Which are the best players to consider in Bundesliga Fantasy for matchday 5? We take a look in our player rankings for the week.



1Victor BonifaceB04vs FCH13.3MIf he keeps shooting at the same rate, he might outscore the other plays mentioned on this list with just bonus points.
2Serhou GuirassyVFBvs SVD12.1MThe top goal-scorer in the league for the team that has scored the most goals plays against the team that has conceded the most goals at home. This can only end one way.
3Harry KaneFCBvs BOC16.1MRanking Guirassy over Kane because him and Sane playing 87 minutes against United is worrying and also the fact that they don't seem as lethal as the Bayern under Nagelsmann that beat Bochum 7-0 TWICE.
4Leroy SanéFCBvs BOC13.7MSane looked more dangerous than Kane against United and I just have a hunch that he gets a similar score to Kane at the very least while also netting you a nice 1.5M as he is on sale.
5Kingsley ComanFCBvs BOC13.1MConsidering that Bayern have scored 19 goals in their four games against Bochum since they were promoted, I think any of their forwards could be good picks.
6Lois OpendaRBL@BMG14.5MIt isn't often that you see a player get Kicker's worse possible rating of six but Borussia had three of them in the last game (Friedrich, Ngoumou, Scally) and might field all of them again while taking Honorat out who was one of their better players against Darmstadt. If so many forwards didn't have a good game at once, Openda could've been ranked a lot higher.
7Niclas FüllkrugBVBvs WOB14.1MFun fact: Dortmund have scored six goals in each of their last two Bundesliga home games against Wolfsburg. I still doubt that I will be getting any of their players.
8Ermedin DemirovićFCAvs M058.9MIf you haven't considered Demirović before, maybe it is time that you should only if you need a budget forward. He has just nine points less than Kane, is averaging 10 points a game, has a goal and three assists and is also on sale this week.
9Jonas WindWOB@BVB11.2M
10Marvin DuckschSVWvs KOE10.9M



1Jonas HofmannB04vs FCH16MDidn't start midweek so he shouldn't be a minutes risk like Wirtz.
2Xavi SimonsRBL@BMG15.2M
3Florian WirtzB04vs FCH15.1M
4Chris FührichVFBvs SVD9.8M
5Jamal MusialaFCBvs BOC15MHigh ceiling but still doesn't seem essential for some reason.
6Marco ReusBVBvs WOB12.9MBased on previous trends, Reus seems to almost always do better than Brandt when both of them start.
7Julian BrandtBVBvs WOB16.2MBrandt had a hattrick of assists in BVB's 6-0 win against Wolfsburg at home and two assists in the 6-1 win at home before that so those are good signs.
8Vincenzo GrifoSCF@SGE15.8M
9Enzo MillotVFBvs SVD8.1M
10Granit XhakaB04vs FCH10.9M



1Jeremie FrimpongB04vs FCH15MProjected to get 13 points this week, five more than Stenzel in second according to @Bundesliga_BP.
2Alphonso DaviesFCBvs BOC15.8MJust have a hunch that Davies might be better than Frimpong this week but every stat, odd, expert opinion, etcetera seems to say otherwise so I am ranking him second.
3Alejandro GrimaldoB04vs FCH10.6M
4David RaumRBL@BMG12MGiving him the edge over Henrichs this week as Borussia have conceded the most goals from set-pieces with five goals conceded from just four games.
5Pascal StenzelVFBvs SVD4MWIll either get a big haul of three points. There is no in between.
6Benjamin HenrichsRBL@BMG12.1M
7Mitchell WeiserSVWvs KOE10.8MIf you can, I would hold him as he also plays Darmstadt next week.
8Jérôme RoussillonFCUvs TSG8M
9Lukas KüblerSCF@SGE5.7M
10Philipp MweneM05@FCA5.7MYes, Mainz has been bottle of the table worse but Augsburg have been just as bad and although he Mwene has not done anything of note lately, I still prefer him over other budget options (except Stenzel of course)/



1Sven UlreichFCBvs BOC4.9MThe focus is all on Leverkusen but I think Bayern are more likely to keep a cleansheet this week.
2Alexander NübelVFBvs SVD7.3M
3Moritz NicolasBMGvs RBL1.1M
4Oliver BaumannTSG@FCU8.8M
5Marcel SchuhenSVD@VFB5.1MTwo points from his first two games and 19 points from the last two.

Value Rankings


1Silas Katompa MvumpaFWDVFBvs SVD9.4MClosest thing to Guirassy for those on a budget.
2Manuel GuldeDEFSCF@SGE2.5M
3Karim OnisiwoFWDM05@FCA10.2M
4Kevin MüllerGKPFCH@B045.4M
5Jan Niklas-BesteMIDFCH@B047.8MBeste is the top name on the sale list of Bundesliga Fantasy managers but what if I told you that Leverkusen is the second-worst team when it comes to defending from set-pieces with four goals conceded so far. They have conceded five goals in total so Beste's set-pieces will come in handy.
6Yannick GerhardtMIDWOB@BVB7.8M
7Linton MainaMIDKOE@SVW6.1MIf you are getting a Koln attacker just for them to blank, you might as well get Maina who is on sale.
8Kevin MbabuDEFFCAvs M055.9M
9Rocco ReitzMIDBMGvs RBL1.9M
10Omar TraoréDEFFCH@B041M

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