Which are the best players to consider in Bundesliga Fantasy for matchday 9? We take a look in our player rankings for the week.



1Harry KaneFCBvs SVD17.1MA player who has only blanked once this season against the joint-worst defence in the league which has conceded 17 goals in just the last six games. This is the easiest star decision you will make this season.
2Leroy SanéFCBvs SVD16.6MThere is a good argument for Sane as a differential star considering his form but it is interesting to see that Sane only has one game with more than one return and that was on MD1. I still prefer Kane in games where I expect Bayern to score 3+ goals.
3Victor BonifaceB04vs SCF14.4M
4Jonas WindWOB@FCA11.9MDifferential pick for the week.
5Kingsley ComanFCBvs SVD14.1MNot a bad week for hoarding Bayern players.
6Lois OpendaRBLvs KOE15.2MOpenda is boring. He is really consistent and will score almost every game but his ceiling is so low most of the time I wonder if it is worth getting him.
7Deniz UndavVFBvs TSG8.7MDeserves more respect for averaging a return every 33 minutes this season. His hauls might not be as big as Guirassy but I think he will be a great consistent asset going ahead. Still only considering him for next week and not this one.
8Alassane PléaBMGvs FCH10.1MTwo teams that only seem to do well at home so I'd rather have Plea than Kleindienst this week as he is also on sale.
9Marvin DuckschSVWvs FCU11.3MUnion Berlin have lost six(!!) Bundesliga games in a row so why not?
10Niclas FüllkrugBVB@SGE14.4M



1Jamal MusialaFCBvs SVD15.3MHe did play the full 90 in the UCL but I think he should still be able to play 70 minutes at least against Darmstadt. That being said, it is still really close between him and Hofmann for me.
2Jonas HofmannB04vs SCF17MFully rested and against a worn out Freiburg defence.
3Florian WirtzB04vs SCF15.7M
4Kevin StögerBOCvs M059.4M
5Xavi SimonsRBLvs KOE15.4M
6Jan-Niklas BesteFCH@BMG8.5M
7Chris FührichVFBvs TSG9.6MOn sale this week.
8Marco ReusBVB@SGE13.7M
9Joshua KimmichFCBvs SVD16.2M
10Franck HonoratBMGvs FCH12.1M



1Alphonso DaviesFCBvs SVD15.9MBeen underwhelming to say the least but I think it is still worth holding him this week in a possible ceiling game.
2Jeremie FrimpongB04vs SCF16.1M
3Noussair MazraouiFCBvs SVD11.8MProbably only a one week punt if you are getting him since Bayern play Dortmund next week and there is a lot of uncertainty about his spot in the team.
4Alejandro GrimaldoB04vs SCF12M
5Benjamin HenrichsRBLvs KOE12M
6Robin GosensFCU@SVW11.7MJust a funny feeling that he scores this week.
7Anthony CaciM05@BOC6.5M
8Joakim MæhleRBL@FCA8.1M
9Julian RyersonBVB@SGE9MOn sale but doubtful for this week.
10Anthony RouaultVFBvs TSG7.3M



1Manuel RiemannBOCvs M057.9M
2Marcel SchuhenSVD@FCB5.3MProbably worth punting on as a second keeper as he will have a ton of shots to say. Just hoping that he doesn't end on -5 like Müller last week.
3Kevin MüllerFCH@BMG5.3M
4Oliver BaumannTSG@VFB9M
5Janis BlaswichRBLvs KOE5.4M

Value Rankings


1Brajan GrudaMIDM05@BOC1.7MA goal and assist in his last two games.
2Moritz NicolasGKPBMGvs FCH1MStill the cheapest keeper in the game.
3Pavao PervanGKPWOBvs FCA3.3M
4Yannick GerhardtMIDWOB@FCA7.7MOnly midfielder from Wolfsburg worth considering.
5Kevin BehrensFWDFCU@SVW9.7M
6Rocco ReitzMIDBMGvs FCH2.1M
7Michael ZettererGKPSVWvs FCU1.4M
8Tiago TomásFWDWOBvs FCA9.5M
9Maximilian BeierFWDTSG@VFB6.8M
10Omar TraoréDEFFCH@BMG1.1M

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