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World Cup Fantasy Player Rankings for Matchday 1

We take a look at the best players in each position including value picks in our World Cup Fantasy player rankings for matchday 1.



1Kylian MbappéFRAAUS$11.5MOne of the best forwards in the tournament against arguably the worst team in the league. And the injury to Benzema actually raises Mbappé's ceiling because now he will be on penalties and he also pairs better with Giroud who is a dream partner for any forward because of the amount of space that he creates.
2Lionel MessiARGKSA$10.5MThis man needs no introduction. He wasn't at his best last season but his form this season (12G, 14A in 19 matches for PSG) should squash any doubt.
3Neymar Jr.BRASRB$10.5M
4Antoine GriezmannFRAAUS$8.5MIf you want to double down on the best fixture of the matchday.
5Gareth BaleWALUSA$8MUSA fans don't have much hope from their defence and I don't blame them. Long's inclusion to the World Cup squad, let alone the starting XI is questionable considering his recent performances for the team. Wales probably have the fastest front three in the tournament and it is possibly the worst matchup for Berhalter's high line USA team.
6RicharlisonBRASRB$7.5MRicharlison's club form isn't the best but it is hard to ignore him if he hasn't blanked in his last six games for NT with seven goals and two assists in the same period. He is also $4M cheaper than Neymar and plays as the striker for the team.
7Cristiano RonaldoPORGHA$10MKeeping his bad form and off the pitch issues aside, he is still the focal point of the team's attack and don't underestimate the ability of the Portuguese players to win penalties. There might be a few of them and I would back Ronaldo to score every time.
8Darwin NúñezURUKOR$8M
9Harry KaneENGIRN$11MOther than their last game against Germany which ended 3-3, England have scored just one goal in their previous five matches. Teams that park the bus are their kryptonite and sitting back and defending for most of the game happens to be Iran's biggest strength. The upside isn't there to rank him over other premium forwards.
10Breel EmboloSWICMR-Massively overlooked but Embolo has been on fire in France with 7G+2A in 15 matches in Ligue 1. He also has the highest goal conversion rate among those with over five goals (41%, tied with Neymar Jr.) and he could be a good differential *IF he gets added to the game* but it wouldn't surprise me if he is never added because the chaos that this game has brought has drained me of my optimism.



1Christian EriksenDENTUN$8MLocked on all set-pieces for Denmark and should rack up plenty of bonus points throughout the tournament.
2Kevin de BruyneBELCAN$11M
3Angel Di MariaARGKSA$8.5MI'm a Di Maria believer and I believe he will be the most important player for Argentina in attack along with Messi. Yes, his record in the World Cup isn't the best (2G in 13 games) but he is predicted to play OOP up top and has six goals plus two assists in his last eight games for NT.
4Jamal MusialaGERJPN$8MPeople should be talking more about Musiala for a player who has 16 goal involvements in 14 Bundesliga matches at just 19. I think that he will be the star performer for Germany this tournament and there will be a lot more talk about him once the World Cup ends. That being said, I think Japan will make it hard for Germany to score like Oman did so his ceiling does seem limited.
5Steven BergwijnNEDSEN$7MNetherlands is a team that is expected to surprise and I think Bergwijn is one player that will turn into a fantasy favourite. He has six goals and an assist in his last nine games for NT against teams such as Denmark, Germany and Poland. Bergwijn is also priced generously at $7M and will be playing up top against Senegal.
6Leroy SanéGERJPN$9MSané will be playing in his favourite left-wing position for NT where he has seven goals and three assists in just nine games so I am hoping that he can replicate his UCL form in the tournament.
7Bruno FernandesPORGHA$9.5MA bit split between him and Bilva but I think Fernandes will be more involved in attack and will also have a higher floor because of bonus points for key passes and tackles which gives him a slight edge.
8Pablo SarabiaESPCRC$7.5MEvery Spanish attacker seems out of form but if I had to pick a differential from the team it would probably be hero of Euro 2020 - Pablo Sarabia.
9Adrien RabiotFRAAUS$6.5MIt might seem absurd until you realize that Rabiot is having a career season with 5G and 2A in 16 games this season across the Serie A and Champions League. And if you are expecting France to thump Australia by 3-4 goals or more then why not?
10Luka ModrićCROMAR$8.5MA bit pricey and you can probably find differentials with more potential but he does have four goals and two assists in his last nine starts for the team.



1Denzel DumfriesNEDSEN$6MIf you've watched Dumfries play at the Euros, you know how lethal he is in front of goal. Despite being a defender, you will often see him in the box with the forwards while attacking and Van Gaal has tweaked his tactics to accomodate for Dumfries bombing forward so often.

Now with star player Mané being ruled out for Senegal (he was involved in 10 of the last 19 or 52% of the goals for the team), I think there is a good chance that the Netherlands keep a cleansheet in every group stage game.
2Benjamin PavardFRAAUS$5MThe cheapest France defender and also has the most attacking potential since Theo Hernández is expected to be benched.
3Kieran TrippierENGIRN$5MOn set-pieces and has a favorable group with a good chance of keeping a cleansheet in every game. It might also be a good time to remind you that England conceded just two goals in the entire Euro 2020 tournament. Once against Denmark in the semis and against Italy in the final.

Fun fact: 9/12 goals scored by England in the last World Cup when they were managed by Southgate came from set-pieces.
4Joakim MæhleDENTUN$4.5MYou thought Dumfries was the most attacking defender? Denmark have lots of big names in their squad but the top-scorer for the team under the current coach is none other than Mæhle with nine goals and five assists in 30 matches from left wing-back. He was also the joint top-scorer in Group F of European World Cup Qualification with five goals as Denmark kept a cleansheet in 8/10 games which was also highest among teams in Europe.
5Nicolás OtamendiARGKSA$5MOtamendi has some goal threat from set-pieces but still not as much as left-backs Tagliafico or Acuña who are not nailed. Argentina are the bookmaker's favourites to reach the final so you might want to fill your quota of players from the Albicelestes.
6Jordi AlbaESPCRC$6MSpain haven't recorded less than 60% possession in a match since 2020 against Germany (59%) so I think they will make it tough for Costa Rica to even create chances let alone score,
7Timothy CastagneBELCAN$5.5MBelgium's backline might be aging but Canada's frontline aren't doing too great themselves in terms of recent form.
8João CanceloPORGHA$6M
9Borna SosaCROMAR$3.5MSosa is in top form right before the tournament with four assists in just his last five Bundesliga games so it is hard to find a better enabler at the price.
10Felix TorresECUQAT$4MA bit unconventional especially when everyone is expecting the game to end Ecuador 0-1 Qatar because of some reason I won't mention but it is worth noting that Ecuador have kept a cleansheet in each of their last six games so they aren't as easy to score against as you would think. They also had the most shots (70), goals (8) and xG (7.57) from set-pieces in qualifying so I think Torres could be a big goal threat in the box.



1Hugo LlorisFRAAUS$6MBest cleansheet odds by far but might not have a lot of shots to save, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.
2Kasper Schmeichel DENTUN$5M
3Emiliano MartinezARGKSA$5.5MThe best keeper that plays early.
4Jordan PickfordENGIRN$5.5M
5Unai SimónESPCRC$5.5M

Value Rankings


1Lautaro MartínezFWDARGKSA$8MA cheaper alternative to Messi and had the same amount of goals in qualifying.
2Andreas Skov OlsenMIDDENTUN$6MHe was the star for Denmark during the qualifiers with five goals and three assists from just 10 games. Even at a club level for Club Brugge he has 12 goal involvements in 21 games and this could be the tournament that puts him on the map.
4Sergio RochetGKPURUKOR$4MThe best budget keeper. Also plays on the last day of matchday 1 if you want to sub him in.
5Akram AfifFWDQATECU$4.5MIf hosts Qatar were to somehow get a dodgy goal, you would think it has to be the homegrown hero Afif who has to score.
6Matt TurnerGKPUSAWAL$4MAccording to Opta, Matt Turner has the best post-shot xG among all keepers playing in the tournament. So you can expect saves if not cleansheets at least.
7Daichi KamadaMIDJPNGER$5.5MFlick is yet to find his best defence and hopes aren't high so if I had to pick a possible cleansheet buster against Germany it would be Kamada. He is at the peak of his career with 12 goals and four assists in just 22 games this season. Will also be on set-pieces.
8Mohammed KudusMIDGHAPOR$6MYou might remember him from his exploits in the UCL. He is the biggest talent that Ghana has and when he has been paired with forwards that haven't scored for the NT in months and even years, he will have to shoulder a lot of the responsibility if they are to get out of their group. I also expect him to be good for bonus points considering his high work rate.
9Abdulelah AlmalkiMIDKSAARG$3.5MThe only midfielder in the game priced at $3.5M and somehow predicted to start too.
10Boualem KhoukhiDEFQATECU$3MThe cheapest starting defender in the game.
BonusAndries NoppertGKPNEDSEN$4.5MLVG seems like he might start Noppert but any of the Dutch keepers could start and I won't try to get into LVG's head too much.

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How to Win World Cup Fantasy: Tips from 2014 Champion SorareUSA

With the start of the World Cup now less than a day away, we ask the champion of the 2014 edition of World Cup Fantasy, SorareUSA, for his tips this year.

What are your top 5 tips for World Cup Fantasy managers?

SorareUSA: See thread: know rules, set piece takers, favorites, plan subs/captaincy for each MD, and have fun.

What do you think are the common mistakes that people make?

SorareUSA: A common mistake people make is assuming this will be like FPL or mistaking club form/role for NT form/role.

Which position is the best to invest players in – forward, midfield or defence? Do you think expensive goalkeepers are worth it?

SorareUSA: I’m currently on Pasveer + Rochet. There are so many players in this that you’ve gotta take the risk with Pasveer. I also have Messi + Neymar + KDB at the moment so it’s quite top-heavy for me. Plenty of solid enablers make this possible IMO.

Do you prefer players with a high ceiling (possibility of getting multiple returns) or those who can rack up bonus for key passes, tackles, shots on target or a combination of both?

SorareUSA: This year, the scoring is quite simplified compared to the past years, so I’ve shifted my focus back towards attacking returns and clean sheets. Tackles just aren’t that common (interceptions or clearances would have been a different story). Combine that with luck needed to beat so many other players -> it’s mostly ceiling here.

Do you believe in going template or having certain differentials in your team every week? If so, how many?

SorareUSA: I haven’t looked at the % picked, tbh. It’s cliché but pick your guys. Even the “template” we might know is not a true template in the grand scheme of things. Pasveer, Davies, and De Arrascaeta are my “differentials” as of now.

Which are your favourite budget picks/enablers for this year?

SorareUSA: Pasveer, Maehle, Estupinan, De Arrascaeta, Skov Olsen, Bergwijn.

Two picks that are must-haves for the first MD or for the Group stage, in your opinion?

SorareUSA: Must haves for me are Neymar, and then you can argue about KDB or Messi or Mbappe.

Do you avoid picking players that are likely to score against your own team, or do you pick to win either way? And the opposite, do you try to have at least one player from the team you support?

SorareUSA: Pick either way 100%. And currently, I have 0 US / German players. Hopefully, ill get a chance to be a homer for the knockouts.

Could you share the chip strategy that you have in mind for now?

SorareUSA: Nothing MD1. MD2 gonna be the 12th man. MD3 WC (this really depends on how the rules shake out, it sounds like MD2 could be a good WC choice too). And then save the big cap chip for the finals + 3rd place match.

Underrated countries in this tournament, according to you.

SorareUSA: Underrated? Germany and Denmark, at least according to goalimpact.

The player or players that you think are being overlooked the most and why?

SorareUSA: I feel like Davies is a bit overlooked cause he plays for Canada. When I won in 2014, I had Michael Bradley in my group stage team, and he absolutely racked up the points as a differential. There’s a different scoring system this year, but Davies is absolutely Canada’s star man and a steal for $5M. Korea’s Son is another one, although more warranted due to the injury concerns. But if he starts GW1, there’s a good chance I will bring him in for the remaining two group-stage games. He’s got set pieces locked up, along with being the main guy for Korea.

Do you have a first draft that you could share with us?

SorareUSA: My team as of now. I don’t see too much changing anymore, tbh. Monitoring the injury situation of Davies.


A big thank you to the former champion again for letting us interview him. You can follow him on Twitter @SorareUsa. We wish him all the best for the tournament this year!

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World Cup 2022 Penalty and Set Piece Takers for Every Country

Fantasy Tipsters looks at the designated penalty and set-piece takers for each country participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Group A

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
QatarAkram AfifAlmoez AliAli AssadallaAli AssadallaAbdulaziz Hatem
EcuadorEnner ValenciaJordy CaicedoÁngel MenaPervis EstupiñánJeremy SarmientoÁngel Mena
SenegalIsmaïla SarrIsmaïla Sarr
NetherlandsMemphis DepaySteven BerghuisMemphis DepaySteven BerghuisFrenkie De JongMemphis DepaySteven BerghuisCody Gakpo

Group B

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
EnglandHarry KaneMarcus RashfordKieran TrippierMason MountEric DierKieran TrippierPhil FodenTrent Alexander-Arnold
IranMehdi TaremiEhsan HajsafiAlireza JahanbakhshAli GholizadehSaman GhoddosAlireza JahanbakhshAli GholizadehSaman Ghoddos
USAChristian PulisicHaji WrightChristian PulisicGiovanni ReynaChristian PulisicGiovanni ReynaBrenden Aaronson
WalesGareth BaleBrennan JohnsonGareth BaleHarry WilsonDaniel JamesGareth BaleHarry WilsonDaniel James

Group C

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
ArgentinaLionel MessiLautaro MartinezLionel MessiRodrigo De PaulAngel Di MariaLionel MessiAngel Di MariaRodrigo De Paul
Saudi ArabiaSalem Al DawsariSaleh Al-ShehriSalman Al FarajNawaf Al-AbedSalman Al FarajNawaf Al-Abed
MexicoRaúl JiménezUriel AntunaHirving LozanoAlexis VegaHirving LozanoAlexis VegaErick Sanchez
PolandRobert LewandowskiPiotr Zieliński/Krzysztof PiątekPiotr ZielińskiSebastian SzymańskiPiotr ZielińskiSebastian Szymański

Group D

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
FranceKarim BenzemaKylian MbappéAntoine GriezmannAntoine GriezmannKylian MbappéKingsley Coman
AustraliaJamie MaclarenAaron MooyAaron MooyAjdin HrusticMartin BoyleAaron MooyAjdin HrusticMartin Boyle
DenmarkChristian EriksenKasper DolbergChristian EriksenAndreas Skov OlsenChristian EriksenAndreas Skov OlsenMathias Jensen
TunisiaWahbi KhazriMohamed Ali Ben RomdhaneWahbi KhazriAnis Ben SlimaneNaim SlitiWahbi KhazriAnis Ben SlimaneNaim Sliti

Group E

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
SpainAlvaro MorataPablo SarabiaPablo SarabiaPedriJordi AlbaPablo SarabiaPedri
Costa RicaJoel CampbellCelso BorgesBryan OviedoJohan VenegasBryan OviedoJohan Venegas
Germanyİlkay GündoğanThomas MüllerJoshua KimmichLeroy Sanéİlkay GündoğanJoshua KimmichJonas HofmannLeroy Sané
JapanTakumi MinaminoDaichi Kamada/Ritsu DoanDaichi KamadaTakefusa KuboDaichi KamadaTakefusa Kubo

Group F

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
BelgiumRomelu LukakuEden HazardKevin De BruyneEden HazardYouri TielemansKevin De BruyneEden HazardLeandro Trossard
CanadaAlphonso DaviesJonathan David/Cyle LarinAlphonso DaviesStephen EustáquioAlphonso DaviesStephen Eustáquio
MoroccoSofiane BoufalYousef En-NesyriHakim ZiyechAchraf HakimiSofiane BoufalHakim ZiyechSofiane BoufalAchraf Hakimi
CroatiaLuka ModrićAndrej KramarićLuka ModrićIvan PerišićMarcelo BrozovićLuka ModrićIvan PerišićBorna Sosa

Group G

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
BrazilNeymarRicharlisonNeymarRaphinhaLucas PaquetáNeymarRaphinhaLucas Paquetá
SwitzerlandXherdan Shaqiri/Ricardo RodriguezBreel EmboloXherdan ShaqiriGranit XhakaRicardo RodriguezXherdan ShaqiriRicardo Rodriguez
SerbiaDušan TadićAleksandar MitrovićFilip KostićDušan TadićFilip KostićDušan Tadić
CameroonVincent AboubakarBryan Mbuemo/Eric Maxim Choupo-MotingMoumi NgamaleuBryan MbuemoBryan MbuemoMoumi Ngamaleu

Group H

CountryPenaltiesPenalties (Alternate)Free kicksFree Kicks (Alternate 1)Free Kicks (Alternate 2)CornersCorners (Alternate 1)Corners (Alternate 2)
PortugalCristiano RonaldoBruno FernandesCristiano RonaldoBruno FernandesBernardo SilvaBruno FernandesBernardo SilvaNuno Mendes/Raphael Guerreiro
GhanaAndre AyewIñaki WilliamsAndre AyewJordan AyewMohammed KudusIñaki WilliamsMohammed Kudus
UruguayLuis SuárezDarwin NúñezNicolás de la CruzGiorgian De ArrascaetaFederico ValverdeNicolás de la CruzGiorgian De ArrascaetaFederico Valverde
Korea RepublicSon Heung-MinHwang Hee-ChanSon Heung-MinKim Jin-SuSon Heung-MinJae-Sung Lee

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World Cup Fantasy: International Friendlies and Observations

Ahead of the World Cup Fantasy game’s start, tipster Bakchod FPL looks at the results of the international friendlies before the start of the tournament and the best players in each game.

A couple of friendlies did take place over the last few days; analyzing the same in this post and checking what it means for #WCFantasy assets.

🇦🇪 UAE 0-5 Argentina 🇦🇷

  • Argentina lined up in a 4-3-3 with Alvarez-Messi-Di Maria upfront; Lautaro didn’t start, and neither did he come on during the match.
  • Di Maria was excellent with two 2G 1A in 45 mins – the first was a volley, and in the second, he dribbled past a defender and the keeper; he also consistently sent in good crosses from the right.
  • Messi was also continuously involved, with seven shots and 1G 1A; he took a few shots from outside the box and sent a free kick over the bar.
  • Rodrigo De Paul played the complete 90 mins and had 1A; he can be a good bench player at 5M.
  • Argentina’s defence looked sturdy for most of the match; Lisandro did pick up a yellow card but had a good game overall.

🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia 0-1 Croatia 🇭🇷

  • KSA looked better than Croatia in the game, in fact, they had more shots than Croatia – 13 (with one on target), while Croatia had seven (with two on target).
  • However, this was Croatia’s bench team. Only two players (keeper Dominik Livaković and midfielder Marcelo Brozović) of the starting 11 are expected to start in the MD1 game vs Morocco.
  • Key targets Modrić and Perišić came on in the 65th minute. Modrić did assist the winner scored by Kramarić, only ~25 minutes, but neither Modrić nor Perišić looked impressive in the time that they were on.
  • Recency bias, but after watching the highlights of these two matches, I am inclined to make the Modrić to Di Maria (both 8.5M) move and double up on Argentina’s attack.
  • I was impressed by Mohamed Kanno of KSA. He had a few good chances (even hitting the post on one occasion); the midfielder is priced at only 4M.

🇴🇲 Oman 0-1 Germany 🇩🇪

  • While they did get a winner in the 80th minute, Germany didn’t look very convincing.
  • There were gaps in the defence that Oman didn’t capitalize on; there was buildup, but final passes were missing, or incorrect passes were made.
  • Sané had five shots in total, but none were really good chances; Gündoğan and Goretzka looked decent, but I don’t think I will be getting any German assets in my team based on this performance.
  • Germany start off their campaign with games against Japan and Spain, both tricky fixtures.

🇬🇭 Ghana 2-0 Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • Ghana dominated the game and had a lot of chances; Ghana had 11 shots (with six on target), and Switzerland had seven shots (with none of them being on target).
  • Salisu and Semenyo scored goals, and Jordan Ayew created many chances for Ghana.

🇵🇹 Portugal 4-0 Nigeria 🇳🇬

  • Portugal had 61% of the possession, 12 shots (five on target) vs four for Nigeria (three on target).
  • Fernandes had four shots (apart from the penalty) in the 45 minutes he was on; Felix had three shots; Ronaldo wasn’t in the squad.
  • Fernandes is priced at 9.5M, ~1M cheaper than the premiums; I don’t think a premium asset like KDB/Neymar should be downgraded to get Fernandes in. However, someone like Modric/Sane can be upgraded. Fernandes is currently owned by only 10% of World Cup Fantasy teams.
  • Portugal does have a tricky group, though, with Ghana, Uruguay and South Korea.
  • Cancelo didn’t start/come on; Dalot started as RB, did assist the first Fernandes goal and conceded a penalty as well (saved by Patricio).

🇯🇴 Jordan 1-3 Spain 🇪🇸

  • Spain had 73% of the possession and 16 shots (six on target).
  • Fati had four shots and scored the opener for Spain, and he did create a couple of chances.
  • However, at 7.5M, I don’t think he should be considered; if you can’t afford a premium forward, Richarlison or Batshuayi are budget picks. Núñez at 9M can be considered as well if you don’t have the extra ~1.5M for a premium pick.
  • Sarabia also had four shots in the 58 minutes that he was on and started up front on the right in the 4-3-3; also priced at 7.5M, but better options are available.
  • I haven’t considered any Spain assets till now, and I don’t plan on getting any after this friendly either; incidentally, both Fati and Sarabia have ownership of <1%.

🇧🇪 Belgium 1-2 Egypt 🇪🇬

  • Belgium had 67% of the possession, eight shots (with two on target) vs six for Egypt (five on target).
  • KDB was on for 45 minutes, and he didn’t have a good game; his error, in fact, led to Egypt’s first goal.
  • Batshuayi did start up front (as Lukaku is injured) and played 45 minutes. He had one good chance in the 10th minute where he hit the post; Hazard didn’t look good.
  • Carrasco looked better than the other players in the Belgium team. He had three shots and kept sending crosses in the box from the left; he even assisted Openda’s goal.
  • Trossard wasn’t a part of the squad today, but as per Martinez, he should be fine for the group stages; at only 5.5M and the form that he has been in the Premier League this year, he could be a great pick if he starts.

To conclude:

  • I was considering Sane and Musiala as I didn’t have any German assets, so I won’t be making any moves right now.
  • I hadn’t considered Spain’s assets earlier, still won’t be considering them.
  • With no clarity on Richarlison starting (seeing discussions that Jesus could start instead) and based on the performance in the friendlies, I have moved out Richarlison and KDB and brought in Neymar and Di Maria.
  • I have Modric, and will be staying with him for now; he didn’t get many minutes, so difficult to judge (although he did get an assist).

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World Cup Fantasy 2022 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Rules and Strategies

With just over a day left for the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Fantasy, we look at the rules, strategies and some tips to consider in this comprehensive beginner’s guide.

World Cup Fantasy Rules

In the Fantasy World Cup Classic game, you will have a squad of 15 players in your team who will score points based on their performances on the pitch throughout the tournament. You will have two free transfers each week until the knockout phase to replace any player in your squad with a player who plays in the same position within the budget constraints. You can roll over one free transfer each matchday and take hits to get additional players, but it will cost you three points for every extra transfer.

Breakdown of your 15-man squad:

  • 2 Goalkeepers
  • 5 Defenders
  • 5 Midfielders
  • 3 Forwards



For each gameweek, you must have one starting keeper and 10 outfield players. You can choose any formation as long as you’ve picked one goalkeeper, at least three defenders, at least two midfielders, and at least one forward in your starting XI. Formations can also be changed midweek as you make substitutions and bring in players off the bench. The valid formations in the game are:

  • 3-4-3
  • 3-5-2
  • 4-4-2
  • 4-3-3
  • 4-5-1
  • 5-2-3
  • 5-3-2
  • 5-4-1

You will have a purse of $100M to purchase players from, and there is a limit on the number of players you can get from each country.

Tournament StageMaximum players per team
Group stageMax three players per country
Round of 16Max four players per country
Quarter finalMax five players per country
Semi finalMax six players per country
FinalMax eight players per country

Note: Player prices remain constant throughout the tournament.


World Cup Matchdays

32 countries are participating in the tournament, with four teams participating in each of the eight groups. Only the top two teams from each group will qualify for the knockouts phase starting with the round of 16. There are seven matchdays in total that span across a period of one month from the 20th of November 2022 to the 18th of December 2022. There are the dates for each matchday:

Matchday 120th November – 24th November
Matchday 225th November – 28th November
Matchday 329th November – 2nd December
Matchday 4 (R16)3rd December – 6th December
Matchday 5 (QF)9th December – 10th December
Matchday 6 (SF)13th December – 14th December
Matchday 7 (Final/third-place playoff)17th December – 18th December

World Cup Fantasy Captains

The captaincy in World Cup Fantasy works similarly to UCL Fantasy. You can change your captain after he has played, but only once. The captain can only be changed once his game is over, and once you have made the change, you cannot switch your captain to another player who is yet to play, so be careful because you will lose your captain’s 2x bonus after the switch.

For example: If you captain Kane and he gets 10 points, you cannot switch your captain until his match is over. So you cannot change your captain to someone who is playing at the same time. However, you can captain someone who plays later, like Bale, but you will lose the 2x bonus from Kane, and you won’t be able to change your captain again for the matchday to any player who has played or is yet to play.

Tip: Any double-digit score should be a good enough score for your captain, and by changing it, there is a bigger risk that you will get a lower score with your final captain than a higher one.


Once again, the substitution system for this game is similar to UCL Fantasy. There are two types of substitutions: automatic and manual.


Automatic Substitutions

Auto subs only get activated once the matchday is over and you haven’t made any manual substitutions during that matchday. Any DNP in your starting XI will be automatically replaced by players on your bench according to their order from 1-3, with the first DNP player being replaced by the player who is first on the bench in a valid formation and so on.

Note: Swapping players who are yet to play between the starting XI and the bench or changing their order on the bench won’t turn auto subs off.


Manual Substitutions

For a manual substitution, you can sub any player who has already played in your starting XI for a player that is yet to play on the bench in a valid formation. You can only sub out a player who is playing after his game ends, and you will lose any points he had when you substitute him.

Tip: Leave the players who play last on your bench if you intend to make manual subs.

World Cup Fantasy Transfers

As we mentioned before, you get a limited allocation of free transfers, but that number keeps changing as the tournament progresses. You can also carry over one free transfer each matchday except for the round of 16 when we get unlimited transfers, and it will cost you -3 points for every extra transfer you don’t have. Here is the full rundown:

Tournament StageFree Transfers
Matchday 12 transfers
Matchday 22 transfers
Matchday 32 transfers
Before the Round of 16Unlimited
Round of 164 transfers
Quarter-finals5 transfers
Semi-finals5 transfers
Final/Third place playoff6 transfers

It is worth noting that the transfers in World Cup Fantasy are a bit similar to the rolling lockouts system in MLS Fantasy. You will have free transfers before the matchday begins and another set of free transfers that you can use throughout the matchday to swap out players who are yet to play based on lineups and team news. If you transfer out a player who has already played, it will only count for the next matchday. An exception to this rule is matchday 3, where your transfer won’t count because the next round has unlimited transfers.

Example: You can make unlimited transfers before matchday 1 begins. Once it begins, you won’t have unlimited transfers but an extra two free transfers that you can use before the matchday ends to make changes. If you have Kane and Bale in your starting XI for matchday 1, but Kane has played already, you won’t be able to transfer him out for the current round. But since Bale is yet to play, you can transfer him out using the two free transfers you have for another player in the same position within the budget who is yet to play, like Alvaro Morata. After matchday 1 ends, you will have another two free transfers that you can use for matchday 2.


The scoring in World Cup Fantasy directly reflects players’ performances on the pitch, so there are also bonus points for actions that don’t lead to goal involvement.


General Scoring Rules

The general scoring rules are the same for players of all positions.

Appearance (60 minutes or more)+1
Yellow card-1
Red card-2
Owl goal-2
Penalty won+2
Penalty conceded-1

Cleansheet (minimum 70 minutes played)+5
First goal conceded0
Each additional goal conceded-1
Goal scored+9
Penalty save (excluding penalty shootouts)+3
Every 3 shots saved+1

Cleansheet (minimum 60 minutes played)+5
First goal conceded0
Each additional goal conceded-1
Goal scored+7

Cleansheet (minimum 60 minutes played)+1
Goal scored+5
Every 2 key passes+1
Every 3 tackles+1

Goal scored+5
Every 2 shots on target+1


Tip: While most of the focus will be on players who can score or assist, don’t underestimate players who are good at racking up bonus points. These players have a higher floor and might be better options if you want a budget player instead of those with slightly better odds of being involved in goals.

World Cup Fantasy Chips

This game has three chips or boosters that you can use to increase your points for a given matchday. Once activated, you cannot cancel a chip and must activate it before a matchday begins. You also cannot use multiple boosters at once.



The wildcard for this game is a bit different because it allows you to make unlimited transfers WITHIN a specific round (cannot be used for the first match of the group stage or for the round of 16). This means that you can keep making transfers within your team as the matchday goes on, which technically means that if you use your wildcard chip during matchday 2, you can make transfers for matchday 3 as it goes on.

Tip: Using the wildcard chip in matchday 2 essentially makes every matchday in the group stages a free hit. Unlimited transfers (MD1) -> Wildcard (MD2 + MD3).


12th Man

This chip allows you to add an extra player to your starting XI without any budget, formation or team constraints. The 12th man cannot be substituted, captained or transferred.


Power Captain

Finally, a chip that is easy to understand. Power Captain doubles the point of your captain just like a normal captain, but it automatically chooses the highest-scoring player in your starting XI to captain. Helpful when you have a captain dilemma.


Tip: The current template chip strategy is to use 12th Man in matchday 1, Wildcard in matchday 2 and Power Captain in matchday 3.

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Gaffr: World Cup Fantasy Team Reveal Gameweek 1

Tipster Aaron shares his favourite players for matchday 1 of Gaffr’s World Cup Fantasy game, including some differentials to set his team apart from other managers.

Here we go, the World Cup is just upon us, and it is all about to kick off this coming Sunday. Hosts Qatar begin the latest installment of the ‘Festival Of Football’ for the next month against Ecuador.

People are quietly going about tinkering with their fantasy teams in Gaffr ahead of the Gameweek 1 deadline on Sunday at 14:30 pm GMT. If you are an avid player of Fantasy games, such as the Fantasy Premier League game, you’ll be well aware of deadlines and having your team set ahead of time.

Gaffr World Cup Fantasy Gameweek 1 Team

I’ve had a look at my personal squad, and on Sunday, Qatar vs. Ecuador for myself is purely a ‘watch for fun’ game. There are no players in this game and for me, it all kicks off on Monday. Luke Shaw in my backline and Harry Kane as vice-captain up top as England kick their World Cup campaign off against Iran (qualified first time in 1978). Brenden Aaronson of Leeds and Antonee Robinson for the mighty USA are on our bench.

In those two games, I expect an England win against Iran and USA and Wales to be involved in a high-scoring draw. Benjamin Pavard and Raul Jimenez are on my side for Tuesday. Mexico and Poland, for me, are to play out a draw as the two sides are an even match for each other. France takes on Australia, who I see as a bit of a dark horse to get out of the group, but France will have too much in the locker and will keep the Aussies at arm’s length.

I’ve picked up Alphonso Davies of Canada for their first World Cup bow against Belgium since 1986. Wednesday at 19:00 GMT sees their game kick off. Much like Australia, I see Canada as a dark horse. Unlike Australia, though, I believe Canada has a better chance to come out of their group and onto the elimination rounds.

I have picked quite a bunch of players for the final day of Round 1. Alex Telles and Neymar jr of Brazil. João Cancelo of Portugal and Heung-min Son of South Korea are lodged in my side. Gareth Bale and Mathew Ryan round off my side, heading into the first round of the World Cup.

There you have it. My side has been picked. I would like to advise that this side is subject to change and may be different come kick-off on Sunday. Once again, I would like to invite you to join the Fantasy Tipsters League on by entering the join code: FYrjLC8QXkW4CjR8n6Srsw

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