Which are the best picks for gameweek 32 in FPL? Which captain options should you consider? FPL Mayor takes a look in his free hit guide. 



Arsenal and Liverpool have by far the highest cleansheet odds this gameweek. Naturally, this makes Ramsdale and Alisson good picks at home to Southampton and Forest respectively.

The main issue is we’ll likely want three outfield players from both of these teams.

Palace are third for clean sheet odds this week which makes Johnstone at home to Everton a great pick at 4.4m (Guaita is currently injured). If you’re looking for a slightly different option, Nick Pope is also a great pick. Despite not keeping many clean sheets recently, Newcastle are still one of the best defences in the league.


The pool of defenders to choose from isn’t the best for GW32. The obvious top pick is Trent. Don’t overthink it, just put him in your team. As mentioned earlier, Liverpool and Arsenal are the favourites for a clean sheet this week. This makes Gabriel, Robertson, VVD, and White all good picks.

The problem is that we’re going to want midfielders and forwards from these teams so won’t be able to fit many defenders in. Therefore we’ll have to look to other teams like Newcastle and Palace. Trippier is the obvious next-best pick after Arsenal and Liverpool defenders due to his assist threat and a home fixture against Spurs. A cheaper alternative from Newcastle is Fabian Schär. He’s had 26 shots since the World Cup, making him one of the most dangerous CBs in terms of goal threat.

As mentioned earlier, Palace have the third highest chance of a clean sheet this week. They have some great cheap options like Andersen, Mitchell, Guéhi, and Ward if you’re struggling for defenders.


Salah and Saka are the easiest spots to fill on free hit this week. They’re the best midfield options and should both be in everyone’s teams. The third midfield spot is likely to be used on either Ødegaard or Martinelli or Bowen. Choosing between them comes down to how you evaluate Martinelli’s expected minutes for the game and Bowen’s threat in attack.

The only midfield option from Liverpool other than Salah is Gakpo. Once again it comes down to expected minutes. If he was guaranteed to start and play most of the game then he’d be an easy pick. However, Klopp now has five players for two positions alongside Salah in the front three. For me, this makes Gakpo too much of a minutes risk so I doubt I’ll be picking him.

The standout pick from the rest of the teams is James Maddison. Admittedly Leicester have been terrible of late but if there was ever a fixture to turn it around, it’s Wolves at home. His minutes don’t appear to be in question and even against City he managed to find himself on the end of a couple of chances. Some other cheaper options that I like are Eze, Olise, and Andreas. For what it’s worth if I was picking one of Eze and Olise I’d go for Eze.


The forward spots are the trickiest as there are plenty of good options. I think it comes down to picking three of the six below:

  • Solanke v WHU (H)
  • Jesus v SOU (H)
  • Watkins v BRE (A)
  • Toney v AVL (H)
  • Kane v NEW (A)
  • Isak v TOT (H)

One name not mentioned is Darwin. If he was getting regular starts over the last few weeks then he would absolutely be an option but the risk of him being benched is too high for me to consider him. For me, Isak is also too much of a minutes risk to pick him. We saw a couple of games ago that Howe is happy to rotate his two strikers and with so many other good options, I don’t think he’s worth the gamble.

Once again, if you think Jesus starts the game and is likely to play most of the match then he’s probably the best option. The tough decision comes when only picking three Arsenal players. Solanke, Toney, and Watkins are all nailed starters that are on penalties. Solanke probably has the best fixture with West Ham at home. However, Brentford and Villa are better attacking teams and create more chances.

All three are great options. Finally, Harry Kane is clearly the best forward on the list but he has the worst fixture. As mentioned earlier, Newcastle are still one of the best defences in the league, making it a tough away fixture for Kane.



For me, it’s easy this week. Salah is the best captain option. The only other player that I would consider is Saka but I can’t see myself going for him over Salah.

FPL Gameweek 32 Draft

This is my current free hit draft. Players that I am considering:

  • Jesus
  • Martinelli
  • Playing Trippier


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