There are plenty of fixtures this week in Bundesliga Predictor that seem one-sided but top of the table Bayern Munich against relegation-threatened Arminia Bielefeld stands out as the perfect joker prediction for the week.

RB Leipzig Vs FC Augsburg (Friday 12th February 8:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 3-1

H2H: RBL 0-2 FCA | FCA 1-2 RBL | RBL 3-1 FCA | RBL 0-0 FCA

Home team last 3: S04 0-3 RBL | RBL 1-0 B04 | M05 3-2 RBL

Away team last 3: FCA 0-2 WOB | BVB 3-1 FCA | FCA 2-1 FCU

RB Leipzig form guide: W-W-L-W-D (2nd)

FC Augsburg form guide: L-L-W-L-L (13th)


  • Leipzig have recorded more wins in professional football against FC Augsburg (7) than against any other side. They’ve also won each of the last five times both these sides have met.

My prediction: 2-0

Borussia Dortmund Vs TSG Hoffenheim (Saturday 13th February 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: TSG 0-1 BVB | BVB 0-4 TSG | TSG 2-1 BVB | BVB 3-3 TSG

Home team last 3: SCF 2-1 BVB | BVB 3-1 FCA | BMG 4-2 BVB

Away team last 3: TSG 1-3 SGE | FCB 4-1 TSG | TSG 3-0 KOE

Borussia Dortmund form guide: L-W-L-L-D (6th)

TSG Hoffenheim form guide: L-L-W-W-D (12th)


  • Dortmund’s 0-1 victory against Hoffenheim earlier this season ended their five game winless run against them.
  • Since being promoted in 2008, Only FC Bayern have won more points in the Bundesliga (46) and scored more goals (54) against Dortmund than Hoffenheim’s 30 points and 37 goals against BVB.

My prediction: 1-2

Bayer Leverkusen Vs FSV Mainz (Saturday 13th February 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 3-1

H2H: M05 0-1 B04 | B04 1-0 M05 | M05 0-1 B04 | M05 1-5 B04

Home team last 3: B04 5-2 VFB | RBL 1-0 B04 | B04 0-1 WOB

Away team last 3: M05 1-0 FCU | VFB 2-0 M05 | M05 3-2 RBL

Bayer Leverkusen form guide: W-L-L-W-L (5th)

FSV Mainz form guide: W-L-W-L-D (17th)


  • Mainz have lost their last six Bundesliga games against Bayer Leverkusen and have failed to score in the last three games against them.

My prediction: 2-0

VfB Stuttgart Vs Hertha BSC (Saturday 13th February 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: BSC 0-2 VFB | BSC 3-1 VFB | VFB 2-1 BSC | VFB 1-0 BSC

Home team last 3: B04 5-2 VFB | VFB 2-0 M05 | SCF 2-1 VFB

Away team last 3: BSC 0-1 FCB | SGE 3-1 BSC | BSC 1-4 SVW

VfB Stuttgart form guide: L-W-L-L-D (10th)

Hertha BSC form guide: L-L-L-L-D (15th)


  • Hertha Berlin are currently on a four game losing streak in the Bundesliga.
  • Stuttgart have won each of their last three Bundesliga home games against the Berliners.

My prediction: 1-1

SV Werder Bremen Vs SC Freiburg (Saturday 13th February 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 1-1

H2H: SCF 1-1 SVW | SCF 0-1 SVW | SVW 2-2 SCF | SVW 2-1 SCF

Home team last 3: SVW 1-1 S04 | BSC 1-4 SVW | BMG 1-0 SVW

Away team last 3: SCF 2-1 BVB | WOB 3-0 SCF | SCF 2-1 VFB

SV Werder Bremen form guide: D-W-L-W-D (11th)

SC Freiburg form guide: W-L-W-D-L (8th)


  • Werder Bremen have won just one of their last seven Bundesliga home games against SC Freiburg (D4, L2).
  • SC Freiburg have scored more goals away to Werder (29) than any other side.

My prediction: 1-2

FC Union Berlin Vs FC Schalke 04 (Saturday 13th February 6:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: S04 1-1 FCU | FCU 1-1 S04 | S04 2-1 FCU

Home team last 3: M05 1-0 FCU | FCU 1-1 BMG | FCA 2-1 FCU

Away team last 3: S04 0-3 RBL | SVW 1-1 S04 | S04 0-4 FCB

FC Union Berlin form guide: L-D-L-L-W (9th)

Schalke form guide: L-D-L-L-L (18th)


  • Schalke currently have the worst form in the league along with Hertha BSC and have scored just once in their last three games.

My prediction: 2-1

Eintracht Frankfurt Vs FC Koln (Sunday 14th February 3:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 3-1

H2H: KOE 1-1 SGE | KOE 1-1 SGE | SGE 2-4 KOE | SGE 4-2 KOE

Home team last 3: TSG 1-3 SGE | SGE 3-1 BSC | DSC 1-5 SGE

Away team last 3: BMG 1-2 KOE | KOE 3-1 DSC | TSG 3-0 KOE

Eintracht Frankfurt form guide: W-W-D-W-W (4th)

FC Koln form guide: W-W-L-W-D (14th)


  • Eintracht Frankfurt are currently on a nine game unbeaten run and are also the only team yet to lose a game in 2021 in the Bundesliga (W6, D1).
  • Koln have won more games (15) and scored more goals away at Eintracht Frankfurt (67) than against any other team in the top-flight.

My prediction: 3-1

VfL Wolfsburg Vs Borussia M’gladbach (Sunday 14th February 6:00 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 2-1

H2H: BMG 1-1 WOB | BMG 3-0 WOB | WOB 2-1 BMG | BMG 0-3 WOB

Home team last 3: FCA 0-2 WOB | WOB 3-0 SCF | B04 0-1 WOB

Away team last 3: BMG 1-2 KOE | FCU 1-1 BMG | BMG 4-2 BVB

Wolfsburg form guide: W-W-W-W-D (3rd)

Borussia form guide: L-D-W-W-D (7th)


  • Wolfsburg have beaten Borussia more often than any other side (22) and are unbeaten in their last 15 home games against them (W12, D3) – The longest unbeaten streak at home against a side in the Bundesliga.
  • Borussia last won against Wolfsburg away with a scoreline of 1-3 in November 2003.
  • Wolfsburg have kept a clean sheet in their last five competitive games – A club record.

My prediction: 2-1

FC Bayern Munich Vs DSC Arminia Bielefeld (Monday 15th February 8:30 PM CET)


Most popular prediction: 3-0

H2H: DSC 1-4 FCB

Home team last 3: BSC 0-1 FCB | FCB 4-1 TSG | S04 0-4 FCB

Away team last 3: KOE 3-1 DSC | DSC 1-5 SGE | DSC 3-0 VFB

Bayern Munich form guide: W-W-W-W-W (1st)

Arminia Bielefeld form guide: L-L-W-D-W (16th)


  • Bayern Munich are currently on the best form in the league winning each of their last five Bundesliga games.
  • Arminia Bielefeld returned to the Bundesliga for the first time since 2009 but haven’t won away at Bayern Munich since a 4-0 victory in March 1979.

My prediction: 3-0



Arminia are in a bad slump and have lost their last two games while conceding eight goals and scoring just two. So even though Bayern Munich will be worn out due to the midweek Club World Cup games, I expect Bayern Munich 3-0 Arminia to be the most likely result this week. RB Leipzig 2-0 Augsburg is also an honourable mention for the joker pick.

You can find additional Bundesliga Fantasy resources for the 20/21 season here.
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