Matchday 1 was an exciting end to the first week of the season and now we look at players who stood out in our tactical fantasy analysis.

Which players stand out from Bayern Munich?

With the addition of Sané and removal of Thiago, Bayern has adopted an even more vertical attacking style with an emphasis on collecting the ball in the half-spaces and redistributing it almost immediately to the players running into space in behind the backline. This adaption is especially useful in a league with an emphasis on pressing. Teams who aren’t able to effectively press, in tandem with a high line will be very susceptible to players with pace. What does this mean for your fantasy team? Gnabry While he may outscore Lewandowski over the course of a season, Gnabry thrives in this system as he will be more of a cf/striker than winger and have the opportunity to use his strengths of pace and positioning. Of the two “wingers” Gnabry will have more license to shoot than to create. This may see decreased output from muller though, in terms of scoring, Gnabry’s goal-scoring ceiling will he hampered by rotation and injury risk.

Other players Kimmich v Goretzka, Kimmich gets my vote over Goretzka for a number of reasons.

1. Set piece taker

2. No competition in his position as Goretzka still has to cede time to Tolisso

3. Bigger injury risk

4. Better direct passer leading to an assist even if he drifts to the wide right channel at times (see the assist for Coman’s goal in the UCL final)

The best Bayern Munich fullback

Bayern’s fullbacks With the addition of Sane and the conversion of Kimmich to a dm, the fullbacks mainly will probably be used to create width and maintain passing options in the 2nd and 3rd 3rds of the pitch. I’m not sure where there assists and goals come from this season especially with the loss of Perisic who created shots from headers and the decreasing reliance on crossing. Pavard may be the better option since currently, he remains the only option at right-back. Davies has to compete with Lucas in a condensed season where rotation will be a more common occurrence.

Fahrmann the way to go?

Schalke’s schedule is the most beneficial fantasy-wise for this team. Gun to my head. If you have the budget, Fahrmann makes a great rotation option if you can afford two goalkeepers. Paciencia looked sharp but I’d wait till Schalke have an “easier” schedule or gets the coaches to bounce as Wagner maybe the 1st coach out this season. By that time his value would’ve dropped so he may become a budget option.

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