FPLManual shares his thoughts on how to maximise your wildcard and limitless chips in UCL Fantasy for matchday 5 and 6.

With just two game weeks left, it’s time to discuss what we can do with our #UCLFantasy chips to finish the year strong. But when exactly is the right time? In this article, I point out how to master your Wildcard and Limitless chips for MD5 and 6.

Why play LL in MD 5 and not 6? Do I WC in MD 5 and LL in MD 6? The question I’m here to answer is “WHEN.” The “when” factor often relates to the timing of an event. For instance, When is the #UCLFantasy deadline? For me, Nov 28th 6:45 pm WAT. Straightforward right, but when it comes to activating our chips, there are more factors to consider which include:




Based on form I will be classifying this into a five-tier based on the last four UCL games played so far.

Disclaimer: All deductions made are personal and made precisely on recent UCL form however remain subject to secondary opinion where necessary 👍🏽   With the detailed list above it’s only fair to target those teams in form and consider a few teams improving on their group form. This takes me into the next segment about possible rotations.

UCL Fantasy Possible Rotations

MD 4 finished with six teams who are through to the Round of 16 but this is not…..necessarily great news for #UCLFantasy managers who Pep roulette is knocking soon or Inzaghi making four to five changes. However, to counter this argument, the rotations already started in MD 4 with key assets like Bellingham and Dumfries being rested

Few injuries also emerged with the likes of Vini Jr and Kepa out for Madrid, Musiala and De Ligt missing for Bayern and lots more. A good way to stay ahead of the curve is to keep your ears to the ground for team news/injury updates and probable lineups.


However, If you want to stay clear away from the six teams who are already through to the next round. I made a few suggestions for other groups to target below

UCL Fantasy Fixtures to Target

 Touching on the last category which is incoming fixtures. I decided to investigate which fixtures among the games left are better to target between MD 5 and MD 6 and here are my top 4:

MD 5

  • Bayern vs Copenhagen
  • PSG vs Newcastle
  • Lazio vs Celtic
  • Arsenal vs RC Lens while

  MD 6

  • Napoli vs Braga
  • Leipzig vs Young Boys
  • Antwerp vs Barcelona
  • Red Star vs Man City

On paper, these games seem quite favourable. Nonetheless, this narrative can change in MD 6 as Group F is one to watch out for.   In conclusion: MD 5 or 6 is quite subjective to each manager playing any of their chips left heavily influenced by factors like injuries, poor form and better fixtures ahead. Whichever gameweek you should target, make sure it counts for the green arrows in your mini-league ✅ That brings me to the end of this article. I really hope you like it.

You can find UCL Fantasy resources for the 23/24 season here.

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