It is a new year and a new day so it is time to look past our failures in Bundesliga Predictor (especially with the joker picks). I hope you find great success in Bundesliga predictor this year and don’t underestimate an underdog that could put up a fight and change a result that you might think is seemingly locked in. These are our Bundesliga Predictor picks for matchday 14:

Note: The match times in the article have been changed from GMT to CET.

1. FC Köln Vs FC Augsburg (Saturday 2nd January 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: FCA 1-1 KOE | KOE 1-1 FCA | KOE 1-1 FCA | FCA 3-0 KOE

Home team last 3: RBL 0-0 KOE | KOE 0-4 B04 | M05 0-1 KOE

Away team last 3: FCA 0-2 SGE | DSC 0-1 FCA | FCA 2-2 S04

FC Köln form guide: D-L-W-D-W (15th)

FC Augsburg form guide: L-W-D-L-D (11th)


  • Augsburg are on an 11 game unbeaten run against Koln in the Bundesliga (W5, D6). Their last loss was 3-0 away back in October 2011. It is their longest unbeaten run in the Bundesliga.
  • Koln’s home record of zero wins and two points is only better than Schalke on goal difference and they have conceded the most home goals away this season (17).

My prediction: 1-1

Hoffenheim Vs SC Freiburg (Saturday 2nd January 3:30 PM CET)

Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: SCF 1-0 TSG | TSG 0-3 SCF | SCF 2-4 TSG | TSG 3-1 SCF

Home team last 3: BMG 1-2 TSG | TSG 0-1 RBL | B04 4-1 TSG

Away team last 3: SCF 4-1 BSC | S04 0-2 SCF | SCF 2-0 DSC

Hoffenheim form guide: W-L-L-W-D (12th)

SC Freiburg form guide: W-W-W-D-D (10th)


  • SC Freiburg have scored in their last 14 Bundesliga games against Hoffenheim. Their longest scoring run against any side in their Bundesliga history.
  • Hoffenheim and Schalke are the only teams yet to keep a cleansheet this season.

My prediction: 1-2

SV Werder Bremen Vs Union Berlin (Saturday 2nd January 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 1-2

H2H: SVW 0-2 FCU | FCU 1-2 SVW

Home team last 3: M05 0-1 SVW | SVW 1-2 BVB | RBL 2-0 SVW

Away team last 3: FCU 2-1 BVB | VFB 2-2 FCU | FCU 1-1 FCB

Werder Bremen form guide: W-L-L-L-L (13th)

Union Berlin form guide: W-D-D-L-D (6th)


  • Werder Bremen and Union Berlin have only played each other competitively three times and each game has been won by the away team.
  • Bremen ended their four-game losing streak with the win against Mainz last week.
  • Union Berlin have scored in each game this season even after losing star player Max Kruse.

My prediction: 1-2

Eintracht Frankfurt Vs Bayer Leverkusen (Saturday 2nd January 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 1-2

H2H: B04 4-0 SGE | SGE 3-0 B04 | B04 6-1 SGE | SGE 2-1 B04

Home team last 3: FCA 0-2 SGE | SGE 3-3 BMG | WOB 2-1 SGE

Away team last 3: B04 1-2  FCB | KOE 0-4 B04 | B04 4-1 TSG

Eintracht Frankfurt form guide: W-D-L-D-D (9th)

Bayer Leverkusen form guide: L-W-W-W-D (2nd)


  • None of the Bundesliga games between Frankfurt and Leverkusen have ended goalless. The longest such streak in the league.
  • Frankfurt’s 2-0 win against Augsburg last week snapped their nine-game winless run and they are still unbeaten at home this season (W1, D5).

My prediction: 1-3

Hertha Berlin Vs Schalke 04 (Saturday 2nd January 6:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: BSC 0-0 S04 | S04 3-0 BSC | BSC 2-2 S04 | S04 0-2 BSC

Home team last 3: SCF 4-1 BSC | BSC 0-0 M05 | BMG 1-1 BSC

Away team last 3: S04 0-1 DSC | S04 0-2 SCF | FCA 2-2 S04

Hertha Berlin form guide: L-D-D-W-L (14th)

Schalke form guide: L-L-D-L-L (18th)


  • Schalke are unbeaten in their last four competitive games against Hertha. Their last loss was 2-0 at the Veltins Arena in September 2018.
  • Hertha have conceded the most goals (24) in the league after Schalke (36) and Mainz (26).

My prediction: 2-0

VfB Stuttgart Vs RB Leipzig (Saturday 2nd January 8:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 1-2

H2H: VFB 1-3 RBL | RBL 2-0 VFB | VFB 0-0 RBL | RBL 1-0 VFB

Home team last 3: WOB 1-0 VFB | VFB 2-2 FCU | BVB 1-5 VFB

Away team last 3: RBL 0-0 KOE | TSG 0-1 RBL | RBL 2-0 SVW

VfB Stuttgart form guide: L-D-W-W-L (7th)

RB Leipzig form guide: D-W-W-D-W (3rd)


  • Stuttgart are yet to win a competitive match against RB Leipzig (four games).
  • RB Leipzig have never lost a game against a newly-promoted side (W14, D3).
  • Stuttgart is one of four teams yet to win a home game this season (Mainz, Koln and Schalke).

My prediction: 1-2

Borussia Dortmund Vs Wolfsburg (Sunday 3rd January 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: WOB 0-2 BVB | BVB 3-0 WOB | BVB 2-0 WOB | WOB 0-1 BVB

Home team last 3: FCU 2-1 BVB | SVW 1-2 BVB | BVB 1-5 VFB

Away team last 3: WOB 1-0 VFB | FCB 2-1 WOB | WOB 2-1 SGE

Borussia Dortmund form guide: L-W-L-D-L (5th)

Wolfsburg form guide: W-L-W-D-W (4th)


  • Wolfsburg are only on a longer winless streak against Bayern (11 games) than Dortmund (10 games) with a record of two draws and eight losses.
  • Borussia Dortmund have kept a clean sheet in each of their last seven games against Wolfsburg.

My prediction: 2-1

Bayern Munich Vs FSV Mainz (Sunday 3rd January 6:00 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 3-0

H2H: M05 1-3 FCB | FCB 6-1 M05 | FCB 6-0 M05 | M05 1-2 FCB

Home team last 3: B04 1-2 FCB | FCB 2-1 WOB | FCU 1-1 FCB

Away team last 3: M05 0-1 SVW | BSC 0-0 M05 | M05 0-1 KOE

Bayern Munich form guide: W-W-D-D-W (1st)

FSV Mainz form guide: L-D-L-L-D (17th)


  • Bayern Munich have won 14 of their last 16 Bundesliga games against Mainz (W14, D1, L1). Their only loss during this timeframe was 1-2 at home in March 2016.
  • Across their last three Bundesliga home games against Mainz, Bayern have scored 16 goals in total and conceded just once.

My prediction: 4-0



I think a strong Bayern team that will be spurred on by the return of key players Joshua Kimmich and Alphonso Davies might be too much for Mainz to handle. Especially with Mainz still struggling to find balance with their third manager in three months. So Bayern Munich 4-0 FSV Mainz is my joker pick for the week.

You can find additional Bundesliga Fantasy resources for the 20/21 season here.
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