Bundesliga Fantasy is back for Matchday 3 and we look at the best players for the final week before the International Break for which we will be receiving unlimited transfers.



1Robert LewandowskiFCBvs BSC17.7MYou know that getting your star forward right isn't an issue when Lewandowski has an individual game. This is going to be another potential ceiling game for him and he even scored each of the four goals in a 4-3 win last time out.
2Erling HaalandBVBvs TSG16.6MThe games between BVB-TSG have always been open and I expect it to stay that way.
3Andrej KramarićTSG@BVB14.5MI don't want to be too reactionary but Kramarić is in great form, plays Dortmund who will force Witsel to play as a center-back and he also scored four goals the last time he faced BVB away.
4Patrick SchickB04@FCA13.5MAlthough I would say Diaby is more likely to get multiple returns, Schick is hard to ignore when he is taking 5+ shots in every game and looks like a completely different player ever since the Euros.
5Moussa DiabyB04@FCA12.6MSome extra motivation for Diaby now that he has been selected for the France national team?
6Thomas MüllerFCBvs BSC15.1MAlthough his record is not as impressive as Lewandowski or Kramarić, Müller has a goal or an assist in each of his last three games against Hertha.
7André SilvaRBL@WOB15.3MPenalties were his bread and butter but now that he is the third choice for spot-kicks on a team that does not have to rely on him for goals, I think Forsberg might soon become the better option.
8Anthony ModesteKOEvs BOC6.5MA bit more goal reliant than Uth for me so I will pass.
9Rafael Santos BorréSGE@DSC7.3MDespite having one of the better defences in the league and going up against the worst team in the division, Arminia conceded 20 shots against SGF. Borré though would be a much better pick if his finishing was better and if he doesn't shoot straight at the keeper every time.
10Marco ReusBVBvs TSG13.3M



1Filip KostićSGE@DSC14.4M4 shots, 3 key passes and 14 points without a single goal involvement is peak Kostić and he is set for another big score if Arminia concede shots like they did against SGF. However, pay attention to whether Lazio takes him away before the 31st of August deadline.
2Dominik SzoboszlaiRBL@WOB11MRB Leipzig have a superstar in their hands and I can't see why he won't replicate the same performance from last week against Van Bommel's Wolfsburg.
3Jamal MusialaFCBvs BSC12MDon't let his age deter you. He was the most electric player on the pitch once he came on against Koln and is far better than players much older than him. I feel like this could be a breakout season for him.

I must admit that Musiala is more of a differential pick that is more likely to get an attacking return but Kimmich is the safer floor pick.
4Christopher NkunkuRBL@WOB14.4MExpecting fewer shots and goals in this game so he might not have a huge haul this week.
5Rolland SallaiSCF@VFB10.2MSallai has a habit of scoring against weak defences and is worth a shout as a differential. Grifo is also one to keep an eye on as he is on set-pieces against the team that has conceded the most shots so far after Greuther Fürth
6Ondrej DudaKOEvs BOC9MKainz is a great pick but now that Duda is starting he will play OOP as a striker where he thrived and he will also be the first choice for set-pieces including penalties and is a perfect one week punt before the wildcard.
7Jean-Paul BoëtiusM05vs SGF6.9MBoëtius doesn't have much going his way except the fact that he plays Greuther Fürth and he is the only Mainz midfielder worth even looking at.
8Philipp FörsterVFBvs SCF6.3MBoth these teams are known for conceding lots of shots so if this game happens to turn into a shot fest then you can expect Förster to top the list.
9Florian WirtzB04@FCA10.9MExpected to get just around 60 minutes but it is enough for him to do more damage than Demirbay has done so far.
10Lars StindlBMG@FCU13.1MI don't really trust players against Union. Especially if they are coming off a 4-0 defeat.



1Raphaël GuerreiroBVBvs TSG13.9MGuerreiro is a must-have when fully fit and now that Sancho has left the team, I expect him to be a lot more involved in the attack and Marco Rose is the perfect coach to help him level up as he is known for involving his wing-backs in the attack.
2Alphonso DaviesFCBvs BSC13.4MDavies has been incredible so far with scores above 8 in both of his games. If he remains this consistent then he might be a must-have after the break (assuming that Stanišić loses his spot to Pavard).
3Jeremie FrimpongB04@FCA7.3M50/50 between him and Bakker but I think that Frimpong is the better attacking player.
4Borna SosaVFBvs SCF11.2MAlthough Stuttgart are missing many key first-team players including Kalajdžić, I expect Sosa to get lots of attacking points like he did against Greuther Fürth on Matchday 1.
5Josip StanišićFCBvs BSC3.2M
6Joško GvardiolRBL@WOB9.3MThis 19-year-old is one of the most highly-rated prospects in the world and was very impressive in his debut registering 2 shots, 2 key passes and over 15 duels won. I still think he is in contention for plenty of bonus points in this game and it is more likely that Leipzig keep a clean sheet rather than Wolfsburg scoring.
7Aarón MartínM05vs SGF3.1MIt is anybody's guess if Martín will start this week or Lucoqui.
8Christian GünterSCF@VFB11.1M
9Mitchell BakkerB04@FCA7.3MIt looks like Augsburg might be without Caligiuri again and they are the only team yet to score a single goal so far. To make matters worse, they have never beaten Leverkusen in the Bundesliga before so a defender or two from the Werkself might be a safe bet for points.

Fun fact: Bakker has had 10 touches inside the box so far.
10Erik DurmSGE@DSC8MThe Frankfurt defence looked much better last week against FCA and conceded the lowest xG for the matchday - 0.17. It was a similar story for Arminia who struggled to score against the worst defence in the league - Greuther Fürth. So Durm could potentially keep a clean sheet and also get some attacking bonus points over here.



1Stefan OrtegaDSCvs SGE8.4M
2Manuel RiemannBOC@KOE5.5MI can't wait to get him in the International Break already!
3Florian MüllerVFBvs SCF8MHe led the league in shots saved last week with 8 and I am expecting more of the same again.
4Mark FlekkenSCF@VFB6.2M
5Robin ZentnerM05vs SGF6.2MDepending on whether Greuther Fürth from MD2 or MD1 turn up against Mainz, Zentner might either have lots or close to no shots to save.

Value Rankings


1Jesper LindstrømMIDSGE@DSC7.2MLindstrøm is Kostić 2.0 in the making averaging 2 shots per game and 4 key passes per game so far and is the next high floor player should Frankfurt improve and provides a solid alternative to Kostić at half the price.
2Nico SchlotterbeckDEFSCF@VFB7.3MHis name is not often on the score sheet but with the number of shots he takes you might think that he is a midfielder.
3Jonathan BurkardtFWDM05vs SGF5.9MBurkardt is yet to prove his mettle after securing a first-team spot under Bo and this is the perfect game to show what he is capable of.
4Taiwo AwoniyiFWDFCUvs BMG7.2M
5Hamadi Al GhaddiouiFWDVFBvs SCF4MSosa+Al Ghaddioui is the new Sosa+Kalajdžić and although there is a big difference in both, I expect this duo to be involved in a few goals until Sasa is back.
6Geritt HoltmannMIDBOC@KOE5.2M
7Niko GießelmannDEFFCUvs BMG3.3M10 and 6 points isn't too bad for a defender who costs 3.3M and is yet to keep a clean sheet.
8Sascha BurchertGKPSGF@M055M
10Georginio RutterFWDTSG@BVB7M

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