Less than 10 days remain for the start of another action-packed Bundesliga season and in this article, we look at some important things you should know about as a Bundesliga Fantasy manager including our own tips and all the set-pieces takers for each Bundesliga club this season!

Fantasy Bundesliga Rules

In Fantasy Bundesliga, you will have a squad of 15 players in your team with free transfers each week to replace any player in your squad with a player who plays in the same position within the budget constraints. You cannot take any hits to get additional players and there are no chips or powerups. The biggest change this season is that you will have five free transfers every week instead of the usual three.

Breakdown of your 15 man squad:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards

You will have a purse of 150 million to purchase players from and there is no limit on the number of players that you can get from a single team.


Unlimited transfer periods

Unlike last season where we had five unlimited transfer windows, Bundesliga has decided to reduce it to just three this season:

  • September international break: 19-30 September
  • FIFA World Cup/winter transfer window: 14 November – 20 January
  • March international break: 20-31 March

Tip: There is an early game on Friday for almost every week so you can try and capitalize on it by getting players from the game that you can star.



For each gameweek, you must have one starting keeper and 10 outfield players. You can choose any formation, as long as you’ve picked one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least three midfielders and at least one forward in your starting XI. Formations can also be changed midweek as you make substitutions and bring in players off the bench. The valid formations in the game are:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

Tip: It is recommended to confirm your team at least five minutes before the deadline because there have been instances of teams not saving with 2-3 minutes left.


Price Changes

The player pricing will fluctuate according to the performance of each player in comparison to the positional average. The positional average is the average scores of all players in the same position like forward, midield, etc, who played on the matchday.

From the first matchday onwards, an average score will be calculated for every player in each position every week. If a player scores above or below the average points of his counterparts in the same position, his price will rise or fall accordingly. There will only be a price change for a player if he plays a minimum of 70 minutes in the respective week.


Price Increases

400,000 – 10 or more points above the positional average300,000 – 6 to 9 points above the positional average
200,000 – 3 to 5 points above the positional average
300,000 – winning the official Bundesliga Player of the Month award
100,000 – winner of an “in-form card” in the official “Team of the Week” in FIFA

No change – 0 to 2 points above the positional average


Price Decreases

200,000 – 3 to 5 points below the positional average
300,000 – 6 to 9 points below the positional average
400,000 – 10 or more points below the positional average

No change – 0 to 2 points below the positional average


Other Factors:

-100,000 if a player does not feature for a single minute in a matchday
-100,000 for any player receiving a red card independent of minutes played

A player’s value can not drop below 1,000,000 and the player value is determined after all the matches of the week have been played. Transfers are locked until the transfer market opens for the next matchday and all the changes take place only once it is open.

Tip: It is recommended to build up some team value early because after a certain point most managers will have a high squad value and similar teams so it becomes difficult to gain ranks.

Bundesliga Fantasy Substitutions

You can substitute players in and out at any time of the matchday if they are yet to play but you will lose points if you place a player that has already played in your starting XI on the bench and you cannot put him back on the field and get his points.

The changes that you make will be saved automatically as there is no save button. You can sub any bench player to your starting XI as long as it is in a valid formation.

Tip: It isn’t necessary to have 11 players in your team at the end of the week so in case you have any player who got negative points, you can take him out and finish the matchday without a full XI.

Fantasy Bundesliga Stars

Instead of the ordinary captain and vice-captain multipliers, Fantasy Bundesliga uses the concept of “stars” instead. You select a star for every outfield position (forward, midfield and defence) and the points of the players you have selected are multiplied by 1.5x. You can change your star throughout the matchday for every individual match according to the timings so you can always try different combinations if you aren’t happy with the scores of your players.

Tip: 15 points for a star player (without the multiplier and 22 with it) is considered good enough by “sharks” for forwards and midfielders whereas 12 points (18 with multiplier) is considered a decent score for defenders in most cases. Even if your star player gets a good score, you can always try your luck and get more points by starring another player with a better fixture as long as they are yet to play.

General Scoring Rules

The game has a performance-based scoring system and based on their production on the pitch, they will either receive positive or negative points. There are no changes in the scoring rules this season and players will score points according to the following table:

All PlayersPlayed 1-69 minutes (1)+1
Played 70+ minutes (1)+2
Scoring two goals in the same game+1
Scoring three goals in the same game+3
Scoring the winning goal (2)+1
Winning team+1
Losing team-1
Losing team by 3 or more goal difference-2
Yellow card (3)-1
Yellow-red Card (3)-3
Red card (straight red)-5
Own goal-4
Foul causing a penalty-2
Penalty Miss-3
Converted Penalty (4)+3
(1) Additional/Injury time in a match does not count towards a player's playing time.

(2) The winning goal of the game is scored by the player who turned a draw into a victory for his team last time. For example, if the score at HT is team A 2-2 team B and team A goes on to win 4-2 then the player who scored the goal that gave them the 3-2 lead will get points for the winning goal.

(3) After a sending-off the affected player is out of the scoring for the rest of the match. The previously received points remain.

(4) There is no assist for the player that wins the penalty.

Performance Points

Non-penalty goal+10+6+5+4
Assist (1)+10+5+4+3
Every 2 passes to a shot (2)+5+3+2+2
Clean sheet (3)+3+3--
Penalty Save+5+10+10+10
Every 5 duels won-+2+1+1
Every 2 shots on goal+5+4+3+2
Every 2 shots on goal saved+3---
Every goal conceded-1-1--
(1) An assist is awarded to a player who plays the final successful pass which leads to a goal. Please note that assists are not awarded to players who are fouled for free-kicks or penalties which lead to goals, for own goals or for goals that result from rebounds off other players or the frame of the goal. This means that even the slightest deflection of an opposition player on an assist can result in it not being counted.

(2) A pass to a shot is awarded to a player who plays the final successful pass of an attempt that does not lead to a goal.

(3) Clean sheet points will only be awarded to a player if the following two conditions are met: (1) their team doesn't concede a goal in the entire match and (2) the player plays more than 61 minutes of the match.

A player will lose his clean sheet even if he is subbed out before the team concedes and -1 for every goal conceded will be added to his score as well.


Tip: The game incentivizes managers to pick players based on performance rather than relying on goals, assists and clean sheets so it is a proven strategy to own players that are heavily involved in their team’s attack who take lots of shots and create lots of chances. Players who have authority over set pieces are a reliable source for bonus points.

Bundesliga Set Piece Takers 2022-2023

The clubs have been sorted according to their league position last season while set-piece takers for each club have been sorted according to the first to the sixth choice from left to right.

TeamPenaltiesDirect free-kicksCorners and indirect free-kicks
Bayern MunichSadio Mané, Thomas MüllerLeroy Sané, Sadio ManéJoshua Kimmich, Serge Gnabry, Leroy Sané, Thomas Müller
Borussia DortmundSébastien Haller, Emre Can, Marco ReusMarco Reus, Raphaël Guerreiro, Thorgan HazardJulian Brandt, Thorgan Hazard, Raphaël Guerreiro, Giovanni Reyna, Mahmoud Dahoud, Marco Reus
Bayer LeverkusenPatrik Schick, Kerem DemirbayKerem Demirbay, Adam Hložek, Robert Andrich, Florian WirtzKerem Demirbay, Adam Hložek, Florian Wirtz, Moussa Diaby
RB LeipzigEmil Forsberg, André Silva, Christopher Nkunku, Dominik SzoboszlaiChristopher Nkunku, Dominik SzoboszlaiDominik Szoboszlai, Angeliño, Christopher Nkunku, Emil Forsberg
Union BerlinJordan PefokPaul Seguin, Andreas Voglsammer, Sheraldo BeckerChristopher Trimmel, Niko Gießelmann, Paul Seguin
SC FreiburgVincenzo Grifo, Michael Gregoritsch, Nils PetersenVincenzo GrifoChristian Günter, Vincenzo Grifo
FC KölnAnthony Modeste, Mark UthFlorian Kainz, Mark UthFlorian Kainz, Mark Uth, Ondrej Duda
FSV Mainz 05Jonathan Burkardt, Marcus IngvartsenAnton Stach, Aarón Martín, Angelo FulginiAarón Martín, Angelo Fulgini, Anton Stach, Silvan Widmer
TSG HoffenheimAndrej Kramarić, Robert SkovRobert Skov, Andrej Kramarić, David RaumDavid Raum, Dennis Geiger, Robert Skov, Andrej Kramarić
Borussia MönchengladbachRamy Bensebaini, Alassane Pléa, Jonas Hofmann, Lars StindlJonas Hofmann, Lars StindlJonas Hofmann, Patrick Hermann, Luca Netz
Eintracht FrankfurtLucas Alario, Rafael Borré, Filip KostićFilip Kostić, Jesper LindstrømFilip Kostić, Jesper Lindstrøm, Daichi Kamada, Mario Götze, Christopher Lenz
WolfsburgMax Kruse, Omar MarmoushMaximilian Arnold, Omar Marmoush, Aster VranckxMaximilian Arnold, Patrick Wimmer, Omar Marmoush, Maximilian Philip
VfL BochumPhilip HofmannKevin Stöger, Kostas Stafylidis, Danilo SoaresKevin Stöger, Kostas Stafylidis
FC AugsburgDaniel Caligiuri, Jeffrey GouweleeuwDaniel Caligiuri, Jeffrey GouweleeuwArne Maier, Daniel Caligiuri, Niklas Dorsch, Mads Pedersen
VfB StuttgartSaša Kalajdžić, Silas Katompa Mvumpa, Tanguy CoulibalyBorna Sosa, Chris FührichBorna Sosa, Chris Führich
Hertha BSCDavie Selke, Stevan Jovetić, Dodi LukebakioMarvin Plattenhardt, Stevan Jovetić, Marco RichterMarvin Plattenhardt, Maximilian Mittelstädt, Vladimir Darida, Marco Richter
SchalkeSimon Terodde, Sebastian PolterThomas Ouwejan, Rodrigo Zalazar, Florent MolletThomas Ouwejan, Florent Mollet, Rodrigo Zalazar
Werder BremenNiclas Füllkrug, Marvin DuckschMarvin DuckschMarvin Ducksch

You can find additional Bundesliga Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

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