UCL Fantasy is back for the 21/22 season and we have created a comprehensive guide containing rules, tips and set-piece takers for each team to help you get started.

UCL Fantasy Rules


In UCL Fantasy, you will have a squad of 15 players in your team with a set number of free transfers each week to replace any player in your squad with a player who plays in the same position within the budget constraints. A maximum of one unused transfer can be carried over to the next Matchday and any additional transfer beyond the quota of free transfers will incur a -4 point deduction for the week.

Breakdown of your 15 man squad

  • 2 goalkeepers
  • 5 defenders
  • 5 midfielders
  • 3 forwards


For the start of the Champions League tournament, you will have €100 million in virtual money to spend on your squad which rises to €105 million from the round of 16 onwards.


For each gameweek, you must have one starting keeper and 10 outfield players. You can choose any formation, as long as you’ve picked one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least three midfielders and at least one forward in your starting XI. Formations can also be changed midweek as you make substitutions and bring in players off the bench. The valid formations in the game are:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-2-3
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

Price Changes

There won’t be any changes in the player’s prices until the end of Matchday 2. From Matchday 3 onwards, there will be an update for the player prices based on their performances in the first two games after which the prices will fluctuate based on how many points a player scores until the end of the season.


UCL has 13 matchdays in total that consists of six rounds of games in the group stages and two-legs or the round of 16, quarter-finals and semi-finals before the final. The deadline for each matchday is the first match’s kick-off after which you won’t be able to make any transfers for the week but you will be able to make substitutions throughout the matchday.

Matchday 1Tuesday, 14th September, time TBC
Matchday 2Tuesday, 28th September, time TBC
Matchday 3Tuesday, 19th October, time TBC
Matchday 4Tuesday, 2nd November, time TBC
Matchday 5Tuesday, 23rd November, time TBC
Matchday 6Tuesday, 7th December, time TBC
Matchday 7 (round of 16 1st leg)Tuesday, 15th February, time TBC
Matchday 8 (round of 16 2nd leg)Tuesday, 8th March, time TBC
Matchday 9 (quarter-finals 1st leg)Tuesday, 5th April, time TBC
Matchday 10 (quarter-finals 2nd leg)Tuesday, 12th April, time TBC
Matchday 11 (semi-finals 1st leg)Tuesday, 26th April, time TBC
Matchday 12 (semi-finals 2nd leg)Tuesday, 3rd May, time TBC
Matchday 13 (final)Saturday, 28th May, time TBC

Tip: It is a good idea to have players who play across different days on a matchday so that you have plenty of captaincy options to choose from.

Fantasy UCL Substitutions


Manual Substitutions

You can make as many substitutions as you would like during the matchday and after the matches on a single day are finished and before the matches on the next day kick-off, you can sub out a maximum of four players unless they have been sent off and change your captain to another player who is yet to play. Any points scored by the player who has been subbed off will be lost just like the captaincy bonus if you change the player with the armband.


  • You can’t sub players into your starting XI, or change to a captain, who have already played in that matchday.
  • Once you confirm your subs or change of captain after they have played, those changes can’t be reversed.
  • Once the matches on the final day of the matchday have kicked off, you can’t make changes to your team. Any changes you make will only be applied to the next matchday.
  • You’ll need to save your changes before the matchday kicks off for them to take effect. If you start adjusting your squad just before the deadline, but you save your changes after it’s already passed, your changes won’t apply to that day’s matches.


Automatic Substitutions

If you don’t make any substitutions, change the order of your bench or change your captain once the matchday has begun, the players who haven’t played in your starting XI will be subbed on according to the priority of your bench from left to right.

  • In case your goalkeeper doesn’t play in a matchday, your replacement goalkeeper will be subbed in, as long as he has played (and as long as you haven’t made any other manual changes to your squad during that matchday).
  • If any of your starting outfield players don’t play in a matchday, they’ll be automatically subbed out. The player subbed in will be the highest-priority substitute who has played in the matchday, and whose substitution doesn’t break formation rules.
  • If you switch the priority order of your subs once a matchday has started, that will count as a manual substitution and no automatic substitutions will kick in for the remainder of that matchday.
  • If you save any changes to your captain or starting XI during a matchday, that will count as a manual substitution and no automatic substitutions will kick in for the remainder of that matchday. That includes changing your captain, saving, then changing back to your previous captain once the matchday has begun.

Auto substitutions will only trigger if you haven’t made any single change to your squad after the first game of the matchday has started. You can check whether it is still enabled above your line-up on the pitch.

UCL Fantasy Captain


Just like how you can substitute players off the bench for each day of the matchday, you can also change your captain pick. A player that has been selected as captain will double his points for the matchday and if you aren’t satisfied with your captain’s score then you can twist the armband to another player who is playing on a later day within the same matchday.

If your captain does not play on a particular matchday and your team is still on auto subs, he will be subbed out for a player off the bench but that player will not receive the captain’s double bonus points. All captain changes have to be done manually.


Tip: If you have plenty of captaincy options for a matchday, you can try punting on differential captains with a high ceiling for the first two days or so in hopes of getting a high score. Usually, 10+ points are considered a good score but anything above 6 is considered a decent score for a captain as well.

Fantasy UCL Scoring Rules


Players will score points based on their performances throughout the season according to the table below:

All playersAppearance1
60 minutes on the pitch1
Goal from outside the box1
Every 3 balls recovered1
Player of the match award3
Winning penalty*2
Conceding penalty*-1
Missing penalty-2
Yellow card-1
Red card-3
Own goal-2
GoalkeepersScoring a goal6
Scoring a penalty5
Clean sheet*4
Every 3 saves1
Every 2 goals conceded-1
Scoring a goal6
Clean sheet*1
Every 2 goals conceded-1
DefendersScoring a goal6
Clean sheet*4
Every 2 goals conceded-1
MidfieldersScoring a goal5
Clean sheet*1
ForwardsScoring a goal4
*When a penalty is awarded for handball, no points are awarded or deducted.


Minutes Played

A player is awarded one point for making an appearance and gains an extra point when he plays 60 minutes in a game excluding injury time. This means that extra time added to the end of each half isn’t added to a player’s total but added extra time is in case a knockout game cannot be settled in regulation time.



A player gets points for an assist whenever he plays the final pass, cross, header or shot which leads to a goal. This also applies to set plays (corners, free-kicks and throw-ins).

Players also get points for an assist if a goal is scored on the rebound when they’ve shot against the post or bar.

When an attempt on goal is blocked on the goal line by an opposing player, the player who takes that shot will get points for an assist. They’ll also get points for an assist when their pass, shot or cross leads to an own goal.

Players that win a penalty don’t get points for an assist – instead, they get two points for winning the penalty (except when the penalty is awarded for handball).

When a goal is scored from a solo run or dribble, no player is credited with the assist.


Clean sheets

Players get points for a clean sheet when they play at least 60 minutes excluding added time at the end of both halves and their team doesn’t concede a goal while they are on the pitch. If a player has already been subbed off when their team concedes a goal, that player’s clean sheet bonus won’t be affected.


Player of the Match award

One new introduction for this season is the player of the match award. At the end of every Champions League match, one player is given the Player of the Match award. This award is decided by UEFA’s technical observer panel. When a player wins this award, he’ll score an extra 3 points for that matchday.


Red cards

If a player gets a red card, they’ll continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team after they’ve been sent off. In case a player gets a yellow card and then a red card, they’ll only be penalised for the red card.

If your captain gets a red card, you can transfer the captaincy to one of your other starting XI, as long as your new captain hasn’t already played yet within the matchday but you can’t sub off players who get a red card.


Extra time and penalties

Players will keep scoring points throughout extra time. However, players who play 120 minutes can’t get double appearance or clean sheet points (2 x 60 minutes) and won’t score any points during penalty shoot-outs.


Tip: Ball recoveries might not seem too fancy but players who are good at it such as Mats Hummels (BVB), Joe Gomez (LFC) and Marquinhos (PSG), etc, offer a great floor as they can generate 1-3 points just for recovering balls in every game.



Transfers help you maximize your team’s points throughout the season and before the UEFA Champions League kicks off, you can make as many transfers as you like as long as you stay within the budget. You can also make as many transfers as you like between the group stage and round of 16.

Throughout the competition, you get free transfers each matchday, where no points will be deducted from your score. The number of free transfers you can make depends on the stage of the competition as per the table below.

For every transfer you make beyond your quota of free transfers, you’ll have four points deducted from your total. Because of the way points are calculated, this will be deducted from your overall score rather than your matchday score.

MatchdayNumber of free transfers
Before group stageUnlimited
During group stage2 per matchday
Round of 16Unlimited
Round of 16 second leg3
Quarter-finals 2nd leg3
Semi-finals second-leg3

If you don’t use your full allowance of free transfers for a matchday then you will only be able to carry forward a maximum of one free transfer to the next matchday. If you use a wildcard or limitless chip then you cannot carry forward any free transfers and once the knockout phase starts you cannot carry forward any free transfers between matchdays.

Fantasy UCL Chips


UCL Fantasy features a variety of chips that if used right, can help you score more points and boost your rank. There are two chips – Wildcard and limitless – that managers can use once throughout the competition on any matchday except 1 and 7 when everyone receives unlimited free transfers.

Unlimited transfersYesYes
Unlimited budgetNoYes
Team resets once matchday is overNoYes


The wildcard chips allow you to make multiple changes to your squad for the upcoming matchdays without taking a hit. It enables you to make unlimited free transfers and any changes that you make to your squad will be permanent once that matchday is over. Rules regarding automatic and manual substitutions still apply in addition to other rules for captaincy changes, formation constraints and the number of players you can select from each club.

If you’ve already made transfers ahead of a matchday and activate your wildcard, the transfers you’ve made previously will be cancelled, along with any points deductions.



Limitless allows you to make unlimited transfers just like wildcard but without any budget constraints. Once the matchday has finished, your squad will return to how it was before you played your Limitless chip.

The normal rules for automatic substitutions, manual substitutions and captain changes still apply when playing limitless, as well as formation constraints and the number of players you can pick from one team.

If you’ve already made transfers ahead of a matchday and you then play limitless, the transfers you’ve made previously will be cancelled, along with any points deductions.


Tip: Try to include some differentials in your squad when you activate limitless rather than selecting players only based on their price.

Champions League Set-piece Takers


The set-piece takers for each club have been sorted according to the first to the fourth choice from left to right.

TeamPenaltiesDirect free-kicksCorners and indirect free-kicks
AC MilanKessié (MID, €5.5M), Ibrahimović (FWD, €8M), Giroud (FWD, €7M)Ibrahimović (FWD, €8M), Hernandez (DEF, €5.5M), Díaz (MID, €6M)Tonali (MID, €5.5M), Bennacer (MID, €6M), Díaz (MID, €6M)
AjaxTadić (FWD, €8.5M), Labyad (MID, €6M), Klaassen (MID, €6.5M)Tadić (FWD, €8.5M), Labyad (MID, €6M), Gravenberch (MID, €6M)Tadić (FWD, €8.5M), Labyad (MID, €6M), Gravenberch (MID, €6M)
AtalantaMuriel (FWD, €8.5M), Iličić (MID, €9M)Iličić (MID, €9M), Malinovskyi (MID, €7.5M)Iličić (MID, €9M), Malinovskyi (MID, €7.5M)
Atlético MadridSuárez (FWD, €9.5M), Griezmann (FWD, €10M), Félix (MID, €9M)Trippier (DEF, €5M), Koke (MID, €6.5M), Félix (MID, €9M)Lemar (MID, €7M), Trippier (DEF, €5M), Carrasco (MID, €7M), De Paul (MID, €7.5M)
BarcelonaDepay (FWD, €8.5M), Braithwaite (FWD, €6M)Depay (FWD, €8.5M), Coutinho (MID, €8.5M)Depay (FWD, €8.5M), Coutinho (MID, €8.5M)
Bayern MunichLewandowski (FWD, €11.5M), Müller (FWD, €9.5M), Sabitzer (MID, €8M)Lewandowski (FWD, €11.5M), Sané (MID, €6M), Sabitzer (MID, €8M)Kimmich (DEF, €6.5M), Sané (MID, €6M), Gnabry (MID, €10M)
Beşiktaş J.K.Ghezzal (MID, €5.5M , Batshuayi (FWD, €5.5M), Nkoudou (MID, €6.5M)Pjanić (MID, €7M), Ghezzal (MID, €5.5M), Teixeira (MID, €6.5M)Pjanić (MID, €7M), Ghezzal (MID, €5.5M), Teixeira (MID, €6.5M), Özyakup (MID, €6.5M)
Borussia DortmundHaaland (FWD, €11M), Reus (MID, €8M)Guerreiro (DEF, €6M), Reus (MID, €8M), Hazard (MID, €8M)Reyna (MID, €7M), Reus (MID, €8M), Guerreiro (DEF, €6M)
BSC Young BoysNsame (FWD, €6M), Siebatcheu (FWD, €6.5M), Sierro (MID, €5.5M)Sierro (MID, €5.5M)Sierro (MID, €5.5M), Garcia (DEF, €4.5M), Aebischer (MID, €6M)
ChelseaJorginho (MID, €6M), Lukaku (FWD, €10.5M), Mount (MID, €7.5M)Mount (MID, €7.5M), Alonso (DEF, €5M), Havertz (MID, €9M)Mount (MID, €7.5M), Chilwell (DEF, €5.5M), Ziyech (MID, €8.5M)
Club BruggeVanaken (MID, €7M), Dost (FWD, €6.5M), Lang (MID, €6.5M)Vormer (MID, €6M), Vanaken (MID, €7M), De Ketelaere (MID, €6M)Vormer (MID, €6M), Lang (MID, €6.5M), De Ketelaere (MID, €6M)
Dynamo KyivTsygankov (MID, €7.5M), De Pena (MID, €7.5M), Rodrigues (FWD, €6M)Tsygankov (MID, €7.5M), De Pena (MID, €7.5M), Shaparenko (MID, €6M)Tsygankov (MID, €7.5M), De Pena (MID, €7.5M), Shaparenko (MID, €6M)
FC PortoOliveira (MID, €8M), Taremi (FWD, €7.5M), Martínez (FWD, €6.5M)Oliveira (MID, €8M), Costa (MID, €5.5M), Vieira (MID, €6M)Oliveira (MID, €8M), Costa (MID, €5.5M), Vieira (MID, €6M)
FC Sheriff TiraspolCastañeda (MID, €6M), Thill (MID, €5.5M), Bizjak (FWD, €5.5M)Thill (MID, €5.5M), Dulanto (DEF, €4.5M), Castañeda (MID, €6M)Thill (MID, €5.5M), Dulanto (DEF, €4.5M), Castañeda (MID, €6M)
FC ZenitAzmoun (FWD, €8M), Sutormin (MID, €5.5M), Dzyuba (FWD, €8M)Malcom (FWD, €6.5M), Santos (DEF, €4M), Rakitskyi (DEF €4.5M) Santos (DEF, €4M), Claudinho (MID, €6M)
Inter MilanMartínez (FWD, €10M), Džeko (FWD, €7.5M), Sánchez (FWD, €8M)Çalhanoğlu (MID, €8.5M), Dimarco (DEF, €4.5M), Brozović (MID, €6.5M)Çalhanoğlu (MID, €8.5M), Perišić (MID, €8M), Dimarco (DEF, €4.5M)
JuventusMorata (FWD, €9.5M), Cuadrado (MID, €8M)Dybala (FWD, €9M), Cuadrado (MID, €8M)Cuadrado (MID, €8M), Dybala (FWD, €9M), Kulusevski (MID, €8M)
LiverpoolMilner (MID, €5.5M), Salah (MID, €10.5M), Mané (MID, €10M)Alexander-Arnold (DEF, €6.5M), Salah (MID, €10.5M), Fabinho (MID, €5.5M)Robertson (DEF, €6.5M), Alexander-Arnold (DEF, €6.5M), Tsimikas (DEF, €4.5M)
LOSC LilleYılmaz (FWD, €8M), Ikoné (MID, €7M)Ikoné (MID, €7M), André (MID, €5.5M), Yazıcı (FWD, €7.5M)Yazıcı (FWD, €7.5M), André (MID, €5.5M)
Malmö FFChristiansen (MID, €6M), Čolak (FWD, €6.5M), Jo Inge Berget (MID, €5.5M)Christiansen (MID, €6M), Birmančević (MID, €6M)Christiansen (MID, €6M)
Manchester CityMahrez (MID, €9M), De Bruyne (MID, €11M), Rodri (MID, €5.5M)De Bruyne (MID, €11M), Gündogan (MID, €7M), Mahrez (MID, €9M)De Bruyne (MID, €11M), Gündogan (MID, €7M), Mahrez (MID, €9M)
Manchester UnitedRonaldo (FWD, €11M), Fernandes (MID, €10.5M), Rashford (MID, €9M)Ronaldo (FWD, €11M), Fernandes (MID, €10.5M), Rashford (MID, €9M)Shaw (DEF, €6M), Greenwood (FWD, €8M), Fernandes (MID, €10.5M)
PSGMessi (FWD, €11M), Neymar (FWD, €10.5M), Mbappé (FWD, 10.5M)Messi (FWD, €11M), Neymar (FWD, €10.5M), Di Maria (MID, €9M)Messi (FWD, €11M), Neymar (FWD, €10.5M), Di Maria (MID, €9M)
RB LeipzigSilva (FWD, €9M), Forsberg (MID, €7M)Szoboszlai (MID, €7M), Nkunku (MID, €7.5M)Angeliño (DEF, €5.5M), Szoboszlai (MID, €7M)
RB SalzburgAdeyemi (FWD, €7M), KoitaUlmer (DEF, €4.5M), CamaraUlmer (DEF, €4.5M), Seiwald (MID, €4.5M), Aaronson (MID, €5.5M)
Real MadridBenzema (FWD, €10M), Hazard (MID, €9.5M)Kroos (MID, €8M), Modric (MID, €7.5M), Isco (MID, €7M)Kroos (MID, €8M), Modric (MID, €7.5M), Isco (MID, €7M)
SevillaOcampos (MID, €8M), Rakitić (MID, €7M), En-Nesyri (FWD, €8.5M)Jordan (MID, €6.5M), Gómez (MID, €8M)Jordan (MID, €6.5M), Gómez (MID, €8M), Navas (DEF, €5M)
Shakhtar DonetskTraoré (FWD, €6.5M), Tetê (MID, €6.5M), Moraes (FWD, €6.5M)Patrick (MID, €6.5M), Solomon (MID, €6M), Marlos (MID, €6M)Maycon (MID, €5.5M), Solomon (MID, €6M)
S.L. BenficaPizzi (MID, €7M), Seferovic (FWD, €6.5M)Grimaldo (DEF, €4.5M), Weigl (MID, €5.5M), Mário (MID, €6M)Pizzi (MID, €7M), Everton (MID, €6.5M), Grimaldo (DEF, €4.5M)
Sporting CPGonçalves (MID, €8M), Cabral (FWD, €5.5M)Cabral (FWD, €5.5M), Gonçalves (MID, €8M), Porro (DEF, €4.5M)Mendes (DEF, €4.5M), Porro (DEF, €4.5M), Cabral (FWD, €5.5M), Vinagre (DEF, €5M)
VillarealMoreno (FWD, €8.5M), Alcácer (FWD, €7.5M), Gómez (MID, €6M)Parejo (MID, €6.5M), Trigueros (MID, €6M), Gómez (MID, €6M)Parejo (MID, €6.5M), Trigueros (MID, €6M), Gómez (MID, €6M)
VfL WolfsburgWeghorst (FWD, €8M), Arnold (MID, €6.5M)Arnold (MID, €6.5M)Arnold (MID, €6.5M), Phillip (FWD, €6.5M), Mehmedi (FWD, €5.5M)

Note: A few players such as Karim Adeyemi and Rachid Ghezzal haven’t been added to the game yet and the Villareal vs Atalanta fixture for Matchday 1 is missing as well so an update is pending for UCL Fantasy.

You can find additional UCL Fantasy resources for the 21/22 season here.

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