J.League Fantasy expert Kurasawa shares the list of players that are doubtful or out in the J.League every gameweek.

This page will give you the latest info on unavailable players in the Japanese top flight.

In Japan situation with injury updates leaves much to be desired. Unlike Europe, where managers at pre-match press conferences present team news, Japanese teams are very secretive about it. You are rarely in the know that a player suddenly got injured before the game. Only after the end of the game without him club can post an injury report, but don’t expect they will do it fast. Sometimes it can take a couple of months for a club to shed light on a player’s status. That’s why you see the word “Disappearance” in the headline.

In terms of suspensions, a player misses one game, if he accumulates four warnings (yellow cards). But two yellows in one game are not counted as a warning. For a better understanding, see the picture below.

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J.League Fantasy Injury and Suspension List

Last updated: March 17

TeamPlayerName in JapanesePosSituationInfo
Albirex NiigataYuto Horigome堀米悠斗LBSlightly doubtful (Soleus muscle injury) 🟠4/3 - 2 weeks (return in mid-March) 17/3 - pictured in training
Albirex NiigataKazuhiko Chiba千葉和彦CBInjury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3
Avispa FukuokaMasashi Kamekawa亀川諒史LWB? 🟠25/2 - missed GW2
Avispa FukuokaKazuya Konno紺野和也RWDoubtful 🟠4/3 - missed GW3 15/3 - back in full training
Avispa FukuokaYosuke Ideguchi井手口陽介CMAnkle injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 14/3 - 3 months (return in mid-June)
Cerezo OsakaHiroshi Kiyotake清武弘嗣CAM/LWHamstring injury 🔴13/2 - timescale unknown, going to take long
Gamba OsakaKwon Kyung-wonクォン・ギョンウォンCBDoubtful 🟠28/2 - didn't train. Linked to a move to a Chinese club 13/3 - called up to South Korea NT
Gamba OsakaIssam Jebaliイッサム・ジェバリSTInjury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3
Gamba OsakaTakashi Usami宇佐美貴史CM/STThigh Injury 🔴12/3 - injured in GW4 17/3 - will miss GW6 but should be fine after international break
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoKazuki Fukai深井一希CDMACL Injury 🔴18/9/22 -
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoYoshiaki Komai駒井善成CMACL Injury 🔴8/10/22 - 1/3 - return in April
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoLucas Fernandesルーカス・フェルナンデスRWB/LWBDoubtful 🟠18/2 - missed GW1 1/3 - pictured in training
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoTakanori Sugeno菅野孝憲GKCalf injury 🔴25/2 - missed GW2 15/3 - still at partial training
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoRyota Aoki青木亮太LW? 🟠4/3 - subbed off at HT
Hokkaido Consadole SapporoKim Gun-heeキム・ゴンヒST? 🟠12/3 - missed GW4
Kashima AntlersGen Shoji昌子源CBAvailable 🟢9/1 - 6 weeks 2/3 - back in full training 12/3 - back in starting XI
Kashima AntlersKwon Sun-taeクォン・スンテGKCalf injury 🔴9/3 - 2 months (return in mid-May)
Kashima AntlersKaishu Sano佐野海舟CDMSuspended 🔴Return in GW6
Kashima AntlersKei Chinen知念慶ST/LWAvailable 🟢12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 17/3 - pictured in training
Kashiwa ReysolDouglasドウグラスFW? 🟠29/10/22 - missed GW33
Kashiwa ReysolDiegoジエゴCB/LBThigh injury 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 9/3 - underwent operation, so he is not going to be back soon
Kashiwa ReysolKota Yamada山田康太CM/CAMAvailable 🟢4/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 12/3 - back on the bench
Kawasaki FrontaleLeandro Damiãoレアンドロ・ダミアンSTAnkle ligament injury 🔴28/12/22 - 10 weeks (return by mid-March) 5/3 - pictured in partial training 14/3 - still in partial training
Kawasaki FrontaleYu Kobayashi小林悠ST5th proximal phalanx fracture 🔴15/1 - 8-10 weeks (return by mid to late March) 3/3 - back in partial training 14/3 - back in full training
Kawasaki FrontaleKyohei Noborizato登里享平LBSoleus muscle tear 🔴18/2 - injured on 11 Feb, 4 weeks left (return by mid-April) 14/3 - back in full training
Kawasaki FrontaleShintaro Kurumaya車屋紳太郎CBHamstring injury 🔴17/2 - injured in GW1 22/2 - recovery by early April
Kawasaki FrontaleJesielジェジエウCBLateral meniscus tear 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - returned to Brazil to receive treatment
Kawasaki FrontaleKazuya Yamamura山村和也CBInjury 🔴11/3 - injured in GW4. Unlikely to play in GW5 given that club recalled their young CB from loan at J2 team
Kawasaki FrontaleRyota Oshima大島僚太CMInjury? 🟠11/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta
Kyoto SangaTaiki Hirato平戸太貴LW? 🟠18/2 - missed GW1
Kyoto SangaKazunari Ichimi一美和成STInjury 🔴25/2 - injured in GW2
Kyoto SangaYuta Toyokawa豊川雄太RW/ST? 🟠4/3 - missed GW3
Nagoya Grampus EightTakuya Uchida内田宅哉CMUnavailable 🔴Ineligible to face his parent club FC Tokyo in GW5
Sagan TosuHwang Seok-hoファン・ソッコCBFifth metatarsal fracture 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 27/2 - injured in training in 16th Feb, recovery timescale unrevealed
Sagan TosuShinya Nakano中野伸哉CB/LBAvailable 🟢21/2 - withdrawn from Japan U-20 squad 12/3 - back on the bench
Sagan TosuJun Nishikawa西川潤RWAvailable 🟢Back after being ineligible to play against parent club Cerezo Osaka
Sagan TosuMasahiro Okamoto岡本昌弘GK? 🟠2nd-choice GK of 2022 season is yet to make matchday squad in 2023
Sagan TosuYoichi Naganuma長沼洋一LWB/RWBSuspended 🔴Return in GW6
Sanfrecce Hiroshima-----
Shonan BellmareAkimi Barada茨田陽生CDMInjury? 🟠5/11/22 - injured in GW34
Shonan BellmareYuki Ohashi大橋祐紀STHamstring injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 13/3 - 10 weeks (return in late May)
Shonan BellmareKoki Tachi舘幸希CB? 🟠12/3 - missed GW4
Tokyo FCKuryu Matsuki松木玖生CMInternational Duty 🔴Called up for U-20 Asian Cup taking place in Uzbekistan from 1st to 20th March 15/3 - eliminated from Iraq in semi-final
Tokyo FCShuto Abe安部柊斗CMBiceps femoris muscle strain 🔴26/2 - missed GW2 27/2 - injured in GW1, 8 weeks to recover (return in late April)
Tokyo FCRyoma Watanabe渡邊凌磨RWWounded kidney9/3 - 4 weeks (return in mid-April)
Tokyo FCHotaka Nakamura中村帆高RBInjury? 🟠12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta
Tokyo FCKashifu Bangunagandeバングーナガンデ佳史扶LBAvailable 🟢12/3 - flagged as "injured" by Opta 15/3 - called up to Japan NT and pictured in training
Urawa Red DiamondsToshiki Takahashi髙橋利樹STInjury 🔴8/3 - stretchered off in J.League Cup 14/3 - training individually
Urawa Red DiamondsKai Shibato柴戸海CDMInjury 🔴8/3 - stretchered off in J.League Cup 14/3 - training individually
Vissel KobeSergi Samperセルジ・サンペールDMDoubtful (ACL Injury) 🟠16/3/22 - injured in Asian CL 27/3/22 - 8 months 4/2 - "I don't think he'll make it to GW1" 28/2 - pictured in training 14/3 - "could return in March"
Vissel KobeAndres Iniestaアンドレス・イニエスタCAMDoubtful 🟠20/2 - not yet joined group training 24/2 - flew to Spain for family reasons. Expected to be back in early March 14/3 - back in Japan and fully training
Vissel KobeThulerトゥーレルCBDoubtful 🟠18/2 - missed GW1 2/1 - pictured in training
Vissel KobeRyuho Kikuchi菊池流帆CBACL Injury 🔴4/3 - injured in GW3 10/3 - 8 months (return in November)
Vissel KobeNanasei Iino飯野七聖RBInjury 🔴8/3 - injured in J.League Cup
Vissel KobeJean Patricジェアン・パトリッキLW/RW? 🟠11/3 - missed GW4
Yokohama FCSvend Brodersenスベンド・ブローダーセンGKConcussion 🔴18/2 - missed GW1 1/3 - pictured in training 14/3 - training individually (return after international break?)
Yokohama FCGabrielガブリエウCBACL Injury 🔴25/2 - injured in GW2 4/3 - likely out for season
Yokohama FCTomoki Kondo近藤友喜RW/RWBHamstring Injury 🔴25/2 - stretchered off in GW2
Yokohama FCHirotaka Mita三田啓貴CMDoubtful 🟠14/3 - training individually
Yokohama F. MarinosRyuta Koike小池龍太RBKneecap dislocation 🔴24/1 - 6-8 weeks (return in March) 14/3 - back in full training
Yokohama F. MarinosObi Powell Obinnaオビ・パウエル・オビンナGK? 🟠3/3 - missed GW3
Yokohama F. MarinosKatsuya Nagato永戸勝也LBAvailable 🟢Back after GW4 suspension
Yokohama F. MarinosKen Matsubara松原健RBAvailable 🟢12/3 - missed GW4 due to illness

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