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An Unorthodox View of a Madman: Segfault’s WC Fantasy Preview

With the World Cup starting tomorrow, I wanted to share my often aberrant and atypical views of the World Cup chances and Fantasy game ahead of us, from my opinions of the group stage all the way to fantasy picks.

Group A

A very peculiar group for me and one to avoid in the fantasy sense.
But why when the Netherlands have a clear path through?
It’s true that the Netherlands are high as seeds here, but let’s take a look at their opponents:

Senegal: Strongest team in Africa, almost everyone is playing in the top 10 European leagues, a team that most often scores either 0 or 1 goal due to their defensive style (possibly the QF exit in 2002 leaving a scar on their head coach Cisse?) that doesn’t suit the roster. They can easily kill the rhythm and torture every opponent to a draw.

Should I get anyone? Diallo (4M) and Sarr (6.5M) seem to be the main options. Iliman Ndiaye (4.5M) could be a nice differential if given a start.

Ecuador: A true CONMEBOL hit who had chances for the 2nd spot throughout the qualifiers but slipped in the end. After many players went to better clubs, they don’t seem to have the goal-scoring force and ability to beat anyone like they did before, marked by the fact that they scored three goals in the last six games while also being unbeaten.

Should I get anyone? No.

Why? They’re not consistent.

Surely someone? Ahh, I guess Moises Caicedo (5.5M) is okay and is involved in most goals. Estupinan is a bargain at 4.5M, so suit yourself.

Qatar: The all-but-not-controversial hosts, 2019 Asia Cup winners who lost a lot of their form recently and haven’t been playing at their best. However, pulling all their NT players from the domestic league to play friendlies for a month before the Euros (similar to Saudi Arabia) and the home-ground bias might just be enough to pull off some upsets. In a group with Senegal and Ecuador lacking offensive ideas and two of their best players being strikers Ali and Afif, everything is possible.

Should I get anyone? If anyone scores, it’s most likely the aforementioned duo of Afif and Ali, both priced at 4.5M. I wouldn’t bother with anyone else.

Group B

We need to look beyond just England here.
But why when England have played the 3rd place match in 2018 and are the European vice-champs?
It’s true that they are, but let’s take a look at their opponents:

USA: I’ve recently seen a Twitter post saying that the USMNT is basically a squad of Football Manager wonderkids, and that might be the best way to put it. A team built for big things at home in 2026 still has some serious heat in their roster. However, many agree Berhalter mismanages them and that sacking him will need to happen if they want to reach the next step in Project 2026.

Should I get anyone? Ferreira (5.5M) is set to start and has impressed in the qualifiers. In the absence of their best strikers in Pefok and Pepi, he’s set to shine under the spotlight. However, the lack of big games might hurt him. Scally (4.5M) and Robinson (4M) are also set to start, but bear in mind the USMNT isn’t a great team defensively.

Wales: A team with a stack of talent up front, led by eternal Gareth Bale, but a really shaky defence and buildup. It’s a great success to even be in the World Cup, so they’ll try to play it safe and pass the group by upsetting the top 2 teams.

Should I get anyone? Bale (8M) and James (6M) are clear picks, with Neco Williams as a bargain at 4.5M.

Iran: Formerly the best team in Asia, faced with turmoil at home and injuries before the tournament, it’s difficult to say what to expect from Iran.

Should I get anyone? Taremi (7M) is the leader of this team, with Azmoun on the sidelines. Kanaani (4.5M) is a solid defensive option, with the midfield options out of form.

Group C

We need to look beyond just Argentina here.
But why when Argentina haven’t lost in ages?
It’s true that they haven’t, but let’s take a look at their opponents:

Mexico: Nobody ever talks about Mexico, but they’re always at the WC, always passing their group, and they never reach their infamous quinto partido. They were handed a fairly interesting group, and it remains to be seen how they manage it.

Should I get anyone? Lozano (6M) is all that they needed in the last years. The meme himself, Ochoa (5M), is there for the brave.

Poland: A team that used to be a dark horse in every tournament they attended. Years passed, everyone’s older, they’re still qualifying but sort of flying under the radar. With the opening games against Mexico and Saudi Arabia, there’s a good chance they’ll know their fate by matchday 3 and surviving the first two games with two clean sheets remains possible.

Should I get anyone? I don’t think Lewandowski (10M) will do a whole lot at the tournament for his price tag of 10M, but he should offer a few goals with a grateful schedule. Jakub Kiwior (4M) is a starter and a potentially cheap enabler.

Saudi Arabia: The best team in Asia through the qualifying campaign, only losing to Japan away in 18 games. With everyone in only three domestic clubs, it’s boosting the chemistry to unreal levels. Also, their transition is brilliant, and coach Renard is among the best NT coaches managing outside Europe, with two AFCONs under his belt, focusing on physical and mental preparedness. On the road for over a month since the Saudi league got stopped, and the preparation friendlies results seem promising.

Should I get anyone? All eyes are on Salem Al-Dawsari (4.5M) as the leader of this team or Saleh Al-Shehri (5M). The absence of Al-Muwallad might be felt, but the team is still strong in attack. Kanno is a versatile pick at 4M as well.

Group D

We need to look beyond just France here.
But why when France is literally the holding champions?
Winners curse, and everyone is injured, but let’s take a look at their opponents:

Denmark: They won twice against France in the last six months, which probably says enough. The brilliant form that led to the Euros semifinal and the (un)deserved loss against England has continued. I wouldn’t be surprised if they topped the group.

Should I get anyone? Friendship ended if you don’t have Skov Olsen (6M), who impressed throughout qualifying and is set to start. Captain Eriksen (8M) and Maehle (4.5M) are also popular and good picks.

Australia: A team that surprisingly passed the intercontinental playoffs vs Peru and booked a spot in Qatar. Without a single star and a fairly old lineup, it’s really hard to predict what they’re capable of. Personally the weakest team in the tournament for me.

Should I get anyone? No, but if you really want to, Goodwin (4.5M) is red-hot at the moment, with Hrustić still being unfit. Mooy (5M) doesn’t justify the price tag in my opinion.

Tunisia: Tunisia never seem to make a name for themselves, scoring only one goal since 1978 and after a disappointing AFCON, it’s hard to believe anything else might happen in Qatar. Maybe they can beat Australia and at least bring a smile to their compatriots faces once.

Should I get anyone? If anyone, it should be Khazri (4.5M), but he’s set to miss the initial game(s), so potential picks are Shkiri (5M) and Jaziri (4.5M).

Group E

We need to look beyond just Germany here.
But why when they will advance from the group surely?
Their teams are too young to guarantee great results, but let’s take a look at their opponents:

Spain: One of the younger squads of Spain, led by Luis Enrique, barely has any standout players. However, the quality and diversity in offensive options make them a team that’s hard to look over. Many don’t see them going far, but with all the injuries and reliance on Barcelona players, we might be onto something here.

Should I get anyone? Not really, but if Sarabia starts, he might be a good punt.

Japan: A team that relies on the colony of their players in European leagues. However, having Minamino, Kubo, Kamada, Endo, and others brings a decent level of quality to this team, so don’t be surprised if they cause an upset versus the top 2 seeded teams.

Should I get anyone? It’s certainly a risky territory, but Mitoma (5.5M) and Kamada (5.5M) have been solid.


Costa Rica: A team playing atypical football, becoming somewhat of a WC regular is certainly the weakest one in the group, but they can cause some issues for the leaders with their double defensive block.

Should I get anyone? No, I don’t think anyone is good or young enough, not even Ruiz.

Group F

We need to look beyond just Belgium here.
But why when they will advance from the group surely and are the 3rd place holders?
Their team has been through a change of generation, so let’s take a look at their opponents:

Morocco: After sacking their coach Halilhodžić and relying on domestic coaching talent, Mazraoui and Ziyech are back to the Moroccan team, but it still looks fairly unconvincing to me. The biggest challenge will be fitting all the stars into a well-oiled core group.

Should I get anyone? Not really, but Ziyech (7M) is a fair punt if you trust their chances. I know I do not.

Croatia: Big shoes to fill for the aging Croatian team as they’re defending their Russia silver. The team seems capable of replacing their top talent in all positions except for central midfield, where Modrić and Kovačić have to do much more than before, adapting to Brozović, Vlašić and all other passers-by in different formations. The defending looks to be better, with Gvardiol looking mature, but Dalić’s call on whether to start the reliable veteran duo Lovren-Vida or not will shape their chances and stamina throughout the tournament.

Should I get anyone? I would only recommend Perišić (7.5M) since he shines at big tournaments.

Canada: A team that shocked everyone by their amazing performances through the qualification stages (although some will say choosing frozen venues helped a lot), with young stars in Davies, David, Buchanan, Kone and others, playing rapid transition football, sort of a North American Gegenpressing evolution. I think their chances are good if they come in with the right mindset.

Should I get anyone? Davies (5M) is a must-have for every team, playing as either a winger or a #10 for his NT. Jonathan David (6M) is still hot, so I recommend him as well.

Group G

We need to look beyond just Brazil here.
But why when they are the bookies’ favorites to win it?
The group is tightly contested, so not even Neymar can be guaranteed of 9pts. So let’s take a look at their opponents:

Switzerland: Switzerland have made a name for themselves at big competitions, but things haven’t really been going their way recently. A tournament where every major player is around 30 might be the last one we see of this generation. Handed a difficult group with Serbia and Brazil as old acquaintances, the former seeking revenge on them, passing the group will be a major challenge.

Should I get anyone? Embolo was great at the Euros and continued to score in pre-tournament friendlies and the Nations League. However, for some reason, he isn’t in the game, so I’d suggest Vargas (6M) as the next best thing.

Serbia: After years of being shadowed by Croatia and other Balkan teams when it came to their chemistry and performance on the field, Serbia finally has a great coach in former Yugoslav legend Stojković – Piksi. A really potent team with a high level of the starting XI but a lack of options on the bench. Will it be enough to pass the group?

Should I get anyone? Tadić (8M) has a steep price tag but is their main creator. With Mitrović still out at the beginning of the WC, all eyes are on Vlahović (8.5M) to provide goals.

Cameroon: A team that was often criticized for their poor AFCON organization and potential referee bribes, they arrived in Qatar after heroically catching up with the deficit away from home in Algeria. With several class players in Anguissa, Toko-Ekambi, Choupo-Moting, Mbeumo and Onana, they won’t be easy prey to the nominally higher-seeded Serbia and Brazil.

Should I get anyone? Difficult to say, but we know the attacking duo of Toko-Ekambi (7M) and Choupo-Moting (7.5M) combine for most of their goals, so I wouldn’t look any further than them.

Group H

We need to look beyond just Portugal here.
But why when it’s a squad full of potential and Cristiano?
The group is possibly the hardest to pass of all, so let’s take a look at their opponents:

South Korea: It will be interesting to see what this group of players does with Son not fully fit yet. They don’t directly rely on him, but as a team that concedes a fair bit of counter-attack goals and plays to outscore their opponents, will they be able to do so without him?

Should I get anyone? Probably not, but Kang-In Lee (6M) is an interesting player to me and might shine on the WC at only 21yo.

Ghana: After shockingly eliminating Nigeria in the African playoffs, where they barely created a chance, the board of Ghana FA realized their team couldn’t do much without additionally recruiting players with their roots in Ghana. They recruited Tariq Lamptey, Inaki Williams, Patric Pfeiffer and two more to give this team additional depth. After a win in the final pre-tournament friendly versus Switzerland, their hopes will be set high. The will to get revenge on Uruguay for what happened in South Africa 12 years ago never fades,

Should I get anyone? Jordan Ayew (6M) is the main creator of this team, even with the European additions, so look no further.

Uruguay: Many consider them one of the black horses alongside Denmark, and it could actually come true after a solid change of generation, and this being Luis Suarez’s final World Cup. Marking 2022 with a title in his home team Nacional and a good result at the WC could be great.

Should I get anyone? De Arrascaeta (5.5M) should be in many teams as he offers great value for money in a good team. Otherwise, Nunez (8M) is a good pick if you want to avoid the very premium strikers.

Thanks and good luck in your Fantasy journeys. But wait, what about the favorites, are we not gonna get insights on those? Sure, here are my top 3 picks for each of the favorites: Netherlands: Dumfries (6M), Berghuis (7M), Noppert (4.5M).

I’m personally not a fan of them as I don’t see many goals happening in their group.

England: Trippier (5M), Shaw (5M), Mount (7.5M).

Kane is not an option here since he definitely won’t be good against teams who double block.

Argentina: Martinez (8M), Di Maria (8.5M), De Paul (5M).

I think De Paul provides great value for money, you can get Messi but I don’t think he’s worth it. I expect them to struggle vs Saudi Arabia.

France: Pavard (5M), Griezmann (8.5M), Giroud (7.5M).

With two of the greatest class players in Benzema and Nkunku out, there aren’t many left. Pavard comes at a good value and might assist at times.

Germany: Musiala (8M), Kimmich (7M), Rudiger (5.5M).

A young and exciting Germany team with the creative spine from Bayern and youngster Musiala nailed, Kimmich on set pieces and Rudiger at the receiving end, no doubts here. Would consider Fullkrug if he were the No1 pick for a striker.

Belgium: KDB (11M), Carrasco (7M), Batshuayi (6.5M).

Lukaku is not fit yet so expect Batshuayi in most teams. Carrasco has impressed as usual and KDB is just inevitable. We all remember the second half vs Denmark at the Euros, after Denmark battered Belgium, he sole handedly turned the match around.

Brazil: Neymar (10.5M), Richarlison (7.5M), Lucas Paqueta (7M).

Three of the most nailed players and with Raphinha vs Antony for the winger position, whoever is picked by Tite is a good option. Portugal: Cancelo (6M), Bruno (9.5M), Ronaldo (10M).

No surprises here.

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MLS Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 6

After a stressful double gameweek that had us all worried about our stars after the first part of it, which we have not been able to cover properly due to holidays and other obligations, Fantasy Tipsters is back with our matchday 6 rankings for MLS fantasy.

As we’re closing in on NT breaks and preparations for continental championships or just friendlies, there are many options. We’re here to help you make the right ones 🙂



1Carlos VelaLAFCvs COL9.5MHe should finally be back to the starting XI so a #1 spot is just there to remind you how impactful a possible haul by him could be on your rank.
2Raúl Ruidíaz SEAvs ATL11MRui is finding goal involvements one way or the other and this round shouldn't be an exception.
3Alan PulidoSKC@SJ8.8MPulido looks to have finally found his goal-scoring form so he's a decent shout away to the Quakes.
4Bjorn JohnsenMTLvs CIN5.2MGreat opportunity should he start.
5Gonzalo HiguainMIA@CHI10.6MHiguain got right back on track in the last game and Chicago look like a good next target for him.
6ChicharitoLA@POR10.4MPortland might turn out to be just the game for an elite poacher like Cheech.
7Cade CowellSJvs SKC5.6M
8Jhonder CádizNSHvs ATX7.5M
9Diego RossiLAFCvs COL8.9M
10Valentin CastellanosNYCvs CLB9.5M
BonusRomell QuiotoMTLvs CIN7.7M



1Carles GilNEvs RBNY11.6MThe midfielder with the highest average points so far (9.33) is the most popular captain pick for this week and for a reason.
2Mauricio PereyraORLvs TOR8.4MHe has mostly been a floor player so far this season but with Nani suspended we could a ceiling game from him soon as his involvement in attack increases.
3Jamiro MonteiroPHI@DC10.5MThe fact that it is an away game shouldn't affect Monteiro much given that it is one of the worst teams in the league.
4Lewis MorganMIA@CHI9.6M
5Randall LealNSHvs ATX7.9M
6Eduard AtuestaLAFCvs COL10.2M
7Djordje MihailovićMTLvs CIN7MHe is an option if you need an attacker against Cincinnati but only off the bench.
8Joao PauloSEAvs ATL9.6M
9Cristian Espinoza SJvs SKC8M
10Fafà PicaultHOUvs VAN6.9M
11Bryan AcostaDALvs RSL7.6M
12Jesus MedinaNYCvs CLB8.9MNYCFC have a big home advantage to their unique stadium and Medina has three goals in his two games at home this season.



1Walker ZimmermanNSHvs ATX8.2M
2Brad SmithSEAvs ATL7MThree goals and an assist in five starts isn't too bad for a defender.
3Antonio CarlosORLvs TOR8.1M
4Anton TinnerholmNYCvs CLB7.6MA home game against a team that defends well but isn't as sharp on the attack plus a chance to play out of position? Count me in!
5Ryan HollingsheadDALvs RSL6.1M
6Eddie SeguraLAFCvs COL6.2MLAFC might be at the bottom of the Western conference for now but they won't be there for too long.
7Kamal Miller MTLvs CIN6MEarly switcheroo option against Cincinnati who are yet to win a game.
8Adam Lundqvist HOUvs VAN5.8M
9Rodrigo SchlegelORLvs TOR7M
10BressanDALvs RSL6.9M



1Stefan ClevelandSEAvs ATL4.4MAt 4.4M Cleveland seems like a must for any keeperoo and his clean sheet odds aren't bad either.
2Pedro GalleseORLvs TOR7.7MAs much as Toronto are trying to find their way through injuries and suspensions and incorporate their new signings, they still don't look likely to score vs Orlando.
3Joe Willis NSHvs ATX6.7MAustin have shown that they can find space and threaten the opponents away, but can they really score against a stiff Nashville side?
4Phelipe Megiolaro Alves
DALvs HOU5.4MHis potential rise in value and good performance on replacing Maurer is not something to be overlooked.
5Marko MarićHOUvs VAN5.8MHouston seem likely to keep a clean sheet here and Marić could be a great differential pick should they manage to do so

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MLS Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 4

After a high scoring third matchday (at least in a fantasy sense), the Fantasy MLS saga continues after the elimination of 3/4 remaining MLS teams from CCL, and ahead of a double game week just 3 days after this one ends, prepare yourselves for an amazing week of Major League Soccer.

We’ve seen some absolutely amazing performances and hauls from cheap players like Smith, Rubio, and Cowell, all three of which are viable in this round too. But who will surprise us all this time and who will flop?

There’s much more to be seen in MD4 and FantasyTipsters brings you the best picks for the week.



1Rubio RubinRSLvs SJ7MAfter a haul we forecasted in our last week's picks he'll be looking for another one as the Quakes arrive at the low air pressure away game in Sandy, UT.
2Gonzalo HiguainMIAvs ATL10.5MBack after a family tragedy, he's motivated to play his best to honor his mother who supported him the most as he has recently stated too.
3Raúl Ruidíaz SEA@POR10.9MNot an easy away game but Ruidiaz remains an elite target this season and boasts an incredible record of seven goals and two assists in his eight games against the Timbers.
4Diego RossiLAFC@LA9.5MA player that caused a lot of team values to drop last week due to his slow injury comeback and mediocre performance but he should now be fitter and more motivated to get his team a victory in the "El Tráfico".
5ChicharitoLAvs LAFC9.5M
6Robert BeričCHIvs PHI9.7MChance to fight back at home after an embarrassing loss against NYRB's youngsters last week.
7Cade CowellSJ@RSL5.4MMight not be the best game for Cowell after that performance last week, but you should never count out the players that are on a hot streak.
8Diego RubioCOL vs MIN8.2M
9Lucas CavalliniVAN vs MTL9M
10Jhonder CádizNSHvs NE8.4M
11Corey BairdLAFC@LA7.8M
12Alan PulidoSKCvs ATX8.7M
13Anderson Julio RSLvs SJ8.1M
14Ricardo PepiDALvs HOU5MA true budget buster in a decent matchup.
15Felipe MoraPORvs SEA7.5M



1Lucas ZelarayánCLBvs DC8.6MAmong the best players in the league, Zelarayán was rested in midweek CCL action and is playing one of the worst defences so far this season at home, what else can I say?
2NaniORLvs NYC9.7MWhile NYCFC might not be as easy to score against as their opponents from last week, Nani remains a top player and a must-have for many managers.
3Randall LealNSHvs NE8MConsistent, a guaranteed rise in value regardless of performance and always a threat.
4Caden ClarkRBNYvs TOR5.7MThis young wonderkid will look to continue his run of good performances against an unconvincing Toronto side at home.
5Carles GilNE@NSH10.6M
6Cristian Cásseres Jr.RBNYvs TOR7.6MA more experienced option among the Red Bull midfielders is also more likely to return big with his key passes ability.
7Luka StojanovićCHIvs PHI6MA player that's always prowling around the box at his price tag is always a fine option.
8Eduard AtuestaLAFC@LA10.7MAmong the finest midfielders of the game, he will need to be at his top state if LAFC want to win the LA derby this week.
9Jack PriceCOLvs MIN8.6MMight want to check if he starts first after that knock last week.
10Lewis MorganMIAvs ATL8.6M
11Damir KreilachRSLvs SJ7.5MA revelation last round playing at home might be the switcharoo you need.
12Cristian DajomeVANvs MTL7.3M
13Mauricio PereyraORLvs NYC7.9M
14Víctor VázquezLAvs LAFC6.9M
15Diego FagúndezATX@SKC6.1M



1Waylon FrancisCLBvs DC5MThe only team that hasn't conceded yet is very likely to keep another clean sheet, so targeting Columbus Crew defenders seems logical.
2Brad SmithSEA@POR6MLast week we saw Smith closer to opposition goal than Ruidiaz on average and he seems to enjoy playing out of position so even an away game makes him a must-have with how involved he is in attack.
3Kevin LeerdamMIAvs ATL5.4M
4Auston TrustyCOLvs MIN6.3MA bonus point machine that has a good chance of getting a clean sheet is always a great pick in my book.
5Cristián GutiérrezVANvs MTL6M
6Walker ZimmermanNSHvs NE7.2MIs he finally due a goal or not?
7Andrew GutmanRBNYvs TOR6.1M
8Rodrigo SchlegelORLvs NYC6M
9Ryan HollingsheadDALvs HOU6.4MA player that was once considered a must-have is still looking for his true self.
10Boris SekulićCHIvs PHI6.3MSekulić has proven he can assist on multiple occasions so far and a clean sheet isn't out of question either but is less likely.



1John McCarthyMIAvs ATL5.5MDecent game for him and if the Higuain brothers successfully return and help Miami dominate the game then he shouldn't have a lot to worry about.
2Eloy RoomCLBvs DC7MHis price tag might be pretty high but he hasn't conceded any goals so far and that is not likely to change this week.
3David OchoaRSLvs SJ4.6M
4Phelipe Megiolaro Alves
DALvs HOU4.7MA solid replacement for Maurer with another favorable fixture.
5William YarbroughCOLvs MIN6.8M

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MLS Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 3

After the second round full of surprises and solid showings by NYCFC and Austin FC among others, Fantasy MLS moves on to the third matchday in a week full of CCL games affecting 3/4 CCL teams playing in MD3, as Toronto will be given a bye this round.
That means having to rely on unexpected picks. A matchday full of close ties will make the difference between good and top managers going forward into the season.

We’ve seen some absolutely amazing goals, better than some recent goals of the season and we’re only two rounds in so get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

There’s much more to be seen in MD3 and FantasyTipsters brings you the best picks for the week.



1Raúl Ruidíaz SEALA10.4MThe player is always a threat to opposition defenders and the Galaxy have been far from good defensively in a while.
2Jhonder CádizNSHvs MIA8.4MMiami's leaking defence is a great scoring opportunity for Cadiz who saved his team yet again last week.
3Cade CowellSJvs DC4.9MCowell is on fire after his last week's performance and a match against a DC United team plagued by injuries and his price makes him a really highly rated pick.
4Robert BeričCHI@RBNY10.2MThe silent hardworking Slovenian is always there for you and this week is no exception as he plays NYRB in the first game of the week.
5Gustavo BouNEvs ATL9.6MA man that failed to deliver last week will be motivated this week against an Atlanta team that is worn out from CCL play.
6Lucas CavalliniVAN vs COL9.3MCavallini's form is something to worry about for Colorado.
7Diego RossiLAFC@HOU10MAn easy recommendation if he starts.
8Anderson Julio RSLvs SKC8MDebuting with a brace and leaving the opposition powerless is enough praise for this rising star to guarantee him a spot in our rankings.
9ChicharitoLA@SEA9MKneejerk or not, Seattle or not, you just have to put him in consideration after five goals in his first two matches.
10Rubio RubinRSLvs SKC6.5MAnother cheapish pick who's looking to revive his career in MLS, solid last week and a favorable fixture means he's a good one to consider for this week too.
11Cecilio DomínguezATX@MIN9.5MGreat game by playoff oriented Austin carried by this man's brace, what can we say.
12Mason ToyeMTLvs CLB5.8MWill he get to toy-e around with another opposition defence? It might be Columbus but will they try hard or focus on the CCL?
13Valentin Castellanos
14Romell QuiotoMTLvs CLB8.7MIn another episode of "we target the CCL defences" here's Romell Quioto
15Corey BairdLAFC@HOU7.5M



1NaniORLvs CIN9.2MCheeky skilled player against a team that just can't defend.
2Cristian DájomeVANvs COL7.2MOne of the best differential picks there is in a great game at home.
3Randall LealNSHvs MIA7.5MConsistent, a guaranteed rise in value regardless of performance and always a threat.
4João Paulo MiorSEAvs LA9MThreat from both inside the box and outside it, Mior is a player to be seriously considered for every team especially with his floor.
5Mauricio PereyraORLvs CIN8MComing back from suspension, he's expected to make an immediate impact as Orlando try to finish another day in the office with three points. Replace him with Mueller if he starts.
6Carles GilNEvs ATL10.1M
7Cristian EspinozaSJvs DC8.4MEspinoza has proven his quality (except with penalties) in the last game and he'll be looking to continue where he started.
8Jamiro MonteiroPHIvs NYC9.4M
9Emmanuel ReynosoMINvs ATX9.3MExpecting Minnesota to finally turn things around against the newest addition to the league - FC Austin.
10Jesús MedinaNYC@PHI7.8MThe young Paraguayan was orchestrating everything that happened at the Yankees stadium last round and he will under the spotlight again
11Ezequiel BarcoATL@NE8.2M
12Luka StojanovićCHI@RBNY5.5M
13Diego FagundezATX@MIN5.6M
14Gianluca BusioSKC@RSL7.1M
15Dairon Asprilla POR@DAL4.9M



1Cristián GutiérrezVANvs COL5.5MGutierrez has been wonderful so war and the matchups keep rewarding his bonus points opportunities.
2Alex Roldan SEAvs LA6MA proven pick with a great floor versus a leaky defence can't disappoint.
3Rodrigo SchlegelORLvs CIN5.5MA defender with a home game against Cincinnati is a must especially if Lucho is out.
4Zachary Brault-GuillardMTLvs CLB6MZBG has been nothing but great and a home match vs a CCL team that will probably rotate is not half bad for his run of form.
5Paul MarieSJvs DC5MGreat match for SJ warrants their spot among defenders and a defender that goes forward is always the best pick.
6Donny TolaRSLvs SKC4.5M
7Brandon ByeNEvs ATL4.9MTired Atlanta who couldn't defend in CCL are a good target for a New England home match
8Kai WagnerPHIvs NYC6.5M
9Ryan HollingsheadDALvs POR6.4M
10Jukka RaitalaMINvs ATX4.1MHe's cheap and better than a scrub but that's all there is going for him.



1JT MarcinkowskiSJvs DC5MA good game against a toothless opponent means that a SJE clean sheet is likely.
2Matt TurnerNEvs ATL6.4MOne of the only two teams which kept a clean sheet at home last week and ATL couldn't even score at home in the midweek game.
3David OchoaRSLvs SKC4.6M
4Phelipe Megiolaro Alves
DALvs POR4.3MSince Jimmy Maurer is questionable, a new budget buster is ready to take his spot and the 4.3M price tag will make him an interesting pick for the keeperoo.
5Dayne St. ClairMINvs RSL5.9M

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MLS Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 2

The elite soccer division of the US and Canada is back after an amazing first round. A lot of surprises in the first round of the MLS Fantasy, from Vela getting subbed off by accident to Portland getting shut down. As a result, some favorites got less than they expected before the first kickoff.

We’ve seen some absolutely amazing goals, better than some recent goals of the season and we’re only one round in so get your popcorn ready and enjoy!

There’s much more to be seen in MD2 and FantasyTipsters brings you the best picks for Matchday 2.



1Carlos VelaLAFCvs SEA10MHe just has to be here, expecting a comeback statement from him after what happened last week. Tough opponents, but nonetheless he is one of the most explosive players in the league. PS: It might not be best to captain him 🙂
2Gustavo BouNEvs DC9.9MAfter a great first week, Bou will be looking to partner up with Gil yet again and bring his team a victory in a tempting home game.
3ChicharitoLAvs RBNY8.5MHis first game matched his tally from last year, great movement and spirit to come back from behind. All eyes will be on Chicharito who is now on course to prove the critics calling him "washed" wrong.
4Ramón ÁbilaMINvs RSL8MBest summarised by two classic books:

Charles Dickens - Great Expectations
Franz Kafka - Process
5Jhonder CádizNSHvs MTL7.9M
6Raúl Ruidíaz SEA@LAFC10.5MOne of the hardest possible matches for him and his club, but Ruidiaz is good at handling it and the season opener surely gave him a lot of confidence.
7Valentin CastellanosNYCvs CIN8.2MA good game and an early one for the NYC forward to prove that he can be consistent again.
8Gonzalo HiguainMIA@PHI10M
9Robert BeričCHI@ATL10M
10Robbie RobinsonMIA@PHI4.5MAfter a great first round it would be odd to miss out on such a player bargain.



1Emanuel ReynosoMINvs RSL9.3MWhat else can be said about the main guy in Minnesota except him having to assemble the forces and get their first win of the season, which they look to be pretty capable of.
2Carles GilNEvs DC9.9MPossibly the most popular captain pick for week 2, Gil has shown pure class and the matchup promises to offer him plenty of attacking points opportunities.
3Randall LealNSHvs MTL7MLeal was the most dangerous player on the pitch against Cincinnatti and if Nashville could produce a similar performance in attack at home again then Leal could be in line for another big performance again.
4Jamiro MonteiroPHIvs MIA8.9MCan the engine of the somewhat tired CCL team propel his team to victory, playing as a #10 again?
5Kellyn AcostaCOLvs ATX6.3M
6Rodolfo PizarroMIA@PHI8.9MA standout performance in the first round of a man orchestrating every attack of his team is a good reason to have him in your squad for the next game, be it away or not.
7Eduard AtuestaLAFCvs SEA9.7MAtuesta deserves a top 10 spot on any home matchday rankings. He has proven that on multiple occasions with his high floor.
8Sebastian LletgetLAvs RBNY7.2M
9Hany MukhtarNSHvs MTL8.4M
10Yimmi CharaPORvs HOU7.7MThe classic hit or miss pick is always somewhere in your mind, you're not sure whether to put him in or not but then he comes back with a big haul when you expect it the least.



1Danny WilsonCOLvs ATX5MA game against the newcomers shouldn't produce much hassle for the Scottish centre-back and his price point makes him attractive to Fantasy MLS managers.
2Christian MaflaNEvs DC4.5MWith Jones out after a red card in the first round, Mafla looks to be poised to start the next match at LB and his price point is not to be overlooked.
3Anton TinnerholmNYCvs CIN6.1MA real bonus point magnet in another game looking well for him. He might just be the man to get this week.
4BressanDAL@SJ5.5MThis solid Dallas defender might prove to be a great asset in what smells of a one-sided tie away in California.
5Richie LaryeaTORvs VAN6MAfter a goal and a great performance overall in the first round despite conceding 4 goals, another matchup against a fellow Canadian squad should give a good opportunity for better-rested Toronto to keep a clean sheet at home.
6Brent KallmanMINvs RSL4,4M
7Guðmundur ThórarinssonNYCvs CIN4.7MCheapest way into the NYC defence that seems likely to grab a clean sheet this week.
8Tristan BlackmonLAFCvs SEA5MWhile the Seattle game might prove to be much harder for LAFC compared to the first round ATX one, Blackmon remains a good option given his price point.
9Nicolas Isimat-MirinSKCvs ORL5.6M
10Nick DePuyLAvs RBNY4.6M



1William YarbroughCOLvs ATX6MColorado playing in their home fortress against newcomers who have proven they can possess a threat, but an away goal vs Colorado would be a surprise nonetheless even for decent Austin.
2Dayne St. ClairMINvs RSL5.9MAfter an underwhelming performance on matchday 1, Minnesota will be looking for a clean sheet vs RSL, hopefully, this time a shutdown of their opponents.
3Jimmy MaurerDAL@SJ6MAnother decent game for the experienced goalkeeper, playing against possibly the weakest team in MLS away will turn some eyes towards him.
4Matt TurnerNEvs DC5.9MNE will look to keep a CS in this match with their home advantage against a DC attack that doesn't inspire much confidence.
5John PulskampSKCvs ORL4.2MHe is cheap and will be looking into proving he's worthy of a spot on the team while the other options are away. A great keeperoo option for this week as he plays first.

UCL Fantasy Must-Have and Differentials From Each Team: Matchday 2

UCL Fantasy is back for matchday 2 after some one-sided wins and some surprises such as Real Madrid, Dortmund and PSG losing in Matchday 1. This week kicks off with Lokomotiv Moscow against Bayern Munich on 27th October.
These are our must-have and differential picks from each team:

Lokomotiv Moscow Vs Bayern Munich


Lokomotiv Moscow:

Anton Miranchuk (5M/0%/MID): Anton offers stability in the midfield and is on set-piece duties and penalties. While Bayern is certainly a tough match, playing at home might just give an edge if Bayern makes a dangerous foul.


Bayern Munich:


Must-have: Robert Lewandowski (12M/50%/FWD): Everything is clear when it comes to Lewy, 10 goals in 5 Bundesliga matches are very promising, it’s just a matter of time before he translates it to UCL too and this might just be the match.

Differential: Lucas Hernandez (5M/1%/DEF): With the absence of Davies due to his injury, Lucas should take his place at left-back and considering his price tag and a high clean sheet probability, he’s definitely a great asset for this matchday.


Shakhtar Donetsk Vs Inter Milan 


Shakhtar Donetsk:

Tete (5M/4%/MID): After his eye-catching performance vs Real Madrid, Tete will surely be in many #UCLFantasy teams this week and rightfully so, despite the matchup vs Inter. The fast winger can both create and gets into many goalscoring chances so he might be a tasty option.

Differential: Manor Solomon (5.5M/1%/MID): The Israeli Shakhtar left-winger is another one of our differentials as he’s been involved in a goal every 141 minutes this season.


Inter Milan:

Must-have: Lukaku (11M/7%/FWD): The prominent Belgian striker has proven that he’s still got it this season netting 7 times in 6 matches combined in Serie A and Champions League. His fairly low ownership might be justified by his price, but it’s certainly a good time to check him out.

Differential: Barella (7M/1%/MID): Often involved in chances with a decent potential of ball recoveries, Barella offers both for an understandable price tag.

Olympique de Marseille Vs Manchester City


Olympique Marseille:


Must have/Differential: Mickael Cuisance (5.5M/0%/MID): At 0%, Cuisance is a really attractive option if he plays as a number 10 and given the low interest in Marseille players which is understandable given their opponents, he might give you an edge if things go Marseille’s way.


Manchester City:

Must have:
Kevin De Bruyne (11.5M/3%/MID): De Bruyne is finally back and Guardiola can rest assured knowing KDB will do his best to continue his world-class form.

Differential: Ferran Torres (7.5M/0%/MID): Torres should start this weekend and given his previous form in the competition it would be hard to ignore his potential in this game.

Liverpool Vs FC Midtjylland 



Must have:
Andrew Robertson (6.5M/12%/DEF): Robertson is a well-known face in the competition and he’s facing one of the weakest teams in the competition, talk about an assist potential.
Differential: Diogo Jota (7.5M/1%/MID): Jota is set to get his first start as a Liverpool player and so far he made the most out of his Liverpool minutes.


FC Midtjylland:

Must have/Differential:
Anders Dreyer (6M/0%/FWD): 3 goals and 2 assists in 5 Danish league appearances really make Dreyer a hot option against rotated Liverpool squad and he managed to notch 3 points despite his team losing in MD1.

Borussia Mönchengladbach Vs Real Madrid 


Borussia Mönchengladbach:

Must have/Differential:
Jonas Hofmann (7M/0%/MID): Hofmann has been in hot form this season in both Bundesliga and Champions League and given the fact that he wasn’t starting in the weekend game against Mainz, he might offer freshness and continue his involvement streak.


Real Madrid:

Must have:
Karim Benzema (10.5M/4%/FWD): Maybe he’s a bit boring as a pick but he has shown that the team just reaches the next level with him in the side.
Differential: Ferlan Mendy (5.5M/3%/DEF): The potent right-back has been nothing but solid for Real Madrid this season but due to the weak team performance vs Shakhtar he may be under the radar to most people, even though he played solid throughout the game.

Atletico Madrid Vs RB Salzburg 


Atletico Madrid:

Must have:
Luis Suarez (10M/5%/FWD): The prominent Uruguay striker is slightly doubtful for the match but if he does start he’ll be one to watch.

Kieran Trippier (5M/4%/DEF): The Englishman is well acquainted with set pieces, what more could you want?


Red Bull Salzburg:

Must have:
Zlatko Junuzovic (5.5M/3%/MID): Cheap and efficient in a team with attacking mindset.

Dominik Szoboszlai (7M/1%/MID): One of the best young playmakers in the game is determined to keep up with the good performances on the big stage.

Porto Vs Olympiacos



Must have/Differential:
Pepe (5M/1%/DEF): He might not have had a good game against City except the 3 points he won for ball recoveries but the next game against Olympiacos is a good one to turn it around considering that they struggled to create good chances and only edged Marseille by a goal in extra time.



Must have/Differential: Jose Sa (4.5M/5%/GK): He is a great budget in what is considered a good defensive team. Sa also kept a clean sheet against Marseille last week.

Atalanta Vs Ajax



Must have:
Alejandro Gomez (8.5M/16%/FWD): He offers great value if you want a player from one of the most dangerous attacking trios in the world.

Duvan Zapata (9.5M/4%/FWD): Zapata is the most consistent player for Atalanta and Ajax should have a hard time dealing with his physicality and sharpness.



Must have:
Nicolas Tagliafico (5M/8%/DEF): He is the best defensive option from Ajax and occasionally chips in with a goal or assist.

Lassina Traore (5M/7%/FWD): Traore is coming off an incredible game where he scored 5 goals and assisted 3 in a thumping 0-13 win against VVV in the Eredivisie. His next game will be one to watch.

Krasnodar Vs Chelsea


Must have:
Matvei Safonov (4.5M/0%/GK): Probably the best young Russian goalkeeper, an expert at shot-stopping and penalties could have many saves versus a potent Chelsea side.



Differential: Reece James (5M/2%/DEF): He is placed in one of the easiest groups in the tournament and has a good clean sheet in almost every game. The next game against Krasnodar being one of them.

Istanbul Basaksehir Vs PSG


Istanbul Basaksehir:

Must have/Differential:
Visca (7M/0%/MID): Right winger of Basaksehir has been named as the best player of the Turkish Superleague for 2 consecutive years now, understandable given his last season impact of 13 goals and 13 assists. Even though his team got dominated in the first match vs Leipzig he has shown that he has the quality and is the most likely player to score in this very hard group for his team.


Paris Saint-Germain:

Must have:
Kylian Mbappe (11M/23%/FWD): Mbappe is the most dangerous player at PSG and forms a formidable duo with Neymar. He should have plenty of good opportunities to score against Istanbul.

Ferencvaros Vs Dynamo Kyiv



Must have/Differential:
Tokmac Nguen (6.5M/0%/MID): Nguen has been one of the best players for his team scoring 5 goals in 6 games in the league.


Dynamo Kyiv:

Must have/Differential:
Gerson Rodrigues (4.5M/5%/FWD): One of the cheapest forwards in the game, if you expect Kyiv to score some goals against a team that conceded 5 last week then you can expect Gerson to be involved.

Juventus Vs FC Barcelona 



Must have/Differential:
Dejan Kulusevski (8M/1%/MID): Kulusevski has been a real find for Juventus and now he goes up against a Barcelona side that has struggled defensively in recent times.



Must have:
Ansu Fati (8M/33%/MID): Fati is one of the most talented youngsters in the world breaking goal scoring records such as being the youngest goalscorer in UCL history last week. Juventus should be a good challenge for him.

Club Brugge Vs Lazio


Club Brugge:

Must have:
Charles De Ketelaere (4.5M/MID/6M): De Ketelaere put on an impressive show against Zenit, eventually scoring the winning goal. Now he plays Lazio that have a possible covid outbreak at the club so there could be heavy rotation.



Must have/Differential:
Ciro Immobile (10.5M/2%/FWD):He is simply the most lethal force in the team and also chipped in with a goal and assist in his last game against former team Borussia Dortmund.

Manchester United Vs RB Leipzig


Manchester United:

Must have:
Marcus Rashford (9M/3%/MID): I prefer him over his teammate Bruno Fernandes because he is more likely to score from open play. Which I prefer rather than expecting returns from penalties most the times.


RB Leipzig:

Must have:
Angelino (5M/16%/DEF): He has found his shooting boots being one of the top goal scorers while playing as left-back in a very strong defensive team.

Dortmund Vs Zenit 


Borussia Dortmund:

Must have:
Erling Haaland (11M/37%/FWD): Haaland is as consistent as it gets. He has scored in his last 6 games and he could easily make it 7 against Zenit.


Zenit St. Petersburg:

Must have:
William Barrios (4.5M/47%/MID): He will be a gem of a player at 4.5M if he keeps getting ball recovery points as he did last week.

Sevilla Vs Rennes (Wednesday 28th October 8:00 PM GMT)



Must have/Differential:
Diego Carlos (5M/3%/DEF): Sevilla might not be one of the strongest teams offensively but they got a good defence and even managed to shut down Chelsea away last week.



Sehrou Guirassy (6.5M/1%/FWD): He is a good differential option at 6.5M.

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