What is more important in FPL? Having favourable fixtures or targeting players in form? FPL Pitch weighs both options.

In the captivating world of Fantasy Premier League (FPL), managers are often confronted with the age-old dilemma: Should they focus on targeting players based on their favorable upcoming fixtures or on those who are in red-hot form? Both strategies have their merits, and striking the right balance between them can spell the difference between success and frustration in the FPL arena.


Targeting Fixtures

Pinning your hopes on players with enticing fixtures seems like a pragmatic approach. A favorable schedule can provide a higher probability of clean sheets for defenders and potential goal-scoring opportunities for attacking players. Investing in teams facing weaker opposition might yield consistent points over several gameweeks.


Targeting Form

On the flip side, riding the wave of player form can be a rewarding endeavor. Players who are consistently delivering points due to their excellent recent performances might continue their streak. Form often trumps fixtures, as in-form players tend to find ways to contribute, regardless of the opposition.

The Balancing Act

In reality, the optimal strategy involves a judicious blend of both tactics. Form can be transient, and relying solely on it might lead to disappointment if a player’s purple patch ends abruptly. Conversely, favorable fixtures can sometimes deceive, as even weaker teams can occasionally spring surprises against stronger opposition.

A prudent approach would be to identify players with a mix of promising fixtures and sustained form. Investing in players who have historically performed well against upcoming opponents could also pay dividends. Goalkeepers with solid defenses, in the long run, might be worth holding onto, even if they face challenging fixtures in the near term.


Adaptation is Key

Flexibility is paramount in the world of FPL. Monitoring injuries, suspensions, and transfers is crucial, as these factors can dramatically alter a player’s prospects. Additionally, keeping an eye on price changes and the overall team structure is essential for optimizing your squad’s performance over the season.


In conclusion, targeting fixtures and targeting form are not mutually exclusive strategies in FPL. The savviest managers recognize the importance of both and adeptly navigate the ever-changing landscape of the Premier League. By combining astute fixture analysis with an understanding of player form, managers can craft a winning formula that maximizes their points tally and propels them up the FPL ranks.

What’s your go-to strategy? Form or fixtures? Let us know in the comments below, or give @FPLPitch your take on Twitter/X.

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