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UCL Fantasy – Ball Recovery Bosses

Ball recoveries are an important aspect of scoring in UCL Fantasy, and tipster JP takes a look at the players who are the best at them in this article.

Today marks the start of the 2022/23 UCL season, and that means we need to get a move on with our UCL Fantasy team selections!

One key feature of UCL Fantasy scoring is the inclusion of ball recoveries as a points-earning stat, with players getting one point added to their tally for every three balls recovered. This means that players that put in the hard defensive work for their teams are better rewarded for their contributions and that defenders and defensive midfielders can be useful for racking up points whether their teams are winning, losing, or drawing. For example, Liverpool’s Fabinho managed a huge 73 ball recoveries in total during the 2021/22 UCL season, earning him 21 of the 46 points he scored (note that the points offset is due to individual game totals).

Below, we have compiled a list of some of the top ball-recovering defenders or midfielders from last season and highlighted some new players to look out for during the 2022/23 campaign.

Last Year’s Top Ball Recoverers in UCL Fantasy


Éder Militão

🛡️ Position: DEF

💸 Price: €5.5M

⚪ Club: Real Madrid

It was Éder Militão who accumulated the most ball recoveries during the 2021/22 UCL campaign, playing as a core member of Real’s Champions League winning team. He earned 76 ball recoveries in total, translating to 23 pts. Real begin the defence of their title with a favourable fixture against Celtic and they have a relatively easy group in general (Celtic, RB Leipzig, Shaktar Donetsk), so he could be a solid pick again.


Reinildo Mandava

🛡️ Position: DEF

💸 Price: €4.5M

🐻 Club: Atlético Madrid

Atlético defender Reinildo registered the second most ball recoveries in UCL Fantasy last season, obtained while playing Champions League football for both Lille and Atlético. He finished just behind Eder Militão on 75 balls recovered (23 pts), despite only being involved up until the quarter-final stage. He may not be as busy as he was in his Lille days, but Atlético have a good first fixture at home to FC Porto, and he could represent great value at just €4.5M.



🎯 Position: MID

💸 Price: €6M

🔴 Club: Liverpool

Fabinho’s ball-winning abilities make him a key cog in the Liverpool machine, evidenced by the 73 ball recoveries (21 pts) he racked up on their journey to being last season’s Champions League runners-up, working at a rate of 8.4 ball recoveries per 90 min. On the other hand, his limited goal involvements may make his €6M price a little too high to justify in the group stage while cheaper and more attacking options are available.


Thiago Silva

🛡️ Position: DEF

💸 Price: €5.5M

🔵 Club: Chelsea

Tuchel seems to rely heavily on Thiago Silva’s quality and experience on a regular basis, especially in the Champions League. Despite this, the 37-year-old veteran has not only proven that he can meet the demand but that he is also still one of the world’s best. Silva played almost all of Chelsea’s 2021/22 UCL campaign and accrued 64 ball recoveries in the process, earning him 18 pts. They begin this UCL season with a kind opening fixture against Dinamo Zagreb.


Nicolás Otamendi

🛡️ Position: DEF

💸 Price: €4.5M

🦅 Club: Benfica

During last season’s group stage, Benfica managed four clean sheets out of 6, shutting Dynamo Kyiv and Barcelona out twice each and only conceding in their games against Bayern Munich. Otamendi proved to be a reliable source of ball recoveries throughout the campaign, racking up 63 ball recoveries (18 pts) on their journey to the quarter-finals. They are currently top of the Primeira Liga with five wins out of five and only three goals conceded, and Otamendi has been earning 10.8 ball recoveries per 90 min, so he’s certainly one to consider for their favourable opening fixture at home to Maccabi Haifa.

Ones to Look Out for


Below are several players who did not take part in the last UCL season, but who are ones to look out for this term on account of their ball recovery potential. They are listed here alongside their ball recoveries per 90 min stats from their current domestic league campaigns (or for previous seasons, where appropriate).

Wesley Fofana – Chelsea (€5M, DEF) – 7.5 recoveries per game (Europa League, Leicester)

Nico Schlotterbeck – Borussia Dortmund (€5M, DEF) – 8.0 recoveries per game (Bundesliga 2022/23)

Cristian Romero – Tottenham (€5M, DEF) – 9.7 recoveries per game (UCL 2020/21, Atalanta)

Luca Pellegrini – Eintracht Frankfurt (€4.5M, DEF) – 10.7 recoveries per game (Bundesliga 2022/23)

Aurélien Tchouaméni – Real Madrid (€6M, MID) – 7.5 recoveries per game (La Liga 2022/23)

Oumar Solet – RB Salzburg (€4.5M, DEF) – 10.7 recoveries per game (Austrian Bundesliga 2022/23)

Ball recovery stats taken from Squawka (data provided by Opta).

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

How to Win UCL Fantasy: Tips from 21/22 Champion Daniel Turon

UCL Fantasy 22/23 season is just a few hours away, and we have 21/22 champion Daniel Turon to share his tips with us for the upcoming tournament.

First off, congratulations on becoming the champion! So when did you feel like you were going to win it all? Did you have any nerves?

Daniel: Thank you so much! I never really felt like I had it in the bag until the final whistle honestly. And in terms of nerves, they were actually through the roof for that reason. The worst (besides the final) would have been the second leg of the Manchester City vs. Atlético Madrid match, where it felt like City would concede every two minutes. I had three City defenders and still cannot believe they pulled through that game.

Did you have a strategy in the way you played last season? Did the teams of your close opponents have any effect?

Daniel: I did take into consideration the other teams in the final match, with each team I made, I was comparing hypothetically what the runner-ups could pick and what they’d need to catch me. This probably just resulted in me ‘overthinking and creating stupid tactics’ in the words of Pep Guardiola. But I was able to pull through in the end!

Which accounts, podcasts, websites, etc, do you follow, if any, or use for UCL Fantasy?

Daniel: I read most of the articles by ‘Never Manage Alone,’ who I’ve now had the lucky opportunity to write for. Besides that, the only fantasy content I got was just by frequenting the FantasyCL subreddit.

What are your top 5 tips for UCL Fantasy managers?

Daniel: Follow your gut and analysis over others. You’ll be way less upset if you’re wrong.

Plan your transfers for the next weeks. Like, create actual hypothetical drafts to make sure your wildcard + transfer plans will make sense.

Don’t underestimate ball recoveries. They add up and really give the edge to managers who take them seriously. Use an actual stats database such as fbref.com to compare players.

What would be your advice for new players

Daniel: Have fun, pick players you have a really good feeling about, even if others may not. My brother (new to UCL Fantasy) posted about Haaland at 4.5M a couple of years back and was told he’s not a great pick. Still, if you want to play seriously, immerse yourself in fantasy content. Visit the subreddit, read articles, watch content creators, whatever. You want to hear about all the viable picks people are taking, and then do your own analysis and make it your own squad.

Who was your MVP in UCL Fantasy last year?

Daniel: My MVP was most certainly Benzema. In the first leg of the quarter-finals, with the absence of Sane, I dropped from 7th to ~50. So, as a differential, I captained Benzema in the second leg, while nearly EVERYONE chose Lewandowski. Of course, Benzema scored a hatty that game and Lewandowski blanked. From then on, I swore to back Benzema always, and to this day, I still refuse to take him out.

Which position is the best to invest players in – forward, midfield, or defence?

Daniel: This year, I want four premium forwards. There are just so many options that it feels like it is a must to put down big money there.

Do you prefer defenders with attacking potential or those who are good at ball recoveries?

Daniel: It really depends on the price. I find some attacking defender options for the budget very tempting (Rensch, Tavares, Mendes). But I never have been too attracted to the premium dollar defenders. Really my priority is just the cheapest guys who have clean sheet odds. Then I’ll filter those by who has something extra—either ball recoveries in the top 15 percentile or some goal involvement probability.

Do you believe in going template or having certain differentials in your team every week? If so, how many?

Daniel: I have never taken much consideration of popularity in picks. Even with only template picks, there’s enough of them around that your team will end up different enough with transfers and everything. Just pick who you think will do well. Then if you end up close to the top of the leaderboard or your mini-league in the final stretch, now you can start thinking about differentials. My favorite differentials are generally captain swaps rather than new players (Benzema over Lewandowski).

Do you generally prefer a combination of big hitters + enablers or a spreading of funds? Along those lines, are there any players you think are notably undervalued? (@JP__Football)

Daniel: My strategy in the group stage last year was to first load up on as many good value low budget picks as possible, then just grab a bunch of premiums. I’ve gone even harder on that strategy this year. Maybe too far…. we will see, but I certainly do have many premiums. 4/5…. should be interesting and fun.

Two picks that are must-haves for the first MD or group stage, in your opinion (@BigBallzz_Pod)

Daniel: For the group stage in general, I’d say in his current form, I respect those who are brave enough not to pick Haaland. I am not. Lewandowski is also very enticing if you can afford to transfer him out after MD1.

Could you share the chip strategy that you have in mind for now? (@alboteanu_cata)

Daniel: I usually build my chip strategy around the fixture with the most enticing limitless. And then figure out how to use the wildcard from there. So I am planning on using limitless for GW3, and wildcard for GW4. Although I know, many won’t prefer that because then you aren’t taking advantage of the mirrored fixtures for MD3-MD4.

What matchdays should the wildcards be used?

Daniel: There are many strategies to make this work. There’s no one answer. Although all the strategies I have seen and liked used the WC at MD4 at the latest. Another very nice strategy is to make a free hit team for MD1, wildcard on MD2, and keep that team all the way to MD6, taking advantage of both mirrored fixtures. And then use the limitless MD6 and pick teams less likely to rotate. This is far better structured for transfers than mine. But doesn’t have as big mismatches in fixtures for the limitless.

Your teams to target for the start of the tournament?

Daniel: Haifa and Plzen’s opponents. Manchester City is also very strong, and with Haaland as a high-scoring threat against any team IMO.

The player that you think is being overlooked the most and why?

Daniel: Haaland. Only 47% have him…. on a real note, I don’t have any completely unheard-of picks. I’ve got a couple of 1%, though. Rensch is a 4.5M defender for Ajax with a couple of goal involvements already. Many may be scared away by Liverpool on MD2. But Liverpool’s scoring threat hasn’t looked amazing this season, besides the one obvious game.

Do you have a first draft that you could share with us?

Daniel: Unfortunately, I don’t want to share my actual draft for two reasons. First, I don’t want anyone who wants a free team that should be pretty good on paper to copy me. And for those that are serious players, I don’t want you to get too caught up in choosing a similar team to mine because there are sooo many viable teams that are just as good or maybe better that look completely different. Just enjoy making your own team, and read about tips for players to scout, but don’t start with drafting a team similar to a more experienced player.

That said, I am happy to give my thoughts on any player picks, and can be found on Reddit. Either in the FantasyCL subreddit or by PM’ing me on u/all_u_can_eat_soup.

A big thank you to the champion again for letting us interview him. We wish him all the best as he looks to defend his title next season!

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

UCL Fantasy: 5 Bargain Buys for the Upcoming Season

UCL Fantasy is now just a few days away, and with an exciting new season ahead of us, tipster Yash looks at the top bargains you should consider for the start of the season.

With UCL Fantasy starting in a week, let us look at five absolute bargains this upcoming season.

Jamal Musiala

🎯 Position: MID

🔴 Club: Bayern Munich

💸 Price: €7M

Bayern’s teen sensation has been priced at €7M in the game, being assigned in the midfield role. In reality, he has been playing as a striker for the goal-heavy machine of Bayern. He has already scored two goals in the Bundesliga, and is one of the highest-scoring players in Bundesliga Fantasy so far with 41 points, despite having played a game less. In my opinion, he also looks nailed in the Bayern team and is a must-pick in UCL Fantasy this year.

Khvicha Kvaratskhelia

🎯 Position: MID

🔵 Club: Napoli

💸 Price: €5.5M

Napoli’s newfound gem Khvicha has been priced at a measly €5.5M, which makes him criminally underrated. The reason? He’s currently the highest points scorer in the Serie A fantasy, having already scored three goals in the league and has formed a deadly strike partnership with Osimhen. At €5.5M, he is going to provide insane value.

Youssoufa Moukoko

⚽ Position: FWD

🐝 Club: Borussia Dortmund

💸 Price: €5M

Dortmund’s 17-year-old prodigy is ready to make a move up. With the departure of Erling Haaland and the subsequent detection of testicular cancer in new signing Sebastian Haller has meant that his time is now. Moukoko looks nailed and is a part of an attacking Dortmund side with Reus and Bellingham. He has also scored once already—an excellent option as a third forward for your team.

Joe Gomez

🛡️ Position: DEF

🟥 Club: Liverpool

💸 Price: €4.5M

Simply a case of the right price at the right time, Gomez is fairly nailed in the Liverpool setup, owing to injuries to Joel Matip and Ibrahima Konate. Although he doesn’t provide an attacking threat, he is a bargain pick at €4.5M in order to own a piece of the Liverpool defence.

Simon Mignolet

🧤 Position: GKP

🐻 Club: Club Brugge

💸 Price: €4.5M

Weird? You might be wondering what Simon Mignolet is doing on this list. Well, he has now become a bargain because of how the groups have been drawn. Brugge have been drawn with a leaky Porto, struggling Leverkusen, and an inconsistent Atlético Madrid. As such, one can expect a fair few cleansheets from Mignolet. A great option to have as your second keeper. Don’t be surprised if Club Brugge crack the Round of 16.

Special Mention: Hans Vanaken (€7M/MID/Club Brugge) – He is the team’s captain and talisman, so I am selecting him for the same reason as Mignolet.

With the help of these players, I am sure you will be able to outscore and outwit your friends and rivals.

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

UCL Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 6

UCL Fantasy is back for the last round of the group stages, and in our player rankings for matchday 6, we look at the top 10 players in each position before we receive another wildcard for the round of 16.

UCL Fantasy Forward Rankings


1Robert LewandowskiBayern Munichvs Barcelona€11.9MRevenge game + an opportunity to send Barcelona to the Europa League? Lewandowski will take that with both hands.
2Sébastien HallerAjaxvs Sporting CP€9.2MSporting CP were thrashed 1-5 in the reverse fixture with Haller scoring four goals. With key defensive players missing for Sporting again, such as Coates, Feddal, Adan, and Vingare, this game could end up along similar lines. Especially with the extra incentive for Haller to break the UCL record for most goals in the tournament and the record for scoring a goal in each group stage game, which only Ronaldo has done so far.
3Paulo DybalaJuventusvs Malmö FF€9.2MWith a possible contract extension looming, Dybala has been playing his best football and has a goal in each of his last two games. A good performance against one of the worst teams in the tournament will push his case for a hefty pay raise even more.
4Cristiano RonaldoManchester Unitedvs Young Boys€11.3MNeed a goal in the Champions League? You can always rely on Ronaldo.
5Kylian MbappéPSGvs Club Brugge€10.8MPSG might not be at their best with two draws in their last two games, but Mbappé has been their most reliable goal-scorer and has three goals and two assists in just three Champions League games against Club Brugge. That being said, the Belgian team will try to play out of their skin and hold PSG to a draw again to secure Europa League qualification.
6Thomas MüllerBayern Munichvs Barcelona€9.6M*Assuming that he starts*

No one is more excited about this game than Müller. He has already sent out a warning to Barcelona after Lewandowski was snubbed for the Ballon d'Or, and there is a valid reason why they should be worried about him. Müller is in absolutely unreal form with a goal involvement in each of his last seven Bundesliga games (two goals, nine assists). There is no team he has a better record against in the UCL than Barcelona, with seven goals and two assists in just six games against the Blaugrana.
7Vinícius JúniorReal Madridvs Inter Milan€8.5MIf Benzema misses out, Vinícius Júnior is the next best thing that Real Madrid have in attack and he has 12 goals and seven assists in just 21 games for the club this season.
8Duvan ZapataAtalantavs Villareal€9.8M
9Karim AdeyemiRB Salzburgvs Sevilla€7.7MDespite a really disappointing run of five games across all competitions where he hasn't scored, Adeyemi at home shouldn't be totally disregarded in a must-win game.
10Edin DžekoInter Milan@Real Madrid€7.9MChoosing between Džeko and Martínez has always felt like a coin toss, but the latter has ZERO goals and assists in the UCL so far, meaning we have a clear winner.

UCL Fantasy Midfielder Rankings


1Mohamed SalahLiverpool@AC Milan€10.8MSince 21st August, Salah has blanked in just one of his 17 games while scoring 18 goals and assisting seven. So I wouldn't be too worried about how he performs as long as he starts.
2Bruno FernandesManchester Unitedvs Young Boys€10.8MBruno is made for Rangnick's style of play, and it is only time till he gets back to his old levels. The game against Young Boys is a good place to start.
3Riyad MahrezManchester City@RB Leipzig€9.3MThe amount of space that Leipzig wing-backs give up is any wingers dream, and with the team struggling to put even three fit center-backs in the starting XI, it doesn't get any better for the City attackers.
4Ángel Di MaríaPSGvs Club Brugge€9M
5Juan CuadradoJuventusvs Malmö FF€7.9MAlthough there are other options like Kulusevski and Bernardeschi, reverse OOP Cuadrado who is listed as a midfielder but playing as a right-back has been their most consistent 'midfielder' in attack.
6Christopher NkunkuRB Leipzigvs Manchester City€8.2MI did not have much hope from the reverse fixture's hattrick hero until I heard City might rotate and start Aké.
7Mario PašalićAtalantavs Villareal€7.9MGuessing whether he starts or not is playing like minesweeper but if he does, he could be a great differential pick with five goals in his last two home games, including a hattrick against Venezia.
8Kinglsey ComanBayern Munichvs Barcelona€8.5M
9Marco ReusBorussia Dortmundvs Beşiktaş J.K.€8.1MWith Haaland possibly being rested in this meaningless game, it would make BVB reliant on Reus to score goals against the second-worst defence in the tournament.
10Mason MountChelsea@Zenit€7.5MMount is in form with a goal+assist in each of his last two games and with rumors that Pulisic might be deployed as a wing-back, Mount is a clear choice when it comes to picking a Chelsea midfielder.

UCL Fantasy Defender Rankings


1Reece JamesChelsea@Zenit€5.3MChelsea have conceded in each of their last three games, so it might be best to diversify and get just one defender from the team.
2Alphonso DaviesBayern Munichvs Barcelona€6.1MThe last time Barcelona faced Bayern Munich, they failed to register even a single shot on target at home.
3Nicolás OtamendiBenficavs Dynamo Kyiv€5MOtamendi was a monster in the last game against Barcelona with a cleansheet, 16 ball recoveries (five points), and a goal that was ruled out for offside for a well deserved MOTM performance. I would expect a similar performance against a Kyiv team that has scored just once in five games.
4Matthijs de LigtJuventusvs Malmö FF€5.8MPotential for a cleansheet+ball recoveries against the worst attack in the tournament.
5Daley BlindAjaxvs Sporting CP€5.6M
6Raphael GuerreiroBorussia Dortmundvs Beşiktaş J.K.€6.1MOn set-pieces including penalties but still a doubt whether he starts or not.
7Éder MilitãoReal Madridvs Inter Milan€5.6MA steady source of ball recovery bonus points and has a good floor (incase he doesn't keep a cleansheet).
8César AzpilicuetaChelsea@Zenit€5.6M
9Nuno MendesPSGvs Club Brugge€4.9MPSG might rotate most of their backline for this game, so I am still skeptical of whether they keep a cleansheet or not. However, they have one of the best cleansheet odds among all teams playing on Tuesday and Mendes is worth a shout as a budget defender.
10Kyle WalkerManchester City@RB Leipzig€5.7M



1Manuel NeuerBayern Munichvs Barcelona€6.3M
2Edouard MendyChelsea@Zenit€6.3M
3Odysseas VlachodimosBenficavs Dynamo Kyiv€5.1MThe best sub €5.5M keeper for this matchday.
4Mattia PerinJuventusvs Malmö FF€4.5M
5Ivo GrbićLOSC Lille@Wolfsburg€5MLille have only conceded three goals so far, and with a draw enough to secure qualification, they won't mind sitting back and defending against an uninspired Wolfsburg team.
Bonus Gianluigi DonnarummaPSGvs Club Brugge€6.2MPossibly the best keeper playing on Tuesday.

Value Rankings


1Tanguy NianzouDEFBayern Munichvs Barcelona€3.9MAs cheap as cheap can get and a solid bonus points magnet.
2Divock OrigiFWDLiverpool@AC Milan€6.4MHis late game heroics have finally earned him a spot in the starting XI and it is hard to not score when you have a star-studded cast of Salah and Mané around you.
3Jonathan DavidFWDLOSC Lille@Wolfsburg€7.8MDeserves more respect for someone leading the golden boot race in a league consisting of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappé.
4AntonyFWDAjaxvs Sporting CP€7.8M
5Reinildo MandavaDEFLOSC Lille@Wolfsburg€5.2M
6Jamal MusialaMIDBayern Munichvs Barcelona€6.6MAlthough he didn't turn out to be the budget hero we thought he would be before the start of the tournament, he has another chance to redeem himself in a game where Bayern won't settle for anything less than three points.
7Brahim DíazMIDAC Milanvs Liverpool€6.2MLiverpool could rest their first team defenders in this game, giving Díaz the opportunity to shine in a must win game if they are to qualify.
8Diego CarlosDEFSevilla@RB Salzburg€5.1M
9CristianoDEFSheriff Tiraspol@Shakhtar Donetsk€5MCristiano was the MOTM in the reverse fixture with two assists, and a cleansheet. Five matchdays later, Shakhtar are one of three teams that have only scored one goal so far and the club from Moldova will be confident and fancy their chances in this game.
10Luis DíazFWDPortovs Atlético Madrid€7.9MIt has largely gone unnoticed, but Atlético Madrid aren't as good defensively as they used to be, and Porto's 12 goal striker will hope to help the team secure three points and a place in the knockouts.

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 21/22 season here.

UCL Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 5

UCL Fantasy Matchday 5 is here and in this article, we take a look at the best players to consider for the penultimate week of the Champions League group stages.

UCL Fantasy Forward Rankings


1Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€11.8M13 goals, 2 assists in his last eight games and counting...
2Sébastien HallerAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€9.1MAjax are currently third for the most goals in the Champions League this season whereas, Beşiktaş are second for the most goals conceded. You can expect some goals from this game, especially from the away team.
3Karim BenzemaReal Madrid@Sheriff Tiraspol€10.2MSheriff Tiraspol have conceded 20 more shots (102) than the second-worst team - Malmö FF (82) and with a record this bad, you would expect Benzema to score in his fourth consecutive Champions League game this season.

Vinícius Júnior (€8.3M) is also worth a shout as a differential.
4Karim AdeyemiRB Salzburg@LOSC Lille€7.5MLille have just been a shadow of themselves from their title-winning season and are currently languishing at 12th in the Ligue 1 with a negative GD. They are winless in their last seven games and if form is anything to go by, Adeyemi could be destructive against them just like on MD2 where he scored 2 goals and won a penalty in a MOTM performance for 15 points.
5Duvan ZapataAtalanta@Young Boys€9.7MZapata's importance to this Atalanta attack cannot be stressed enough. He is currently on a five-game goal-scoring streak.
6Lautaro MartínezInter Milanvs Shakhtar Donetsk€10M
7Thomas MüllerBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€9.6MWhen you have other big names such as Lewandowski, Sané and Gnabry in your team, it can be easy to forget what an incredible season Müller is having. He has a return in each of his last 6 games for a total of 2 goals and 7 assists. More goal involvements than Lewandowski in the same period.
8Cristiano RonaldoManchester United@Villareal€11.2MNew manager bounce?
9Artem DzyubaZenit@Malmö FF€8MDzyuba is yet to open his account in the Champions League this season but with an average of 0.96 goals per 90 in the Russian Premier League, he has a solid shot at scoring his first goal against the worst team in the tournament.
10Kylian MbappéPSG@Manchester City€10.7MWhether you are on wildcard, limitless or free transfers, you might want to look elsewhere if you want a forward with a higher ceiling.

UCL Fantasy Midfielder Rankings


1Mohamed SalahLiverpoolvs Porto€10.7MAs long as he is fully fit he is a lock for the #1 midfielder spot.
2Leroy SanéBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€9.2MSané is currently the highest-scoring player in UCL Fantasy so far and has been averaging an unreal 12.75 points per game!
3Sadio ManéLiverpoolvs Porto€10.2M7 goals and an assist in 12 Premier League games makes him one to consider if you are on limitless.
4Christopher NkunkuRB Leipzig@Club Brugge€8.1MLeipzig failed to register a single shot on target in an unexpected loss against mid-table Hoffenheim in the Bundesliga but there is hope that they will bounce back in a must-win game against Club Brugge.
5Hans VanakenClub Bruggevs RB Leipzig€7.5MIt might be surprising that Leipzig have conceded the most goals so far but it makes sense given how atrocious their defence has been this season. Hans Vanaken has been Club Brugge's most important player in the UCL with 3 goals and an assist and his set-piece routines could come in handy against the team that has conceded the most of them.
6Arnaut DanjumaVillarealvs Manchester United€6.4M
7Mario PašalićAtalanta@Young Boys€7.7MPašalić hasn't been spoken about much due to his limited game time in the UCL this season but he has been Atalanta's best midfielder with 4 goals and 5 assists in 13 games. With a possible start against a Young Boys defence that has conceded 15 goals in their last 6 games, he could be a great differential pick with his 0% ownership.
8Pedro GonçalvesSporting CPvs Borussia Dortmund€8MWhenever Pongračić starts for Dortmund, my hopes of the defence doing well hits rock bottom.
9Noah OkaforRB Salzburg@LOSC Lille€5.2MDoubtful but still one of the best budget players if he starts.
10Marcus RashfordManchester United@Villareal€9MFernandes doesn't have a single shot on target in two months, Sancho doesn't have a single goal or assist for United yet and Ronaldo isn't at his goal-scoring best. The Red Devils might have to look at one of their most reliable wonderkids over the past few years for inspiration.

UCL Fantasy Defender Rankings


1Reece JamesChelseavs Juventus€5.4MReece James has 3 goals, 2 assists and 3 cleansheets in his last 4 starts for Chelsea. He is as essential in UCL Fantasy as he is in FPL.
2Daley BlindAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€5.4MAjax have only conceded 2 goals in 13 Eredivisie games this season. The team in second is Feyenoord with 13 goals conceded. This is how good their defence currently is.
3Ben ChilwellChelseavs Juventus€5.5M
4Alphonso DaviesBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€6.1MComing off a 2-1 loss to a team that you had won 80% of the games against and the absence of important players such as Kimmich, Upamecano and Süle doesn't exactly fill me with confidence here but Davies could still be great value if he plays OOP as a winger.
5Kostas TsimikasLiverpoolvs Porto€4.5MHe is no TAA, but Liverpool still have one of the best potentials for cleansheets this week.
6João CanceloManchester Cityvs PSG€6.3M
7Éder MilitãoReal Madrid@Sheriff Tiraspol€5.5M
8Milan ŠkriniarIntervs Shakhtar Donetsk€5.7M
9Yaroslav RakitskyiZenit@Malmö FF€4.9MMalmö FF and Dynamo Kyiv are the only two teams yet to score a single goal in the UCL this season.
10Diego CarlosSevillavs Wolfsburg€4.9M
BonusDavide ZappacostaAtalanta@Young Boys€4.3MThe Atalanta defence is far from the best but Zappacosta has been putting in some solid performance at wing-back for the team and is worth a shout as a differential from the Tuesday games.



1Edouard MendyChelseavs Juventus€6.2MJuventus are the only team to score against Chelsea in the Champions League this season but their cleansheet odds still remains high.
2Remko PasveerAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€4.9MRotates with Mendy since he plays on Wednesday.
3Manuel NeuerBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€6.2M
4Alisson BeckerLiverpoolvs Porto€6M
5Mikhail KerzhakovZenit@Malmö FF€4.5M

Value Rankings


1Omar RichardsDEFBayern Munich@Dynamo Kyiv€3.9MBayern might be missing lots of key players but at €3.9M you can't find any better.
2AntonyFWDAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€7.6M
3Justin TimberDEFAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€5.4MExpected to play OOP in midfield for Ajax.
4Lukas NmechaFWDWolfsburg@Sevilla€5.1MNo one has benefitted more than the managerial change at Wolfsburg than Nmecha. He has scored in each of his last four games under Kohfeldt and could be a hidden gem at just €5.1M.
5Ryan GravenberchMIDAjax@Beşiktaş J.K.€6.4MSince Antony and Berghuis are listed as forwards, Gravenberch is the best Ajax midfielder.
6Jonathan DavidFWDLOSC Lillevs RB Salzburg€7.6MLille's Canadian sensation that has 10 goals in just 14 games this season.
7Brahim DíazMIDAC Milan@Atlético Madrid€6.2M
8Sandro LauperMIDYoung Boysvs Atalanta€5.4MLauper is the leader for ball recoveries with 35 and is averaging almost 5 points per game. If you need a floor pick without much upside, he can be a safe bet for points.
9Darwin NúñezFWDBenfica@Barcelona€7.4MScored 2 goals in a MOTM performance against Barcelona in the reverse fixture.
10Maximilian WöberDEFRB Salzburg@LOSC Lille€4.1M

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 21/22 season here.

UCL Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 3

UCL Fantasy is back for matchday 3 after a short hiatus because of the International Break, and in this article, we will look at the best picks for this week, including differentials and budget picks.

UCL Fantasy Forward Rankings


1Romelu LukakuChelsea FCvs Malmö FF€10.5MHe might've failed to find the net in his last six games for Chelsea but against the worst defence in the tournament, I would back him to score a goal or two.
2Robert LewandowskiBayern Munich@Benfica€11.6MEach game is like an audition for Lewandowski to push his name for the Ballon d'Or nominations even further and he has been playing the best football of his life with 15 goals in 11 games across all competitions this season, blanking in just one of those games.
3Erling HaalandBorussia Dortmund@Ajax€11MThere are many other tempting forwards this week but Haaland is the most fixture proof and could easily score multiple goals on his day, regardless of the opponent.
4Karim BenzemaReal Madrid@Shakhtar Donetsk€10MTwo games in a row against Shakhtar Donetsk is just what he needs to replicate his domestic goal-scoring form in the UCL.
5Lionel MessiPSGvs RB Leipzig€11MLeipzig might've had the best defence in the Bundesliga last season but they've already conceded the most goals so far with eight and this could be another high-scoring fixture.
6Gabriel JesusManchester City@Club Brugge€8.5MProbably the best sub-€10M forward for this week, especially if you are expecting City to thrash Club Brugge at home.
7Cristiano RonaldoManchester Unitedvs Atalanta€11MUnited and their attackers might be in bad form but Atalanta could miss as many as four first team defenders for this game.
8Timo WernerChelseavs Malmö FF€9MIf it wasn't obvious already, I am very high on Chelsea this week despite their lackluster performances recently.
9Lautaro MartínezInter Milanvs Sheriff Tiraspol€10MSheriff are no pushovers but this is a must win game for Inter.
10Sébastien HallerAjaxvs Borussia Dortmund€8.7M

UCL Fantasy Midfielder Rankings


1Kevin De BruyneManchester City@Club Brugge€11MDe Bruyne has scored in each of his last two consecutive games and this is a great fixture to make it three times in a row.
2Mohamed SalahLiverpool@Atlético Madrid€10.5MSalah and Liverpool are peaking at the right time and whether they are playing one of the best defences in the world doesn't matter for one of the most consistent and fixture-proof players in the world.
3Leroy SanéBayern Munich@Benfica€9MAs if Bayern weren't dangerous enough already, they've scored 52 goals (average: 4.3 goals per game) and conceded just 8 times in 12 games this season under Julian Nagelsmann. Sané has been their most dangerous player over the past few games but has been unlucky to not have more goals and assists to his name.
4Kai HavertzChelseavs Malmö FF€9MIf you have a third Chelsea spot open for a midfielder then why not?
5Federico ChiesaJuventus@Zenit€9MA boom or bust player that rank chasers could look to this week.
6Pedro GonçalvesSporting CP@Beşiktaş J.K.€8MPote is by far Sporting CP's best player and had 23 goals and 3 assists last season in just 32 matches. Since he was injured at the start of the tournament, he is owned by 0% of UCL Fantasy managers and could be a great differential pick for the upcoming weeks.
7Arnaut GroeneveldVillareal@Young Boys€6MIf there was an award for the best new signing then Arnaut Danjuma would be a strong contender. He already has four goals in three starts for Villareal this season in the La Liga and has been equally impressive in the Champions League. Danjuma could be a rewarding punt with back-to-back games against Young Boys and costs just €6M.
8Marcus RashfordManchester Unitedvs Atalanta€9M
9Sérgio OliveiraPortovs AC Milan€8MAC Milan might be without as many as eight first-team players in this game and are down to their third-choice keeper, so last year's unexpected hero - Sérgio Oliveira - could certainly get a return to his name.
10Christopher NkunkuRB Leipzig@PSG€7.7M
BonusErik LamelaSevilla@LOSC Lille€6MLille have fallen in level since their title-winning campaign last season and are currently languishing at 11th in the Ligue 1 table having conceded 15 goals in just 10 games. Lamela could be a worthy punt this week but there are some concerns on whether he starts or not since he has started in just one game this season.

UCL Fantasy Defender Rankings


1Ben ChilwellChelseavs Malmö FF€5.5MChilwell already has two goals in two Premier League starts and is also on set-pieces. Solid clean sheet + attacking potential over here.
2Oleksandr ZinchenkoManchester City@Club Brugge€5.5MThe best part about matchday 3 is that City play early so the Pep Roulette isn't a worry.
3Joshua KimmichBayern Munich@Benfica€6.5MKimmich has three goals and three assists in the Bundesliga but is yet to be involved in goals in the UCL. Meanwhile, Upamecano who is a €1M cheaper is leaving him behind for total points with his ball recoveries. So, Kimmich is better for the ceiling and Upamecano for the floor.
4Reece JamesChelseavs Malmö FF€5.5MTwo games in a row against Malmö is a good bet for two clean sheets.
5Alex SandroJuventus@Zenit€5.6MJuventus might've had a rough start to the season but they've kept a clean sheet in each of their last three games across all competitions.
6Achraf HakimiPSGvs RB Leipzig€6.5MIf you can keep a clean sheet against a fierce City attack then you can keep a clean sheet against any team.
7Diego CarlosSevilla@LOSC Lille€4.5MSevilla have conceded just three goals in eight La Liga games this season and while this fixture isn't as easy, Carlos has a decent floor thanks to his ball recoveries.
8Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool@Atlético Madrid€6.5MNot the best game to keep a clean sheet but he is always worth a shout.
9Éder MilitãoReal Madrid@Shakhtar Donetsk€5M
10Juan FoythVillareal@Young Boys€4.5M



1Edouard MendyChelseavs Malmö FF€6MThe best clean sheet odds but probably not worth spending your third Chelsea spot on a keeper.
2EdersonManchester City@Club Brugge€6MRotates well with Mendy as he plays on Wednesday (Only if you are on limitless).
3Manuel NeuerBayern Munich@Benfica€6M
4Wojciech SzczęsnyJuventus@Zenit€5.5M
5Gianluigi DonnarummaPSGvs RB Leipzig€6M

Value Rankings


1Nuno MendesDEFPSGvs RB Leipzig€4.5MA much cheaper alternative to Hakimi.
2Karim AdeyemiFWDRB Salzburgvs Wolfsburg€7.1MWolfsburg are in a downward spiral and have conceded eight goals over their last three games while losing all of them. It is a "David vs Goliath" fixture on paper, but Adeyemi is unstoppable with his form right now as he already has two goals and four penalties won in two UCL games. Adeyemi is also second the most points among forwards after Haller (28) with 24 points.
3Pedro PorroDEFSporting CP@Beşiktaş J.K.€4.5MPorro plays for the best defence in the Primeira Liga, is on set-pieces (possibly penalties as well) and plays Beşiktaş for the next two matchdays.
4Ansu FatiFWDBarcelonavs Dynamo Kyiv€7.5MBarcelona's next big thing already has two goals and an assist in his first three games since he returned from injury and has been flying under the radar despite being aptly priced at €7.5M.
5Gerónimo RulliGKPVillareal@Young Boys€4.5M
6Rafa MirFWDSevilla@LOSC Lille€6.5MSevilla's in-form striker that has three goals in his last four La Liga games.
7PepeDEFPortovs AC Milan€4.5M
8Miguel GutiérrezDEFReal Madrid@Shakhtar Donetsk€4M50/50 if he starts.
9Antonio AdánGKPSporting CP@Beşiktaş J.K.€4.5M
10Maximilian WöberDEFRB Salzburgvs Wolfsburg€4MThe RB Salzburg defence is far from the best. Still, Wolfsburg will be missing their 20-goal striker Wout Weghorst due to Covid-19, and even if the team doesn't keep a clean sheet, Wöber gets a decent amount of ball recoveries for a player that costs €4M.
BonusNoah OkaforMIDRB Salzburgvs Wolfsburg€5MOkafor has four goals in nine Austrian Bundesliga games this season and despite being a midfielder, is expected to play Out of Position (OOP) up front against Wolfsburg.

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 21/22 season here.