With the International Break soon coming to an end, the question must be lingering in your mind whether you should wildcard or not. FPL Pitch takes a look at the pros and cons of doing so early in the season.

In the world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), one of the most strategic decisions a manager can make is when to play their wildcard. A wildcard allows you to make unlimited transfers in a single gameweek, offering both opportunities and risks. Let’s explore the pros and cons of wildcarding early in FPL.




1. Seizing the Opportunity: Early wildcards can help you capitalize on emerging trends and players. If you spot an undervalued gem or a team with a favorable fixture run, you can pounce on it before others catch on.


2. Fixing Mistakes: If you’ve made poor initial team selections or suffered from injuries or suspensions, an early wildcard can help rectify those issues swiftly.


3. Price Rises: By picking in-form players early, you can benefit from their price rises. This enables you to build team value, which can be vital in the later stages of the season.



1. Limited Data: Early in the season, there’s limited data to base decisions on. Players’ form can be erratic, and it’s challenging to gauge which teams will perform consistently.


2. Long-Term Impact: Playing a wildcard too early can leave you without the safety net later in the season when it might be more crucial to react to unforeseen circumstances.


3. Fixture Uncertainty: Fixture schedules can change due to various factors, making it difficult to plan for the long term. What looks like an easy run of fixtures now might not be the case later.


In conclusion, the decision to wildcard early in FPL should be carefully weighed. While it can provide a valuable advantage in the early stages, it also carries risks due to limited data and potential long-term consequences. Ultimately, the timing of your wildcard should align with your season-long strategy, weighing short-term gains against long-term stability. Each FPL manager must strike a balance that suits their unique approach to the game.


Are you planning on using your wildcard this week or are you saving it for a later moment? Let us know in the comments below and let @FPLPitch know on Twitter/X.

You can find Fantasy Premier League (FPL) resources for the 23/24 season here.

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