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Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings: Matchday 2

Matchday 1 is in the books. An action-packed week full of goal-heavy games but it ended with the final game being a goalless draw. Matchday 2 promises another exciting week of Bundesliga football with mostly stronger teams playing away. Let’s look at who made the cut to our rankings this week!

Note: Bayern Munich players Gnabry, Lewandowski, Muller, Kimmich and Pavard played the entire match against Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup.



1Robert LewandowskiFCB@TSG18.4MHe looks as dangerous as ever and boasts an amazing record against Hoffenheim, Scoring in each of his last 5 games against them.
2Erling HaalandBVB@FCA17.4M
3Alasanne PleaBMGVs FCU15MPlea's return is a huge boost in what is considered one of the easiest fixtures this week.
4Serge GnabryFCB@TSG17.4M
5Marcus ThuramBMGVs FCU14MThe other half of the lethal Plea-Thuram duo.
6Matheus CunhaBSCVs SGE12.3MHe has scored in 7 of his last 11 games and plays first this week.
7Emil ForsbergRBL@B0411.4MHe was all over Mainz creating and scoring goals but was unlucky to not come out with more. Might be more effective than Poulsen against a Leverkusen team that has strong presence in the air.
8Wout WeghorstWOB@SCF14MFreiburg displayed their defensive woes conceding an astonishing 26 shots to newly promoted Stuttgart which was worse than Schalke's 21 and Mainz's 23. So you would expect the big Dutch man to have some shots on goal.
9Thomas MullerFCB@TSG16.3M
10Saša KalajdžićVFB@M054MIn his 25 minutes off the bench, he impressed a lot registering 5 shots and 1 goal. Mainz had similar amount of shots conceded to Freiburg and Schalke so he should have some great chances again this week.



1Leroy SaneFCB@TSG17MHe was too good against Schalke but that might be the case for almost every team because that is the caliber of player he is.
2Jadon SanchoBVB@FCA17M
3Filip KostićSGE@BSC15MKostic had 11 crosses from open play but couldn't find the end of one against a defensive Arminia team. I don't think it's going to stay that way for long.
4Jonas HofmannBMGVs FCU12.1MHis combination of floor and ceiling makes him an interesting pick for me not just for this week but also for the long term.
5Dani OlmoRBL@B0414M
6Lars StindlBMG@BVB12MHe is going to be a popular pick from Borussia this week and hopefully he makes a comeback from the terrible game he had against Dortmund.
7Giovanni ReynaBVB@FCA7.2MHe was really impressive against Borussia and might be an absolute bargain at 7.2M.
8Joshua KimmichFCB@TSG16.4M
9Ritsu DoanDSCVs KOE7.1MThe most dangerous player on the pitch in the game Vs Frankfurt and I fancy him to do even better against Koln.
10Daniel DidaviVFB@M057.3M



1Raphael GuerreiroBVB@FCA13.9MMissed last week due to injury but is more or less confirmed to feature this week. His attacking upside is immense.
2Ludwig AugustinssonSVW@S049.2MAn assist, 6 crosses and 10 points despite conceding 4 goals. How much damage can he do to Schalke? I think a lot.
3Alphonso DaviesFCB@TSG14.9MAnother big absentee for MD1 but he came off the bench against Sevilla and should start the next Bundesliga game.
4AngeliñoRBLVs M0513M
5Ramy BensebainiBMGVs FCU11.7MThe Borussia defenders had a torrid outing against Dortmund but I expect them to bounce back Vs Union. Ramy had an assist against them last time out.
6Peter PekarikBSCVs SGE5.3MInvolved in attack and scored the winning goal. Not bad for a 33 year old right-back.
7Daniel BrosinskiM05Vs VFB9.1MMight be surprising to some but Brosinski is a bonus points magnet and is on set-pieces.
8Marc-Oliver KempfVFB@M055.2MThe only Stuttgart defender who scored more than 0 in the last game and he did it convincingly with 11 bonus points.
9Martin HintereggerSGE@BSC11.2M
10Benjamin pavardFCB@TSG15.1M



1Florian MullerSCFVs WOB4.1MThe shots conceded statistic makes me feel confident about saves for Muller.
2Alexander SchwolowBSCVs SGE10.2M
3Robin ZentnerM05Vs VFB5.1M
5Stefan OrtegaDSCVs KOE5.1MThe surprise package from MD1, he racked up easy saves because of his team's defensive style of play.
4Yann SommerBMGVs FCU11.7MWorst performing keeper in fantasy for MD1 but he should bounce back.

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Bundesliga Fantasy: Tactical Fantasy Analysis

Matchday 1 was an exciting end to the first week of the season and now we look at players who stood out in our tactical fantasy analysis.

Which players stand out from Bayern Munich?

With the addition of Sané and removal of Thiago, Bayern has adopted an even more vertical attacking style with an emphasis on collecting the ball in the half-spaces and redistributing it almost immediately to the players running into space in behind the backline. This adaption is especially useful in a league with an emphasis on pressing. Teams who aren’t able to effectively press, in tandem with a high line will be very susceptible to players with pace. What does this mean for your fantasy team? Gnabry While he may outscore Lewandowski over the course of a season, Gnabry thrives in this system as he will be more of a cf/striker than winger and have the opportunity to use his strengths of pace and positioning. Of the two “wingers” Gnabry will have more license to shoot than to create. This may see decreased output from muller though, in terms of scoring, Gnabry’s goal-scoring ceiling will he hampered by rotation and injury risk.

Other players Kimmich v Goretzka, Kimmich gets my vote over Goretzka for a number of reasons.

1. Set piece taker

2. No competition in his position as Goretzka still has to cede time to Tolisso

3. Bigger injury risk

4. Better direct passer leading to an assist even if he drifts to the wide right channel at times (see the assist for Coman’s goal in the UCL final)

The best Bayern Munich fullback

Bayern’s fullbacks With the addition of Sane and the conversion of Kimmich to a dm, the fullbacks mainly will probably be used to create width and maintain passing options in the 2nd and 3rd 3rds of the pitch. I’m not sure where there assists and goals come from this season especially with the loss of Perisic who created shots from headers and the decreasing reliance on crossing. Pavard may be the better option since currently, he remains the only option at right-back. Davies has to compete with Lucas in a condensed season where rotation will be a more common occurrence.

Fahrmann the way to go?

Schalke’s schedule is the most beneficial fantasy-wise for this team. Gun to my head. If you have the budget, Fahrmann makes a great rotation option if you can afford two goalkeepers. Paciencia looked sharp but I’d wait till Schalke have an “easier” schedule or gets the coaches to bounce as Wagner maybe the 1st coach out this season. By that time his value would’ve dropped so he may become a budget option.

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Bundesliga Fantasy Budget Players For Each Position

Due to the price reviews, it seems more difficult than ever to find that hidden gem. We are here to help you out as we look over budget players in each position

Note: The tables are sorted according to values in descending order.

The list has been compiled by selecting all the players expected to start on matchday 1 within budget by Ligainsider.de

Forwards within 9M

Silas Wamangituka from VfB Stuttgart plays Out Of Position (OOP) at RWB

Patrick HermannBorussia Mönchengladbach9M
Alfreð FinnbogasonFC Augsburg9M
Yuya OsakoSV Werder Bremen9M
Lucas HölerSC Freiburg8M
Joshua SargentSV Werder Bremen8M
Fabian KlosArminia Bielefield8M
Marcus IngvartsenFC Union Berlin7M
Silas WamangitukaVfB Stuttgart7M
Jonathan BurkhardtFSV Mainz6M
Sergio CordovaArminia Bielefield6M
Steven SkrzybskiFC Schalke5M
Cedric TeuchertFC Union Berlin5M
Sasa KalajdzicVfB Stuttgart4M

Midfielders within 7M

Daniel Didavi from VfB Stuttgart plays OOP at ST and Ridle Baku from Mainz at RB

Honourable mention: Mateo Klimowicz (Stuttgart) and Wooyeong Jeong (SC Freiburg) both 1M are expected to get game time throughout the season but aren’t starters as of now.

Gio ReynaBorussia Dortmund7M
Dennis GeigerHoffenheim7M
Admir MehmediWolfsburg7M
Sebastian RodeEintracht Frankfurt7M
Danny LatzaFSV Mainz7M
Ridle BakuFSV Mainz7M
Marcel HartelArminia Bielefield7M
Daniel DidaviVfB Stuttgart7M
Orel MangalaVfB Stuttgart7M
Christoph KramerBorussia Mönchengladbach6M
Florian WirtzBayer Leverkusen6M
Dominik KohrEintracht Frankfurt6M
Nabil BentalebFC Schalke6M
Dominick DrexlerFC Koln6M
Felix KlausWolfsburg5M
Nicolas HöflerSC Freiburg5M
Grischa PrömelFC Union Berlin5M
Leandro BarreiroFSV Mainz5M
Elvis RexhbecajFC Koln5M
Rani KhediraFC Augsburg5M
Cebio SoukouArminia Bielefield5M
Manuel PrietlArminia Bielefield5M
Wataru EndoVfB Stuttgart5M
Can BozdoganFC Schalke4M
Jan ThielmannFC Koln4M
Carlos GruezoFC Augsburg4M
Patrick ErrasSV Werder Bremen4M
Gonzalo CastroVfB Stuttgart4M
Yannick KeitelSC Freiburg3M
Jomaine ConsbruchArminia Bielefield1M

Defenders within 7M

Kevin Vogt from Hoffenheim plays OOP at CDM

Moussa NiakhatéFSV Mainz7M
Sebastiaan BornauwFC Koln7M
Kevin VogtHoffenheim6M
Dominique HeintzSC Freiburg6M
Kingsley EhizibueFC Koln6M
Raphael FrambergerFC Augsburg6M
Felix UduokhaiFC Augsburg6M
Waldemar AntonVfB Stuttgart6M
Phillip LeinhartSC Freiburg5M
David AbrahamEintracht Frankfurt5M
Robin Knoche FC Union Berlin5M
Rafael CzichosFC Koln5M
Jeffrey GouweleeuwFC Augsburg5M
IagoFC Augsburg5M
Miloš VeljkovićSV Werder Bremen5M
Joakim NilssonArminia Bielefield5M
Jacob LaursenArminia Bielefield5M
Amos PieperArminia Bielefield5M
Cedric Brunner Arminia Bielefield5M
Marc-Oliver KempfVfB Stuttgart5M
Pascal StenzelVfB Stuttgart5M
Ermin BičakčićHoffenheim4M
Maxence LacroixWolfsburg4M
Niko GießelmannFC Union Berlin4M
Joshua BrenetHoffenheim3M
Jannes HornFC Koln3M

Goalkeepers within 7M

The injury to Freiburg keeper Mark Flekken means that loanee Florian Müller replaces him and becomes the cheapest starting keeper at 4M

Rafał GikiewiczFC Augsburg7M
Jiri PavlenkaSV Werder Bremen7M
Timo HornFC Koln6M
Andreas LutheFC Union Berlin5M
Stefan OrtegaArminia Bielefield5M
Gregor KobelVfB Stuttgart5M
Robin ZentnerFSV Mainz5M
Florian MüllerSC Freiburg4M

If you want to research further about which players to get and want to go through stats then you can check out the Bundesliga Fantasy Player Stats for 19/20 season here: https://fantasytipsters.com/bundesliga-fantasy-player-stats-19-20-season/

Bundesliga Fantasy Differential Midfielders

The new price and position changes have made it difficult to pick differentials out of an already small pool of worthy players due to the scoring rules. But here we look at some options that aren’t highly owned but could make a difference this season

1) Elvis Rexhbecaj (5M/FC Koln)

The departure of Mark Uth after his loan ended left a big hole at the heart of the attack for Koln. They turned to Rexhbecaj who impressed whenever he got game time but couldn’t cement his place in the first team. He finished preseason games with an impressive 3 goals and 3 assists but now faces competition from new signing Ondrej Duda.

2) Daniel Caligiuri (9M/FC Augsburg)

Not many might have considered him because he had an awful season last time out. However, he still managed to score 202 total points. I expect him to improve on that as he is on all set-pieces for Augsburg after the departure of Max. He scored 3 goals in pre-season.

3) Tahith Chong (9M/SV Werder Bremen)

Highly-rated youngster Chong signed from Manchester United on a loan deal and has impressed immediately with 4 goals and an assist in pre-season. He will start off the bench for now but should become a regular immediately and start chipping in with goals. He is one to watch for the long run.

4) Dani Olmo (14M/RB Leipzig)

Olmo has been playing like a star ever since his arrival at RBL. He scored 3 goals and 1 assist in12 games in the Bundesliga as well as the champions league. He is still surprisingly owned only by 7% people but I expect that to steadily increase throughout the season. He already seems like a must-have for the first matchday.

5) Daichi Kamada (11M/Eintracht Frankfurt)

Mostly seen as a cheaper alternative to Filip Kostic, he really improved as the season progressed. I expect him to keep collecting those precious bonus points and chip away with the occasional goal and assist.

You can find the entire reason overview here: https://fplmakmur.blogspot.com/2020/08/fantasy-bundesliga-20202021-preseason.html

Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings: Matchday 1

We start with the new Bundesliga season on the 18th of September with Bayern playing Schalke in the first game of what promises to be an exciting start for all fans across the world. With new additions and some known faces leaving us, we present you our rankings for matchday 1




1Robert LewandowskiFCBVs S0418MThe MVP and golden boot winner playing Vs Schalke is just the most easiest recommendation for the week
2Andrej KramaricTSG@KOE14MKoln haven't seemed to improve their 2nd worst defense from last season but Kramaric's fitness holds a question in it's own.
3Serge GnabryFCBVs S0417M
4Erling HaalandBVBVs BMG17M
5Nicolas FullkrugSVWVs BSC11MHertha just capped off an awful preseason with a 5-4 loss against a Bundesliga 2 team. I fancy some goals again in this one.
6Thomas MullerFCBVs S0416M
7Andre SilvaSGEVs DSC14M
8Yussuf PoulsenRBLVs M0511M
9Patrick HermannBMG@BVB9MHermann has been excellent in the preseason but BVB is a challenge
10Matheus CunhaBSC@SVW12M



1Filip KostićSGEVs DSC15MThe top scoring midfielder from Bundesliga Fantasy plays a newly promoted team on the first matchday. It doesn't get better
2Dani OlmoRBLVs M0514MThis is going to be the most one sided fixture if the previous results of 5-0 and 8-0 victories of Leipzig Vs Mainz are anything to go by
3Jadon SanchoBVBVs BMG17M
4Leroy SaneFCBVs S0417MA debutant but he definitely has more than enough talent to haul against Schalke. Watch out for his fitness though.
5Joshua KimmichFCBVs S0416MEasily the worst affected player by the position changes but still a good shout as he is involved in attacks and set-pieces.
6Vincenzo GrifoSCF@VfB11M
7Lars StindlBMG@BVB12M
8Daichi KamadaSGEVs DSC11M
9Christoph BaumgartnerTSG@ KOE10M
10Daniel CaligiuriFCA@FCU9MHe should have most of the set-pieces on his feet now that Max has left the club.



1Alphonso DaviesFCBVs S0415MOne of the best players last season, I expect him to dominate on both ends of the pitch against Schalke.
2AngeliñoRBLVs M0513M
3Raphael GuerreiroBVBVs BMG14MHe has returned to being a defender after a year of being a midfielder and I think he is going to be a must have this season
4Nordi MukieleRBLVs M0510M
5Christian GunterSCF@ VFB11MHe is going to be a set-piece threat with his deliveries Vs a newly promoted Stuttgart side
6Danny Da CostaSGEVs DSC10M
7Pavel KaderabekTSG@KOE11M
8Benjamin pavardFCBVs S0415M
9Christopher TrimmelFCUVs FCA10M
10Maximilian MittlestadtBSC@SVW8MHertha might not have much going their way defensively but he might get on the attack playing out of position as a winger



1Florian MullerSCF@VFB4MThe injury to Flekken has given Muller an opportunity on the team with most shots conceded last season
2Alexander SchwolowBSC@SVW10M
3Rafal GikiewiczFCA@FCU7M
4Yann SommerBMGVs BVB12MThe best keeper in terms of fantasy points last season but I would recommend using the cash elsewhere
5Andreas LutheFCUVs FCA5MA great budget option Vs Augsburg on a defensive team

You can find the Bundesliga Fantasy Stats for the 19/20 season here: https://fantasytipsters.com/bundesliga-fantasy-player-stats-19-20-season/

Bundesliga Fantasy Player Stats 19/20 Season

Welcome! The new season of Bundesliga is upon us after a short break but the excitement still remains the same. It might be a bit confusing to select your players since there were no stats available from last season but we are here to solve that for you. You can check out the player stats here:

Note: All players are sorted according to their values at the end of the season by default. Click on the column of choice to sort them accordingly.

Legend: Percentage = Percentage the player is owned. PLM = Points last match.


The standout performer for forwards last season was Obviously Robert Lewandowski with his 34 goals closely followed by ex-Leipzig player Timo Werner with 28 goals. Both of them are miles ahead of 3rd on the list for total points for forwards with assist king Thomas Muller following close.

Robert Lewandowski448141612511127.1 M
Timo Werner41112199371921.7 M
Thorgan Hazard27481435119.7 M
Thomas Müller3201017971718.5 M
Wout Weghorst29091695118.4 M
Kevin Volland236913521117.8 M
Alassane Plea260101715015.5 M
Erling Haaland1481010832014.8 M
Milot Rashica216815521814.6 M
Marcus Thuram26081816014.6 M
Andrej Kramaric1568111213114.4 M
Yussuf Poulsen1366902014 M
Lars Stindl1616121211213.5 M
Robert Skov232717901113.3 M
Nils Petersen19761541213.2 M
Moussa Diaby17461381213 M
Krzysztof Piatek755660212.8 M
Leon Bailey1105942412.7 M
Jhon Cordoba22081861412.7 M
Ihlas Bebou17761490912.4 M
Sebastian Andersson25182053112.3 M
Robin Quaison21771841212.3 M
Breel Embolo1736141021812.3 M
Bas Dost142611801012.2 M
Florian Niederlechner248820631112.1 M
Marco Richter17561530311.7 M
Patrik Schick17481551811.5 M
Munas Dabbur7456100511.5 M
Dodi Lukebakio16861551311.5 M
Andre Silva177716133811.5 M
Lucas Alario13261250-111.3 M
Mark Uth14361341-111.3 M
Luca Waldschmidt122511731711.3 M
Rouwen Hennings20461861911.1 M
Yuya Osako1837181312410.9 M
Benito Raman944900-110.9 M
Davie Selke853810010.7 M
Anthony Modeste833821110.5 M
Goncalo Paciencia15561512210.2 M
Jean-Philippe Mateta70475019.8 M
Niclas Füllkrug56663079.5 M
Matheus Cunha1266145139.5 M
Daniel Ginczek71475029.4 M
Guido Burgstaller80480009.4 M
Ishak Belfodil20420009.3 M
Karim Onisiwo1585176029.2 M
Lucas Höler23072595109.1 M
Alfred Finnbogason69381018.9 M
Joao Victor10731320-18.7 M
Vedad Ibisevic1044133148.7 M
Adam Szalai984123098.7 M
Simon Terodde78390108.5 M
Dawid Kownacki61370008.4 M
Ademola Lookman30342007.9 M
Raffael19221027.5 M
Ahmed Kutucu452610-17 M
Sargis Adamyan725120006.4 M
Anthony Ujah7431240116.4 M
Sven Michel10241781126.3 M
Jacob Bruun Larsen32252136.2 M
Marius Bülter1695285456.2 M
Rabbi Matondo593114055.9 M
Bernard Tekpetey17230005.5 M
Paulinho544103215.4 M
Johannes Eggestein30260105.4 M
Dennis Srbeny815163055.3 M
Marcus Ingvartsen12242432-15.2 M
Sebastian Polter21240005 M
Dong-Won Ji3101005 M
Steven Skrzybski36395024.8 M
Joshua Sargent1074267394.5 M
Streli Mamba864210104.5 M
Ben Zolinski662161034.5 M
Sergio Cordova35280004.3 M
Taiwo Awoniyi26262004.2 M
Sheraldo Becker23271023.9 M
Suleiman Abdullahi8122093.2 M
Claudio Pizarro18191422.5 M
Jan Thielmann2321101-12.1 M
Maximilian Beier9291001 M
Chinedu Ekene0000001 M
Omar Marmoush21210-11 M
Mamoudou Karamoko0000001 M
Fiete Arp0000701 M
Kwasi Okyere Wriedt2221101 M
Julian Schieber0000001 M
Seong-Hoon Cheon0000101 M
Maurice Malone0000001 M
Tim Lemperle-1-1-100-11 M
Luc Ihorst4440001 M
Benjamin Goller172170201 M
Nick Woltemade5150001 M
Kelvin Ofori2120001 M
Alaa Bakir0000001 M
Pascal Köpke103100101 M
Palko Dardai0000101 M
Jessic Ngankam4241031 M
Muhammed Kiprit0000001 M
Laurenz Dehl0000101 M
Jonathan Burkardt192194161 M
Cyrill Akono0000001 M
Torben Müsel6361421 M
Brandon Borrello203200301 M


Fan favourite Fillip Kostic aka “Krosstic” led the way despite being 5th on the assist list followed by Serge Gnabry on 2nd and Jadon Sancho whose 17 goals and 16 assists could only get him 3rd on the list.

Jadon Sancho3691216343022.3 M
Serge Gnabry38412197271420.7 M
Kai Havertz3031015826220.4 M
Filip Kostic38712201212919.6 M
Philippe Coutinho241101315218.3 M
Marco Reus2161112017018.3 M
Julian Brandt22171365517.9 M
Kingsley Coman187811941816.8 M
Maximilian Arnold314101984616.4 M
Marcel Sabitzer3151019415016.3 M
Kerem Demirbay16471031315.5 M
Raphael Guerreiro22281465115 M
Leon Goretzka19381377514.7 M
Christopher Nkunku296921215214.3 M
Florian Neuhaus223715821114.2 M
Thiago Alcantara13361014013.9 M
Daniel Caligiuri20271561813.7 M
Ivan Perisic16271221213.1 M
Vincenzo Grifo1917151101412.7 M
Dani Olmo98881211312.6 M
Nadiem Amiri179614511012.5 M
Karim Bellarabi20481703012.3 M
Jean-Paul Boetius200716711612 M
Davy Klaassen199618102811.9 M
Marko Grujic16061431011.8 M
Maximilian Eggestein178616831011.7 M
Mario Götze544401011.7 M
Leonardo Bittencourt17961621211.6 M
Emil Forsberg128611531011.5 M
Jonas Hofmann1858161722211.2 M
Axel Witsel167615312511.1 M
Levin Öztunali16461420111 M
Admir Mehmedi10951010010.8 M
Xaver Schlager14461451510.8 M
Emre Can686672410.7 M
Javairo Dilrosun10241000010.6 M
Charles Aranguiz15161541310.5 M
Florian Grillitsch14851450410.5 M
Suat Serdar16681602010.1 M
Erik Thommy232723631010 M
Michael Gregoritsch613610-210 M
Patrick Herrmann1787195259.9 M
Exequiel Palacios16510009.8 M
Weston McKennie14051572129.8 M
Kevin Stöger10461150119.6 M
Josip Brekalo1826205359.5 M
Renato Steffen15461740-19.4 M
Ruben Vargas19162110179.4 M
Sebastian Rudy1896216369.3 M
Christopher Antwi-Adjei1775193129.3 M
Djibril Sow1304145029.3 M
Kevin Kampl60564229.1 M
Corentin Tolisso73680409 M
Kai Pröger2147260508.9 M
Mijat Gacinovic884112108.9 M
Amadou Haidara784950138.8 M
Vladimir Darida1997246318.8 M
Denis Zakaria1386170508.8 M
Konrad Laimer1585192208.6 M
Christoph Baumgartner2018257388.6 M
Amine Harit19382401308.6 M
Yannick Gerhardt623720-18.5 M
Steven Zuber40352038.1 M
Javi Martinez33242258.1 M
Alphonso Davies20172532068.1 M
Ellyes Skhiri1404202017.9 M
Josuha Guilavogui108415-11-27.7 M
Daichi Kamada1656238367.7 M
Diadie Samassekou65394057.5 M
Dominick Drexler1124163097.4 M
Sebastian Rode11841641117.4 M
Christoph Kramer753103137.4 M
Janik Haberer1084151007.4 M
Eduard Löwen703103007.3 M
Florian Kainz1786255467.3 M
Thomas Delaney35351207.3 M
Christian Gentner16152371137.2 M
Changhoon Kwon64392027.2 M
Salomon Kalou11210007.1 M
Santiago Ascacibar35450007.1 M
Sebastian Vasiliadis1525212027.1 M
Danny Latza854125037 M
Kunde Malong1395233046.9 M
Marius Wolf814130006.7 M
Valon Berisha50484066.6 M
Dominik Kohr11041870146.5 M
Julian Baumgartlinger1164193136.4 M
Andre Hahn51382036.4 M
Dennis Geiger844142126.3 M
Alessandro Schöpf673115036.3 M
Hannes Wolf8210006.2 M
Arne Maier26242036.1 M
Edimilson Fernandes633102006.1 M
Felix Klaus633103006 M
Ridle Baku1375227136 M
Elvis Rexhbecaj5341040-15.9 M
Mahmoud Dahoud48490205.9 M
Kenan Karaman1296254295.7 M
Yunus Malli24242025.7 M
Ibrahima Traore27354135.7 M
Tyler Adams48392145.6 M
Daniel Baier793151005.6 M
Abdelhamid Sabiri1044205065.6 M
Roland Sallai1045207095.6 M
Robert Andrich1856375905.4 M
Mike Frantz29251025.4 M
Marcel Sobottka35274015.2 M
Mathew Leckie9110015.2 M
Alfredo Morales974191005.1 M
Fabian Johnson20340005.1 M
Nicolas Höfler1434283245 M
Kingsley Schindler524130004.9 M
Nuri Sahin845210504.9 M
Omar Mascarell954230104.9 M
Oliver Fink564140004.8 M
Nana Ampomah31370004.8 M
Birger Verstraete404100004.6 M
Gerrit Holtmann472111004.5 M
Tobias Strobl26360004.3 M
Klaus Gjasula1013252124.1 M
Stefan Ilsanker694175044.1 M
Fin Bartels14131024 M
Philipp Bargfrede29271024 M
Rani Khedira1003333123.9 M
Grischa Prömel392134033.8 M
Ignacio Camacho0000003.7 M
Per Skjelbred56218-10-13.7 M
Mickael Cuisance4551581123.5 M
Nassim Boujellab12142023.4 M
Jonathan de Guzman12241023.4 M
Gelson Fernandes323100003.3 M
Makoto Hasebe663223203.3 M
Carlos Gruezo353114013.2 M
Florian Wirtz24582063 M
Fredrik Jensen26380003 M
Akaki Gogia5210003 M
Felix Kroos22172123 M
Kevin Möhwald10550002.9 M
Laszlo Benes10455221022.9 M
Rifet Kapic0000002.7 M
Amir Abrashi363181022.7 M
Jan Moravek242120002.6 M
Marco Höger201100002.6 M
Leandro Barreiro473232022.6 M
Marcel Risse203100002.4 M
Lucas Torro253123042.4 M
Alexander Esswein7131012.3 M
Thomas Pledl3110002.2 M
Joshua Mees262133072.1 M
Manuel Schmiedebach8241022.1 M
Aymen Barkok-2-1-10002 M
Christian Clemens42400-11.8 M
Julian Ryerson171170001.8 M
Noah Sarenren Bazee273272001.7 M
Florian Flecker0000001.7 M
Samuel Fridjonsson2020001.6 M
Joshua Zirkzee566563521.3 M
Adam Bodzek5625613-11.3 M
Giovanni Reyna362363501.2 M
Antony Evans6161001.1 M
Adrian Stanilewicz0000201 M
Ayman Azhil0000001 M
Fabrice Hartmann0000001 M
Tom Krauß2221121 M
Ilay Elmkies-1-1-10001 M
Luca Horn-1-1-100-11 M
Ulysses Llanez0000001 M
Ismail Azzaoui0000001 M
Julian Justvan0000001 M
Iba May0000001 M
Leon Dajaku4240001 M
Sarpreet Singh5351131 M
Oliver Batista Meier2220001 M
Paul Will0000001 M
Jamal Musiala2221021 M
Felix Schwarzholz0000001 M
Georg Teigl3130001 M
Stefano Russo0000001 M
Niklas Hauptmann5550001 M
Simon Straudi5550001 M
Ilia Gruev5550001 M
David Philipp5550001 M
Christian Groß362361311 M
Shinta Appelkamp0000001 M
Levent Mercan0000001 M
Can Bozdogan5351051 M
Jonas Hofmann0000001 M
Immanuel Pherai0000001 M
Patrick Osterhage0000001 M
Chris Führich0000001 M
Taylan Duman0000001 M
Tobias Raschl-1-1-101-11 M
Julian Albrecht0000001 M
Lazar Samardzic1010001 M
Marlon Ritter3633651101 M
Dominik Bilogrevic0000001 M
Adrian Oeynhausen0000001 M
Dennis Jastrzembski5150001 M
Julius Kade0000001 M
Maurice Arcones0000001 M
Erkan Eyibil0000001 M
Nils Stendera5550001 M
Sahverdi Cetin5550001 M
Patrick Finger5550001 M
Marijan Cavar5550001 M
Famana Quizera0000001 M
Conor Noß5550001 M
Keanan Bennetts7471001 M
Aaron Herzog5550101 M
Yoric Ravet0000001 M
Lino Tempelmann3330001 M
Yannik Keitel5251031 M
Florian Kath0000201 M
Fabian Rüdlin0000401 M


The in-game defender turned midfielder Joshua Kimmich from Bayern Munich tops the list with 401 points which was also the 3rd highest for any player last season. Ex-Borussia Dortmund player Achraf Hakimi and Freiburg full-back Christian Gunter sit on 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Joshua Kimmich40112181128222.7 M
Achraf Hakimi3671121431-117.1 M
Mats Hummels222713810-416.5 M
Marcel Halstenberg25091565416.3 M
Philipp Max298102277513.8 M
Christian Günter3219241083013.4 M
David Alaba182714511613.1 M
Benjamin Pavard263821615212.8 M
Jerome Roussillon17061433-212.6 M
Lucas Hernandez684545212.6 M
Lukasz Piszczek16861444-212.5 M
Pavel Kaderabek2268201411811.8 M
Lukas Klostermann17561535-111.6 M
William14891301011.5 M
Jonas Hector20671823011.5 M
Niklas Süle395307011.3 M
Stefan Lainer216719841011.2 M
Danny da Costa13071376810.6 M
Nordi Mukiele20682095710.4 M
Martin Hinteregger238823310510.3 M
Ozan Kabak13251352-110.2 M
Bastian Oczipka20562022010.1 M
Wendell13261353310 M
Kevin Mbabu16081664310 M
Ramy Bensebaini1789196689.9 M
Nico Schulz42441619.7 M
Matthias Ginter1675186549.7 M
Christopher Trimmel26582987119.5 M
Nico Elvedi1615173249.5 M
Benjamin Hübner1466168089.4 M
Daniel Brosinski1747196129.4 M
Jonathan Schmid22172495159.4 M
John Anthony Brooks11851321-39.2 M
Jerome Boateng1034118569.2 M
Oscar Wendt1365152129.2 M
Salif Sane926102209 M
Sven Bender22072779108.9 M
Mitchell Weiser1146145188.9 M
Angelino11081386138.9 M
Jonathan Tah12651556108.8 M
Dayot Upamecano16062021148.8 M
Alvaro Odriozola13412078.7 M
Aaron Martin924112018.7 M
Ibrahima Konate36542368.4 M
Theodor Gebre Selassie13651771128.3 M
Marvin Plattenhardt12471522-18.3 M
Willi Orban68680408.2 M
Ludwig Augustinsson72696008.2 M
Manuel Akanji1234156908.2 M
Lars Bender1146161327.3 M
Marin Pongracic515720-27.2 M
Maximilian Mittelstädt1546221207.2 M
Daley Sinkgraven746103087.1 M
Niklas Stark47273206.9 M
Kingsley Ehizibue13242212-56.8 M
Kevin Vogt653102166.8 M
Kaan Ayhan1324222136.8 M
Jonjoe Kenny15352555-36.8 M
Jean Zimmer33251016.4 M
Edmond Tapsoba48382026.2 M
Niko Gießelmann11551911-16.2 M
Stefan Posch1556257286 M
Robin Koch18763141026 M
Dedryck Boyata1305260215.8 M
Evan Ndicka874177155.8 M
Konstantinos Stafylidis29450005.5 M
Ronael Pierre-Gabriel10120005.5 M
Robin Knoche92418-12-25.4 M
Dan-Axel Zagadou7751505-15.4 M
Marcel Schmelzer21341205.4 M
Iago36470005.3 M
Sebastiaan Bornauw12942542-45.3 M
Moussa Niakhate1314267135.2 M
Timothy Chandler1105221125.2 M
Erik Durm47590105.2 M
Jean-Clair Todibo17230105.1 M
Jordan Torunarigha875172115 M
Dominique Heintz1084214185 M
Ermin Bicakcic794196124.9 M
Mathias Jörgensen61120-24.9 M
Matthias Zimmermann1324333224.8 M
Lukas Klünter91422-1114.8 M
Jeremiah St. Juste1104276024.8 M
Matija Nastasic553130204.7 M
David Abraham864215254.7 M
Marvin Friedrich1545388284.6 M
Jorge Mere9120004.5 M
Mohamed Dräger6741640104.5 M
Jamilu Collins1485374224.5 M
Stephan Lichtsteiner2416-1004.2 M
Raphael Framberger804206054.2 M
Karim Rekik39390004.2 M
Paulo Otavio428100004.1 M
Benjamin Stambouli455110104.1 M
Ethan Ampadu7210204 M
Marco Friedl11743982153.9 M
Kasim Adams423140003.9 M
Niklas Moisander713235143.8 M
Alexander Hack453151003.8 M
Toni Leistner5341700-43.7 M
Marek Suchy-30-110-13.6 M
Jeffrey Gouweleeuw603205013.6 M
Neven Subotic90430-13-23.6 M
Reece Oxford00000-13.5 M
Juan Miranda303100043.5 M
Kevin Akpoguma422141023.4 M
Felix Uduokhai994334033.4 M
Florian Hübner353112003.3 M
Tin Jedvaj1114372103.2 M
Rafael Czichos8732920-23.2 M
Almamy Toure1106360203.2 M
Sebastian Schonlau924460002.9 M
Jeffrey Bruma795390102.9 M
Tony Jantschke744372022.9 M
Michael Lang212100002.8 M
Markus Suttner904453012.8 M
Ömer Toprak19290102.7 M
Stefan Bell0000002.7 M
Marcel Tisserand695341102.4 M
Mateu Morey2141031-22.4 M
Laurent Jans613301052.4 M
Aleksandar Dragovic342171142.3 M
Ken Reichel3451770122.3 M
Uwe Hünemeier30215-10-82.2 M
Sebastian Langkamp18390002.1 M
Andre Hoffmann793393012.1 M
Philipp Lienhart763383252.1 M
Christopher Lenz17378601702 M
Lukas Kübler8241002 M
Lucas Ribeiro6360001.9 M
Keven Schlotterbeck108510871121.9 M
Christian Strohdiek473473001.8 M
Milos Veljkovic482485041.6 M
Peter Pekarik516512241.6 M
Ismail Jakobs1236123111-11.4 M
Nico Schlotterbeck363361301.3 M
Manuel Gulde734730101.1 M
Frederik Jäkel0000001 M
Havard Nordtveit252251121 M
Melayro Bogarde4240001 M
Lukas Mai0000401 M
Chris Richards2221021 M
Felix Götze0000001 M
Jozo Stanic0000201 M
Simon Asta0000001 M
Kilian Jakob0000001 M
Benno Schmitz583581111 M
Noah Katterbach7547507-21 M
Robert Voloder0000001 M
Julian Rieckmann6660001 M
Niklas Wiemann6660001 M
Diego Contento0000001 M
Robin Bormuth4140001 M
Michel Stöcker0000001 M
Johannes Bühler0000001 M
Timo Becker9190031 M
Malick Thiaw-10-100-21 M
Marco Rente0000001 M
Leonardo Balerdi616-12-61 M
Florian Baak0000101 M
Marton Dardai0000001 M
Luca Netz0000001 M
Omar Rekik0000001 M
Jan-Luca Rumpf-1-1-10001 M
Luca Kilian312310201 M
Michael Parensen334331121 M
Jonathan Meier0000101 M
Phillipp Mwene236232101 M
Niklas Kölle0000301 M
Marco Russ6660101 M
Mamadou Doucoure103101301 M
Kaan Kurt0000001 M
Luca Itter3130001 M


Despite most fantasy player opting for budget goalkeeping options, it was the premium goalkeepers leading the way in total points with Yann Sommer at 225 points, Manuel Neuer at 213 points and Peter Gulacsi at 190 points.

Manuel Neuer2136156161214.6 M
Peter Gulacsi19061579512 M
Yann Sommer225720516211.9 M
Roman Bürki158514712-111.1 M
Lukas Hradecky17751744610.2 M
Oliver Baumann171617811210.2 M
Rune Jarstein16061641910 M
Koen Casteels1215133159.3 M
Alexander Nübel1185132729.3 M
Kevin Trapp1105123449 M
Alexander Schwolow1406178348.4 M
Jiri Pavlenka1474187428.3 M
Rafal Gikiewicz1866317996.5 M
Florian Müller584116105.7 M
Timo Horn12042409-35.3 M
Frederik Rönnow566110115.3 M
Tomas Koubek954191125.2 M
Zack Steffen925230404.8 M
Leopold Zingerle12953242-24.5 M
Michael Rensing0000003.7 M
Sven Ulreich5521352.8 M
Yvon Mvogo6331122.7 M
Michael Esser0000002.4 M
Andreas Luthe495495341.5 M
Ramazan Özcan0000101 M
Niklas Lomb0000101 M
Tim Schreiber0000001 M
Philipp Tschauner0000001 M
Philipp Pentke277270101 M
Alexander Stolz0000001 M
Pavao Pervan587580301 M
Niklas Klinger0000001 M
Lino Kasten0000001 M
Phillip Menzel0000001 M
Christian Früchtl0000301 M
Ron-Thorben Hoffmann0000001 M
Fabian Giefer0000001 M
Benjamin Leneis0000001 M
Thomas Kessler6660001 M
Brady Scott6660001 M
Julian Krahl6660001 M
Stefanos Kapino126120101 M
Luca Plogmann6660001 M
Maduka Okoye0000001 M
Raphael Wolf0000001 M
Florian Kastenmeier724723531 M
Tim Wiesner0000001 M
Markus Schubert485480701 M
Michael Langer0000001 M
Jonas Hupe0000001 M
Luca Unbehaun0000001 M
Marwin Hitz185180701 M
Eric Oelschlägel0000101 M
Thomas Kraft9290101 M
Dennis Smarsch5352081 M
Jannik Huth102100101 M
Leon Brüggemeier0000001 M
Jakob Busk0000001 M
Moritz Nicolas2221021 M
Robin Zentner114511401301 M
Omer Hanin0000001 M
Finn Dahmen0000001 M
Felix Wiedwald226220101 M
Jan Zimmermann6660001 M
Tobias Sippel6660201 M
Max Grün6660101 M
Mark Flekken9199133121 M
Niclas Thiede2220401 M