Tipster FF_Deakin takes a look at some of the best players in gameweek 2 of GAFFR Fantasy Championship and their supporting stats.

My GW1 stats threads went down really well so I’ll try and make this a weekly thing 😅

I have chosen one player per game, not necessarily the best player but the players I thought were interesting to note. Any support is as always appreciated.


Daniel Barlaser – £6.0M – Middlesbrough

  • This was a tough game to choose someone from, Coventry played well but no one stood out 🤔
  • Barlaser is my player of choice, he managed three Key passes and three defensive actions in a Boro side whose games have started to improve now 👀
  • He’s always been a solid budget option 💰


Siriki Dembélé – £6.1M – Birmingham

  • A man in form, Dembele almost found himself in this thread last week after scoring Birmingham’s only goal.
  • He continued his good form this week by getting three KPs and completing six successful dribbles. Showing he’s a crucial element of Birmingham’s attack. 💪🏼
  • He also has 63% of all of his touches in the first two games in the opposition’s 3rd.
  • He’s very rarely asked to track back which is a strong trait in a player you want to be involved as much as possible 🔥

Perry Ng – £5.5M – Cardiff City

  • Cardiff were very disappointing against QPR and it was tricky to give any players credit for the performance.
  • But for Gaffr, Ng put in a solid display. Three KPs and two DAs from a player who regularly plays 90. Probably your best bet for a consistent Cardiff player 👊🏻


Callum Doyle – £6.0M- Leicester City

  • It is hard not to just chose KDH every game it seems but Doyle really impressed me with his numbers.
  • Two key passes, five defensive actions. one SD and one shot from left back showed he’s very capable of putting up a solid display 🔥


Ozan Tufan – £6.1M – Hull City

  • Even though he only had one KP and no SDs, it’s hard to ignore when a player scores a hat trick.
  • He scored his hat trick in just four shots (three OT) showing he can be clinical 🔥
  • Eight goals in 27 starts last season is a good foundation to build on too, one to watch 👀


Wes Burns – £6.0M – Ipswich Town

  • A player I think has flown under the radar, Burns came into this season boasting some solid numbers for League 1 💪🏼
  • 1.67 KP, 1.02 SDs and 1.10 shots per 90 show he’s a well-rounded player who could be a bargain at 6.0M 🔥
  • In Ipswich’s win this week, he topped the team with five KPs and also added two SoT and three DAs 👀
  • With some of the more expensive mids struggling so far, Burns may be a great way to free up some funds 💰


Jason Knight – £5.5M – Bristol City

  • A player I doubt anyone will own this season, Knight is still my standout from this game statistically 🖊️
  • Three Key passes, three DAs and one SD is a great display but I certainly don’t see anyone owning him. Good performance though 😅


Will Keane – £6.1M- Preston North End

  • The first player to appear in more than one thread, Will Keane is becoming hard to ignore 👀
  • One goal, an assist, one KP and two shots, show how efficient Keane is at Preston 📈
  • He does find himself all over the pitch at Preston too, 50% of all of his touches in the first two games are in the middle 3rd. This shows he drops back and gets involved but also may cause issues in the volume of shots he’s getting 🤔
  • 2.5 shots per 90 and 40% SoT percentage is a good start, hope he keeps it up 💪🏼


Joe Rankin-Costello – £5.5M – Blackburn Rovers

  • I was disappointed which RC last week and was concerned about only 29% of his touches being in the final 3rd.
  • However, after this GW, my concerns are gone 😅
  • RC upped his final 3rd touches to 69% of his total touches and picked up two KPs and three shots whilst looking brilliant all game💪🏼
  • He also added two DAs showing he’s still well-rounded in the bonus department 👀
  • I’m back to being on the RC train (maybe I was overreacting to one week 😅)


Will Smallbone – £7.0M – Southampton FC

  • The toughest game to choose a player from, there were so many options in this thriller.
  • Sara added to his nine KPs from last week with four more here 👀. Unfortunately for him, Smallbone was the man of the hour.
  • He managed eight KPs, seven DAs and one shot which is a crazy performance from a bonus standpoint 💪🏼
  • It raises the question of whether Smallbone is going to have a bigger attacking role now JWP is gone 🤔
  • Hard to judge after one game but certainly a good sign 🔥

Imran Louza – £7.1M – Watford FC

  • The second time in these threads and I feel like he’ll be cropping up a lot throughout the season 🔥
  • Not quite the performance of last week but Louza did manage three Key passes and three shots in a 0-0 draw where Watford weren’t at their best 😅
  • A stat I found interesting was that in the first two games, Louza has managed 40 more touches than any other Watford FWD or MID.
  • This shows he is clearly the focal point of this Ismail system, so if you think Watford do well then Louza will surely be at the centre of it 🔥


Harry Darling – £5.0M – Swansea City AFC

  • Last but not least, a player I was really intrigued by going into the season 👀
  • He went under the radar last season managing 1.61 KPp90 and 1.49 shots per 90. Solid stats for a defender.
  • This GW he showed his ability by managing two shots on target, three key passes and three defensive actions. A solid display from a bonus point of view 💪🏼
  • There are a few great £5.0M defenders but I’ve got my eye on Darling moving forwards 👀


Thank you again for reading, I love doing these threads and hope people enjoy reading them. As ever I’m always up to answer any stat queries and DMs are always open @FF_Deakin.

You can find GAFFR Fantasy Championship resources for the 23/24 season here.

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