Since before the AFCON Fantasy tournament, I was already thinking about wildcarding in GW2 so that I can attack the good matchups in GW1, have more info about lineups and performance for GW2, and to avoid, in GW3, some rotations on teams that have already qualified or won the group.

In this article, I will give you some good options per position you can choose in AFCON Fantasy according to your budget for your team. Also, players with a great GW2 matchup that you can sell in GW3.

Based on matchups in FIFA rankings in GW2 & GW3, I’ve categorized the teams I want into three groups:

🥇 = Easy

🥈 = Medium

🥉 = Difficult


1⃣ Teams with🥇matchups in GW2 & GW3:
Nigeria 🇳🇬
Egypt 🇪🇬
Mali 🇲🇱
Tunisia 🇹🇳
Cameroon 🇨🇲


2⃣ Teams with one🥇matchup & one🥈 in GW2 / GW3:
Morocco 🇲🇦
Burkina Faso 🇧🇫
Senegal 🇸🇳
Ghana 🇬🇭


3⃣ Teams with one🥇matchup & one🥉 in GW2 / GW3:
Côte d’Ivoire 🇨🇮
Algeria 🇩🇿
Guinea 🇬🇳



🥇GW2 & GW3:

🔸Elshenawy 🇪🇬 6.0

🔸Onana 🇨🇲6.0

🔸Okoye 🇳🇬 5.0

🔸Mounkoro 🇲🇱 4.5



🔸M’Bolhi🇩🇿 6.0




🔸Mendy🇸🇳6.5 *






🥇GW2 & GW3:

🔸Hamdy 🇪🇬 6.0

🔸Sanusi 🇳🇬5.0

🔸M. Haidara 🇲🇱5.0









🔸Masina 🇲🇦5.5

🔸Mmaee 🇲🇦4.5



🔸A. Diallo 🇸🇳5.0



🥇GW2 & GW3:

🔸Salah 🇪🇬 13.0



🔸A.M. Traore 🇲🇱7.5










🔸Mané 🇸🇳11.5


🔸F. Tapsoba🇧🇫5.5




🥇GW2 & GW3:


🔸Mohamed 🇪🇬 8.5







🔸El Kaabi🇲🇦8.0 *


🔸Mmaee🇲🇦6.0 *



🔸Diédhiou 🇸🇳8.0 *



*  = Covid-19 or injury-related absence

I hope this article can help you pick your team for WC in GW2. Some players are obvious picks like Salah, Mahrez and Mane. And some are good picks you can even consider as budget enablers. If you haven’t joined my league, the token code is d630cad3. Good luck and enjoy #TotalEnergiesAFCON2021!

You can find additional AFCON 2021 Fantasy resources here.

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