Matchday 2 of Fantasy Bundesliga was a repeat of the same difficult week last season but with lots of excellent fixtures to choose from, we have better hopes from our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 3.



1Jamal MusialaFCB@BOC12.8MBochum have looked like the worst defence in the league so far while Musiala has looked like the best player in the Bundesliga with three goals in just two games. No further analysis required.

Note: Musiala is out for this week.
2Alassane PléaBMGvs BSC11.5MEven though logic says Thuram might be better because he plays more centrally and gets into better positions, I still think Pléa is more indispensable to the attack and should outscore him in the long run.
3Marcus ThuramBMGvs BSC10.7M
4Sadio ManéFCB@BOC16.3MHe has looked rusty so far and has the lowest points from Bayern's frontline but it is only time until he fires and has a big game.
5Anthony ModesteBVBvs SVW12MA bit of a gamble considering he might split minutes with Moukoko but probably a good one because Dortmund have scored in each of their last 20 Bundesliga games against Werder Bremen. An average of 3.6 goals in the last five matches between these two sides.
6Lukas NmechaWOBvs S0411.3MI'm inclined to rank Wolfsburg forwards lower because they have failed to fire so far but the team looked excellent against Bayern, especially the attack and there is no way I can see Schalke keeping a cleansheet against them.
7Moussa DiabyB04vs TSG13.3MDon't be fooled by Hoffenheim's win against Bochum. They were less than impressive in that match which ended their 10-game winless run in the Bundesliga since March. Bayer Leverkusen are a good bet for goals this week and Diaby is a more safer pick until Schick finds his shooting boots.
8Michael GregoritschSCF@VFB7.7MProbably the most overlooked forward right now. At 28, he is finally showing the same potential that he did as a 23 year old in the 17/18 season with 13 goals and two assists in 32 matches. With a stellar supporting cast of Grifo, Günter and Doan, he is is likely to have plenty of goals this season. A good differential with games against bottom of the table teams such as Stuttgart and then Bochum in the early fixture next week.
9Timo WernerRBL@FCU14.1MAnother decent shout for a differential but Union have shown that they will be a difficult team to score against this year.
10Saša KalajdžićVFBvs SCF12.2MSaša+Sosa is back.



1Marco ReusBVBvs SVW14.5MPretty much every premium midfielder has a good game this week but Reus has the best game if you discount Wolfsburg's midfield which does not have much potential in fantasy. Also worth noting that he has scored the most goals in his career against Werder Bremen (15G, 8A in 21 games) including a return in each of his last six Bundesliga games against them since 2017.
2Joshua KimmichFCB@BOC15.8MKimmich has a goal and assist and is averaging 2.5 shots and 4 key passes per game. Would you still go without him expecting Bayern to dominate almost every game?
3Jonas HofmannBMGvs BSC14.3MYet to hit top gear but still the best midfielder from the early game.
4Vincenzo GrifoSCF@VFB13.5M50/50 between him and Doan but I think his set-pieces could be decisive against Stuttgart.
5Christopher NkunkuRBL@FCU15.7M
6Max ArnoldWOBvs S0411.1MAlways worth a shout against teams that sit back and concede lots of shots and Schalke have conceded the most of them.
7Anton StachM05@FCA9.3M
8Jude BellinghamBVBvs SVW12.3MBellingham has proven to be a solid floor option with scores of 7 and 11 but I am not sure it justifies the price tag. If I had to pick a game where I could see him get a return, however, it would probably be this one.
9Florian KainzKOE@SGE8.6MI was slow to trust him at the start, but after two big outings, he can't be ignored. I do have some slight concerns about him being subbed early because he played 76 minutes in the midweek Europe game.
10Jesper LindstrømSGEvs KOE11M



1Raphael GuerreiroBVBvs SVW12.4MGuerreiro has looked a bit more like his old self under Terzic which is why I am optimistic about him this week against a Werder Bremen attack that has been outperforming its xG with two goals against Stuttgart at home from just five shots in total.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs TSG11MThis might be too high but he might play as on the right-wing against Hoffenheim so I am willing to take the chance on him.
3Christian GünterSCF@VFB12.5M
4Benjamin PavardFCB@BOC11.6MLigainsider says he could be rotated but he was far more attacking than Davies in the last match with two shots and four key passes. 3.8M cheaper too.
5Ramy BensebainiBMGvs BSC11.3MNot that I am expecting a cleansheet from Borussia (which they haven't kept in their last five Bundesliga games) but you might want to think twice about bringing a defender in from the team considering they play Bayern next week.
6Aarón MartínM05@FCA8.1M
7Paulo OtavioWOBvs S046.8MIf you have played Bundesliga Fantasy before you will recognize this name. One of the best floor players because of the hefty amount of duels he wins.
8David RaumRBL@FCU12M
9Jonas HectorKOE@SGE9.6MHector has scores of 9 and 17 in his first two games without a cleansheet. He got an outside chance for a cleansheet this week but more importantly plays Stuttgart and Wolfsburg next where he has a better chance.
10Borna SosaVFBvs SCF11.9M



1Manuel RiemannBOC@TSG8.4MRiemann is at his fantasy best when he is being bombarded with shots.
2Mark FlekkenSCF@VFB10.1M
3Alexander SchwolowS04@WOB6.3MSchwolow has saved the most shots so far with 13 and even though Wolfsburg have the least shots in the league so far, I am sure it will be different against Schalke.
4Gregor KobelBVBvs SVW10.4M
5Yann SommerBMGvs BSC8.8M

Value Rankings


1Omar MarmoushFWDWOBvs S047M
2Karim OnisiwoFWDM05@FCA9.5M
3Janis BlaswichGKPRBL@FCU3.8MA new one week keeper punt but it didn't end well for the last one (Lunev).
4Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCF@VFB3.3M
5Florian DietzFWDKOE@SGE1.5MThe best enabler on the game by far with scores of 11 and 10.
7Joe ScallyDEFBMGvs BSC7M
7Jordan PefokFWDFCUvs RBL7.5M
8Maximilian MittelstädtDEFBSC@BMG5.8MIf you fancy a Hertha win.
9Rodrigo ZalazarMIDS04@WOB5MThe most dangerous Schalke player and worth a shout at 5M.
10Marius WolfMIDBVBvs SVW6M

You can find additional Bundesliga Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

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