Erling Haaland is yet to blank in a single game this season. After being rested midweek for the upcoming game against a struggling Liverpool side, Tipster Paul believes he is one of the top forward options again in FPL for gameweek 11.



1Erling HaalandMCI@LIV12.2MNothing much to say here. At the moment, he is that good, and ranks #1 on the week he plays against Liverpool 🙂
2Harry KaneTOTvs EVE11.4MKane is in great form, but is a bit overlooked because of Haaland. He scored eight goals in the last eight games, and he is ranked second in FPL points this season. Everton at home is a fixture that should fit Kane.
3Gabriel JesusARS@LEE8MThe player is in form, the team is in form, and morale should be really high after the game against Liverpool. With a favourable matchup, I can see Jesus returning with a double-digit score.
4Ivan ToneyBREvs BHA7.3MBrighton is a different team under De Zerbi, In this game, I can see a game with lots of goals on each side, and Toney, as team talisman, penalty, and FK taker, should find his way on the scoresheet.
5Pierre-Emerick AubameyangCHEvs AVL9.1MHe has scored in the last three games he played and is tipped to start against Villa. Aubameyang seems to be the focal point of Chelsea attacks since Potter joined as manager.



1Son Heung-minTOTvs EVE11.7MArguably the best matchup of the week against Everton, he is back at his best, and together with Kane, he could really harm the visitors.
2Bukayo SakaARS@LEE7.8MAfter a slow start, Saka is back at his best. He looked like the most dangerous Arsenal player against Liverpool and played for another 58 minutes midweek, scoring again. He should have a good game at Leeds with at least one return.
3Leandro TrossardBHA@BRE6.8M As I said for Toney, this should be a really open game, where both teams will create a couple of good chances. Trossard, since De Zerbi's arrival, is playing higher on the field with fewer defensive tasks and seems to be back again as the #1 asset in the team.
4Wilfried ZahaCRY@LEI7.4MLeicester is very leaky defensively, ranking just behind Fulham and Nott'm for xGC. Again this promises to be a game with goals at both ends and with Zaha, team talisman and penalty taker, very likely returning.
5Jarrod BowenWHU@SOU8.2MBowen seemed to pick up form after the IB, he scored in the last two games, and he needs to keep the pace to book a ticket for the WC squad.



1Ivan PerišićTOTvs EVE5.5MAfter he did not feature in midweek against Frankfurt, most likely, Perišić will start against Everton. Besides a good chance of cleansheet, Perisic, when he starts, has one of the highest points ceilings among all defenders considering his position and that he is in charge of FK and corners.
2Kalidou KoulibalyCHE@AVL5.5MI chose Koulibaly as he is the most likely Chelsea defender to start. Chelsea is starting to consolidate at the back with three games in a row now that they have kept a cleansheet. Keep an eye on the press conferences; if James starts this game, he should be really good value but that seems highly unlikely.
3Max KilmanWOLvs NFO4.5MThe Wolves are not in good form, but they usually keep a cleansheet against weaker teams such as Southampton, Bournemouth, and Fulham, and when that happens, Kilman is on bonus points most of the time.
4William SalibaARS@LEE5.1M Saliba is the most explosive Arsenal defender. He has two goals and one assist in 10 games.
5João CanceloMCI@LIV7.3MCancelo showed last week why he is a must-have in every FPL team. He is nailed in the best defense in the league, is fixture proof, and can haul against any team in the league.



1Hugo LlorisTOTvs EVE5.5M
2José SáWOLvs NFO5MBest cleansheet odds of the week.
3Kepa ArrizabalagaCHE@AVL4.4MThe Chelsea starting keeper at 4.4M with a good matchup, is hard to miss; they also kept a clean sheet in the last three games, which should grant him a start in the first 11.
4Nick PopeNEW@MUN5.3MWe could see a lot of saves here from Pope.
5Aaron RamsdaleARS@LEE4.9M

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