We start with the new Bundesliga season on the 18th of September with Bayern playing Schalke in the first game of what promises to be an exciting start for all fans across the world. With new additions and some known faces leaving us, we present you our rankings for matchday 1




1Robert LewandowskiFCBVs S0418MThe MVP and golden boot winner playing Vs Schalke is just the most easiest recommendation for the week
2Andrej KramaricTSG@KOE14MKoln haven't seemed to improve their 2nd worst defense from last season but Kramaric's fitness holds a question in it's own.
3Serge GnabryFCBVs S0417M
4Erling HaalandBVBVs BMG17M
5Nicolas FullkrugSVWVs BSC11MHertha just capped off an awful preseason with a 5-4 loss against a Bundesliga 2 team. I fancy some goals again in this one.
6Thomas MullerFCBVs S0416M
7Andre SilvaSGEVs DSC14M
8Yussuf PoulsenRBLVs M0511M
9Patrick HermannBMG@BVB9MHermann has been excellent in the preseason but BVB is a challenge
10Matheus CunhaBSC@SVW12M



1Filip KostićSGEVs DSC15MThe top scoring midfielder from Bundesliga Fantasy plays a newly promoted team on the first matchday. It doesn't get better
2Dani OlmoRBLVs M0514MThis is going to be the most one sided fixture if the previous results of 5-0 and 8-0 victories of Leipzig Vs Mainz are anything to go by
3Jadon SanchoBVBVs BMG17M
4Leroy SaneFCBVs S0417MA debutant but he definitely has more than enough talent to haul against Schalke. Watch out for his fitness though.
5Joshua KimmichFCBVs S0416MEasily the worst affected player by the position changes but still a good shout as he is involved in attacks and set-pieces.
6Vincenzo GrifoSCF@VfB11M
7Lars StindlBMG@BVB12M
8Daichi KamadaSGEVs DSC11M
9Christoph BaumgartnerTSG@ KOE10M
10Daniel CaligiuriFCA@FCU9MHe should have most of the set-pieces on his feet now that Max has left the club.



1Alphonso DaviesFCBVs S0415MOne of the best players last season, I expect him to dominate on both ends of the pitch against Schalke.
2AngeliñoRBLVs M0513M
3Raphael GuerreiroBVBVs BMG14MHe has returned to being a defender after a year of being a midfielder and I think he is going to be a must have this season
4Nordi MukieleRBLVs M0510M
5Christian GunterSCF@ VFB11MHe is going to be a set-piece threat with his deliveries Vs a newly promoted Stuttgart side
6Danny Da CostaSGEVs DSC10M
7Pavel KaderabekTSG@KOE11M
8Benjamin pavardFCBVs S0415M
9Christopher TrimmelFCUVs FCA10M
10Maximilian MittlestadtBSC@SVW8MHertha might not have much going their way defensively but he might get on the attack playing out of position as a winger



1Florian MullerSCF@VFB4MThe injury to Flekken has given Muller an opportunity on the team with most shots conceded last season
2Alexander SchwolowBSC@SVW10M
3Rafal GikiewiczFCA@FCU7M
4Yann SommerBMGVs BVB12MThe best keeper in terms of fantasy points last season but I would recommend using the cash elsewhere
5Andreas LutheFCUVs FCA5MA great budget option Vs Augsburg on a defensive team

You can find the Bundesliga Fantasy Stats for the 19/20 season here: https://fantasytipsters.com/bundesliga-fantasy-player-stats-19-20-season/

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