence might sound crazy but it works so it isn't.
2Moritz NicolasGKPBMG@RBL1.7M
3Nadiem AmiriMIDM05vs FCA7.3M
4Max FinkgräfeDEFKOEvs SVW1.8MPotential breakout star that has a high floor and tends to get 8+ even without returns. Koln fans will tell you that he is the next big thing.
5Anthony CaciDEFM05vs FCA5.8M
6Farès ChaibiMIDSGE@SCF8.8M
7Phillip TietzFWDFCA@M058.8M
8Justin NjinmahFWDSVW@KOE3.4M
9Benedict HollerbachFWDFCU@TSG6M
10Pavao PervanGKPWOBvs BVB1.9M

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 21

Just 14 matchdays remain in the Bundesliga Fantasy season and we take a look at the best player picks including differentials that will give your team a boost in the final stretch of the season in our player rankings for matchday 21.



1Deniz UndavVFBvs M0511.9MScores of 22, 26 and 11 in his last three games while Stuttgart have scored the goals of any team in the same period (8) so Undav seems like a fun punt for this week against a second-to-bottom Mainz who only have one win this season.

The only worry is that Mainz somehow haven't conceded more than one goal in their last 11 Bundesliga games but I guess the streak has to end someday and Stuttgart are well poised to score multiple goals with Guirassy back again.

Update: Undav is now doubtful for MD21.
2Harry KaneFCB@B0420.4MA massive 6-pointer and the best chance that Bayern will have to claim the #1 spot against a tired Leverkusen side. I still think this match can go either way.
3Lois OpendaRBL@FCA18.1M
4Alasanne PleaBMGvs SVD12M
5Leroy SanéFCB@B0419.5MStill on the edge whether I should keep him in my team or not. Should have a decent floor this week if anything.
6Niclas FüllkrugBVBvs SCF16.6MThe most in-form Dortmund forward right now and Freiburg missing both first-choice center backs will definitely help if you are looking for a differential.
7Omar MarmoushSGEvs BOC11.9MKalajdžić is still struggling to fit in and is yet to score, so I prefer Marmoush's all-round game against one of the better set-piece defending teams in the Bundesliga.
8Andrej KramarićTSGvs KOE15M
9Serhou GuirassyVFBvs M0514.6MHopefully we have an update on whether he actually starts or not.
10Marvin Ducksch SVWvs FCH12.7M



1Xavi SimonsRBL@FCA16.2MOn an insane run of nine games in a row with a double-digit score, so Simons is as safe as it gets when it comes to the star pick.
2Julian BrandtBVBvs SCF18.2M
3Chris FührichVFBvs M0512.5M
4Florian WirtzB04vs FCB19M
5Dani OlmoRBL@FCA13.8M
6Kevin StögerBOC@SGE11.2MStöger with his floor is still a more reliable fantasy pick for me than Chaibi and hoping that he has a ceiling game.
7Jamal MusialaFCB@B0417.5M
8Jan-Niklas BesteFCH@SVW9.5M
9Jonas HofmannB04vs FCB19MDoubtful whether he starts after the Pokal game.
10Rolland SallaiSCF@BVB10MWill play OOP as a striker.



1Alejandro GrimaldoB04vs FCB14.4MConflicted because this feels like the one week I should move my star to someone else but I can't look beyond the fact that his lowest score in the last 11 matchdays is 14.
2David RaumRBL@FCA13.2M
3Maximilian MittelstädtVFBvs M057.4MMainz might have a good defence but they have only scored three goals in their last six games.
4Ian MaatsenBVBvs SCF10.7M
5Jeremie FrimpongB04vs FCB19M
6Benjamin HenrichsRBL@FCA13.3M
7Aurélio ButaSGEvs BOC8.1M
8Luca NetzBMGvs SVD7.9MBorussia have conceded the most shots and the most goals after Darmstadt but I am slightly optimistic about their defence this week as Darmstadt have failed to score in three of their last four games.
9Robin GosensFCUvs WOB11.6M
10Noussair MazraouiFCB@B0412.3MThe best option from Bayern's defence considering that Davies is out and Guerreiro might start over Boey. Still don't think I would want him against the second-best attack in the league even if they are worn out.



1Alexander NübelVFBvs M057.1M
2Moritz NicolasBMGvs SVD1.7M
3Michael ZettererSVWvs FCH2.2M
4Kevin MüllerFCH@SVW6.7M
5Oliver BaumannTSGvs KOE10M

Value Rankings


1Rocco ReitzMIDBMGvs SVD3M
2Maximilian BeierFWDTSGvs KOE7.9M
3Jamie Bynoe-GittensMIDBVBvs SCF7.8M
4Tim SkarkeMIDSVD@BMG5.3M
5Jan ThielmannMIDKOE@TSG5.6MPredicted to play OOP as a striker.
6Felix AguDEFSVWvs FCH2M
7Nadiem AmiriMIDM05@VFB7.2M
8Omar TraoréDEFFCH@SVW1.2M
9Pavao PervanGKPWOB@FCU2.1M
10Sven UlreichGKPFCB@B043.8MMight sneak a start over Neuer who is doubtful.

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Bundesliga Fantasy: Differential Picks for MD18

Tipster Andres Garcia shares his pick of players with below 15% ownership that could help you gain ranks in Bundesliga Fantasy.

We face another big Bundesliga match week, which means we have to try to approach the top spot in all our leagues. To help you with that, we bring you nine differentials for the week, so that you can differentiate from the rest of your league mates and win your match week.

Remember, a differential is a player who’s owned below 15% of teams.

Bundesliga Fantasy Differential Picks Matchday 18

Saša Kalajdžić vs Darmstadt (A) (FWD / SGE / 11M / 0%)

The forward with the best matchup this week. This may be a bit of a risky pick due to the question marks surrounding his level and a possible injury that may not allow him to start this week. But if he’s fit and starts the game (what is the most probable situation), he can be one of the top scorers of the match week.

Niels Nkounkou vs Darmstadt (A) (DEF / SGE / 9.2M / 1%)

Yes, another Eintracht Frankfurt player. I love the matchup for the team, and if we have in Nkounkou an offensive wingback, who has already made a difference for his team against RB Leipzig, it’s impossible for me to let him out of this list. He averages 8.28 ball recoveries/90min, 7.56 duels won/90min, and 0.36xA/90min. He has an amazing upside.

Josip Juranovič vs Mainz 05 (A) (DEF / FCU / 10.1 / 1%)

One of the few top players who still are in the FCU. The Croatian right wing back averages eight fpts per game since the match week 14 and nine fpts when his team wins. Against Mainz 05, who’s the second-worst attack in the league, this should be a high-upside matchup for Juranovič.

Luca Netz vs FC Augsburg (H) (DEF / BMG / 7.1M / 4%)

He has been a little bit inconsistent throughout this season. But his matchup this week is the best for a wing-back. Augsburg in the last four matches has allowed 15.25 fpts to wing-backs. So we can expect an explosive week from Netz.

Robin Hack vs FC Augsburg (H) (MID / BMG / 7.4M / 0%)

I’m repeating some matchups. But, Borussia Monchengladbach has an incredible matchup against the third-worst team in the last five match weeks. In this case, Hack has established himself as a starter in the last three matches, where he has provided 4G/A. He faces the fifth-worst defense in the last five matches, and his ability to create and score can make him a sleeper option in fantasy.

Phillipp Mwene vs FC Union Berlin (H) (DEF / M05 / 6M / 1%)

Even if he’s in the third-worst team in the league, Mwene has figured out to be a solid option in fantasy, especially in the last match weeks. He has averaged 10 pts in the last five match weeks, the fifth-best defender in that period. He’s still a differential and an unknown gem, so grab him before it is too late.

Niclas Füllkrug vs Köln (H) (FWD / BVB / 15.9M / 7%)

My favorite differential every week. The last season’s top goal scorer is in one of the best attacks in the league, and with the addition of Jadon Sancho, he can explode. This week he faces Köln, who have allowed five goals in the last three matches, where three of those goals came from strikers.

Bonus Differential Picks


Ian Maatsen vs Köln (H) (DEF / BVB / 10M / 0%)

The new signing of Borussia Dortmund had an impressive first match against Darmstadt. He’s a little bit overvalued but if we compare him to other left-backs who had arrived at the BVB with a similar talent, he can be cheap in the long term. In addition to this, Bensebaini is out due to the AFCON cup and Ryerson is injured, so he has a big opportunity to take over that left-back spot.

Kingsley Coman vs SV Werder Bremen (H) (FWD / FCB / 13M SALE / 2%)

I put him in the bonus just because of the question of whether he will be a starter. If he starts at the right wing, he can be a good option for the price that he has. The matchup is good and Coman has the stud potential of breaking out every game.

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Bundesliga Fantasy: Unlimited Transfers Guide [+Drafts]

Bundesliga Fantasy is back and Tipster Andres Garcia shares his thoughts on the players worth considering in his latest article including his own drafts.

Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you had a great holiday season and that this year you will be able to achieve all your goals. And if between these goals, there’s to win your Bundesliga Fantasy League, you’re in the right place. I will try to help and advise you with a bunch of players, strategies, and performance trends, so you can dominate your league in this second half of the season. With nothing more to add, let’s begin! Let’s start with the advice on players to buy:

Buy the “Must Own” Players

The unlimited transfer window is the clear opportunity to go grab those players who were balling all year, but in any case, they aren’t in your team. I’m talking about players like:

  • Harry Kane (FWD / FCB / 19.4M / 84%)
  • Florian Wirtz (MID / B04 / 18M / 69%)
  • Alejandro Grimaldo (DEF / B04 / 14.4M / 78%)
  • Xavi Simons (MID / RBL / 17.3M / 66%)
  • Leroy Sané (FWD / FCB / 18.6M / 36%)
  • Kevin Stöger (MID / BOC / 10.9M / 17%)

These players aren’t matchup-dependent players, so I think they have to be the cornerstone of every team. I’ll give you a Draft with all these players and other studs.

AFCON/Asia Cup or Injured Stars Replacements

To build around these players you can complete your team with short/medium-term players. In this case, we are going to talk about some players who’ll be starters and have a very good opportunity to shine thanks to the unavailability of some stars, like:

  • Patrick Schick (FWD / B04 / 11.3M / 6%) – replacement of Boniface
  • Deniz Undav (FWD / VFB / 10.7M / 10%) – replacement of Guirassy
  • Sasa Kalajdzic (or Kalimuendo/Etitiké if they arrive) – replacement of Marmoush

These three players are among the top eight forwards for the next month, and their price is affordable for any team to accompany Kane and Sané. I like Undav much more in the long term because of the probable exit of Serhou Guirassy from Stuttgart. I’ll give you a Draft with two of these players so you can compete.

Great Team Schedule (from GW17 to GW 24-25)

We all know that some players depend on the matchup to produce a good amount of points, so it is a good strategy to follow the teams with a good run of matches. Then, following the short/medium-term options to complete your team, we are gonna propose to you some teams with a good schedule for the next game weeks, so you can target some differential players between the period of the GW17 to GW24-25.

Fantasy Bundesliga Teams to Target:

  • BVB Players (Kobel, Bynoe-Gittens, Füllkrug, Maatsen?, Sancho?)
  • FCU Player (Volland, Hollerbach, Juranovic)
  • SGE players [from GW18] (Pacho, Tuta, Nkounkou)
  • TSG players (Skov, Bauman, Prömel)
  • VFB players (Mittelstädt, Führich, the right-wing between Millot and Leweling)

Among these options, I would prioritize Hollerbach (cheap and averages 9.66pts since he’s a starter), Pacho (averaged 6.43pts against the same rivals he has between GW18-24), Mittelstädt and Sancho if he finally arrives at the BVB. I will give you a Draft with many of these players so you can rotate between them during the next matchups.

Cheap, Starters, and Effective Players

To finish your team, if you need very cheap players so you can afford a large number of expensive studs, I recommend these safe floors and high-upside players:

  • Patrick Mainka (DEF / HDH / 4M / 17%)
  • Brajan Gruda (MID / M05 / 1.8M [SALE] / 7%)
  • Merlin Röhl (MID / SCF / 3.1M / 5%)
  • Jordy Makengo (DEF / SCF / 2.2M [SALE] / 4%)
  • Eren Dinkçi (FWD / HDH / 5.3M / 2%)
  • Aleksandar Pavlovic (MID / FCB / 1.4M / 5%)

All these players are starters on their teams and lately, they’re producing a good quantity of points. Buy them before their price increases.
I’ll give you some drafts with these players, so you can see various combinations you can make with these types of players in your team:

Now we go with the sell/don’t buy options:

AFCON/Asian Cup and Injured Players

These sales are obvious, but sometimes the app has bugs or doesn’t update the status of the players early, so I bring you a list of players that will be absent for a while:

  • Serhou Guirassy (VFB/ FWD/ 15M/30%) AFCON and probable exit of the league.
  • AFCON Cup: Omar Marmoush ; Haller ; Kossounou ; Naby Keïta ; Tapsoba ; Bensebaini ; Chaïbi ; Laïdouni , Skhiri ; Mazraoui ; Adli ; Silas Mvupa ; Haidara ; Samassekou.
  • Injuries: Victor Boniface ; Gnabry ; Ryerson ; Cvancara ; Philipp Max ; Geiger ; Kyereh ; Gosens ; Fofana (will be called back from Chelsea)
  • Asia Cup: Min Jae ; Ko itakura ; Ito ; Takuma Asano ; Ritsu Doan ; JaeSung Lee ; WooYeong Jeong.

Declining Schedule/Tendencies

Jonas Hofmann (B04/ MID/ 18.2M/ 35%). Even when Wirtz is out, he hasn’t produced 10+pts since GW11. Leverkusen’s offense depends more on Wirtz and the wing-backs than on him. And his high price makes him a droppable option. I would rather have Brandt, Stöger, or even Olmo when he returns from his injury.

FCB/VFB defenders: Except for Davies and Mittelstadt who have attacking upside, I would sell or not buy any defender of this team. Bayern has conceded eight goals in their last five matches. Then, on the Stuttgart side, their schedule is nice for the attacking options, but they face really good offenses and Ito (a very important player) is out.

RBL Defenders: Their schedule is very tough and they have been conceding a lot of goals in the last matches (7 in the last 5 matches). I’ll keep one between Raum/Hendrichs just because of their attacking upside.

Wolfsburg, Augsburg, and Gladbach players: Bad schedule and they’re one of the eight worst teams in the last five matches. I would especially sell Reitz.

Tim Skarke (The only useful SV Darmstadt player): Bad team, bad schedule, and I don’t see how he can keep his production.

Thank you for reading. I hope these tips can help you to build your Fantasy squad.

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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 16

Which are the best players to consider in Bundesliga Fantasy for matchday 16? We take a look in our player rankings for the week.



1Harry KaneFCB@WOB19.1MWolfsburg is Bayern's favourite team to play against and they have scored an average of 3.2 goals against them in their last nine Bundesliga matches against them so Kane star is an easy choice this week.
2Victor BonifaceB04vs BOC16.3MAs good as he is, Boniface hasn't got a score above 15 points since matchday 7 so I prefer Kane star for this week.
3Andrej KramarićTSGvs SVD13.9MDarmstadt have conceded an average of 3.5 away goals over their last six Bundesliga games so I am expecting Hoffenheim to cruise tho but I am just not sure whether it is worth spending the extra transfer to swap Sane for Kramarić.
4Leroy SanéFCB@WOB18.5M
5Lois OpendaRBL@SVW17M
6Serhou GuirassyVFBvs FCA14.7MIt is a good matchup on paper but his ceiling seems limited compared to other forwards this week as Augsburg have conceded more than one goal in just one game since October.
7Omar MarmoushSGEvs BMG12.1M
8Niclas FüllkrugBVBvs M0515.8M
9Deniz UndavVFBvs FCA10.3M
10Michael GregoritschSCF@FCH12.9M
BonusEmil ForsbergRBL@SVW8.6MFinal game for RB Leipzig before he moves to Red Bull New York.



1Florian WirtzB04vs BOC17.7M
2Xavi SimonsRBL@SVW17M
3Jonas HofmannB04vs BOC16.2MWas poor in the last game and failed to get a single shot or keypass but as long as he starts, I think you might want him. Just make sure that he starts.
4Jan-Niklas BesteFCHvs SCF9.2MA must-have at home but it is worth considering that Freiburg have kept three cleansheets in a row.
5Vincenzo GrifoSCF@FCH16.9M
6Chris FührichVFBvs FCA11.4M
7Jamal MusialaFCB@WOB16.1MWill play on the wing instead of centrally which should help.
8Julian BrandtBVBvs M0517.8MAlthough it is a revenge game for what happened on the last matchday of the 22-23 season, I just don't feel very confident in Dortmund anymore whether it is their defence or attack. Mainz conceding just three goals in their last six games does not help.
9Marco RichterM05@BVB8.7M
10Tim SkarkeSVD@TSG5M



1Alejandro GrimaldoB04vs BOC14MGrimaldo over Frimpong this week because Bochum's right side is significantly weaker defensively than its left.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs BOC17.9M
3David RaumRBL@SVW12.9M
4Raphael GuerreiroFCB@WOB14.1MPredicted to play in midfield again.
5Benjamin HenrichsRBL@SVW13M
6Pavel KadeřábekTSGvs SVD7.9M
7Alphonso DaviesFCB@WOB16.4M
8Odilon KossounouB04vs BOC7.7MSince the Bochum attack revolves almost entirely around Stoger and he is out, this should be an easy cleansheet.
9Christopher TrimmelFCUvs KOE7MConsidering that Koln have only scored once in their last four games, Union Berlin might finally keep a cleansheet.
10Maximilian MittelstädtVFBvs FCA6.5M



1Lukas HradeckyB04vs BOC11.8M
2Oliver BaumannTSGvs SVD9.7M
3Kevin MüllerFCHvs SCF6.2M
4Alexander NübelVFBvs FCA7.4M
5Marcel SchuhenSVD@TSG5M

Value Rankings


1Merlin RöhlMIDSCF@FCH3.1MEight shots and 19 points without a return last week.
2Aleksandar PavlovićMIDFCB@WOB1.3MAlmost single-handedly won Bayern the game last week.
3Rocco ReitzMIDBMG@SGE3M
4Moritz NicolasGKPBMG@SGE1.5M
5Michael ZettererGKPSVWvs RBL1.1M
6Daniel BatzGKPM05@BVB1M
7Linton MainaMIDKOE@FCU7.3M
8Brajan GrudaMIDM05@BVB2M
9Patrick MainkaDEFFCHvs SCF4M
10Benedict HollerbachFWDFCUvs KOE5.5M

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Fantasy Bundesliga: Differentials for MD16

Tipster Andres shares the best differentials to consider in Fantasy Bundesliga for matchday 16 with ownership below 15%.

We face the last match week before the winter break in the Bundesliga, so, we have to try to approach the top spot in all our leagues. To help you with that, we bring you eight differentials for the week, so that you can differentiate from the rest of your league mates and win your match week.

Remember, a differential is a player who’s owned below 15% of teams.

Andrej Kramaric / TSG / FWD / 13.9M / 0%

The Croatian faces Darmstadt, the bottom team on the table and the worst defense in the league. For many years, Kramaric has been the leader and the engine of the offense for Hoffenheim. They are the third team with more penalty kicks in favor and Kramaric is the penalty shooter. In addition to his 36 chances created this season (5th best in the league) and his 0.30xA/90min. Maybe a little bit expensive, but he can be a high-reward player.

Emil Forsberg / RBL / MID / 8.6M / 0%

This is his last Bundesliga match before he leaves Leipzig to go play in the MLS. Is very likely that he plays at least 60 to 70 minutes. The RB legend faces Werder Bremen, who are the 5th worst defense in the league. Also, in the last two matches, Forsberg has generated 2 G/A.

Niclas Füllkrug / BVB / FWD / 15.8M / 5%

Another week in this section. Füllkrug is starting to perform like he was performing last season. He averages 7 G/A in the last 7 league games. This week he faces Mainz (17th in the league) at home, and they’re one of both teams who hasn’t won away yet. We expect the good streak of Füllkrug to continue and what better to do it than in your squad.

Jamie Bynoe-Gittens / BVB / MID / 7.8m / 5%

In the past weeks, we haven’t seen a big production of goals or assists from the Englishman. But he’s the most consistent and electric attacker that Dortmund has. Against a bottom-tier rival like Mainz, we can hope for an explosive game from Bynoe-Gittens. He can be a revelation player in the second half of the season in the Bundesliga. Also, he averages 0.27 assists, 3.72 shots, 1.86 shots on target and 6.37 duels won per 90 min played. Insane stats for the Fantasy and a sign of an upcoming breakout.

Jamal Musiala / FCB / MID / 16.1M / 14%

A disappointing player so far this season in fantasy football, but he’s facing a good opportunity to explode. Bayern is plagued by injuries, among them, the Gnabry and Coman ones. So, Musiala has a big probability to play in the left wing, his best position. Maybe a little too risky if we take into account the high price he has, but he already showed last season that he can be a must-have player.

Merlin Röhl / SCF / MID / 3.1M / 1%

The young midfielder has gradually established himself in the starting team. The last match he produced 19 points and did not even score or assist. In fantasy, we have to follow the volume and in the last three matches he has generated 1.32 xG + xA and created 3 chances. A big upside differential and faces Heidenheim, the fourth-worst defense in the league.

Niklas Süle / BVB / DEF / 8.9 (Sale) / 3%

Another disappointing player so far this season. But this week, Süle faces Mainz at home and it’s very likely that he starts the game, either as a right back or as a center back. Mainz are the second-worst attack in the league this season, this means that it’s very probable to see a clean sheet from Borussia Dortmund. A safe floor defender with a high upside.

Josip Juranovic / FCU / DEF / 9.8M / 1%

Not the most sexy pick, but he’s a boom-or-bust option. Union Berlin faces Köln, a direct rival for relegation. They are the worst attack in the league, and the fact that Juranovic plays as a wing-back, brings him a high ceiling for this matchday. But we have to be careful, because Union Berlin has been a disaster in defense, so it’s not a secure pick.

I wish that at least one of these options can help you to achieve the top matchday qualification in your league unless you play against me.

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