Matchday 1 is in the books. An action-packed week full of goal-heavy games but it ended with the final game being a goalless draw. Matchday 2 promises another exciting week of Bundesliga football with mostly stronger teams playing away. Let’s look at who made the cut to our rankings this week!

Note: Bayern Munich players Gnabry, Lewandowski, Muller, Kimmich and Pavard played the entire match against Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup.



1Robert LewandowskiFCB@TSG18.4MHe looks as dangerous as ever and boasts an amazing record against Hoffenheim, Scoring in each of his last 5 games against them.
2Erling HaalandBVB@FCA17.4M
3Alasanne PleaBMGVs FCU15MPlea's return is a huge boost in what is considered one of the easiest fixtures this week.
4Serge GnabryFCB@TSG17.4M
5Marcus ThuramBMGVs FCU14MThe other half of the lethal Plea-Thuram duo.
6Matheus CunhaBSCVs SGE12.3MHe has scored in 7 of his last 11 games and plays first this week.
7Emil ForsbergRBL@B0411.4MHe was all over Mainz creating and scoring goals but was unlucky to not come out with more. Might be more effective than Poulsen against a Leverkusen team that has strong presence in the air.
8Wout WeghorstWOB@SCF14MFreiburg displayed their defensive woes conceding an astonishing 26 shots to newly promoted Stuttgart which was worse than Schalke's 21 and Mainz's 23. So you would expect the big Dutch man to have some shots on goal.
9Thomas MullerFCB@TSG16.3M
10Saša KalajdžićVFB@M054MIn his 25 minutes off the bench, he impressed a lot registering 5 shots and 1 goal. Mainz had similar amount of shots conceded to Freiburg and Schalke so he should have some great chances again this week.



1Leroy SaneFCB@TSG17MHe was too good against Schalke but that might be the case for almost every team because that is the caliber of player he is.
2Jadon SanchoBVB@FCA17M
3Filip KostićSGE@BSC15MKostic had 11 crosses from open play but couldn't find the end of one against a defensive Arminia team. I don't think it's going to stay that way for long.
4Jonas HofmannBMGVs FCU12.1MHis combination of floor and ceiling makes him an interesting pick for me not just for this week but also for the long term.
5Dani OlmoRBL@B0414M
6Lars StindlBMG@BVB12MHe is going to be a popular pick from Borussia this week and hopefully he makes a comeback from the terrible game he had against Dortmund.
7Giovanni ReynaBVB@FCA7.2MHe was really impressive against Borussia and might be an absolute bargain at 7.2M.
8Joshua KimmichFCB@TSG16.4M
9Ritsu DoanDSCVs KOE7.1MThe most dangerous player on the pitch in the game Vs Frankfurt and I fancy him to do even better against Koln.
10Daniel DidaviVFB@M057.3M



1Raphael GuerreiroBVB@FCA13.9MMissed last week due to injury but is more or less confirmed to feature this week. His attacking upside is immense.
2Ludwig AugustinssonSVW@S049.2MAn assist, 6 crosses and 10 points despite conceding 4 goals. How much damage can he do to Schalke? I think a lot.
3Alphonso DaviesFCB@TSG14.9MAnother big absentee for MD1 but he came off the bench against Sevilla and should start the next Bundesliga game.
4AngeliñoRBLVs M0513M
5Ramy BensebainiBMGVs FCU11.7MThe Borussia defenders had a torrid outing against Dortmund but I expect them to bounce back Vs Union. Ramy had an assist against them last time out.
6Peter PekarikBSCVs SGE5.3MInvolved in attack and scored the winning goal. Not bad for a 33 year old right-back.
7Daniel BrosinskiM05Vs VFB9.1MMight be surprising to some but Brosinski is a bonus points magnet and is on set-pieces.
8Marc-Oliver KempfVFB@M055.2MThe only Stuttgart defender who scored more than 0 in the last game and he did it convincingly with 11 bonus points.
9Martin HintereggerSGE@BSC11.2M
10Benjamin pavardFCB@TSG15.1M



1Florian MullerSCFVs WOB4.1MThe shots conceded statistic makes me feel confident about saves for Muller.
2Alexander SchwolowBSCVs SGE10.2M
3Robin ZentnerM05Vs VFB5.1M
5Stefan OrtegaDSCVs KOE5.1MThe surprise package from MD1, he racked up easy saves because of his team's defensive style of play.
4Yann SommerBMGVs FCU11.7MWorst performing keeper in fantasy for MD1 but he should bounce back.

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