Due to the price reviews, it seems more difficult than ever to find that hidden gem. We are here to help you out as we look over budget players in each position

Note: The tables are sorted according to values in descending order.

The list has been compiled by selecting all the players expected to start on matchday 1 within budget by Ligainsider.de

Forwards within 9M

Silas Wamangituka from VfB Stuttgart plays Out Of Position (OOP) at RWB

Patrick HermannBorussia Mönchengladbach9M
Alfreð FinnbogasonFC Augsburg9M
Yuya OsakoSV Werder Bremen9M
Lucas HölerSC Freiburg8M
Joshua SargentSV Werder Bremen8M
Fabian KlosArminia Bielefield8M
Marcus IngvartsenFC Union Berlin7M
Silas WamangitukaVfB Stuttgart7M
Jonathan BurkhardtFSV Mainz6M
Sergio CordovaArminia Bielefield6M
Steven SkrzybskiFC Schalke5M
Cedric TeuchertFC Union Berlin5M
Sasa KalajdzicVfB Stuttgart4M

Midfielders within 7M

Daniel Didavi from VfB Stuttgart plays OOP at ST and Ridle Baku from Mainz at RB

Honourable mention: Mateo Klimowicz (Stuttgart) and Wooyeong Jeong (SC Freiburg) both 1M are expected to get game time throughout the season but aren’t starters as of now.

Gio ReynaBorussia Dortmund7M
Dennis GeigerHoffenheim7M
Admir MehmediWolfsburg7M
Sebastian RodeEintracht Frankfurt7M
Danny LatzaFSV Mainz7M
Ridle BakuFSV Mainz7M
Marcel HartelArminia Bielefield7M
Daniel DidaviVfB Stuttgart7M
Orel MangalaVfB Stuttgart7M
Christoph KramerBorussia Mönchengladbach6M
Florian WirtzBayer Leverkusen6M
Dominik KohrEintracht Frankfurt6M
Nabil BentalebFC Schalke6M
Dominick DrexlerFC Koln6M
Felix KlausWolfsburg5M
Nicolas HöflerSC Freiburg5M
Grischa PrömelFC Union Berlin5M
Leandro BarreiroFSV Mainz5M
Elvis RexhbecajFC Koln5M
Rani KhediraFC Augsburg5M
Cebio SoukouArminia Bielefield5M
Manuel PrietlArminia Bielefield5M
Wataru EndoVfB Stuttgart5M
Can BozdoganFC Schalke4M
Jan ThielmannFC Koln4M
Carlos GruezoFC Augsburg4M
Patrick ErrasSV Werder Bremen4M
Gonzalo CastroVfB Stuttgart4M
Yannick KeitelSC Freiburg3M
Jomaine ConsbruchArminia Bielefield1M

Defenders within 7M

Kevin Vogt from Hoffenheim plays OOP at CDM

Moussa NiakhatéFSV Mainz7M
Sebastiaan BornauwFC Koln7M
Kevin VogtHoffenheim6M
Dominique HeintzSC Freiburg6M
Kingsley EhizibueFC Koln6M
Raphael FrambergerFC Augsburg6M
Felix UduokhaiFC Augsburg6M
Waldemar AntonVfB Stuttgart6M
Phillip LeinhartSC Freiburg5M
David AbrahamEintracht Frankfurt5M
Robin Knoche FC Union Berlin5M
Rafael CzichosFC Koln5M
Jeffrey GouweleeuwFC Augsburg5M
IagoFC Augsburg5M
Miloš VeljkovićSV Werder Bremen5M
Joakim NilssonArminia Bielefield5M
Jacob LaursenArminia Bielefield5M
Amos PieperArminia Bielefield5M
Cedric Brunner Arminia Bielefield5M
Marc-Oliver KempfVfB Stuttgart5M
Pascal StenzelVfB Stuttgart5M
Ermin BičakčićHoffenheim4M
Maxence LacroixWolfsburg4M
Niko GießelmannFC Union Berlin4M
Joshua BrenetHoffenheim3M
Jannes HornFC Koln3M

Goalkeepers within 7M

The injury to Freiburg keeper Mark Flekken means that loanee Florian Müller replaces him and becomes the cheapest starting keeper at 4M

Rafał GikiewiczFC Augsburg7M
Jiri PavlenkaSV Werder Bremen7M
Timo HornFC Koln6M
Andreas LutheFC Union Berlin5M
Stefan OrtegaArminia Bielefield5M
Gregor KobelVfB Stuttgart5M
Robin ZentnerFSV Mainz5M
Florian MüllerSC Freiburg4M

If you want to research further about which players to get and want to go through stats then you can check out the Bundesliga Fantasy Player Stats for 19/20 season here: https://fantasytipsters.com/bundesliga-fantasy-player-stats-19-20-season/

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