Bayer Leverkusen might’ve received a thrashing by champions Bayern Munich in their last game. Still, their players are highly ranked with a match against FC Köln in our Bundesliga Fantasy Player Rankings for matchday 9.



1Robert LewandowskiFCBvs TSG18.4MThe next best thing after Haaland.
2Leroy SanéFCBvs TSG15.2MAlways a bit of a rotation risk due to congested schedule, but Sané is quite the underrated differential pick considering that he has been taking the most shots on a team averaging 4.9 goals per game over the last few matches and the fact that he was able to outscore Lewandowski who scored a brace just with his attacking bonus points against Leverkusen.
3Patrik SchickB04@KOE14.7MKöln are yet to keep a single clean sheet this season, and Schick is a great option if you are looking for star flexibility this week as he plays after Haaland and Lewa.
4André SilvaRBLvs SGF15.1MSilva has been a shadow of his old self, but in the UCL game against PSG he had a goal and, more importantly, seven shots gives me some hope that he can do better against a steadily improving Greuther Fürth.
5Breel EmboloBMG@BSC10.5MHertha might've won in their last game against Frankfurt, but they were still far from impressive, and if Borussia play with the same intensity as they did against Stuttgart while taking their chances, Embolo could have a big game.
6Taiwo AwoniyiFCU@VFB8.3MAwoniyi has been the most surprising inclusion in the list of top goal-scorers this season and sits just behind Lewandowski and Haaland with six goals. He has 12 and 19 points in the last two matches and now plays a Stuttgart team that has conceded the most shots this season, including 31 in the previous game against BMG. Shots galore!
7Marco ReusBVB@DSC14.2MNo one is really talking about it, but a Reus or Hazard punt could definitely be rewarding this week.
8Andrej KramarićTSG@FCB15.8MHe shouldn't be counted out this week because Hoffenheim is Bayern's bogey team and always take the game to them (TSG have won two out of their last four Bundesliga games against Bayern). Kramarić himself has three goals in his last two games against them. Plus, he plays Hertha in the early fixture next week.
9Karim OnisiwoM05vs FCA7MI wouldn't recommend any Mainz attacker normally, but I can make an exception because they play against Augsburg in the early kick-off.
10Gonçalo PaciênciaSGE@BOC4.5MCame off the bench and scored a penalty last week and should start against Bochum.



1Christopher NkunkuRBLvs SGF15.4MI am expecting Leipzig to take out the frustrations from their abysmal results in midweek UCL games by throwing the kitchen sink at Greuther Fürth this week with Nkunku being at the forefront of it.
2Filip KostićSGE@BOC15.4MStar flexibility is a headache for forwards this week but not for midfielders since Kostić plays last.
3Florian WirtzB04@KOE12.6MWell rested and looking to continue his good form against a team that conceded five goals to Hoffenheim last week.
4Jonas HofmannBMG@BSC13.5MMy choice to pick Stindl over him last week backfired massively, so I am open to getting Hofmann back in my team as he has double-digit scores in each of his previous three games..... until Stindl outscores him again.
5Dominik SzoboszlaiRBLvs SGF11.2MI am not too confident that he starts but if he does, I would expect a big score from him.
6Julian BrandtBVB@DSC10.5MIf you need a piece of Dortmund's attack against one of the worst defences in the league, Brandt is expected to play as a winger this week.
7Joshua KimmichFCBvs TSG16.7M
8Woo-Yeong JeongSCF@WOB4.9MJeong tends to score in games where you don't expect him to find the back of the net, and a match against a struggling Wolfsburg team who are winless in seven matches could be one of those games.
9Marco RichterBSCvs BMG7M
10Jean-Paul BoëtiusM05vs FCA7.1MNo goals, no assists so far, but you aren't spoilt for choice when it comes to Mainz midfielder, so you can hope for some bonus at the least.



1AngeliñoRBLvs SGF14.1MTwo assists against PSG is what I would expect in his next game, but it gives me something to look forward to nonetheless.
2Aarón MartínM05vs FCA2.7MUntil last week, Mainz had conceded the least goals, and Augsburg had scored the fewest, so I feel pretty confident that they will keep a clean sheet here. That being said, you might want someone who will play this week and next since Mainz play another struggling attack in Arminia on MD10.
3Jeremie FrimpongB04@KOE7.8MFC Köln had ZERO shots on target against Hoffenheim last week.
4Christian GünterSCF@WOB12,4MGünter is averaging an unreal 10.5 points over his last six matches, has conceded the last goals so far with six, and only Hofmann has been averaging more key passes per game (3) than him (2.9).
5Niko GießelmannFCU@VFB4.4MOnly Arminia have had a lower xG than Stuttgart over the last three weeks.
6Joe ScallyBMG@BSC2.7M
7Mats HummelsBVB@DSC11.8MI usually don't recommend center-backs but Hummels has a fantastic clean sheet potential here and even scored two goals in this same fixture last season.
8Almamy TouréSGE@BOC5.4MAlthough doubtful, lineups indicate he will start as RWB where he thrives and gets a lot of attacking bonus points.
9Lucas HernandezFCBvs TSG12.1MIt might be too late to jump on the Süle train as he will probably play as a center-back, but Hernandez is worth a shout as he wins lots of duels. Also worth mentioning that he might only play a game or two before an impending criminal case forces him to leave.
10Konstantinos MavropanosVFBvs FCU7MIf you've watched him play, you would think that he is a wing-back because of how far up the pitch he has been attacking at times. He has two goals in his last three games and double-digit scores in each of them.



1Mark FlekkenSCF@WOB6.9MJust the right game for him to save lots of shots and possibly keep a clean sheet.
2Fabian BredlowVFBvs FCU1.6MMüller could be out for another 1-2 weeks, so it isn't too late to jump on the Bredlow hype train.
3Robin ZentnerM05vs FCA6.2MHe has negative scores in each of his last two games, but that should change this week.
4Manuel RiemannBOCvs SGE5.3M
5Lukáš HrádeckýB04@KOE9M

Value Rankings


1Eduard LöwenMIDBOCvs SGE5.5MLöwen has been Bochum's best creator and is averaging 9.7 points in his three starts this season.
2Lukas KüblerDEFSCF@WOB4.2M
3Maximilian MittelstädtDEFBSCvs BMG6.6MFor those that didn't notice, Mittelstädt played OOP last week and got an assist. He is expected to play OOP on the wing against Borussia again.
4Omar MarmoushFWDVFBvs FCU4MOnly go this route if you need to free up funds for other positions.
5Amine AdliMIDB04@KOE8.2M
6Anthony ModesteFWDKOEvs B047.4M
7Chris FührichMIDVFBvs FCU5.4MWill possibly play OOP as a striker this week.
8Marius FunkGKPSGF@RBL1.1MMaybe a game where Nkunku will constantly bombard him is exactly what he needs to get going?
9Jordan BeyerDEFBMG@BSC1.7M
10Maximillian PhillipFWDWOBvs SCF8.2M

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