After a thrilling first matchday of the Bundesliga season, we are back with our Bundesliga Fantasy player rankings for matchday 2.



1Sadio ManéFCBvs WOB16.3MBayern is Wolfsburg's biggest boogie team, and are unbeaten against them in their last 25 home games. Add to that the fact that there have been at least four goals in each game between these two sides since 2019 (mostly from Bayern) and this match is a good bet for lots of goals and points.
2Alassane PléaBMG@S0411.4MPléa and Nkunku were the only two players to be in the top five for shots as well as key passes on MD1 and looked more influential than Hofmann. The last game proved that Schalke are still the team to target and Pléa should be among the goals again.
3Patrick SchickB04vs FCA15.1MHe was missing his shooting boots against Dortmund but almost every shot seemed to go in for Freiburg against Augsburg so I am a bit more confident now.
4Jamal MusialaFCBvs WOB12.4MHe was second in xG for the week after Mané but some would argue that he was the most dangerous player. With Bayern having three standalone fixtures in a row against teams such as Wolfsburg, Bochum and Borussia that they are expected to thrash, doubling up on Bayern's attack seems like a low risk, high reward strategy.
5Marvin DuckschSVWvs VFB6.3MHe was the main creator, set-piece specialist, and arguably goal threat, all at once in the first match. Werder Bremen showed that they are here to fight in the first game whereas Stuttgart let opponents Leipzig dictate the terms with 68% possession and 28 shots conceded which was almost as bad as Schalke but with 11 men. Expecting this game to be a shot fest again and Ducksch could be a great differential at 6.3M.
6Marcus ThuramBMG@S0410.3MPléa might've outscored him in the last game but Thuram is still the main force in the box.
7Anthony ModesteBVB@SCF11.9MConsidering the price after his move to Dortmund, Modeste seems like a bargain and the early game against Freiburg comes at a good time considering that he only has more goals in the Bundesliga against Wolfsburg (12 games, 8 goals, 3 assist) than the Breisgau Brazilians (10 games, 7 goals, 1assist). There is still a bit of uncertainty around him considering he only got a few days to settle in and Freiburg's defence looked solid on the opening weekend which is why he isn't ranked higher.
8Moussa DiabyB04vs FCA13.1MLeverkusen struggled to finish their chances and looked less than impressive but it is hard to overlook Diaby against Augsburg when he has scored in every home game against them including a hattrick the last time out.
9Theoson SiebatcheuFCU@M057.4M
10Andrej KramarićFCBvs BOC11.3MAn "ultra-differential" considering he is owned by just 2% managers but it is hard to expect much considering Hoffenheim only had two shots against Borussia although they were down to 10 men for most of the game. Bochum's backline looks like a stopgap defence and it is hard to not see them concede even if Hoffenheim are atrocious.



1Christopher NkunkuRBLvs KOE15.4MScored a goal ✅
Led the league in shots ✅
Led the league in key passes ✅

The MVP hype is very real.
2Jonas HofmannBMG@S0414.1M
3Joshua KimmichFCBvs WOB15.4MIf you expect Bayern to score 3+ goals, there is a good chance that Kimmich will be involved.
4Marco ReusBVB@SCF14.4MReus is central to almost every Dortmund move in attack but the fact that he hasn't scored or assisted against Freiburg since three years puts me a bit off. That being said, the record is meant to be broken eventually.
6Jesper LindstrømSGE@BSC11MThis game won't be straightforward for Frankfurt but now that Kostić is gone, Lindstrøm has massive shoes to fill and will be even more important to the team in attack.
6Florian NeuhausBMG@S0411.3MI don't think much of central or deep-lying midfielders fantasy-wise but I can make an exception against Schalke.
7Dani OlmoRBLvs KOE12.4MHow do I know this game is broken? It rewards Olmo more with bonus points for wasting half of the team's chances than it does actual goal-scorers.

Note: He is a forward now not a mid.
8Anton StachM05vs FCU9.3MAs if Stach wasn't already good enough, he is now playing a lot more advanced than he did last season. This is an early call if you want to hop early on a future template player who is owned by just 4% managers.
9Kevin StögerBOC@TSG5.4MCall it a fluke or a wonder goal it won't change the fact that Stöger might be the most important player in attack for Bochum this season. He is similar to Stach with a high floor and might also score or assist occasionally.
10Ritsu DoanSCFvs BVB8.3MFreiburg have won each of their last two home games against BVB but even Leverkusen's overpowered attack failed to score against them so it might be slim picking here.



1Jeremie FrimpongB04vs FCA11.1MPlenty of attacking potential and one of the week's best clean sheet chances.
2Alphonso DaviesFCBvs WOB15.1MBayern have kept a cleansheet against Wolfsburg in the last 3/4 home games. Davies had 0 involvement in the attack against SGE but I would like to think that getting him over Pavard should still pay off over the next three matchdays. Unless you can do better things with the 4.1M saved.
3Ramy BensebainiBMG@S0411.2MWhile I am never confident about Borussia keeping a cleansheet even against Schalke, him scoring another goal this week would be perfect.
4David RaumRBLvs KOE12.1MA hot take but unless he gets a goal involvement I think Henrich will have better scores playing OOP from midfield.
5Thomas MeunierBVB@SCF8.2MPretty similar to Guerreiro right now and won't require an extra transfer if he ever moves to Manchester City (keyword: ever).
6Christopher LenzSGE@BSC7MKostić is gone and Lenz should be in charge of spamming crosses in the box until Pellegrini arrives.
7Julian RyersonFCU@M055MIn just 60 minutes, he had four shots and finished on 14 points without a return. Imagine how destructive he could be if he gets more game time but for now he will be splitting minutes with Niko.
8Aarón MartínM05vs FCU8.1MWidmer is a doubt but Martín is not a bad second choice to have.
9Christian GünterSCFvs BVB12.3M
10AngeliñoTSGvs BOC11.9M



1Andrey LunevB04vs FCA3.9MA good one-week punt but don't expect him to hold the spot beyond that.
2Manuel RiemannBOC@TSG8MDecent cleansheet + saves potential.
3Florian MüllerVFB@SVW7.3MWerder Bremen are going to bombard his goal in this game so he could repeat last week's haul.
4Yann SommerBMG@S048.9M
5Mark FlekkenSCFvs BVB10.2MFlekken has always been one for the big games.

Value Rankings


1Mitchel BakkerDEFB04vs FCA9MIf you watched Augsburg last week, I would be surprised if that snooze-fest didn't make you fall asleep.
2Joe ScallyDEFBMG@S047.1M
3Alexander SchwolowGKPS04vs BMG6.1MIf the first game of the season is anything to go by, Schwolow will be a very busy man in goal this season.
4Oliver ChristensenGKPBSCvs SGE3.9M
5Karim OnisiwoFWDM05vs FCU9.4MBurkardt was the one that drew most of the attention last season but Onisiwo looks much more sharper now and could thrive as a lone striker.
6Kiliann SildilliaDEFSCFvs BVB3.4M
7Mitchell WeiserDEFSVWvs VFB2.9MWeiser pressed forward more than Fullkrug in the last game and it is only time till he is rewarded for it.
8Leonardo BittencourtMIDSVWvs VFB5.2M
9Tiago TomásFWDVFB@SVW7.9M
10Jan ThielmannMIDKOE@RBL7.4MKoln are hell bent on turning him into a striker by playing him up top but thankfully the developers haven't noticed it yet.

You can find additional Bundesliga Fantasy resources for the 22/23 season here.

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