J.League Fantasy expert Kurasawa shares the list of players that are doubtful or out in the J.League every gameweek.

This page will give you the latest info on unavailable players in the Japanese top flight.

In Japan situation with injury updates leaves much to be desired. Unlike Europe, where managers at pre-match press conferences present team news, Japanese teams are very secretive about it. You are rarely in the know that a player suddenly got injured before the game. Only after the end of the game without him club can post an injury report, but don’t expect they will do it fast. Sometimes it can take a couple of months for a club to shed light on a player’s status. That’s why you see the word “Disappearance” in the headline.

In terms of suspensions, a player misses one game, if he accumulates four warnings (yellow cards). But two yellows in one game are not counted as a warning. For a better understanding, see the picture below.

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J.League Fantasy Injury and Suspension List

Last update: September 22

TeamPlayerName in JapanesePosSituationInfo
Albirex NiigataShusuke Ota太田修介RW/LWAvailable 🟢5/8 - injured in GW22 9/8 - diagnosis revealed, out for 4 weeks (return in early September) 29/8 - pictured in training 8/9 - back in full training 22/9 - available according to Nikkan Sports
Albirex NiigataKaito Taniguchi谷口海斗STInjury 🔴15/7 - missed GW21 11/8 - pictured in training 30/8 - injured in Emperor's Cup 22/9 - pictured in training (return next week?)
Albirex NiigataGustavo Nescauグスタボ・ネスカウSTInjury 🔴30/8 - injured in Emperor's Cup
Albirex NiigataSoya Fujiwara藤原奏哉RB? 🟠17/9 - missed GW27
Avispa FukuokaShun Nakamura中村駿CDMDoubtful (Hamstring injury) 🟠20/6 - injured on June 3rd, out for 8-10 weeks (return in late August) 22/8 - back in full training (return next week?)
Avispa FukuokaLukianルキアンSTHamstring injury 🔴26/8 - injured in GW25 27/8 - Coach Hasebe: 'I don't know, he is yet to be scanned in a hospital. He is able to walk though' 31/8 - from Nikkan Sports article: 'Lukian's condition is a concern' 10/9 - got injured again in J.League Cup 12/9 - player revealed on his social media that injury will rule him out for longer period than his previous injury 19/9 - diagnosis revealed, out for 3 months (return in December, so out for season)
Avispa FukuokaRyoga Sato佐藤凌我STACL + lateral meniscus injury 🔴6/9 - injured in J.League Cup. Coach Hasebe: 'There's no doubt it's a serious injury', 'He can't even walk' 7/9 - diagnosis revealed, out for 8 months (return in May 2024)
Avispa FukuokaSeiya Inoue井上聖也CBDiaphyseal fractures in both forearms 🔴10/9 - injured in J.League Cup 19/9 - diagnosis revealed, out for 3 months (return in December, so out for season)
Cerezo OsakaKim Jin-hyeonキム・ジンヒョンGKSlightly doubtful (Great toe proximal phalanx fracture) 🟠3/6 - injured and subbed off at HT 11/6 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe unknown 22/7 - started running as a part of his recovery plan 8/8 - back in full training, but coach Kogiku expects him to return in September 9/9 - played 90 minutes in a practice match
Cerezo OsakaHirotaka Tameda為田大貴LWLateral meniscus tear 🔴7/7 - to undergo surgery 12/9 - done a part of group training
Cerezo OsakaHiroshi Kiyotake清武弘嗣CAM/LWHamstring injury 🔴13/2 - timescale unknown, going to take long 11/4 - back on grass, return in late April or early May 22/4 - in separate training 17/5 - still not in full training, but expected to join soon 26/5 - pictured in training with Kagawa (back in fully?) 26/6 - done a part of full training, but said that he doesn't know when he will be able to return 4/7 - back in full training 7/7 - could return in friendly game against PSG on July 28 12/7 - back on the bench in Emperor's Cup 28/7 - underwent surgery after suffering a setback, return this season is unlikely
Cerezo OsakaRyosuke Yamanaka山中亮輔LBPartial achilles tear 🔴10/8 - timeframe unknown, but it's long-term 13/9 - back on grass, aims to return in October
Gamba OsakaRiku Handa半田陸RBFibula shaft fracture 🔴16/7 - missed GW21. Injured in training this week. The club didn't reveal the timeframe, but news outlet Nikkan Sports says he is going to miss 10-12 weeks (return in late September - early October)
Gamba OsakaGenta Miura三浦弦太CB5th toe fracture 🔴12/8 - subbed off on 26th minute 20/8 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe unknown
Gamba OsakaKwon Kyung-wonクォン・ギョンウォンCBAvailable 🟢Back after GW27 suspension
Gamba OsakaDawhanダワンCMAvailable 🟢17/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 22/9 - pictured in training
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoYoshiaki Komai駒井善成CM/AMAvailable 🟢Back after GW27 suspension
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoSeiya Baba馬場晴也CDM/CBInternational Duty 🔴Called-up to Japan U22 Squad for Asian Games (19 September - 7 October)
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoTakuma Arano荒野拓馬CM/CAMSuspended 🔴8th yellow card of the season. Back in GW30
Kashima AntlersHayato Nakama仲間隼斗LW/RWAvailable 🟢Back after GW27 suspension
Kashima AntlersYuki Kakita垣田裕暉STAvailable 🟢16/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 20/9 - filmed in training
Kashima AntlersDiego Pitucaディエゴ・ピトゥカCDMSuspended 🔴2nd red card of the season. One-game suspension (back in GW29). Why? Read example 8 in the pic above the table
Kashiwa ReysolBuenoブエノCBKnee cartilage injury 🔴31/5 - out for 6 months (return in December)
Kashiwa ReysolMatheus Savioマテウス・サヴィオAMAvailable 🟢17/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 19/9 - pictured in training
Kashiwa ReysolEiichi Katayama片山瑛一RBSuspended 🔴Yellow card accumulation. Back in GW29
Kawasaki FrontaleJesielジェジエウCBLateral meniscus tear 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - returned to Brazil to receive treatment 30/5 - back in Japan 8/6 - played in intra-squad game, coach is cautious with him, not giving a clear return date 18/7 - back in full training
Kawasaki FrontaleRyota Oshima大島僚太CDMCalf injury 🔴8/7 - injured in GW9 16/7 - diagnosis revealed
Kawasaki FrontaleShintaro Kurumaya車屋紳太郎CBAvailable 🟢15/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 19/9 - back in starting XI in Asian Champions League
Kawasaki FrontaleMarcinhoマルシーニョLWAvailable 🟢15/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 19/9 - back in starting XI in Asian Champions League
Kyoto SangaTomoya Wakahara若原智哉GKDoubtful (PCL injury) 🟠18/6 - injured his knee right before FT in J.League Cup, but continued to play. May be the same situation as with Keisuke Osako recently 25/6 - diagnosis revealed, out for 2 months (return in late August) 10/8 - pictured running without gloves on 31/8 - pictured in training with gloves on
Kyoto SangaSota Kawasaki川崎颯太CDMAvailable 🟢Back after GW27 suspension
Kyoto SangaTeppei Yachida谷内田哲平CMInternational Duty 🔴Called-up to Japan U22 Squad for Asian Games (19 September - 7 October)
Kyoto SangaYuta Toyokawa豊川雄太RWDoubtful 🟠15/9 - missed GW27 20/9 - pictured in training
Kyoto SangaYuto Misao三竿雄斗CB/LBInjury? 🟠15/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta
Kyoto SangaOsamu Henry Iyohaイヨハ・理・ヘンリーCBUnavailable 🔴Ineligible to face his parent club Sanfrecce Hiroshima in GW28
Nagoya Grampus EightTakuji Yonemoto米本拓司CDMMCL injury 🔴22/8 - didn't finish training 26/8 - missed GW25 4/9 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe unknown
Nagoya Grampus EightTaika Nakashima中島大嘉STUnavailable 🔴Ineligible to face his parent club Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo in GW28
Sagan TosuFuchi Honda本田風智CAMLateral meniscus tear 🔴14/5 - injured in GW13 18/5 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe unknown
Sagan TosuYuji Ono小野裕二AM/STAvailable? 🟠26/8 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 30/8 - pictured in training 2/9 - missed GW26
Sagan TosuJun Nishikawa西川潤RW/CAMInternational Duty 🔴Called-up to Japan U22 Squad for Asian Games (19 September - 7 October)
Sagan TosuWataru Harada原田亘RBInjury? 🟠15/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta, but it's likely a false alarm
Sanfrecce HiroshimaEzequielエゼキエウAMAvailable 🟢5/8 - injured in GW22 9/8 - diagnosis revealed, out for 4 weeks (return in early September) 9/9 - done a part of group training 16/9 - back on the bench
Sanfrecce HiroshimaTakumu Kawamura川村拓夢CMAvailable 🟢Back after GW27 suspension
Sanfrecce HiroshimaTaichi Yamasaki山﨑大地CB/CDMInternational Duty 🔴Called-up to Japan U22 Squad for Asian Games (19 September - 7 October)
Shonan BellmareSong Bum-keunソン・ボングン (宋 範根)GKNavicular bone stress fracture 🔴25/8 - missed GW25 26/8 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe unknown
Shonan BellmareKohei Okuno奥野耕平CDMAvailable 🟢2/9 - flagged as 'injured' by Opta 16/9 - back in starting XI
Shonan BellmareDaiki Tomii富居大樹GKIllness 🔴16/9 - missed GW27
Shonan BellmareTakuya Okamoto岡本拓也RCB/RWBAvailable 🟢16/9 - missed GW27 due to illness 20/9 - pictured in training
Shonan BellmareSatoshi Tanaka田中聡CDM/CBIllness 🔴16/9 - missed GW27
Shonan BellmareTaiga Hata畑大雅LWB/RWBIllness 🔴16/9 - missed GW27
Tokyo FCHotaka Nakamura中村帆高RBAchilles tendon rupture 🔴29/4 - "High chance it's a serious injury" 2/5 - diagnosis revealed, timeframe to be published after surgery 17/5 - out for 6 months (return in November)
Tokyo FCTakuya Aoki青木拓矢CDMDoubtful (MCL injury) 🟠11/6 - injured in GW17 27/6 - diagnosis revealed, 4-6 weeks left (return in August) 31/7 - back in full training
Tokyo FCKeita Yamashita山下敬大STMeniscus injury 🔴3/7 - underwent surgery, so out for long 17/8 - returns to parent club FC Tokyo
Tokyo FCDiego Oliveiraディエゴ・オリヴェイラSTSlightly doubtful 🟠15/9 - missed GW27 due to illness
Tokyo FCKei Koizumi小泉慶CM/RBSuspended 🔴Yellow card accumulation. Back in GW29
Tokyo FCKeigo Higashi東慶悟CMSuspended 🔴8th yellow card of the season. Back in GW30
Urawa Red DiamondsHiroki Abe安部裕葵LWLack of match fitness 🔴14/7 - partially trains with the group 25/7 - still not in full training 4/8 - Coach Skorja: 'I expect him to start playing in October' 9/9 - Coach Skorja: 'I can't rule out him not returning in September'
Urawa Red DiamondsTomoaki Okubo大久保智明RWInjury 🔴2/9 - injured in GW26 9/9 - Coach Skorja: 'Next week he will go to a hospital again to know how long recovery will take. I don't think he can return during September'
Urawa Red DiamondsShoya Nakajima中島翔哉CAMInjury 🔴6/9 - injured in J.League Cup 9/9 - Coach Skorja: 'Waiting from medical staff whether to expect a fast recovery or he needs some more time'
Urawa Red DiamondsAlex Schalkアレックス・シャルクLW/STInjury 🔴10/9 - injured in J.League Cup
Urawa Red DiamondsHiroki Sakai酒井宏樹RBAvailable 🟢20/9 - missed Asian Champions League game due to poor condition 22/9 - pictured in training
Vissel KobeRyuho Kikuchi菊池流帆CBACL Injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - 8 months (return in November) 22/8 - pictured in training (type unknown)
Vissel KobeMitsuki Saito齊藤未月CDMKnee dislocation, ACL tear, LCL tear, biceps femoris tendon attachment tear, popliteus tendon injury, MCL injury, PCL injury and injuries of medial and lateral meniscuses 🔴19/8 - injured in GW24 21/8 - diagnosis revealed, out for a year (return in second half of 2024)
Vissel KobeJean Patricジェアン・パトリッキRW/LWInjury 🔴16/9 - missed GW27 19/9 - in separate training
Yokohama FCGabrielガブリエウCBACL Injury 🔴25/2 - injured in GW2 4/3 - likely out for season
Yokohama FCTakuya Wada和田拓也CDM/LB4th proximal phalanx fracture 🔴3/9 - diagnosis revealed, injured in training on August 26, return in late November
Yokohama FCKotaro Hayashi林幸多郎LWBDoubtful 🟠17/9 - missed GW27 due to injury suffered in previous game 19/9 - done a part of group training. Aims to feature this weekend
Yokohama F. MarinosRyuta Koike小池龍太RBPatella fracture 🔴1/4 - 6 months (return in October) 9/9 - done a part of group training
Yokohama F. MarinosYuta Koike小池裕太LBACL injury 🔴12/7 - injured in Emperor's Cup, spotted on crutches after the game 15/7 - diagnosis revealed, out for 8 months (return in March 2024)
Yokohama F. MarinosShinnosuke Hatanaka畠中槙之輔CBACL + meniscus injury 🔴19/8 - injured in GW24 22/8 - diagnosis revealed, out for 8 months (return in April-May 2024)
Yokohama F. MarinosYanヤン・マテウスRWAvailable 🟢19/8 - subbed off at HT 22/8 - training separately indoors. Coach Muscat: "It will take a bit longer to recover" 29/8 - in separate training 4/9 - still in separate training. Coach Muscat: 'Entering the last stage of recovery' 15/9 - back on the bench
Yokohama F. MarinosRyotaro Tsunoda角田涼太朗CBAvailable 🟢26/8 - missed GW25 29/8 - in separate training 4/9 - still in separate training 19/9 - back in starting XI in Asian Champions League
Yokohama F. MarinosYuki Saneto實藤友紀CBAvailable 🟢6/9 - injured in J.League Cup 15/9 - back in starting XI
Yokohama F. MarinosTakumi Kamijima上島拓巳CBAvailable 🟢10/9 - missed J.League Cup game due to illness 19/9 - back in starting XI in Asian Champions League
Yokohama F. MarinosKen Matsubara松原健RBAvailable 🟢15/9 - missed GW27 19/9 - back in starting XI in Asian Champions League

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J1 fanatic
J1 fanatic
5 months ago

Huge thank you for this list, otherwise my fantasy team will be caught in a rut every week

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