Son Heung-min is back in the spotlight after scoring a hattrick against Burnley in GW4 but should he be in your FPL team and is he really better without Harry Kane? FPL Pitch shares his thoughts.

When it comes to Fantasy Premier League (FPL) selections, there’s a compelling case to be made for choosing Son Heung-min as your star player, especially when he’s not sharing the pitch with Harry Kane anymore. While Kane is undoubtedly a world-class striker, Son’s FPL potential often soars to new heights when he’s given the spotlight.


First and foremost, Son’s goal-scoring prowess becomes even more pronounced in Kane’s absence. As the potential focal point of Tottenham’s attack, he will get more chances to shoot and score, making him an attractive option for FPL managers seeking consistent points from goals and assists.

Son’s versatility is another asset. He’s not limited to playing as a traditional forward; he can drift wide, cut inside, and create chances on his own. This means he’s not solely reliant on others for assists, which is a crucial factor when deciding on FPL assets.

Furthermore, with Kane gone, Son will probably become Tottenham’s penalty taker. This additional source of potential points can be a game-changer in FPL, as penalties are prime opportunities for goals and assists.

Lastly, Son’s work rate and involvement in the team’s build-up play make him a reliable pick for bonus points. He consistently contributes defensively and offensively, increasing his chances of earning those valuable extra FPL points.


In conclusion, while Harry Kane is a fantastic player in his own right, Son Heung-min emerges as an even more enticing FPL option with Kane out of the picture. His goal-scoring ability, versatility, probable penalty duties, and bonus point potential make him a standout choice for FPL managers looking to maximize their points haul. So, with Kane having joined Bayern Munich, don’t hesitate to make Son your star player – he’s more than capable of leading your FPL team to victory.


Is Son an option for your FPL team? Let us know in the comments below or drop @FPLPitch a line on X/Twitter.

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